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Hoodie on Morning Call

Today’s guest designer really brings her unique style and perspective to her fabric! Hoodie, designing for Blank Quilting, has two new collections out this month. Morning Call is here, and Medetai is soon to come! Morning Call is an eclectic take on morning rituals, with utensils and even roosters, in a surprising retro-inspired palette. Be careful though–decorating with Morning Call may cause too many happy vibes in the AM hours! P.S., we still have our pre-Market contest going on, so add a comment there too!

A Little Bit About Hoodie
I’m supposed to be living in NY. “I’m going to New York!” I said this to all my Japanese friends. I’m here 2 minutes from the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey with my naughty 13-year-old son and a mischievous 3-year-old dog, Chowder. My dog came from New England, so he got our favorite food’s name as his name.

Blank Quilting is located in NY so at least I am working with a company based in NY! I fell in love with New York City when I was very young. I have to say “My Dream came true” even though I’m in New Jersey (we can see the skyline of Manhattan from my area).

I’m still dreaming about having a NY license plate on my car!

The Start of Morning Call
At the end of last year I left the company that I had worked with for more than 10 years.

When I started my new life, simply put, “Egg” came into my mind and I began creating Morning Call. Once those images were in my head, it was very easy for me to make my artwork. Ideas kept coming and coming. I lived through the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, (Oops, I shouldn’t tell my age!) and I still love those days. I have made many designs inspired from the 1950’s of my past and I still love them. All my designs reflect my life memories.

I needed to refresh my energy and to think positively at the time. Morning Call is about the “Starting of a day”.

Hoodie’s Creative Process
Any creativity makes me happy. It doesn’t matter what the materials and projects are. I enjoy fabric design, graphic design, web design, sewing, knitting, painting, taking photos, styling clothes, displaying rooms and cooking. I believe that whenever I see things I like, those images stay in my mind unconsciously. I bring my notebook with me everywhere and draw my images.

My ideas change style when I start making my creations. Sometimes the images in my original plan are not in the final results. Most of the time, I find that the actual work rather than the thinking behind it has better results.

Along with my fabric designs, I’m making new sewing patterns and Greeting Cards that coordinate with my fabrics.

It is a great motivation for me to make 3-D objects from my 2-D designs. My fabrics have many possibilities, coordinating with each other even though they are from different groups. Oh, there are too many combinations! I can’t decide which combination I should sew first. I’m very excited to be sewing with my fabrics at this moment.

What’s ahead for Hoodie
I’m planning to release two new patterns at the beginning of next year. My fabric groups are also coming in the New Year. I’m working on new groups as well. I will introduce various combinations of my fabrics with my sewing patterns, and I post all my new announcements on my blog, Hoodie’s Land.

Hoodie’s Collection
Hoodie’s Land