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The What-Do-You-Want-Out-Of-Houston? Contest

We are counting down the days with excitement and eagerness! Today included, 9. To what, you ask? Have you not been reading all the blogs? 😉

Next Friday, we’re heading out to Houston, TX, for the Fall International Quilt Market 2008. An intense weekend of meetings, discoveries, planning, blogging, and oh yeah FABRIC OVERLOAD! Like I said, excitement, eagerness, and maaaybe just a touch of apprehension! Any Market-goer who has ever gone will tell you there is just so much that you want, but of course the entire Market can’t fit in your store, so many tough decisions lie in wait.

Of course, we’re doing our best to gear up and prepare. In the everlasting words of G. I. Joe, “Knowing is half the battle!”

So we want to know, what are you looking forward to in Houston? Share anything you know about next week’s Market here on the Jolly Jabber by posting a comment.

What Market debut collections are you looking forward to seeing in shops?
Which pattern designer’s booth do you want to raid for the newest and greatest?
Most importantly, what would you like to see Fat Quarter Shop carry?
And etcetera etcetera! (King and I, anyone?)

So spill everything you know about Fall Market 08…and who knows, two people may be chosen at random for a Moda Fat Quarter Bundle from the first night’s Sample Spree!
Ok, two people will certainly win a Moda Fat Quarter Bundle from the first night’s Sample Spree 🙂 We’ll announce the winner that night–but keep reading, because we’ll keep reporting and keep offering prizes all through the Market Madness!


  1. I am anxious to see Tanya Whelan’s new fabric AND absolutely EVERYTHING that Moda comes out with. NEW FABRIC! That is what I am all about. 😀

  2. Well I just an ordinary quilter, and for health and $$ reasons, will not be going, but it is my dream to one day make it there! I love anything moda, and anything 1800 repro – the two dont always mix, but thats what i like, and i love applique patterns , and block of the month patterns too. I esp. love a combo of pieced and applique blocks – usuaully within the same block – if u know what i mean.I love the warmer colors -not as much the pastelly colors – though i know they are very popular with most quilters. I like the stuffed critters and aprons too!
    Tami from tucson

  3. Well I am always sitting on pins and needles to see what kind of information you are going to have on yours blog with all the new fabric that Moda will be introducting. You also know, that I BOM’s. Can’t have enough of them. I am doing 4 with you this year and hope to do the same with you next. Have fun in Houston.
    Cindy D

  4. I just can’t wait to see what new collections Moda will be introducing at Market. I have been stalking their website to no avail. I guess it will all be revealed after market. Patience is NOT a virtue of mine!

  5. Oh – absolutely new Moda lines – 3 Sisters, especially! And Minick and Simpson, Lynette Anderson and oh, gosh, just about everybody!!! I would love to be a bird on your shoulder at Market, chirp, chirp. Cheers!

  6. Moda definitely!
    then plaids (pastel and 1800's)
    olive green (dark, med, & lite), blackbird designs,
    and more Collections for a Cause.

  7. Of course I would love to go along and carry your bags, but I’ll be sure and check your blog for updates. I would love to see some of the new bag patterns and I love the fat quarter bundles you always hve

  8. My favorite fabric company is Free Spirit. I definitely want to see what their designers are doing. Let us know what new colors and style trends you see in fabric design!

  9. I’m looking forward to your blog posts filled with pictures of all the exciting new stuff coming up. I like a wide variety of fabrics.

  10. I want to see pictures of the designer’s booths, but as for what you bring back…MODA, MODA, MODA! Oh, and anything Amy Butler, Sandi Henderson, Heather Bailey and Anna Maria Horner. I really like seeing photos of the new lines before they are out! I also love simple projects to make for gifts! Also, any stitchery patterns by those Australian designers…sorry…it’s a long list!

  11. Oh, man, where to start! Anything by Moda, Tanya Whelan, Sandi Henderson! I also can’t wait to see what is added to the Moda Fat Quarter Club after the new year!

  12. Hmmm…what do I want?
    I definitely want MODA – esp. Three Sisters, Fig Tree Quilts, Blackbird Designs.
    I want reproduction fabrics (Civil War, 1930's),
    I want BUNNIES {bunny hill designs},
    I want Australian Designers such as Melly&Me, Lynette Anderson, Leanne Beasley of Leanne's House,
    I want MISS ROSIE'S patterns,
    I want BOM-kits, I want it all ;o)
    And I'd give my left legs if I ever could attend the Sample Spree…sounds like HEAVEN! Have fun among all the work will certainly await you!
    Cheers, Julia

  13. Well gee! I ‘m hoping to get to see you guys coming by the booth! (1714) Can’t wait to see all the people I haven’t seen since last market, can’t wait to see those cool new Clover flower makers, can’t wait to see all the cool stuff other people have been hinting at.. just can’t wait to see it all!!! I LOVE QUILT MARKET!!!

  14. I love seeing all the inspiration from the many designers’ booths. And like any others here, I am looking forward to seeing Moda’s new offerings.
    I am also really looking forward to the new pre-cuts Moda will be debuting. I love these for quick gift quilts.

  15. I’d love to see anything new by Simpson and Minick and 3 Sisters. I just love their fabric lines. How about patterns for quilts using mainly charm packs? I have a number of charm packs, but didn’t buy the coordinating fabrics. I’d like to use some of these charm packs. Have fun!

  16. We can hardly wait to see the pictures and hear the great stories. But for things to bring back lots of ….1.Sandi Henderson, 2 Minick & Simpson 3 Amy Butler 4.Lila Tueller and the new pattern book by Heather M. Peterson. Can't wait to get my hands on her patterns for the large prints. Kathie

  17. I definitely loves MODA, Joanna Figueroa is my favorite, I love Anne Sutton patterns and from Australia Lynette Anderson patterns are just irresistible.
    Enjoy the market!!!!!

  18. Market sounds like great fun. I’m looking forward to those new Moda Turnovers. I’ve also been reading Anne Suttons blog and she has a sneak peak of a cute little house in a new pattern that is so cute and I love houses.

  19. I am totally bummed that I am not going. I went in the spring and loved it! My mom gets to go this time, and so I am excited to see what she thinks of the whole Shebang. I guess if I were going, I would be excited to see what Heather Bailey had up her sleeve!

  20. Any thing from Blackbird designs, 3 sisters and Figtree and I would love to see some of the Australian designers stitchery patterns. Love them. Have a wonderful time. Don’t forget the camera!!!

  21. Anything by Moda… absolute favorite fabric company. I have been leaning towards soft pastels lately, so can’t wait to see what 3Sisters has this Spring after their beautiful Simplicity and Sanctuary line.
    Also, thank you so much for having affordable BOMs.

  22. Quilt Market is my #1 dream vacation. My favorite #1 in the whole world are 3 Sisters (Just who are they? Are they really 3 Sisters?)! Moda has the best fabric lines…. a little bit of everything …a little something for everyone. Holly Holderman – Well, she is just a HollyDolly genius in her own right! Any thing she creates is awesome! And then of course we have the Fat Quarter shop who puts it all together – with their One Stop Shopping adventures. So, bring us back some of everything and lots of pictures!! 🙂

  23. I wish I could go along and I’d personally show you what I’m interested in. ;0) I look forward to seeing the new Moda fabrics, new BOMs, and stitchery patterns/kits (particularly looking for animals that could be used on a baby/kid’s quilt). Enjoy!!!

  24. Well, I have never been to the Quilt Market. But I can dream about it at least… :-)) I would certainly raid the Moda booth… 3 Sisters, Minick & Simpson, Fig Tree… really yummy stuff. And I can't wait to see all the fun patterns… My head would certainly be spinning and my wallet would have a serious echo in it after I was done… but it would really be fun. Can't wait to read about your trip.

  25. I love anything 1940s cottagy, and i also love primitive, so i’m going to be shopping at any booths that offer either of those styles 😉 I look forward to seeing all my designer friends at market, especially Lynda hall from primitive pieces by lynda! Can’t wait to see what yall buy!

  26. Hi Kimberly!
    I am so excited for Market I can’t stand it! I just finished my last quilt and I am now am ready to go.
    I am excited to see all the latest fabrics from everyone!
    I am also looking foward to seeing all of my wonderful friends that I only get to see in person every 6 months. I enjoy that part as much as all the new stuff!
    I can’t wait!
    See you very soon

  27. The color – I just love seeing all the color. Anything by Moda is wonderful. I really like how the collections in a bundle work so beautifully together.

  28. I like to see new patterns from Carrie Nelson & Edita Sitar. I'm really liking what those two have out. Also anything moda, love love love moda(3 sisters). Can't what to see what's coming.

  29. I love fabric–esp. MODA. They are all such beautiful patterns. I wish to be in Houston with all those quilters, but since I can’t make it, I will anxiously await hearing how much fun you will be having.

  30. Oh, gosh, I want one of everything! No? Well, for starters, Anne Sutton's new applique patterns, Minick & Simpson, 3 Sisters, Blackbird, Sandy Gervais, Figtree, Brenda …. have a fantastic time! Can't wait to see all the wonderful pictures you take!

  31. pictures, lots and lots of pictures of the designers booths as well as fabric companies booths!
    I excited to see which antique quilt Moda will be reproducing next and the fabric line. LOVE the first one they did, Heritage 1846 Collection for a Cause by Howard Marcus for Moda Fabrics , think it is wonderful they are reproducing these quilts and fabric lines for charity.

  32. I live in Houston so I am going to market!! Counting down the days!

    I have to jump on the Moda bandwagon. I usually love all their lines….the traditional, modern….it’s all wonderful. I love Urban Chiks….but not sure they are debuting a line at market this year. But seriously, if it says Moda, you can’t go wrong.

  33. I love Joel Dewberry’s work, though I don’t think he will have anything new at quiltmarket. Sugar snap from Melissa Averinos is great too.

  34. I am excited to see what lines of fabric Moda is going to have in the “sweet rolls” and “turnovers”. I have heard these are coming and I hope that you are going to carry them, as I love the charm pack and jelly rolls.

  35. I would love it if you carried Jay McCarroll’s two new fabric collections – Woodland Wonderland and Garden Friends! They are so very adorable, and I haven’t seen anyone mention them yet. (except for FreeSpirit)

  36. Count me in. (Moda, Free Spirit, you name it.) And if you DO discover the identities of those elusive Three Sisters, I want to be the first to know.

  37. I can’t wait to see (and hope that FQS will be carrying) “Lush” by Erin Michael for Moda. Also, what is Joel Dewberry planning next? Oh, and quilt kit ideas too. Anything by Moda. But I’ll be excited to see ALL of the updates.

  38. What I want out of Quilt Market is to be able to go! 🙂 I envy all of you that get to go and enjoy reading all of the updates. Thank you. Take care and God bless, Cory

  39. ANYTHING by Jane Sassaman!
    The Donna Dewberry collections by Free Spirit (Roses, Daisies).
    Anything new from Kaffee Fassett.

    Perhaps you could surprise us with fabric from an “off the beaten path” collection or designer?

    We can always use more patterns for charm packs, layer cakes, etc.

    Have Fun!

  40. I hope you’ll bring back some moda turnovers, and looking foward to seeing what Heather Bailey will have in her booth. I hope you post lots of photos!

  41. I’ve never been to Houston. Darn…I’ll have to rectify that one day. I would love to see the debut collection Dogwood by Michelle Engel Bencsko for Henry Glass. Also any new patterns Renee’ Plains has out.

  42. I am looking forward to what’s new from Moda, especially 3 Sisters. I am looking forward to seeing any new floral lines that include plaids.

    And I would like to see patterns and BOMs that use the new Moda fabrics.

  43. I can't go to Market this year – sniff, sniff – but if I was there, I would want to see lots of Minick & Simpson's new goodies and patterns by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.


  44. Anything by Moda is a welcome sight. Of course, it will have to be long distance sight as I can’t be there. I’m kind of disappointed in the range of flannels for children lately and hope the fabric gods hear my pleas for some boy child flannel

  45. I love Moda–Fig Tree Quilts, April Cornell, Minick & Simpson, Holly Taylor and the list goes on and on and on…

  46. More Kaffe Fassett….charm packs,
    jelly rolls, fat quarters, etc.
    The more I see the more I want.
    They are just Awesome, and kinda
    ‘grow’ on you. You just can’t have
    just one!
    And have a Great Time at Market!!
    Wish I was there too.

  47. I have never been to Houston but would love to go some year. I read the blogs of many designers. To be honest the Fat quarter shop carries 95% of the patterns, books and fabric that I desire. I check your site daily for new items and sales. I am tempted right now by Lakehouse Doll dresses…but they are already on your site. I am sure Holly will release more new fabrics at market. I would love to see some more Batiks and batik pops/strips, charms etc. Moda—hmm where do I begin? I am smitten with ALL their fabrics. I love patterns for all the precuts. I also love the Mystery BOM’s that you are doing.

  48. Going to a quilt retreat and a quilt market is on my "bucket list". Just give me a clean credit card & I'm there!!! I look forward to anything new…I love Moda and Deb Strain and Atkinson patterns and Me & My Sister Designs. Anything with dogs or cats and I love Amy Butler, Michael Miller, KP Kids, Mary Engelbreit…I love FQ's, layer cakes, jelly rolls, charm squares…and I can imagine all the booths…oh,please don't wake me up!!!

  49. I only wish that I could go! But I’m totally looking forward to seeing all the new fabrics as they show up in the stores.

  50. I would love to see the new patterns of Anne Sutton and Lynette Anderson……and I am looking for Magic Patch Magazines, esp. Born To Quilt.

  51. I get overwhelmed by the mass of beautiful quilts. It is an inspiration that sets me up for the following twelve months. If you never quilted in your life, you would be hooked after one visit to the show.

  52. THANK YOU FOR POSTING PICTURES and ETC. for us who can attend the Markets. I just love waiting for your post each day to see what is going on there. One day, I want to own a quilt shop and attend market and since I cant right now, the next best thing is checking out your blog and your website to see what is going on. I love all the pictures you take and I look forward to PEEKING at the pictures to see what some of my favorite designers are offering. Thank You Fat Quarter Shop and Kim for SHARING with us.

  53. Gosh, where to start? Friends of mine live in Houston and another friend is travelling there as I write this! What I wouldn’t do to be able to go – I have heart palpatations just thinking about it! But for now, you are going, so I will make do with living it through someone else’s eyes. My idea of perfection are new fabrics and designs from Moda and Clothworks, oh, and Lakehouse are all my most favourites!! But then, there is Marcus Bros. and Northcott fabrics, and Baum and – the list goes on and on, and of course, the wonderful designers – there are just too many to name them all! Brights send me into positive raptures, but then another more traditional pattern catches my eye – and I’m in heaven again! Enjoy what you see and live the moment. Just don’t get too overwhelmed by all that you will see and touch, I’ve heard it can be sensory overload at first!!! Susan (Melbourne, Aust)

  54. I’ve started my list:
    *Sieglinde Schoen Smith sampler at Breckling press
    *Besty’s Closet pattern at The Christmas shoppe booth
    *Featherweight RX and anything Featherweight related.
    *new Bunny Hill patterns
    *anything by Lynette Anderson Design
    *Search for Waveline fabric stabiliser
    *Indigo fabrics
    *New stencils!
    Oh I can hardly wait!!!

  55. Wow! Houston! Someday in Houston!!! I’ve never had the pleasure due to financial restrictions, but I always dream of going…not just the show, but market would be fabulous. I’d love to vend there someday too. I love to see the pictures you send back. The Spring Market pics were great.

    What to bring home to Fat Quarter Shop? hmmm… Like everyone, I love Moda. Also Kaffe Fassett and Friends and Judy Rothermel. I’d love to see some fabrics from everyone in clearer and maybe brighter, colors that are not kid related. I have grandchildren and I love kids stuff, but you know, for me. Crisp, clear colors. Somehow all the pastels and grayed out, limey greened out, or muted colors are kind of over for me. It was nice but now, not so much! Time for a change. Can’t wait to see what you find.

    Patterns? Don’t think you can ever have too many ideas, I mean patterns. My favorites seem to be created by Miss Rosie including Schnibbles, Fig Tree Quilts, Atkinson, Heather Mulder Peterson, The Vintage Spool, Holly Holderman and Crab Apple Hill.

    And as always, any wonderful new thing you uncover while there!

    Just keep up the good work. You have the best store on the web.
    Thank you. Peggy

  56. I am looking forward to new, fresh, happy fabrics and quick patterns. I especially love Moda, Michael Miller and Free Spirit lines.

  57. I can’t wait to use some of the new
    sweet rolls and turnovers by Moda
    and see the new patterns that use them! I also love the new Sweet fabric by Urban Chicks–and I am anxious to see the new 3 Sisters fabric!

  58. I want to see all the new things in the quilting world. Fabrics for sure and Moda in particular. And patterns, especially applique! new notions. I want to see it all and I wish I could buy it all.

  59. To market, to market…wouldn’t it be wonderful to go to market. All that beautiful fabric. Love, love, love all things Moda.

  60. Houston, oh how I would love to go. I want to see the new Moda fabrics by 3 Sisters, Minick & Simpson and to see designers' booth displays…most of all, inspiration comes from the most unexpected places, so whatever it is that inspires…that's what I want out of Houston! –Lisa

  61. Five faves to look out for:
    Fig Tree Quilts
    Denyse Schmidt
    Amy Butler
    Heather Bailey
    Heather Ross
    Take lots of pictures and buy lots!! 🙂

  62. the booths/displays made up with all the fabric collections are so enticing! I especially love Moda, Marcus Bros., and Makower. I would need to carry a towel with me for all the drool, if I were to attend sample spree night!!
    cindy of calif.

  63. Hi, I would love to see Lynette Anderson’s new quilt called “A Kitten’s Tale” absolutely gorgeous in the new Moda range called Harvest Home. Moda, Moda all the way for me. Best wishes to you going from sunny Brisbane, Australia Cheryl x

  64. April Cornell’s lines are always great, looking forward to seeing the new ones from her. Also Lila Tueller and Blackbird Designs. Whatever you choose is always great. Have fun!!!

  65. I love the little personal tidbits about the creative designers who tempt us with their wares! Share all the interesting stories of meeting them!

  66. i just love to see all the new fabric and would love to be able to experience market in person. i love moda fabrics especially.

  67. I’d love to go to Market some day… I love Moda fabrics and also the designs of Sandi Henderson and Heather Bailey – all of those clean, bright color combos! I also love the Australian stitchery designers, as well as applique, bags and pincushions. Can’t wait to read your blog entries about all the new stuff!!

  68. With all the charm packs, layer cakes, jelly rolls and new “Bakery” items on the horizon, I would like to see what’s new in the quick and easy patterns – like lap quilts that look hard but are easy or quick quilted gift ideas to make for family, teachers, friends. Moda is my favorite, but I enjoy all fabrics, especially Americana, polka dots, western/bandana prints. Enjoy Market!

  69. I am so excited to be visiting the Houston Quilt Show this year! It is my first year to attend and I have been planning it for over a year! I just saw that Anna Maria Horner is going to have a new line of patterns in addition to her new lines of fabric by Free Spirit. I have read her blog before and just love her fabrics so I am excited to see the patterns she will be creating. I think she thinks along the same lines as Amy Butler and I hope her patterns are as easy to follow. I will be racing to see if I can actually meet the famous Amy Butler and maybe even Anna Maria Horner at the Quilt Show. I think it is awesome that these “celebrities” of the pattern and fabric design world are so down to earth and willing to attend shows like this to meet the people who use their products. I could go on and on, but I’ll leave it at that.

    Anna from San Antonio, TX

  70. I would like to se rainbow collections in fat quarter bundles like the fairy frost but in “Baltimore” or “Amish” colours. And fabrics from Carla Miller. And silly christmas-things (not fabric)like the ones that used to make me smile (and buy to spread the smiles) from the Christmas Shop 🙂

  71. I love the feel of Moda fabrics. My inspirations come from new collections, block of the month, charm squares,and all the designers for Moda. Have fun!!!

  72. Oh I cannot wait to see the booth pictures! Anything by Tanya Whelan and I am also anxious to see what 3 Sisters for Moda is up to this Spring. I am always looking for new and different Clothing patterns. Oh yeah, Tina Givens has two new Fabric lines coming out I am anxious to see. Tree Top Fancy and Fairy Tip n Toes. Also last but not least, I am waiting in absolute anticipation for the New Cicely Mary Barker Flower Fairy Collection by Micheal Miller. I have been collecting these for years and am so excited to see there will be fabric now also. Have fun at Market and I hope everyone has a safe trip.

  73. I cannot wait for you to post all the new fabric on your website. Especially Moda fabric!!! I plan to visit the Houston Market someday but for now I will enjoy your feedback.

  74. I would like to see more children’s lines and more Anna Griffin and Tula Pink fabric. Of course, like everyone else, I think Moda rocks!

  75. Can’t wait to see the new lines that will come out of Quilt Market. I am sure it will provide sensory overload for you as it always has me!

  76. I hope it’s fair to play if I haven’t ever been to a quilt market. That Sample Spree thing is intriguing. I love all things Moda and hope to see sneaks of the new lines, plus a BUNCH of new patterns!

  77. I want to see all the new lines. I love the jelly cakes, all the fabrics put together for me, just waiting for me to start a new project.

  78. Quilt Market sounds like so much fun! I would like to see more Lecien fabrics, 30’s fabric, and novelties. Of course Moda too! Stitchery kits would be GREAT!

  79. If I had a ‘notion’ that sewing is so much fun, I wouldn’t have waited 48 years to join in!! I have just started sewing and quilting and I am addicted to all the fabrics. I find myself checking the websites for hours, reading the blogs, and trying to learn as much as I can. I LOVE IT!! I will not be going to Texas but I can’t wait to see what you all bring back.

  80. MODA! MODA! MODA! I love all of Moda’s fabrics. I would love to attend Houston, as well as many other events that I read about in all the quilt magazine, but, I live in Southern Ontario, Canada, and distance can pose a problem. I also love seeing pictures of the finished quilts that are on display. Wish I was going with you.

  81. I’d love to see some new contemporary quilt patterns. I’d also love to see anything new – especially a new book – from Denyse Schmidt, although I don’t think one is on the way.

  82. I can’t wait to see all the new Moda fabrics that will be appearing soon. I also can’t wait to see photos of the designers’ booths–especially Joanna at Fig Tree and Anne Sutton. I am sure I will be as addicted to the new Moda Sweet Rolls and patterns as I am to Moda’s Jelly Rolls and can’t wait to see all of them here at FQS!

  83. I would like to se more fabric with clear crisp colours.
    Thow patterns to large-scale fabric and special cuts from other manufactors than Moda.
    Post a lot of pictures and HAVE FUN


  84. Love to see primitives, Jo Morton, Jan Patek, Maggie Bonanomi, Blackbird Designs, Kim Diehl, Lynette Anderson — especially the new A Kitten’s Tale pattern. (I ordered from you a fat quarter bundle of Harvest Home when I first read Lynette Anderson’s post regarding that line.) Wish you carried Andover fabrics, especially Jo Morton. Love the Civil War repros and Judi Rothermel. Of course, all things Moda are always great. I want to see it all!!!! Have fun.

  85. I have never been, actually being fairly new to the online quilting community, I had no idea there was so much going on- shows, markets, quilt fests. WOW! I would love to go some year and see everything brand new.

  86. I’m looking forward to everyhing that’s new; fabrics,notions,new ideas, just all of it! I’m especially interested in Bunny Hill Designs and booth, Verna Mosquera’s new patterns and fabrics, etc. I really look forward to seeing the photos of the booths and the designers. I’ve never been to the Houston show and probably will never make it.

  87. I would love to see ‘Lush’ by Erin Michaels and anything Tula Pink has her name on! I also love the designers’ booths – please show lots of different ones – they are very inspirational.

  88. How about the In The Beginning fabrics that are new out, blues with birds and twigs I think! I can’t quit remember the name or designer! They are lovely. You guys are doing a good job already!

  89. If only I had a plane ticket to get there from Australia! I love reading all the blogs of people who do go. It’s great seeing what they bought, who they met, and what’s coming out.
    If I was going, I would want to see what you had, of course. Particularly Moda. And i’d want to see what Amy Butler, Heather Bailey and a few others had.
    I’ve recently become interested in stitcheries, so that would definitely be an interest.
    I’d also be popping in to Melly and Me (our Aussie designers) to see what they had.

  90. Moda and Freespirit! I like kits of intermediate quilts made from fabulous fabrics so I can quickly get to the sewing Part. Pillows are always good, with bits of unexpected embroidery.

  91. I am definitely an equal opportunity fabric shopper. I love so many different designers and companies. I love Heather Bailey, Tanya Whelan, Lecien–my aunt is also debuting her first fabric line so, I am excited to see how well received it is as well.

  92. I have more than enough fabrics and with the current value of the Aussie dollar I certainly won’t be buying any more……. and then I see what Moda have in the pipeline and I know I won’t be able to resist just a few additions. I like all of their designers and am confident those new to the team will also be added to my list of favourites. I especially like Fig Tree, 3 Sisters, Mary Engelbreit, Sandy Gervais,American Jane…..Other designers include Printz Charming, Lakehouse, Nancy Halvorsen – and seeing the ideas they come up with to show off their fabrics.
    Jan J – Australia

  93. I’m waiting to see the latest and greatest “must have” in fabrics, patterns, and notions. Will there be a new ruler or template to make our projects easier?? Fun patterns to inspire our creativity?? And, of course, new fabrics to line our stash shelves!

  94. Maybe some day I will be able to attend the Houston show. One can always hope! In the meantime I love seeing all the new lines from MODA. I also enjoy seeing the designer booths and how interesting they are. There are some talented people out there!

  95. Moda anything of course. New patterns from Heather Mulder Peterson, for sure! Oh yes, and Anne Sutton’s patterns and new fabric with Henry Glass. mmmm. I will miss fall market. May the Sample Spree force be with you! LOL.

  96. Would love to hear your overall impressions of this years’ market…What are the latest trends in fabric designs and colors, patterns, etc. Also, any new sewing ‘gizmos’ that are new and different? Have fun!

  97. I am excited about the Houston Quilt show in general. All the new fabric from all my favorites..too many to mention here, but especially Moda. Also would like to pick up some new ideas and such for embroidery.

  98. I love Moda and I love market and I really love the Fat Quarter Shop! I always enjoy the pictures you post from Market, especially the designers. Have a blast!

  99. I love Anne Sutton and her bunny and house designs, Moda and Lakehouse fabrics. Tula Pink,Lila Teuller, Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Kaffe Fassett have such gorgeous designs and colors…..have a great time selecting new collections!

  100. I am looking forward to everything you bring back, because I love everything you sell! I think anything from Moda is great. I want to go to Houston someday, but since I can’t this year, please take TONS of pictures!!!!! It is fascinating to see everyone’s booths and displays.

  101. Fall Market is my favorite in that it features everything new for spring! I’m especially looking forward to the new fabric lines from Lila Tueller and Tanya Whelan and new patterns from Sandi Henderson. Also, I can’t wait to see what Michael Miller fabrics have to offer. FQ bundles are always at the top of my list.

  102. Since I will not be there I would love to see the photos of all the beautifully designed booths. Highlighting new designers/companies/products. Of course would love to see MODA; Fig Tree, Blackbird…Can’t wait to see and read all about your market adventure!

  103. Always love Free Spirit and Moda… Particularly curious to hear of anything new out of Tula Pink, Heather Ross, Denyse Schmidt, and Anna Maria Horner… In fact, I’m very curious about a pattern rumor regardig Anna Maria!

  104. I would dearly love to go but can’t; I like is seeing which quilt got best in show..and the products used in it. I like Make-it University…instant gratification..again the products used for “WOW” effects. So what could you carry in Fat Quarter? some Glitz trimmings; really good satin ribbon,pretty cotton lace,add-ons that are safe for babies.Easy personalizing.

  105. BRIGHT COLORS!!! I love working with brights. They just are fun to work with. I feel refreshed and energetic after working with the brights.
    Also, outdoors prints. Bears, Moose, Deer, Maple and Oak Leaves.

  106. Thanks for covering the Quilt Market! Those of us who can’t go really enjoy the information! Please post lots of booth photos and ideas for jelly rolls, charm packs etc. I love Bonnie and Camille, 3 sisters, Anka’s Treasures (yeah Minnesota!). About anything new from Moda and Free Spirit is exciing. Thanks for all you do!

  107. I am anxious to hear about everything at quilt market. My favorites are Anna Maria Horner, Heather Bailey, Amy Butler, Valori Wells, Lila Tueller, Sandi Henderson, and I am especially looking forward to seeing/hearing more about newcomer Patty Young and her new line AndaLucia!

  108. This will be my 3rd year to go to the Houston Quilt Show. Wish I could go when the vendors do but love going to shop!
    Keep up the fantastic shopping that you always provide for us. Love seeing the vendors booth’s that you post. Liz from Cajun Country

  109. I can’t wait to seen new fabric, especially 30s repros, Kaffe Fassett and Moda’s “mod” designers … It is one of my life dreams to go to market in Houston!

  110. I love working with Moda collections, especially Three Sisters and Fig Tree. I also love Minnick and Simpson fabrics. I can’t resist your quick to make kits using charm packs for table runners and small wall hangings. It is a great way for me to get to enjoy new fabric lines.

  111. Well, I am anxious to see any new Moda, of course! Also, any new and hot bag and purse patterns you come up with. I love the contemporary fabric designers too (like Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, etc.)especially for making purses and bags. I like seeing pictures of booths and knowing what the hottest trends are going to be. (Like how last market, cupcakes seemed to be the rage.) Keep us posted!

  112. I love the stitchery projects from Australian Designers such as Melly & Me, Lynette Anderson, Leanne Beasley of Leanne's House, and Red Brolly.
    I also love civil war repros, Miss Rosie patterns and anything Jo Morton.

  113. Since I have to work to support my quilting habit I will not be going to Houston this year. However I will enjoy living vicariously through those who get to go. I will be anxiously awaiting new lines from Moda and Lakehouse as well as new patterns from favorites Miss Rosies and Fig Tree. Please send us lots of photos!!!

  114. I went to Houston a couple of years ago and was totally overwhelmed!!! I love to see Quilt Soup”s booth and their patterns. Anything new would be great and of course…new lines from Moda!

  115. Wow! Of course, I want it ALL! I would love to see more colorways in the “Strip-It” fabrics from Marcus Bros. More kits, more MODA – more nifty notions like the Quick Points Ruler ( I think everyone will love that)! Most of all, I wish you a FABULOUS time shopping for all of us! What would quilters like me with a strong addiction to any and all fabrics do without FQS? Thanks for all you do the the quilting world!

  116. There are so many possibilities… so little time and money. I love Minick and Simpson lines, Fig Tree Quilts, Bunny Hill, 3 Sisters, daiwabo and Bali Pops. I get to go to Houston this year and can’t wait!

  117. Lakehouse – love the bright, happpy colors; anything Moda; andy new designers out there? jealous of how much you’ll see – I’m a new quilter and got to make my first trip to Hancock’s of Paducah – had NO idea. It’s all very exciting!

  118. i would love to see the colors aqua, red and white. i haven’t seen any fabric lines with this color combination tho i see it used a lot in australian blogs. i would love to see more quilted crafts; i love kits. i love small wall hangings. i would love to see what heather bailey has cooked up this year. i love moda.

  119. I can wait to see what Heather Baily has coming out in Fabric and Patterns, Also, Anne Griffin always has something soft and pretty which thats what I cant wait to see is all the beautiful roses, and how soft everything will look, and then to touch. I love that. Plus all the baby patterns and fabric from very company out there!! Thats what I am waiting for.

  120. Well, I’ve only been quilting the past couple winters but I can just imagine how exciting market must be. I love Moda, Amy Butler and everything from Lakehouse. because I’m really concentrating on baby quilts I like to see coordinating fabrics that make up cute non traditional small quilts.

  121. I’m very new to quilting. I’m hoping to make a baby quilt for my cousin’s baby but most of the boy colors also have flowers or some other feminine twist to them. I’d love to see you carry more “boy” fabrics.

  122. everyone else, I love Moda! I love to see a wide variety of fabric styles. I don’t think I could pick a favorite and each is appropriate for different projects.

    I will also second what someone else said about seeing designer booths. That sounds like fun.

  123. What I want most from Quilt Market is to be able to go some time. Until then, I will just enjoy all photos and stories here on the Jolly Jabber, just like I did last year. Oh … and, of course, I like to see all the new fabrics and patterns … and maybe gather a free sample. 🙂

  124. I would love to see the designers booths…and MODA’s booth…Miss Rosie, Anka’s Treasures, Minnick and Simpson, Primitive Gatherings, Jan Patek. I was lucky enough to go to Festival but would LOVE to be able to see what you see.

  125. I anticipate the arrival of anything Mary Engelbreit! Minick & Simpson always have delightful designs. I wonder if American Jane can top the last, cute, and playful offerings. As always, I love Amy Bradley and April Cornell – their designs are always very cheerful.

    I am addicted to patterns. I want one of every pattern. Patterns, as well as the fabric to make them, are like comfort food to me. I need to have a stash of each.

  126. Ohh my… do I envy You girls!

    What I would love to see; all the things I know youre gonna show me: Fig Tree, 3 Sisters and all the others I know and love. Please do let me see!

    But I would also love to see some new patern designers. New girls (or guys) the Quiltworld has to hear about yet. Someone new who gets a big break by shining at FQS.
    I would love to see who you are gonna find for us!


  127. As my pennies dwindle, I am always on the look-out for something new, yet within my budget. Blocks of the month are fun. I agree that Moda is tops, but lately I am taking a second look at other lines. For example, the Recycle batiks are the best! They are positively inspirational!

  128. I would love to make a trip to Houston and see all the new patterns available. I am addicted to patterns!! As far as fabric I love Moda. It is so nice seeing a complete line already coordinated as I find this is a big problem for me. Go Girl-check it all out and take lots of pictures.
    Patty S

  129. I would love to go and would want to see everything especially the batiks. As an Aussie living in the U.S it is my dream to one day get to Houston.

  130. First, I’d like to see myself heading off to Houston! I can imagine the wonderful sight of fabric, fabric, and more fabric! Sounds like heaven to me!


  131. Love to see the pictures from different vendors. I can’t pick a favorite fabric designer. I like all florals. Amy Butler comes to mind. Timeless Treasures, oh, I want them all……Lilly in MO.

  132. Spree me, spree yum.
    What I love right now are charms,bright or pastel and some Down Under BOMs. No muddy colors.
    lots of WOW.

  133. For me, I live in WA and I can’t make it to the festival. Although my brother lives near Houston now, so I might just have to schedule a trip to visit during the show.
    What I am most excited to see is all the new fabric lines, I absolutely love fabric designs. Plus looking forward to the other new needle art supplies.
    Heather from the Olympic Peninsula

  134. I would love to know what MODA has for us – and I saw flannel batik at the AQS in Des Moines…it was amazing, so soft and the colors so vibrant. Could you have it available for us?

  135. I want BRIGHT COLORS!!! There never seems to be enough of them out there. I like to make bright childrens quilts. Fun tone on tone are my favorite.
    Benay (ME)

  136. Three friends and I have gone to the Quilt Show for two years and looking forward to another great time. I love the quilts, the vendors (especially meeting the Fat Quarter Shop gals!) and even the food! I can’t wait to see the new MODA fabric!
    Melva in Oklahoma

  137. I love anything Moda! I appreciate all of the pictures you post of the booths in all of the shows….it’s the next best thing to being there!

  138. I love anything Moda! I love aprons,Tanya Whelan’s fabric and patterns are great,,anything Cindy Taylor Oates! Love that Quilt Soup lady, American Jane too.Susan Winget is always unforgettable!Lila Tueller has great designs. I love everything you do@

  139. I can hardly wait to see the photos of all that you get to see – all the wonderful booths, the colours of the fabrics and patterns and sooo many people to see as well! What a brilliant experience for you! I hope that you get to sleep well each night, loins girded ready for the next days’ excitement and fatique, and more excitement. It must be like being let loose in a candy store! How do you know when to stop, or do you just keep on going? Enjoy every minute, and don’t forget time for yourselves. I am really looking forward to the photos!!

  140. I can hardly wait to see the photos of all that you get to see – all the wonderful booths, the colours of the fabrics and patterns and sooo many people to see as well! What a brilliant experience for you! I hope that you get to sleep well each night, loins girded ready for the next days’ excitement and fatique, and more excitement. It must be like being let loose in a candy store! How do you know when to stop, or do you just keep on going? Enjoy every minute, and don’t forget time for yourselves. I am really looking forward to the photos!!

  141. I WANT IT ALL! But I have never been disappointed with what your shop offers.
    Who wouldn’t want it all! If you are a true fabricaholic, quiltaholic, you HAVE to have it all!

  142. I love the Australian magazines and designers – Lynette Anderson and Leanne Beasley, Rosie Quinlan, Melly & Me, and any one else I didn't list. Hope it was fun!