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Kimberly Camou of Divine Inspirations

When we put the Mother’s Cotton Patch & Daughter’s Cotton Patch Kits online, a certain someone took notice. This was Kimberly Camou, the designer of the quilt pattern used for the kit! We promptly invited her to introduce herself on our little blog, and so here she is today! Designer of Divine Inspirations quilt patterns (though we have her designs on our site under her name), she has several gems on the Fat Quarter Shop website.

Thank you, Kimberly, for inviting me to post on your blog about Divine Inspirations.

I started designing patterns several years ago, but only recently began sharing them with the public. The name of my company, Divine Inspirations, describes how the ideas come to me…out of the blue, in a flash and usually when I’m drifting off to sleep, just like a gift from Heaven. The concepts are always clear and specific from the design itself to the color palette. Naturally, I get up, grab my graph paper and start sketching before the ideas fade.

My children, Hailey (10) and Gentry (7), constantly serve to inspire me as well. They challenge me every year to make birthday quilts to fit their current tastes and preferences. Some years are easier than others, but I always appreciate the opportunity to stretch my imagination. They love every single quilt and insist on sleeping with all of them simultaneously.

Now I am truly blessed to be able to share some of my designs with quilters all over the world, such as “Sassy Sixteen”, “Twisty Cakes” and “Charmingly Twisted”. I enjoy the feedback I get from those who have created a quilt from one of my patterns. This is especially true when it comes to “The Jelly Maker’s Cabin”, as it holds a special place in my heart.

People often think that “The Jelly Maker’s Cabin” was named so due to the use of jelly rolls. However, that was actually a coincidence. In fact, I designed the quilt in memory of my grandmother, Katherine Stone. She used to make the most amazing wild plum jelly. She was strong, reliable and very comforting. So, I thought a version of the log cabin block would be perfect in her honor. I love seeing this quilt made in a variety of different color schemes and fabrics.

I was very pleased when I saw the kits that Kimberly and her team made up with the Cotton Blossom’s collection. The two different color ways show the versatility of the pattern. I really find myself drawn to the “Mother’s Cotton Patch” kit. It has such a warm and comforting appeal.

I really hope that all of my patterns can invoke such warm fuzzies when quilters personalize them with their own color preference.

Hugs & Stitches,
Kimberly M. Camou
Kimberly’s Quilts

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  1. Thanx for featuring Kimberly Camou. She is a dear & precious friend. Her patterns are wonderful because they are easy to follow, fun to read, and produce beautiful results. KC is always helping me resize something or fix a mistake with her mathematical finesse. She is an important part of our guild & willingly shares her talent & knowledge. Yeah,