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Fast & Fun Lap Quilts Book Tour

When our good friend Melissa Corry invited us to join her Fast & Fun Lap Quilts Tour, we were happy to join in! Her latest book, Fast & Fun Lap Quilts Book, is filled with lap quilts made with Layer Cake’s (10″ squares). In celebration of the book release, she has planned some fun giveaways, and we have one for you, so read on!

Treasured Quilt

Everyone knows that “X marks the spot” where you can find buried treasures and this would be a treasured quilt for anyone! We immediately fell in love with this quilt and are so excited to share both versions with you.

Here is Melissa Corry’s version:

And here is ours:

Quilty staffer Teresa sewed the blocks using Zinnia by April Rosenthal for Moda Fabrics and Nova assembled the quilt top. We love how bright and colorful it turned out!

Melissa Corry’s new book is easy to follow, with full-color and detailed pattern instructions. Starting with 10” fabric squares makes these quilts easy to make, yet the designs have an intricate, detailed look that will keep your interest.

Fast & Fun Lap Quilts has a gorgeous variety of lap quilts for any style, and we can’t wait to make more! You can follow the author, Melissa Corry, on Instagram (@happyquiltingmc) to see more of her quilts and versions from everyone else on the tour. Don’t forget to check out all the stops on the tour below!

Stops on the Tour

Fast & Fun Lap Quilts Giveaway

And now for the giveaway! Here’s your chance to win the same Layer Cake we used to make our Treasured Quilt! To enter, leave a comment below telling us which of the patterns in the book call to you (you can see all of the quilts in Melissa’s blog post).

Update 12/6/2022: Congratulations to Gina Martin our giveaway winner!

  • Leave a comment on THIS post to enter
  • The giveaway ends on December 5, 2022, at 11:59 CST
  • One winner will be chosen at random on December 6, 2022
  • Open to all – both US and international
  • We will notify the winner by email and update this post

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Happy quilting!


  1. I like the “treasured” pattern best , but they all look fun. I love to make lap size quilts best because they are the most useful.

    1. I just completed sorting my scraps and would love to make those and donate to a local ministry. Beautiful!

      1. My favorite is the pattern called “Jacks”. I think it would look fantastic in the “zinnia” fabric collection.

  2. I have admired the patterns in this book. The colours are wonderful, I especially like the wishes & the square dance patterns.

    1. The merry go round quilt is my favorite. The use of color in the circles is playful without being over done.

  3. I ordered this book as soon as I saw Puzzle Box on Pat Sloan’s YT channel, but I would love to make all the patterns. My favorite is Diamond Dash because I love the churn dash block and my next favorite is Aurora.

  4. How do you pick just one quilt as a favorite? I do like them all, but I think I would say that I love Aurora, Treasured and Jacks the best.

  5. I love them all but the FQS version of treasures is my favorite! It’s beautiful in both color ways but the FQS one done in Zinnia really calls to me

  6. I love the tic tack toe quilt. It looks like a lot of fun. I love to use layer cakes so this book will be a fun one for me.

  7. This book is on my Christmas list!!!! I would love to win it and start on Dutch Days and/or Merry Go Round!
    Thank you for the opportunity to maybe win this fabulous book!

  8. It’s a tie between ‘Jacks’ and ‘Puzzlebox’. I have 2 little boys that would have so much fun with these quilts.

  9. I believe I love Melissa’s quilt entitled Aurora the most. I love everything flowers and this quilt reminds me of a bed of flowers. Thank you for this giveaway!

  10. The Aurora pattern is my favorite, with Treasured coming in as a close second. But there are quite a few in the book I’m planning on making. Lap quilts are the perfect size to make!

  11. Hard to choose among these lovely quilt patterns, but I wanted to make Aurora as soon as it popped up!

  12. Jacks is a fun quilt and layer cakes are my favorite precut, so this book is on my gift list this year!

  13. Absolutely LOVE the Treasured Quilt pattern!! Have layer cakes I have been saving for just the right quilt. Now I have found it!

  14. The quilt I like the most is Aurora, perfect for a little girl. I think it would be fun to make all of the quilts for Christmas gifts next year.

  15. I liked Dutch Days the best. It looks like it is mostly HSTs. They are so versatile. It was very colorful also.

  16. They are all wonderful! I’ve already bought the book and want to put it to good use. At first, I liked the Keystone Corners quilt best, but after seeing yours, I think it takes first place!

  17. I love 10″ square pattern books because those are my favorite precuts right now. I like Jacks, Aurora and Merry Go Round but would like to make even more from the book.

  18. Puzzle box and Treasured would be the first ones I would make. They are all wonderful patterns. I would probably do Merry Go Round last because it’s my least favorite.

  19. April Rosenthal’s Zinnia fabric is so beautiful! It really makes the Treasured quilt pop! I would also love to see it in the Aurora and Merry-Go-Round quilts.

  20. I just bought the Cinnamon & Cream layer cake (Moda) and have been looking for a pattern to use it with. I like the “Jacks” pattern for a lap quilt (for me, finally).

  21. It’s a tie for me between Aurora and Treasured. I like patterns that use the fabric without a lot of waste. Some of the other patterns especially Jacks look like a lot of triangle waste.

  22. After glancing at the designs featured in Melissa Corry’s new ‘Fast & Fun Lap Quilt Book’ Puzzle Box would be my first project completed. I like its crisp and clean lines.

  23. Zinnia looks like a beautiful line and April Rosenthal is one of my favorite designers. I love to work with layer cakes!

  24. My favorite is Treasured! Especially your version! The colors you used make it really pop! Thank you so much for sharing and for the chance to enter your giveaway!!

  25. Every time I see the quilt called Jacks I have a feeling of joy. It gives off a warm friendly feeling. My choice for favorite.

  26. That Treasured is awesome but I really like the Aurora and Dutch Days also. This looks like a great book

  27. I cannot decide a favorite! I’ve been trying to push myself into making various styles of quilts and the “Merry Go Round”, “Puzzle Box” and “Treasured” are all extremely appealing to me. I fell in love with April Rosenthal’s Love Lily Fabric so the “Treasured” quilt being in her Zinnia line is just so thrilling and fresh to me! Either way, between the book and the line, I think its incredible. The look of Treasured is so different in Melissa’s colors – do we know the name of that fabric line she used?

  28. I enjoy all the quilts in this book, especially that they use layer cakes. Aurora is definitely a favourite. This book along with her Charming Baby book are great for gift quilts.

  29. I really like the Aurora and Merry Go Round quilts. I really like the multi-colored stripe fabric. Can’t wait until that is in stock.

  30. I plan to make the Merry Go Round quilt. As a high school math teacher, it is a perfect geometric quilt!

  31. I love the Jacks pattern. It reminds me of all the fun playing jacks on my kitchen floor with my Mom.

  32. I love both Aurora and Jacks! What a great book! The Zinnia fabric line will make and of the patterns pop.

  33. I love the Three-in-a-Row quilt. My youngest grandson and I play a lot of Tic-Tac-Toe during fall football season while attending the seemingly never-ending games of his two older brothers! He’s also become pretty proficient at EPP which I also take to the games. It will be the perfect quilt for him.

  34. I bought the book as an e-book as I live in Australia and would absolutely love to make it in the Zinnia fabric range

  35. My favourite is Treasured, with a few others coming in close behind. Lap quilts are a favourite size.

  36. Oooh these are all so pretty. I will make a few of them. Three in a row will probably be the first one I make.

  37. Hi! I really like Aurora, it is very pretty and would look nice in any print or solid. And, Zinnia is one of my favorite fabric lines. Thank FQS!

  38. Puzzle Box and Treasured are the first 2 that pop out at me, but there are others that look fun to make.

  39. I think I like Jacks the best! What a cute book; I can’t wait to see it in my mailbox!

  40. I love them all but Keystone Corners might be my favorite. Or Jacks…maybe Dutch Days…or…..they’re all such lovely patterns!

  41. Gorgeous fabric! It almost looks like a bright modern version of 30’s fabric. My favourite fabrics are always bright.

  42. I would make Jacks firsts d go on from there. Lap quilts are my favorites and these are beautiful.

  43. This looks like a great book! I love the Aurora quilt as well as the Merry Go Round quilt. They are all just wonderful!

  44. I like Three in a Row, reminds me of hugs and kisses and has an upbeat fun feel . The Aurora quilt is also beautiful.

  45. Thanks for the trunk show of quilts from Melissa Corry’s book! Her “Puzzle Box” pattern is inventive…that one definitely speaks to me. “Aurora”and “Jacks” are a close 2nd & 3rd place.

  46. Aurora is my favorite. And I love the zinnia fabric since zinnias are my favorite flower. So many talented designers like Melissa Corry make quilting so much fun.

  47. I really love Aurora which would look spectacular with the zinnia fabric. Can’t wait to create such a beautiful lap quilt.

  48. I love the Aurora and the Treasured quilt from the new beautiful book. I love the new gorgeous Zinnia fabric.

  49. As a “wanna-be” quilter, they all looks so beautiful, but I must say the Aurora is I think my favorite.

  50. I love the “Jacks” pattern! That would be the first quilt to make out of this beautiful book.💕

  51. I like them all, and love having good options for a quilts that must go together quickly. Very much favor the FQS version of X Marks the Spot.

  52. I love that fabric! Lap quilts are the size I make most often. They’re quick and I can quilt them myself.

  53. I love the Zinnia fabric. I can hardly wait for it to become available. My favorite quilt in the book is Three In A Row.

  54. Your Treasured quilt is so cute in Zinnia! I would love to make the Aurora quilt from the book.

  55. I have taken classes from Melissa Corry at the Utah Quilt Fest. I like her patterns. This book looks fun!

  56. Aurora! First but diamond dash is close second (love churn dash). Thank you for the giveaway

  57. I love using layer cakes and lap size quilts are my favorite. Another great quilting book with lots of beautiful patterns!

  58. I think I like Puzzle box the best. But all the quilts are a great way to show off a favorite fabric line.

  59. The “Treasured” quilt is beautiful! I love the fabric selection. It’s so bright and cheerful!

  60. This is a great book! I love the keystone corners quilt but there are many on my list of what to make next.

  61. Aurora and Treasured are my neck-and-neck favorites, but I think I would choose to make Aurora first. It’s gorgeous!

  62. Just when I have vowed to not buy another quilt book, here comes one that I absolutely must have. The patterns are all incredible and fit in with my resolution to start making smaller quilts for my family.
    Simply beautiful. I am torn between the Treasured and the Keystone corners.

  63. I think Jacks will be the first quilt I will make from Melissa’s book. I saw her advance copy while she taught on Stitchin Heaven’s quilt cruise to Hawaii in October. I knew I would love every quilt in the book and ordered it as soon as I got home.

  64. I like all of the quilts! This year, the quilts I made took me so long. I had not realized beforehand how many pieces and matching points were required. One had 1040 pieces, and almost that many points to match, and at times I lost the joy of piecing and quilting. I desperately need some fast and easy to sew quilt patterns, and these look perfect. Looking forward to using up my layer cake stash too.

  65. Treasured is my favorite made with the Zinnia fabric. It is so bright and cheerful, perfect for Spring and Summer or to use year around, I love all the quilts in this book but my second and third choice would be Dutch Days and Puzzle Box.

  66. I love the Jacks quilt, but also Aurora is a close second. Love the smaller size and the samples are both gorgeous!

  67. They are all stunning but Aurora….oh my, oh my!! Just love it and can’t wait to begin making it!

  68. I’d love to make ALL of them (maybe I will!), but I’d probably start with Puzzle Box because it’s something a little different than I normally choose.

  69. I think the Aurora is my favourite quilt, with Diamond Dash a close second (I love churn dash blocks!) Lap quilts are my favourite size, too!

  70. I love the Zinnia fabric. So bright, cheery and beautiful! I’ll be looking for Melissa on Instagram.

  71. The quilts in Melissa’s book are lovely and it’s hard to choose just one favorite. Today the one that caught my eye is Dutch Days. I have the book and I will be making several of the quilts she designed.

  72. I love the Merry Go Round. It is playfull, colourfull and you would keep tracing around the lines if it was on your bed or sofa.

  73. Treasure is my favorite but seeing the others with different backgrounds, I really want to make most of them. Thanks.

  74. There are a couple that really speak to me and that I think would be fun to make. They include Aurora and Diamond Dash. I am always drawn to Churn Dash and Star quilts. I would love to design a quilt that incorporated a star into a churn dash….hmmm maybe a plan for 2023.

  75. I have more than 200 quilting books. This book made it to my #1 favourite book of all. I love each and every quilt in this book and that is rare for that to happen. Now it’s to decide which quilt I will make first – I’m leaning towards Treasured but each pattern has such beauty, charm and the instructions are very detailed.

  76. It’s tough to choose but I have to say Aurora is my favorite.
    I’ve ordered the book and can’t wait til it arrives!

  77. All are such bright and happy designs. I find Aurora caught my eye first, so that’s my pick. Sewing fast is fun indeed.

  78. I have seen most of the quilts during the road show. I have a particular like of 30s fabric. The FQS version of ‘X Marks the Spot’ is wonderful. I have a fair number of Layer Cakes that need to be made into quilts.

  79. Oh my gosh! Just love looking at how various beautiful fabrics change the appearance of this quilt! Love all the quilts!!

  80. So many great patterns in this book, I can’t pick just one that I’d like to make. This layer cake, Zinnia, is a wonderful, bright group of fabrics.

  81. All the patterns are lovely but the one calling me right now is the Dutch Days. And I absolutely love the fabric used here by April Rosenthal. She always has beautiful fabrics. I was so happy some came with one of the Sew Sampler boxes last year with a beautiful quilt pattern.

  82. I’m looking forward to getting this book and then putting my layer cakes to good use-just hoarding them now!! I love all of the designs Melissa has shared

  83. I’ve always had a fascination with the night sky, and how relaxing it is on a clear night. I would do “Aurora” in some deep, dark moody Batiks.

  84. just love this book, I want to make every quilt in it! and April’s layer cake is just lovely for such a task

  85. Puzzle Box has my vote! Love all Melissa’s quilts in the book, and I have several of her patterns too!

  86. Puzzle Box and Dutch Square! This is first for hearing about this designer , looks fantastic.

  87. I like Aurora and Dutch Days the best although there are several beautiful quilts in this book!

  88. This is a beautiful quilt: I love the pattern too!! Melissa always creates beautiful and interesting quilts!!

  89. Puzzle box by a hair!
    How are we supposed to choose 1 pattern?
    They are all inspiring.

  90. Diamond Dash (I love all things churn dash) or Jacks would be my first quilts out of this book. Very nice.

  91. I like the first one Aurora the best but have a hard time picking. I do love the Zinnia collection.