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Everything You Need To Know About Quilt Panels

Quilt panels are an exciting way to create beautiful quilt projects without much effort. They come in many styles and project types, allowing you to make short work of quilts, home decor, toys and bags.

Read on for a chance to win the Simple Strips Panel Quilt Kit (above). It’s made with Harvest Wishes by Deb Strain for Moda Fabrics.

For beginners (or those who are in a hurry!) fabric quilting panels are so helpful for completing a quilt without piecing together lots of blocks. In this blog post, we’ll explore the many benefits of quilt panels, the different types of fabric panels available, and the various quilt panel projects you can create with them.

What are Quilt Panels?

Quilt panels or fabric quilting panels are pieces of fabric that feature printed designs and that come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some quilt panels are pre-printed with images that are cut out and appliqued onto a backing fabric, while other panels are used without modifications as the quilt top. Fabric panels are designed for making quilts, bags, soft toys, and decor.

With the main part of the quilt taken care of, you can add borders and call it a day.

Why we love Quilt Panels!

One of the best things about quilt panels is that they are available in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes.⁠ From free panel quilt patterns to paid options there’s something for everyone looking to find the perfect fabric panel for their project. 

With panel patterns, you can incorporate intricate designs through “cheater panels” that look like pieced quilt blocks (as in this hexie design below).

Lori Holt has some amazing quilt panel patterns that make it easy to create stunning projects in no time.

Our favorite and final reason we like to use quilt panels is because quilt panels are fun! With a bit of imagination, you can come up with some truly creative projects.

Fun with Fabric Panels

Fabric panels come in designs for placemats, aprons, and children’s toys.

Stacy Iest Hsu has adorable stuffed animal fabric panels that make it simple to make toys that kids love. If you’re looking for something seasonal, try the Lewis & Irene trick or treat bag fabric panel – it’s perfect for Halloween, and we love that they glow in the dark!

Monthly placemat panels by Riley Blake Designs are perfect for adding a seasonal flair to your home.

Free Quilt Panel Tutorial

We have a simple quilt panel project for you. Follow along with Kimberly in the Simple Strips Panel Quilt video tutorial to see how borders and a panel go together to make a beautiful quilt.

Many of the panel projects, like stuffed animals or Lori Holt’s Zippy Bags, come with patterns or directions printed directly on the fabric to guide you through the process.

Quilt panels are an easy and fun way to get creative with your quilting projects. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert quilter, fabric panels can help you create a beautiful finished product. With so many different fabric panel types available, there’s sure to be something that suits your style and project. So don’t be afraid to give quilt panels a try and see how they can add something special to your project!

Simple Strips Panel Quilt Kit Giveaway! – CLOSED

Update 5/3/2023: Congratulations to Cindy Keith our giveaway winner! Please keep an eye on your email!

And now for a giveaway! Here’s your chance to win the Simple Strips Panel Quilt Kit! To enter, leave a comment below telling us what your favorite panel project is!

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    1. I would first like to say thank you FQS for this Harvest free Panel giveaway. I love the panel idea for making a beautiful project in a fast quick way whether it’s a wall hanging type quilt, table mat or table runner or perhaps a few stuffed beautiful vintage dolls or character ones and more ideas the list goes on… for my family or a friend in need. This way, I can give it away as a gift. I love making gifts for others to bless them in some way to make their day for someone!

      1. My favorite panel was a deer in the mist… I used batiks around it. Turned out stunning and so easy. Thank you for all of your inspirations.

      2. My favorite panel was Lori Holts zipper bag panel. I made the bags and gifted them to my friends!!!

      1. I love doing panel quilts. I just finished one that had musical instruments on it and put a few borders with musical notes with black background and one with white background. It is a graduation present.
        I love the pumpkin /harvest panel with teal and fall colors together,

        1. I have made 7 quilts for my grandchildren using different quilt panels. For a novice, like me, still learning different techniques, I find using panels so much easier. I still have 6 more grandchildren to make quilts for, just have to find the right panel for teenagers.

      1. I love working with panels. So many quilts, so little time! This speeds up production and do beautifully.

        1. I love this Simple Strips Panel Quilt Kit…the colors are gorgeous. Loved the tutorial, also.

    2. I don’t know yet which project will be my favorite. Although, this would be a great starting point for exploring as many options as I can discover.

    3. I have never used a panel for a quilt but, Kimberly has definitely peaked my interest. Thank you FQS for all your inspiration! I hope to sew a panel quilt soon.

    4. This looks so fun. I am currently making my first panel quilt with Disney princess

  1. I love to make seasonal wall hangings to put on our very large, wide fireplace brick wall. I often use panels because they are so fast and easy. The giveaway panel would be the perfect complement to my Thanksgiving piece!

    1. I love my Lori Holt zippy bags and making quilts for grandkids is great with panels to start with.

    2. The only panel I’ve done is the “It’s a Girl.” I put a simple border on it. It’s a gift for the new grandbaby.

        1. I never knew what to do with a panel, but you have inspired me! What a great way to decorate my home for the different seasons.

          1. I love to make seasonal panels to decorate my house. They are fun and easy. They are also great for practicing free motion quilting.

          2. My favorite quilt was made with a panel of woodland animals. It was for my great grandson. His mother loved it so much that I made a similar one for her with that same panel. I do enjoy working with panels. And am about to start a quilt for my first great granddaughter with a panel.

    3. Thank you for your tireless efforts in sharing your ideas and ever so helpful tips and detailed techniques with us (not so good at quilting) It helps me immensely in utilising fat quarters and other fabric which I love purchasing but sometimes find it difficult to decide what to do with my fabric and when I watch tutorials, life becomes so easy. Thank you to you all for your time in keeping us motivated. You are certainly amazing. Thank you sincerely from Melbourne.

  2. I love panels that can be cut up into multiple blocks and mixed with pieced blocks. It makes a larger quilt and often looks like a difficult quilt. You can find all kinds of different themes to match your decor or a child’s bedroom. Love panels!

  3. I love the simple strips quilt! I never thought to add borders in a courthouse steps configuration. It adds so much. I’m definitely going to try that.

    1. Love quilt panels! My favorite to date is Riley Blakes Barnyard Friends Cow panel.

  4. I love the Halloween ones as my youngest son can help make his own bag, and it glows in dark!

  5. I have not tried using a panel in a project yet but after watching your video I think I woud like to make a panel wall hanging. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Love the fall panel!
    I enjoy working with panels, it’s an easy way to make a quick seasonal wall hanging.

  7. I have a horse panel I am going to design for my granddaughter who is an English rider! I love to meet her horses before lessons.

  8. I love holiday panels as you can design them and sew them up fairly quickly for gift giving!

    1. I just love this panel and all the tips you have given. Just found this but know l will be visiting often. Thank you for offering this give away.

  9. You have the best ideas, some of the simplest things look like you spent a lot of time on! Love this panel with its simple strip method!!

  10. I am a new quilter and have never tried anything with a panel yet, but I would love to try!

  11. My favorite panel was Lori Holt making all the bags, they were so easy with the double zippers. I used them as gifts. Thanks FQS for the opportunity.

    1. Love working with panels. My favorite is a fall scene with 2 golden retrievers. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  12. I just finished a dinosaur panel quilt for my grandson. I was very colorful. The panel makes the quilt!!

    1. Favorites are Lori Holt’s zippy bags with double zippers!! Perfect balance for advanced beginner and a quick feel great to complete and finish! Also love the panels that turn into soft books for grandkids, another feel good ending! Thanks for the inspiration and fun ideas.

  13. years ago, I did a panel from Daisy Kingdom. It was a halloween panel.
    I still hang it up every October! I recently dug up a ‘cousin’ panel…
    another fall panel, also Daisy Kingdom, that I didn’t even know I had! I found it when I was spring cleaning!! LOL

  14. Loving the “Courthouse Steps” idea for a panel quilt! Time to get busy stitching up the 2 seasonal panels I purchased last year. A unique idea I’ve seen for a panel is to cut it up into 4” or 5” squares, then use the quilt-as-you-go method for each individual square as well as binding each one to ultimately create a soft panel puzzle. Finding a pre-printed panel that would appeal to a child’s interests is getting easier these days thanks to a wide variety now available.

  15. I have never made a panel project before, so it would be nice to win this so I can learn to do one!

  16. I love that just when you get overwhelmed by all the panels you’ve bought but don’t know how or have ideas for them, Kimberly and the Fat Quarter Shop Angeles swoop in to save the day!! Thank you so much for all you do, day in and day out!!!

  17. I haven’t tried working with a panel yet but after watching the Simple Strips video I am excited to try it.

  18. I recently bought a panel but had no idea how to turn it into a quilt! This is perfect! And Thank you for showing how to trim up the panel! The panel quilt has moved up the list of quilts to make!

  19. I’m currently working on a log cabin quilt where I used a panel with small motifs as the chimney square. Plus I just ordered Lori Holt’s bag panel. Can’t wait to get those project bags made.

  20. I like the harvest panel as it features the same colors I decorate with. I could have it up all year.

  21. So far, my favorite panels for quilts have been SuzyBee panels. I also love the Lori Holt zippy bag panels for bags! But I am loving the Harvest Wishes!

  22. Thanks for the very useful information. I have tons of panels to sew up, now I have no excuse!!!

  23. Kimberly you always have great hints and tips! Working on a panel now and another waiting.

  24. My favorite quilt panel has to be a glam girl panel by Dani Mogstad from Riley Blake, that had all kinds of pretty dresses and high heel shoe blocks. I cut them all up and made a beautiful quilt for my daughter, for graduation.

  25. I have recently seen an attic windows quilt done with a Christmas panel. I am going to help my daughter-in-law do an attic windows quilt with a baby panel.

  26. I love panels, have used many and even now there are several hanging around waiting for a finish.

  27. Such a beautiful panel. I’ve never worked with a quilt panel before. What a great gift idea!

  28. I love the panel quilts as Attic Windows design. Haven’t tried the Courthouse Steps yet. I bet it would go together really fast…

  29. I have never worked with a quilt panel, but I just purchased a sit-down longarm and see that they will be perfect for practicing! Thanks for the inspiration!

  30. I love making fast small projects in between larger ones. This gives me a lot of finished little projects ! This keeps me happy and motivated.

  31. FQS – The tutorial plus this posted information on Panels is helpful!
    First panel I bought was wonky and I searched for tips then, but now have saved this! Based on comments, many have welcomed the tutorial.

  32. Thank you for the chance to win. My favourite quilt panel projects are aprons. I have also cut some apart for placemats or wall quilt corners/centres.

  33. I love panels to make wall hangings like an alphabet wall hanging I made for my grandson. I hand quilted around all the letters and embroidered on the pictures to give it lots of texture.

  34. I would absolutely love to win this. Harvest Wishes is one of my favourite fabric lines at the moment. My only panel project before was with one of Deb Strain’s other lines: Effie’s Woods. I hope to make more with panels in the future.

  35. I love the use of panel for beginning quilters, so you can gradually increase your sewing skills.

  36. This panel I perfect for our home. Just the right colors and unusual for harvest with the blue. Love it! Thank you for the video and tips! FQS does it best!

  37. I haven’t tried a panel project yet but look forward to adding this to my project list!

  38. Newby- I haven’t quilted a panel yet, but have purchased the snowy Tidings panel. I’m excited to get started on this 😊

  39. I used Effie’s Woods Panel for a quilt. I put a very light green 1″ inside border, then put charm squares around that for the second border. So fast and easy and looks complicated. Love panels for baby quilts.

  40. This is the first time I’ve ever commented on a post – this one really trips my trigger!!! Love, Love, Love it!!! The colors really sing! Makes me anxious for fall decoarating and it’s only April!

  41. What a wonderful little project. It would make a great addition to fall decor!

  42. I really like patriotic panels. I use them for veterans quilts.
    It makes a quick quilt for such a great cause.

  43. I really enjoy making quilts of valor quilts with panels. They always look great.

  44. I love using a panel to add a bit of interest that coordinates with my gabric on the back of quilts.

  45. I enjoy making panel quilts, just figuring out the blocks to make for borders is great fun!

  46. I really am enjoying working with Lori Holts zippy bag panels . Thanks for being so generous with giveaways and tutorials 💕🧵

  47. Love that simple strips harvest panel! And the colors are so cute for here in South Florida where we only pretend it’s fall! I have to have it!!

  48. I love panels. I used one for my very first quilt. I have not seen placemat panels. And the zipper bags were cute. Thanks for all the tips.

  49. I love using panels in Quilt of Valor quilts. It make a quick quilt when we need one fast. But I never thought about using one to make a bag or a zippered project bag. Great idea!

  50. I’m just getting into panel quilting. There are so many cute and beautiful panels available!

  51. I enjoy panels for their ease. I have
    lots for Halloween and with Gnomes. Have used some for Christmas card holders & for table runners. Ready for some fun, slow down & do a panel.

  52. Holiday panels are my go to for a quick present. Always love to see new ideas for making a panel look special. Thanks

  53. I LOVE the border on the owl quilt! How fabulous.
    And the Harvest Wishes has the nicest saying.
    I have bought panels in the past but would love to learn more creative borders to put around them.

  54. I LOVE the border on the owl quilt! How fabulous.
    And the Harvest Wishes has the nicest saying.
    I have bought panels in the past but would love to learn more creative borders to put around them. Do you have any plans to show/teach/sell border patterns?

  55. I really like reading the blogs you post. Currently I have the Adele in Winter panel and am hoping to get it done by the holidays this year. I like that you can embellish the panels with added quilt blocks.

  56. I like to cut up panels and substitute panel pieces to replace some of the blocks. Adds a lot of interest to a quilt.

  57. I need to try this. I never thought of a panel as a quilt. I am new to quilting so I dont know much and I haven’t a lot of time. But I LOVE QUILTS and hope to learn to do better at it.

  58. Panels are fun! There are so many ways to use them. I’ve made an apron from a printed panel and it’s my favorite. Lori’s bags are adorable and her zippers are great bag zippers. I think I have to make those!

  59. Simple, easy project for a novice quilter. The colors are beautiful and not typical for a fall project. Love it!

  60. I always look at panels in the quilt store and never know what to do with them. Thank you for the great inspiration.

  61. New to quilting. Looking forward to trying my first panel with this beginner friendly pattern.

  62. I used a Santa Panel and added borders and it made a nice child’s size quilt which I gifted to a friend’s child for Christmas.Did it at a weekend quilt retreat. So much fun.

  63. Love this panel! Panels can ve a challenge, trying to figure out how to finish them. I love the simple lines of this one. The colors are perfect too.

  64. This inspired me to use a couple of panels that I have in my stash that I forgot about. Panels are great for quick seasonal projects and donation quilts.

  65. I love the Deb Strain Harvest panel but that owl is pretty cute too! Deb Strain does such a great job with these. I have a bee themed panel of hers❤️

  66. I use panels for backing. I add borders to make the size needed. I use left over fabric from the quilt top for a scrappy look. That way you have a two sided quilt.

  67. I love the Deb Strain Harvest panel but that owl is pretty cute too! Deb Strain does such a great job with these. I have a bee themed panel of hers! 🐝💕

  68. Last Christmas I made Lella Boutique’s ‘Little Tree’ Panel. I used Chenille-it on the leaves and flowers. Couched big fuzzy yarn on the lettering. It came out great and was so fun. I’m going to try again on her Christmas panel for this year.

  69. I love the Lori Holt panel for bags I purchased at Fat Quarter Shop. The tutorial video makes the strip quilt look like a dream. Thanks Fat Quarter Shop!

  70. I have several quilt panels that I want to use to make decorative wall hangings and gifts. They will be great for quick charity quilts. Thank you for teaching us how to use them effectively.

  71. I loved your panel tutorial made this so interesting. Since I’ve seen it I made 3— 60 x 80 quilt tops using a panel. I went x bought several more ad we do Charity quilts x give them to thise in need.

  72. I love expanding them to make quilts and backing them with minky. I am dying over the Deb Strain panels though. So stinking cute!

  73. Panel quilts are a quick and easy way to dress up a door. They are also fun to use as the backing on a baby quilt.

  74. I make a lot of baby quilts for all the new babies at church. I love panels because they not only make for a quicker project but they also allow me to get creative with the borders.

  75. Thank you for such wonderful ideas on how to use panels. They are always so cute but mostly odd sizes that don’t lend themselves to a normal quilt size.

  76. Panels are great! I am using them to up my longarm quilting game. They give met the space to learn new quilting techniques and come up with theme based quilting ideas. May favorite panel project is Riley Blake Winter Barn Quilt. I actually hate snow and winter weather, but I love this quilt! I get to enjoy the calming blues and greys and beauty of the snow without freezing! Yes, I am from the South!

  77. As a somewhat beginner quilter, I would like to make a sew simple panel quilt, I. have never done one with a panel before. The rail fence pattern is very nice too. I like all of your tutorials and beautiful fabric.

  78. I really liked how the boarders were done on the Harvest Wishes Panel Quilt. I had never thought of doing something easy like that. I have done 1 Panel Quilt. It was a Smokey Mountain Bear panel by Riley Blake (I believe) with simple 2″ and 4″ borders. I’m due to make a panel quilt for my niece as my next project. This article came at the right time for me.

  79. Thank you for all the wonderful tips! I have many panels in my stash waiting to be stitched 🙂

  80. My favorite project is the Owl-oween panel. I just love Halloween and that owl is so cute!

  81. My favorite type of panel is a book panel. I love to include the soft washable book as a baby shower gift

  82. I love the quilt panel ideas. I agree that they make fast beautiful pieces. Thanks for sharing the great giveaway!

    1. Love panels. Actually love to cut out pieces and applique them to sweatshirts or shirts for one of a kind looks. Make unique gifts as well. Love

  83. Fall is my favorite season! Would love to make this panel as a wall quilt. Thanks for this tutorual!

  84. Fall is my favorite season! Would love to make this panel as a wall quilt. Thanks for this tutorial.!

  85. I have not done much with quilt panels but have bought a few I could just not pass up. Now I need good ideas on what to do with them. Thank you for this idea!

  86. I’ve never done anything with a quilt panel although I have a couple of panels. I’ve never known what to do with them so this has been an inspiration for me.

  87. I like the panel but then I always like Deb’s designs. Right now it is hard to like about fall when we are still waiting for spring, but spring should happen this week!

  88. I purchased a kit yesterday and after seeing the video I’d like to make 2 more for my daughters. The colors are great. Thank you for showing us an easy but interesting border idea.

  89. love the article on using pannels. Our guild successfully made 10 quilt panels to be donated to an indigenous group. We used a panel created by an artist called Coming Home.

  90. OH my gosh!! I am so happy you did this tutorial. I have 2 panels from the Fat Quarter Shop. I am totally new at sewing and am learning a lot.
    Would love to win this kit and make my first panel quilt as a novice sewer. Thanks for the opportunity.

  91. Fall is my favorite season. Love the Harvest Wishes panel. The 🦉 panel was cute too!

  92. I love using panels for pillowcases. Can add borders, trim, etc to easily get the size you need.

  93. I love panels! They are quick and easy. And these days with digital printing they are amazingly beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win!

  94. I love these ideas. My favorite quilt panel was a large panel with frogs that I cut up and made 3 baby quilts by adding some fabrics from my stash. Thanks for an informative video.

    1. I love working with panels. I’ve taken a deer panel and added log cabin blocks and pine tree blocks. My grandson loved it. I used several panels as wall hangings and placemats.

  95. I love some of the beautiful panels available! My favorite are two Halloween panels I bought several years ago and made into TV throw quilts.

  96. I like to make soft books from panels to give as gifts to new parents. They are easy and fun to make and personalize!

  97. I have several quilt panels that I need to make up and you have inspired me. I enjoy your videos so much.

  98. I’ve used panels to make quilts – both as whole panels, and also cut up, bordered by churn dash blocks to make a cute baby quilt. Love panels!
    Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  99. I love panels! I’ve used many to make Quilts of Valor, and now I’m looking forward to making some seasonal ones for myown home. The Harvest panel would be a perfect addition for my fall decorations. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway!

  100. I have only done one panel quilt it was Harley’s for my hubby. I would like to do more quilts. Thanks for the helpful video.

  101. I have loved using Lori Holt’s project bag quilt panels. They are so easy and fun to make.

  102. I love to use borders I’ve used on other quilts on panels. I’ve made quilts for our grandkids from panels to use as car quilts or movie night quilts, they’re a perfect size.

  103. I love this idea for a panel, it looks like courthouse steps. I love using panel quilts for quick seasonal decorations. Thanks for a great new idea!

  104. What a cute pattern! I have a turkey panel that my grandson picked out. I appreciate the tips for using these!

  105. Thanks for great information on ways to work with panels. I really enjoy working with them.

  106. I love the Lori Holt panels with quick projects and fun fabrics. Seasonal panels make a quick project. Harvest Wishes has some really cute colors and the borders look fun to make.

  107. I like to use panel quilts to decorate my front door for holidays and they work great as table toppers or wall hangings, making them easy to change your decor without a huge expense or needing very much room.

  108. My favorite panel project is a lap quilt. But, reality says my favorite project is really just collecting panels and putting them into storage boxes, yes BOXES.

  109. I love seasonal panels for my front door! This Simple Strips/Pumpkin Harvest kit would be a beautiful fall project! Thank you FQS for the freebies! They really do encourage the hobby of quilting!

  110. I love to use quilt panels. It is a good way for a Newbie like me to get into quilting.

  111. Hi, I usually love Christmas panels to make quick gifts for friends and family❤️💚! Thanks for all of your tutorials !!

    1. I have Plans to use a panel on the back of a quilt. I think it will add a lot of interest. Thank you for this giveaway, it is a beautiful panel project!

  112. I love the Simple Strips Panel. The Harvest Wishes fabrics are so pretty. Would love to win a kit! Thanks for the opportunity.

  113. I have made several panel wall hangings from the “Call of the Wild” fabric panels, also placemats from “Home on the Range” panels and a table runner. They are a quick way to make something beautiful for either yourself or as a gift.

  114. I have always been intimidated by quilt panels and not sure why. Thanks for the encouragement to try one.

  115. Fabric panels are here to stay. Thank you for ideas on how we can work with them. I too have my favorites.

  116. what a beautiful panel and quilt! I have not made a quilt with a panel yet, but have one that is blocks to cut and add pieced blocks with it,, i just haven’t started it yet. i love the idea of a center panel with borders! thank you for the inspiration to try one

  117. Panels are perfect for so many uses: quilt backings, baby quilts with added borders, tote bags, my use is wall hangings. Thanks for the chance to win.

  118. I love any Christmas panel project as it allows me to make something to treasure for all my extended family. In saying that I first discovered Japanese panels when I first started quilting over 35 years ago and am still in love with them!

  119. Thanks for her another helpful video. I have a few panels including the project bags that I’m just too afraid to do anything with. Now I am going to give it a try!

  120. Panels are also great to make a quick charity quilt. As you said, a variety of borders can be sewn on. Then after it is complete. you can practice your free motion quilting and complete a whole quilt! Thanks for the chance to win this kit!

  121. I love working with quilt panels to make each project my own design. This is one pretty panel, it would be so fun!

  122. I had a panel that had 4 blocks and a center piece. I cut the blocks and used them in the corners and used the embellishments at the top and bottom of the center block for top and bottom center. It is a bee themed quilt.

  123. I like panel style quilts. The panel gives a large focal point to the quilt. Panels are also great for wall hangings and pillows.

  124. Quilt panels are a fast, inexpensive and easy way to make charity quilts by adding 2-4 borders. I sometimes finish them with an asymmetrical design.

  125. First of all I’d like to say how much I love this panel!❤️
    I am currently beginning a window pane panel. A real learning curve for me. Hopefully with the help of a friend it will turn out beautiful!

  126. Thank you for a chance to win you beautiful fabric!!!! I have wanted this I first say this last fall!!!!! I have several ideas as what to do with panels!!!!,

  127. Thank you !!! I have several ideas as what to do with panels!!!!, I do love it!!!

  128. I love using panels for lap quilts and baby quilts. They make a very cute quick project!

  129. My favorite panel in this article is the “Pumpkin Kisses and Harvest Wishes”. My favorite panels that I have personally done are the Dogs and Suds quilt and It’s All About the Bees quilt. They were a lot of fun.

  130. I love panels. I like to make seasonal & holiday themed ones to hang on my front door. I have made placemats, wall hangings, totes, oven mits & aprons, & toys. So this beautiful panel would be perfect for my door. Love FQS, all the videos you do for us. Thanks for the chance to win this kit.

  131. I love the Harvest wishes so much. I’m really drawn to the beautiful non-traditional fall colors it has. I also love the owl o ween and already signed up to be notified when it’s in stock but my favorite panel quilt that I’ve done so far is Frosty. It was my first panel and I followed along with Kimberly’s YouTube tutorial.

  132. The Harvest Wishes panel is beautiful! My favorite quilt panel projects are those with unique borders….stars, offset strips, HSTs – all add interest.

  133. Honestly, I have been nervous about panels. The few times I tried, I messed up because the picture was wonky. It wasn’t straight and I became frustrated. When I saw this post, I decided to read and hopefully learn the secret!

  134. I have several panels that I love. One was a map of the world. But I must say my favorite was the princess panels. Perfect for little girls.

  135. Panels are also great when one needs a quilt in a hurry. A few years ago I made quilts for children affected by a flood in the neighboring county. I made all of them using panels and I completed 21 quilts in about two months time. Panels are great and there are so many pretty ones!

  136. I have made several panel quilts. I love them. I recently bought one with a scripture verse on it and will be putting borders on it soon. I need to buy the perfect fabric for the borders.

  137. I like using panels and have never seen the court house steps for borders. Thanks for the new idea.

  138. I never know what to do with panels. I absolutely love this one by Deb Strain. It’s kind of funny, the only other panel that I have made into a quilt is one of Deb Strain’s Christmas panels from a few years ago.

  139. I love quilt panels for quick projects or projects you really don’t know how the recipient is going to feel or care for the quilt.

  140. My favorite panel project has been making a quilt using Corey Yoder’s Beautiful Day panels. I also just recently ordered several other panels to make quick lap size quilts with. I love how quickly they go together just by throwing borders on and they turn out so pretty!

  141. I love all the ideas for panels! I think people pass them over as “cheater quilts”, but they do look so beautiful!

  142. I like to use panels to make wall hangings for each season. They are fast and easy.

  143. Loved watching the panel tutorial on Youtube. Very informative and now tha I’ve seen it, I’m ready to work on a panel! Thank you!

  144. I like to use panels to make wall hangings for a fast way to change for the season.

  145. My guild makes veterans quilts to honor those who served … panels are donated by members and then we add some pieced borders to make them larger. We are associated with a local nursing home that we have donated many quilts to

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    Going to find it’s way to my home.
    Panels are really nice to get you started on a new Inspiration.

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  149. I have a current panel project that I haven’t gotten to yet. It has dog sayings on it and the borders have dog bones.

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  168. I made a grinch throw with a panel but borders a tad wavy. This would be a beautiful panel to try again with all the instructions you have in your video. The panel is gorgeous.

  169. Hi, Kimberly! I have collected several panels over the past couple of years. To date, my favorite panel project is a soft story book that I made for my grandchildren. I don’t remember the fabric collection or the designer, but it was super easy to put together with what I already had on hand.

  170. I hang my quilts in our local library. I love the Panels for their holiday themes. They are quick and look so festive. Thank you for sharing this information.

  171. I have made a Christmas quilt from Cori Dantini. I love the artwork. So this panel of Deb Strain’s is a favorite. I love the colors and the chickadee. Roses on the pumpkin… perfect! I made my grandson, Dylan her skeleton panel for Christmas. So cute!

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  178. I love using a panel when I have to make a quick baby quilt or a gift. They sew up so easy and I can often coordinate with things out of my stash. Panels also give me an opportunity to try out different quilting techniques to highlight panel features.

  179. Baby quilt panels are my favorite. They are fast and easy and look beautiful when quilted.

  180. I have made several panel ABC quilts for my great niece and nephews using an ABC printed panel and adding borders. Quick and easy, they are much appreciated. Using a love-themed panel, I have also made several wedding lap quilts for the happy couple.

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  189. Thank you so much. I have made a few quilts using panels. They are so fun. My favorite is now on our bed. The panel says “you make my heart happy” which is something I say to my husband all the time.

  190. My favorite panel quilt used the panels from “Beautiful Day” and my “FigTree” reds and greens to make the “Simply Beautiful “ quilt. It’s stunning. I loved combining the talents of these two designers.

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  203. My current favorite is the placemat panels because they are pretty fast to put together. I do have Lori’s project bags panel with zippers and I have an entire box of panels for lap quilts and wall hangings, I am just not ready to dig into those yet.

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  207. I am new to quilting, my first panel quilt was the Holly Jolly panel Santa kit I got from The Fat Quarter shop. I loved it so much I made four more for my family for Christmas and they loved them. I really like panels so easy to work with and the creative ideas for them are endless. I love the idea of the simple strips for a panel the Harvest one is gorgeous!

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  222. I love any quilt panel that has the red cardinals on it. My mom said when cardinals appear then angels are near. I was a caregiver for her before her passing in 2017 and we use to sit together on the porch to look at the cardinals on her bird feeders. It’s such a beautiful memory.

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    Though I did do a NASA quilt panel once that turned out lovely. So it really depends on the pattern and block at the end of the day.

  233. My first attempt with panels was to make placemats using Scandi Christmas by Makower. The images were round and I was making rectangular placemats from them. I wound up with two the same size and two that were not the same size. I made them so I love them and when they are laid out on the table, no one notices that they are not the same size. Kimberly, thank you for the tips on cutting out panels, I think I will try my hand at a larger panel now.

  234. I’ve made several baby quilts for donations to low-income preschools. They love the bright colors! Thank you for this giveaway opportunity.

  235. My fav panel is J. Wecker Frisch’s “She Who Sews Will Also Reap”! It hangs in my living area most of the year.

  236. I love using panels! They are such a fun way to add fabric art to my living space! I switch them out seasonally, and look forward each year to their return!

  237. My Favorite panel quilts I’ve made are those that have the Word of God on them, and the blessing and comfort they are to those who have received them. I, too, am grateful for the many hours of dedication you give to sharing your gifts and talents with others.

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  241. My favorite panels are kids books. I just love gifting little ones cloth books!

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  243. I have not been a fan of panels previously. I have made one quilt using a panel and had difficulty because the panel did not seem like it was printed straight. After watching your panel video, I thought I would try it again. Your instructions were so clear and easy to follow along. I loved all the tips you gave. My grandsons (ages 13 and 11) are into their second year of growing and selling gourds and pumpkins at a roadside stand. I am on the lookout for great ideas to decorate their stand and this panel is perfect! I loved what you did with this panel and it is fast and simple. I truly appreciate all that you do for the quilting community – you are one of a kind!! Thank you for your generosity.

  244. I have a Goodnight Moon baby quilt panel I am going to make for my grandbaby.