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CELEBRATE your Sewing Machine!

Happy National Sewing Machine Day!  Today is the day that we celebrate this newfangled contraption that helps us channel our passion into fabric to create totally amazing quilts.  (Of course, really every day is Sewing Machine Day, but someone somewhere made it official!).

At Fat Quarter Shop, we are celebrating with a lot of loot.  Complete our survey below via Rafflecopter and be entered to win this sweet prize pack of notions and more!  It contains 10 notions, one from each category of our Notions page, plus a $25 Gift Certificate so you can stock up on that beautiful fabric you’ve been ogling.

fat quarter shop national sewing machine day giveaway prize pack
Buddy up and share the quilty love!  See below for details…

This prize pack contains these sew-wonderful items we love:

  1. June Bug Aurifil Color Pack – rich neutral colors that easily blend with anything
  2. Creative Grids Fat Quarter Shop 2.5″ x 6.5″ Ruler – small but steady with Creative Grid’s built-in grippiness
  3. Olfa 45mm Splash Rotary Cutter – one of our favorite cute cutting tools
  4. Blue Alphabitties – the newest color of our Alphabitties marking letters
  5. Create Zipper Bag – a handy canvas zipper pouch to store all this amazing loot
  6. Smartneedle 6 Piece Spool Huggers – an adorable way to keep your spools tidy
  7. Fat Quarter Shop Grabbit Pincushion – a magnetic pincushion that saves our fingers from pricks and pokes
  8. Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co. Cake Mix Recipe #1 – the Cake Mix recipe that started it all.  Recipe #4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are here now too!  See why these Cake Mix pads are so awesome.
  9. Lori Holt 5″ x 8″ Reversible Cutting Mat – fabric edges show up clearly on these bright happy colors
  10. Doodlebug Design Boutique Button Assortment – useful for bag closures and block embellishments, but really we like collecting them!
  11. And of course a $25 Gift Certificate to Fat Quarter Shop for any other fabric goodies you have been eye-ing!

That’s over $120 worth of sewing stuff to keep your quilty habit satisfied!!

BUT WAIT, there’s more!  We’re DOUBLING UP the celebration – we will be awarding this prize pack to 5 sets of 2 winners!  That’s 10 winners total!!  Share this giveaway AND tag your Best Quilty Friend to enter BOTH of you!  So double up, dare to share, and good luck!

This giveaway is now closed! Congratulations to our winners and their quilty friends!

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    1. I like learning from all the wonderful quilters and I have learned that I like paper pieceing.

  1. I love piecing together quilts and my machine giving me the option to embroider on them if I choose to do so. 🙂

  2. I love to sew bags and purses. My favorite thing about my machine is the ability to start and stop from a button on my machine and not have to use a foot pedal. I will never have another machine without that option.

  3. Someday I will get up the nerve to tackle paper piecing! Seems overwhelming right now, but it’s definitely a goal!

  4. I just upgraded to a new Janine S7 and it makes quilting a dream! Would love this prize pack to go along with my new machine!

  5. So excited about this I tagged all my quilty friends on fb when I shared! I don’t want them to miss out!❤

  6. I sew on a Brother and love it! its not super fancy but does all the things I need it to do.

  7. I sew on a Juki 98Q. Love love love it. I also use a singer Featherweight for classes or teaching my grandkids how to sew.

  8. I only have a crafting sewing machine. I generally have to get my MIL to help with bigger projects!!! I would share with her if I won!

  9. I tagged all my quilty friends on fb because I am so excited I don’t want them to miss out!

  10. I currently own a brother SE400 I love being able to both embroider and piece quilt tops on it!

  11. I sew on a Janome Skyline S3. I love being party of a making community that has been around for generations. Happy sewing machine day!🎉

  12. I see on my Brother VQ2400 DreamCreator. My favorite thing about this machine is its 11.5″ throats and quiet operation.

  13. I sew on a Bernina 1080, it was my mom’s. My machine that I take to classes is a Brother.

  14. This is so sweet and fun! I have a sewing machine that is far from top of the line, but it helps me get the job done. Thankful every time I sit down to it. I tagged my mom on FB because she taught me to sew and quilt 🙂

  15. My favorite machine is a Janome 6500. But she is in the shop, so I’m using an old Babylock until she is repaired. I like the ability to shift the needle in either direction by very small increments.

  16. Every day is Seeing Day to me. I’m currently sewing on a borrowed Brother & the thing I like best about it is that my friend was generous enough to share!

  17. I love making scrappy quilts. Love my Sew Sampler boxes every month. They help me with tools and great ideas
    I use a Brother for my piecing and then hand quilt for relaxation

  18. I sew on a Pfaff Passport 2.0 I make lots of quilts! This giveaway is awesome!!! My favorite thing about my machine is it’s power. It can sew through 13 layers of denim with blinking an eye!

  19. I sew mainly on a Brother sewing machine, but I have an an old Scholastic Singer that I love too (it has green panels). I love the brother because it has so many options and I can drop the feed dogs. I love my singer because it’s can sew through anything!

  20. I sew piecing on a Brother PQ1500S and also have a Juki 2010 on a Grace Frame. I do various quilts and love both machines, though I really want a true longarm machine as soon as the budget allows.

  21. I’ve always owned a Brother or two. Right now I have two Laverne(nouvelle1500) and Shirley(sc6600).

  22. I use a brother sewing/quilting machine,. Would be lost if I couldn’t sew and quilt.

  23. I love quilting on my Creative Vision as I can quilt in the hoop and piecing on my Janome. Would love to try the new Cake Mix patterns!!

  24. I love the lights on my Bernina 580 – it really has bright light on my sewing!and I like being able to move the needle position so I get an accurate quarter inch seam!

  25. I have 11 machines, my new favorite is my Featherweight. I make everything crafty from baby quilts to king. Tons of totes, pouches and fun small items. I love sewing everyday. This summer I hope to get started on my sewing room. For now I love my corner and will keep piecing along.
    Thanks for the fun Giveaway!

  26. I sew on a Brother that is also an embroidery machine. I really like the thread cutter. Saves a lit of thread.

  27. What a nice way to celebrate Sewing Machine Day! I would love to try some of the notions in the package that I have never used. Thanks for the great offer!

  28. I have a Singer Superb machine. I previously had a Brother. This is the first machine I’ve had with “bells and whistles” – the little things like needle threader, needle down button, thread cutter and plenty of stitch options. I absolutely love it (I’ve had it about 1.5 years now). I think needle down is my favorite feature.

  29. Thanks for a opportunity to win this generous giveaway! I see using a Quilt Expressions Pfaff…love all the various quilting stitches and especiallythe alohabet/numbers stitch;great for creating labels.

    1. Posted again with corrected spelling 🙂
      Thanks for a opportunity to win this generous giveaway! I sew with a Quilt Expressions Pfaff…love all the various quilting stitches and especially the alphabet/numbers stitch, it’s great for creating labels.

  30. I see on a Brother se400. I love seeing dresses for my daughter and experimenting with the embroidery functions!

  31. I have a Janome machine that I love and is easy to take to class. I am a fairly new quilter and am addicted for sure. I love it snd I love The Fat Quarter Shop!

  32. Wow! What a fun AND generous giveaway! I love my Viking, given to me second hand and has been fun learning all the bells and whistles! It’s easy to transport too. Learning the joys of quilting and enjoying it!

  33. My mother is my ‘best quilting friend’ – we would love to win a set of these notions!

  34. I have 2 Elma’s and one Viking. I love them all but my ‘go to’ machine is my Elna Quilters Dream

  35. Pfaff Expression 2.0 Love the throat space and bright lighting on the machine among other things.

  36. I have Brother- Laura Ashley! Love it! I love everything about this machine, needle threaded, thread cutter! I don’t have enough time to quilt! Love it when I can!

  37. I sew on a Janome DC 7060! Love the down needle position and cutting setting best!☺

  38. I recently purchased a Janome & love it. I really like the variety of stitches it has. I am currently making a tank top from Indygo Junction, but mostly make quits.

  39. I have a Brother CS6000i…nothing special, but does the job and love the 1 step button holes. 🙂

  40. I recently purchased a Janome & have loved sewing on it with all of the variety of stitches it has. I am currently sewing a tank top from an Indygo Junction pattern, but mostly sew quilts.

  41. I sew on a Singer Quilters Confidence, I love it because its simple, easy to use and reliable. I have always used a Singer machine, I learned to sew when I was in Jr High, that was when we actually had home economics, I made an apron then I went on to taking sewing classes as a teenager at the senior center. I took up quilting with a friend several years ago and I just love it!

  42. I sew and embroider on my trusty Baby Lock Destiny. It is easy to use and always sews like a dream!

  43. This is so fun!! Great notions and a FQS gift certificate!!! Love it and would love to gift one to a friend also. Thanks for this.
    I sew on a Bernina. My mom introduced me to them she bought her first one about 40 years ago. I do own a featherweight, but mostly use my Bernina. I sew many things on it but mostly quilts.

  44. I have a Singer Curvy
    sewing machine and
    love making pretty
    things on it!
    Carla from Utah

  45. I sew on a janome. I bought my first one about 25 years ago and I still sew on it and have a couple of others. I am a quilter.

  46. I sew on my Baby Lock Ellageo Model ESg3 Sewing/Embroidery Machine. My favorite thing: so many possibilities!

  47. I just bought a Janome 8900 and can’t wait to sew on it! Everything about it is my favorite!

  48. I love to piece together quilts and make pillowcases. I love that my machine has an appliqué stitch on it. It has encouraged me to try new things.

  49. I sew on a 20+ year old Janome, and am learning to quilt on a new-to-me Gammill! My favorite thing about my Janome is that it never gives me a bit of trouble in any way! Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome prize!

  50. I’ve been sewing on a Bernina for 19 years. My 440 is a trusted friend I can always rely on. I use my grandmother’s Singer featherweight, Annie May, for day long classes.
    Thanks for this great giveaway!

  51. I like watching all the wonderful quilters and learning from them. I have also found that I like paper pieceing, and I didn’t even know what that was until I joined Splendid Sampler.

  52. The only thing I don’t love about my brother is the small amount of work space to the right of the needle, it makes quilting big things a little on the tough side.

  53. I have a singer my husband bought me for Christmas. I don’t know much of anything about machines but it works well enough for me!

  54. I love to sew on my Viking Toaz 30. It has pretty stitches, and I have figured out an accurate 1/4″ for piecing! It also embroiders!

  55. How I would love to win this. I sew clothes for granddaughters and learning more quilting ideas. Love FQS.

  56. Loving my 3 Berninas – I swap them out of my sewing table depending on what I am working on. Great contest – I’m having trouble posting this – the about us info section is over the top of the comment box – so please excuse silly typos…

  57. Thank you for the opportunity. I currently sew on a Brother SE-350 but want to upgrade.

  58. What an incredible giveaway! I’d love any of these prizes! Thanks for the chance to win.

  59. I have a Brother VQ2400 that I use for piecing my quilt tops. I hope this posts – there much be a lot of interest in this giveaway.I love all the goodies in the picture.

  60. I love making quilts and quilting them with my gammill long arm machine. I piece them on my baby lock Elizabeth machine.

  61. I sew on a Bernina Artista. I also have another lighter machine to take to classes and retreats, but I love my Bernina. It is a great machine and so consistent!!

  62. My Pfaff Inspiration 3.0 is a wonderful machine. I especially love it’s integrated feed dog technology, and absolute reliability. A great machine.

  63. I think I need another lifetime so I could finish all the beautiful things I want. Sewing is my Zen is were I feel I can be creative and let my imagination go.

  64. I use a brother quatro 2 and I love how versatile this machine is. Embroidered and sewing and quilting too. Very user friendly.

  65. I love sewing on my Baby Lock! I would be lost without sewing. It takes all the pain away😀

  66. I have two Janome machines. I inherited one from my Mother in Law, and have another Hello Kitty one for straight stitching. I love having an embroidery machine! There are so many cute things to make!

  67. I sew on my Janome Skyline S3. Anything from girls clothes, bags, quilts and random projects here and there!

  68. I sew on a Pfaff Creative 7550. I love it because it is so reliable. Where do we take the survey?

  69. Janome MO200QC, I love that it has a down needle position and lots of stitches to choose from.

  70. I have two Vikings, a Bernina and just got a Featherweight. I also have a small Janome that I use for paper crafting. Love them all for different reasons.

  71. I have two Bernina machines. One is about forty years old, I love it! I also have a newer version. It has some wonderful features. Thanks!

  72. I have a janome skyline 5s and my fun time is my sewing time. Love your videos they help me with my quilting techniques.

  73. I sew on a pfaff select 4.2, and i love that it’s a simple machine. no complicated screens or whatnot. It’s great!

  74. I sew on a Brother Record 930 Electronic. It belonged to my grandmother. I absolutely love it! I do mostly piecing, with a little paper piecing and less machine quilting thrown in. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  75. I see on my brother cx155la machine. The best Christmas present my husband ever got me!

  76. Thank-you for this fun give away. I love sewing machines, especially the old ones. I have a few that I use almost everyday.

  77. I use a singer one plus! Love my machine! It’s a workhorse and hasn’t disappointed yet! Recommend her!!!!

  78. I have a Brother & Pfaff. Love them!I like the Fat Quarter Shop, beautiful fabrics & projects.

  79. I love my sewing machines! Every day should be a sewing day!
    I sew on a Singer Quantum Stylist 9960, an antique Pfaff, and a Bernina! They each bring something different to the party!

  80. I sew on my Janome MC8900 and love it! My favourite thing is the 1/4 foot .. couldn’t live without it!

  81. Lovely things in this giveaway and they are things that Lorna MacFarlane and I don’t have, yet!

  82. Sewing lifts the heart everyday and puts a smile of accomplishment in Every day! Sew on 🙂

  83. I mainly sew on my BabyLock Allegio, but still use my granny’s Singer Slantomatic sometimes. It’s the one I learned to sew on so many years ago. Great give away & have enjoyed reading all the comments. Thank you!

  84. I have a janome mc9900 i wonon favcrafts.com i make gifts and lap quilts for lutheran relief. I sew love sewing n embroidery

  85. I sew on a Singer Izek-some of the patterns are exclusive to this machine & Singer is my favorite brand!

  86. With great love and care I like it when my machine doesn’t skip stitches. That says a lot for a machine that has more miles than my vehicle. 🙂

  87. I have a Brother XL-2600i – my favorite thing is it’s actually my wife’s and it gives us something we can do together!

  88. I’m a new quilter and a guy, so this has been a challenging adventure. Currently I a piece on a Brother CE7070PRW. It’s a cheapie from Walmart, but it gets the job done!

  89. I sew on an Elna Expressive 900. I love that it has a longer neck so it is easier to quilt.

  90. I have a Husqvarna Viking 870 Quilt sewing machine, it has so many wonderful decorative stitches!

  91. I sew on a Bernina. I love everything about it!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  92. I sew on a Janome that I purchased about 6 years ago. I sew almost every day after work – it is my “down” time. My favorite feature is the thread cutter, I couldn’t live without it anymore. Some day I will purchase a quilting machine, some day!

  93. This looks like a fun contest. I love sewing stuff! I have a Bernina 770QE that is wonderful for quilting–I also have rulers and a ruler foot for it. I also have Husquvarna Viking Designer Ruby deluxe and a Topaz 50. I love that they also do embroidery and still sew beautifully and have many, many stitches that I also enjoy using! I can easily rotate, size and position embroideries to get just the result that I want!

  94. I have a Janome that I use at home and a Bernea that I take to classes.

  95. Bernina 1260 that is not all that computerized. It’s 25 years old, sews beautifully and is perfect for all sewing.

  96. I sew on a Viking 6360 and a Bernina 830. The Viking is a work horse. So it the Bernina, but it also has a lot of fun extras like the ability to machine embroidery.

  97. I have a Bernina 1630 (I know, and oldie, but I love it.) What I like about my machine is everything. I have a newer Bernina, but 1630 is my favorite.

  98. I sew on a Kenmore brand sewing machine from Sears! I like that is easy for me to use:)

  99. Yo tengo un pfaff desde hace poco y todavía estoy aprendiendo a usarla. Me encanta coser!!! A ver si hay suerte y viene algo para España!!!

  100. Awesome giveaway! My first sewing machine was a 1955 Featherweight. I now have a Bernina 770 QEE for home and a Bernina SE 350 Hello Lovely to use when traveling in fifth wheel.

  101. Mostly I sew on my Viking Designer II, but I seem to be acquiring old sewing machines without planning to do so!

  102. I just started a little less rhan a year ago with quilting minis and baby quilts and I got hook…. i love it. Im learning a lot about this and sewing machine makes it a lot easier and faster.

  103. I would love to win all of those goodies from the sew sampler boxes before I received a subscription. Such a fun giveaway!

  104. My Bernina and I are best buds. I spend as much time with her as I can, maybe more than with my own family–haha!

  105. I love learning new quilting techniques. Inspired by all the amazing quilters on instagram, I’m learning more about choosing colors and pattern design. I also have fallen in quilty love with soft and stable and all of byannies amazing ideas. It’s all fun!

  106. Lovely notions package to add to any sewing room or travel bag. Im really interested in the Cake Mix pads.

  107. My everyday machine is a 1931 Singer treadle. She runs like a top. I live that she runs quiet and doesn’t have any plastic.

  108. I sew on vintage machines! And a modern elna! I love fat quarter shop! Looking forward to trying the cupcake mixes!

  109. I most often sew on my Bernina 160 but have a smaller Bernina for taking to class, retreats, sew days, etc. I love that they are so reliable and sew great consistently.

  110. My sister bought me a Brother machine. We are in the progress of becoming best buds.

  111. I have quilted 25years, have two Bernina s and Babylock for retreats!
    Cork at PA.RR.com

  112. I just bought a Singer Heavy Duty and have been taking classes at our Votech. I am in love!

  113. I have two sewing machines an old Singer inherited from my Mom and a newer basic model. I also have two Embroidery/Sewing machines. A Janome MC12K and a small Brother. Love them all!

  114. I have my mom’s Singer, my Janome Horizon 8200 and my Bernina 570. Each machine has it perks but I use the Janome at home and take my Bernina to classes and retreats.

  115. I use a Brother Project Runway machine for the majority of my sewing. I have a portable Kenmore as a backup.

  116. I sew in a Janome Horizon 6600. It keeps my seams accurate! I have 4 other machines for when friends come over…is that the right excuse?

  117. I have two wonderful Viking sewing machines – model 760 & the 40th Anniversary Tribute 140C. I design quilt patterns and make many quilts for family, friends,charities & myself. I ❤️❤️❤️ My machines & quiltmaking!

  118. I think everyday is National Sewing Machine Day at my home. I am able to sew every day and it is fun! I use a Janome 6600P and also have a 1952 Singer Featherweight named Betsy(she was built in Elizabethtown)and a Gamill longarm named Ruby. Thanks for the give-away.

  119. I sew on a brother cs6000i. It was what I can afford and I love that it came with everything I needed to start quilting. I think my favorite feature is that I can adjust the speed on the machine. When I was first learning this was so important. It helped me out a lot and it still does at times.

  120. I sew with 2 ancient Bernina 830 machines, a Featherweight and a Juke TL98 on rails for quilting.

  121. I sew on a midrange Janome and I love it! My previous machine was a very basic, low end BabyLoc and there was no speed control. It freaked me out! My Janome has just enough speed control and a nice little needle threader. A good friend talked me into getting it and I’m glad she did!

  122. I sew on a Brother 8500 and a Bernina 530. I love them both!I’m really just hooked on sewing machines! What a great day!!!

  123. I gave multiple machines…but I sew most often on my 1946 Featherweight. Sews like a dream!

  124. I sew on my Bernina and my Treadle. I love stitchign on my Vintage 301 too. My favorite thing is my 1/4″ foot. Love National Sewing Machine DAY!

  125. I do all my piecing on a singer feather weight. I have several but the 2 that gets used most often ate a 1934_ and 1936. They are little but mighty. I haven’t found anything it wouldn’t sew yet.

  126. I sew on a Brother Computerized sewing and quilting machine. I just got it for Christmas and love it

  127. I have a Brother. I don’t remember the style number, but it’s my first machine. I love that it’s simple but has all the stitches and options I need to do everything from quilting to making baby clothes!

  128. I sew on my trusty Singer, I sew dresses for grandkids, as well as quilts/curtains. I am teaching them to sew as well, we have made headbands, pillowcases, and deco pillows that they hand sewed their names on.

  129. I have a Baby Lock and Janome. Really like them both. I like the snap on feet.

  130. I am currently sewing on my centennial Featherweight, because my Viking machine head broke!!! This is a fabulous giveaway!!!

  131. I have been keeping my Pfaff busy with multiple quilt alongs. Having loads of fun. Great giveaway!!

  132. I have a Janome and a Singer which is much more heavy duty than the Janome.

  133. I love to do mystery quilts and quilt alongs. I have two Janome’s, a featherweight and a brother sewing machine, I switch around because I love them all.

  134. I saw on a Bernina 150QE that’s about 20 years old and I love it. I also have a Juki that I just got in April for my birthday. Love Love love the knee lever on both of them is a feature I’ve come to love and depend on.

  135. So looking forward to the new mystery qal … I love piecing and patchwork. I’ll sew on anything that works .. 😉 Great giveaway. Thanks …

  136. I have many machines. I love my featherweights but also am loving my new sewing,embroidery, quilting machineby Brother. It’s a Dream!!

  137. I just bought a Babylock Destiny II. I sew everything but right now am enjoying sewing in the hoop.

  138. I have the Elna Quilter’s Dream and love it. I love that it came with a quilting 1/4″ foot as well as a walking foot. I wasn’t a quilter 20 years ago when I purchased it but since I have become a quilter within the last ten years I appreciate those added attachments.

  139. I sew on a Janome 6500 and love making zip bags and fun things for my adorable new grandson!

  140. I have a Pfaff, a Janome, and a BabyLock but I do most of my piecing for my quilts on my Featherweight. Just plain and simple and light enough to carry anywhere. Hope everyone has a Happy Sewing Day!!!

  141. I see on a Pfaff that I bought about 17 years ago. It sews a beautiful stitch even after all this time. The built in walking foot is my favorite feature.

  142. I sew on a Laura Ashley sewing machine and I love it! My favorite part is that it gives me no trouble at all! 🙂

  143. I sew on a brother se400. I love making quilts and sewing minky and cuddle soft fabrics.

  144. Hello! I sew on a little Janome 415. My skills have finally outgrown my little machine though so I am currently shopping for a new one! This is finally a day I can get behind!

  145. I sew on a Husqvarna Viking Platinum 755. I love that it has a leather feature so that I can sew on any kind of fabric!!

  146. I have a singer, my daughter has a brother. I like them both – though the brother is good for satin stitching. Thanks

  147. My machine is a simple one but I could make quilts, pouches, dresses for my baby girl… I hope I could buy another one this year.

  148. I sew on an old brother although I also have two nonworking singers. . . yeah, I do need to visit the repair man!! My favorite thing? It works! Well, that and when it gets a little wonky, I can take it apart, clean it, and put it back together without fear of killing a computer!!

  149. I sew the most on a Bernina 1630 and also my newer machine which is a Bernina 830

  150. ihave a Bernina 740 . For 40 years I sewed on a basic Kenmore. The upgrade was pretty dramatic. It has taken me a bit to adjust to such an amazing machine but I love the many options, and the ability save stitch patterns.

  151. I sew on a Juki TL 2200 QVP Mini. I LOVE it! I’ve wanted on since I saw you sewing on a Juki in your videos. Thanks for the giveaway!

  152. I sew on a Viking sapphire 850. I like the pedal control needle lift. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway!

  153. I have a Janome 6600. I would not change it for anything love love love my machine

  154. What a great selection of quilting supplies! I am a beginner quilter, so I don’t have many of these!

  155. I have a bernina 730. It’s from 1974. I love that it is always ready to do what I dream up!

  156. I have a bernina and love to sew everyday! Look forward to receiving my sew sampler box every month

  157. My basic machine is a Pfaff 7550 that’s 20 years old. And I also have a Featherweight! One from 1942!

  158. My machine is a Bernina 770 and I just love her to pieces-try to sew everyday!!

  159. I just got a janome 4120 qdc and love it. I have been sewing on a brother for about four years that a very good friend gave me. This would be a wonderful prize for anyone to win. Good luck to all

  160. I have a Husqvarna Diamond Royale and I love it. I also have a Janome Magnolia that I use to take to classes.

  161. I have a brother, nothing fancy just the basics.i have had it 3 years. I’m still learning, I love this new hobby….keeps me sane.
    Thank you

  162. I have a Bernina Activa and it’s been a great machine for me! What a sweet giveaway and you can never have enough tools to make your quilting easier!

  163. I have a Pfaff machine that I love, but I’m having great fun with my 1956 Singer Featherweight 221. Love the FQS website and the giveaways are a bonus!

  164. I sew on Brother now. Had a Singer that my kids dropped and broke.. I have 4 antique sewing machines also. They all,work but I don’t use them. Love this website and the sew sampler boxes.

  165. I see on a Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 960Q. I love so much about my sewing machine the easy change of feet, the easy computer, and all of the decorative stitches.

  166. I have a Kenmore I bought 37 years ago, a Juki TL2000qi, a little Brother for zig zag stitching, plus a serger! (The Juki does most of the sewing and quilting, but she needs a little help now and then!)

  167. Been sewing summer solstice, I like these ongoing online projects and I sew them on my janome 7700

  168. I have a Viking Opal and an older Viking machine that is a battle ax and is my take along machine.

  169. I love my Bsbylock machine & also my Brother serger. What a great giveaway.

  170. My Pfaff sewing machines are so awesome because of the dual feed idt! Fat Quarter Shop is the best!

  171. I have a husquvarna and I love it. Looking forward to summer break so I’ll have more time to sew!

  172. I sew on a Babylock Destiny, but my real love is my Singer 1946 Featherweight.

  173. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I am learning to quilt and using quilting and knitting as a means of recovering from a brain injury. I have a Pfaff (which is the perfect sewing machine for “dummies” I did not have the talent for it in my younger days).

  174. I sew on a New Home some of the time when I’m out but when I’m home I use my wonderful Bernina! I have lots of projects going all the time and always trying to finish up stuff so I can start more! I bought a small brother and am teaching my 6yr old granddaughter to quilt and sew now also!

  175. I love my Pfaff QE3.0❤️❤️❤️ My favourite thing about quilting is making things that people love!!

  176. I sew on Modern Singers, Brothers, Featherweight & have a few other vintage machines I want to get cleaned up. I LOVE to tredle.

  177. I have a Brother i6000, but I dream of owning a BabyLock or a Bernina some day!

  178. I have a Bernina 1130 — what a great, sturdy machine it has been for 26 years!

  179. I sew on a Bernina 830. I like all the various feet they have for many different purposes

  180. Awesome give away! I have a Bernina 350 Tula Pink edition a Babylock Soprano, a Pfaff 332, a Babylock Jane and a couple of vintage Kenmores that I love to sew on. I love that the vintage machines have strong motors.

  181. I use a brother sewing machine.. and I love it.

    I have share this giveaway on my personal facebook page and have tag many of my friends.

  182. I have an older Pfaff electronic machine, 2000 series. I love it still. But also still love my old featherweight as well.

  183. I use a Brother sewing machine. I love the needle down feature whenever I stop sewing.

  184. I would love to win these prizes!! I see on a Brother sewing and quilting machine and I love all the different stiches avaliable!

  185. Great bundle! Just looking at it gives me idea’s for my next creation

  186. I have more than one sewing machine however my go to machine is a Janome 6600.

  187. Wonderful give away My local quilt store is pretty limited as far as quilting tools so this would awesome to add to my quilting stash and gizmos. So glad I found FQS it has inspired me to get quilting again

  188. Awesome giveaway! I mostly sew on my Bernina but have several other sewing machines.

  189. Thank you for the giveaway! I sew on a Singer 403. This was my mom’s sewing machine, and I learnee to sew on the sewing machine

  190. Love my Berninas! I have a vintage 830 Record Electronic and a newer Aurora Quilters Edition.

  191. I have a Pfaff Ambition Essentials that I got last year. I love all the stitches it has and the built in even fabric feed system.

  192. I have a brothers sewing machine. I love all the different stitches and all the different designs.

  193. I sew on a brother SE 400 … for now. I think I want a bigger machine with a longer throat space for quilting next and just use se400 for backup haha

  194. I sew on a Bernini Activa 130. I’ve had it since I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, and she is now 16! I love my Bernini and someday hope to upgrade to the Quilters edition!

  195. I have a couple of Singer Featherweight machines, and I love sewing with them.

  196. I sew on a Brother machine, and also an older Singer that still works great. I mostly do quilting but hope to try dressmaking someday.

  197. I sew on a Featherweight and a Baby Lock Ellisimo. What a great prize you are offering. You are the best-Fat Quarter Shop!

  198. I sew on a Janome. My next project is bed quilts for two grandkids! A project of love and joy of sewing!!

  199. I sew on two Vikings. My fave feature is in needle down position the presser foot pops up so you can turn or swivel your work never taking your hands off. No presser foot lever needed!

  200. I sew with my Brother PQ1500, I love its straight stitch and wide 9 inch throat plate. Also sew with my Pfaff Creative 2134, love the decorative stitches and built in IDT, also it can embroider!

  201. Most of my sewing is done on one of two Vikings — a 40-year-old machine that is just like the one I learned on as a kid and a less than 10-year-old Sapphire Quilt. I just purchased a 1912 Singer treadle machine and am looking forward to my first treadling experience!

  202. I just got a brand new Brother sewing machine, which is lightweight enough to take along to quilt guild sewing days. I love the needle-up/down feature, and the ability to move the needle over to get my scant quarter-inch seam.

  203. I own a BL Destiny II and an Ellissimo…and a Husky serger…it’s a bad day when I don’t get to sew! Love them all, and love Fat Quarter Shop too!

  204. I sew on a Bernina Virtuosa 150. I make mostly quilts so I use it for piecing. I am also teaching my granddaughter who is 5 how to piece quilts on my Bernina. Would love to win!

  205. I sew on a Janome S7, my favorite feature is the automatic foot lift especially for piecing & appliqué!

  206. I have two Brother machines, an SE400 and a Laura Ashley. I enjoy having the speed control and start/stop button.

  207. I sew on a Janome 5300. It has all the stitches I need, sews easily through multiple layers and does not weigh too much for me to move.

  208. I sew on a Bernina Activa 240. I love it because it is so easy to use and reliable.

  209. I sew on a Brother and one of my favorite features is the speed control. I can set it where and I want and put the pedal to the metal.

  210. My main machine is a Viking Sapphire 850, which does everything I need, and does it well. I also love my vintage Singer 15-91 and Featherweights for piecing. I have other vintage machines I plan to start using soon, including a 301. Thanks for the fun!

  211. I sew on an entry level Brother. It has been a great first machine to learn on. I love that it was an affordable option with many great features for the price!

  212. I love to sew and quilt on my inexpensive Brother machine. It does everything I need. I lovery the needle up/down and the stitch regulator. A great machine for under $200.

  213. I sew on a Bernina 440 QE. I love the embroidery attachment and all the designs i can do with it.

  214. I have a Janome DecorCraft that I sew on. It’s been a good machine, I like that I can adjust the needle position side to side to get seams just right. Thanks for the chance!

  215. I’m a Bernina girl. Love my 770QE with the automatic presser foot; so handy for applique

  216. Mostly I sew on a Janome S3 that I was lucky enough to have won in a contest. That was a fabulous day for me.

  217. I have a Brother sewing machine that was brand new to my Mum in 1988, I also have the warranty card somewhere. I also have an old Singer treadle machine, I’d love to learn how to use that.

  218. I am still sewing on a Singer Golden Touch & Sew that I received from my parents for Christmas 1969 or 1970. I remember it was the last year Singer made the Golden Touch & Sew.

  219. Baby lock Melody. I love that sewing makes me slow down and enjoy the moment (Zen moments).

  220. I sew on a Singer Curvy. I’ve been saving up my pennies to buy another machine! However, my favorite thing about my machine is how hard working and easy to use it has been for a very affordable price!

  221. Oh I can’t wait. I would love to try the cake mix block cards. And all the others things look like sew much fun. 😄😄

  222. I have a Brother SQ9050. I’ve made Fleece blankets, rag quilts for babies, working on quilt blocks and little girls dresses. I love my machine. It does a little bit of everything. But I’m still learning steps about it.
    Thank you,

  223. A singer for smaller sewing and my big brother for quilting and larger sewing!

  224. I sew on a Brother CS6000i. I love that I can make quilts with as well as clothes. I really like themany different stitch options it offers.

  225. I have no special machine I use, I have a couple but mostly sew on a Singer Quilting machine. What I enjoy about it is the blanket stitch option

  226. I sew on a Bernina 770 and just love her!! Try to sew every day!!My therapy for sure!!

  227. A day without sewing is well just a day. I love to sew on my Bernina and make quilts along with occasional garment. Great stress relief of sewing.

  228. I use a Brother basic machine. I want to get an embroidery machine too. I love my friends Bernina but a bit out of my budget.

  229. I sew on my Sears elite that I bought 17 years ago. I love it, also have a janome that I take to class.

  230. I sew on my sears elite that I bought 17 years ago, love it. I also have a janome that I take to sewing with friends.

  231. I sew on a Janome MC 3500 that I bought used; love my Janome! I also have a little Janome Magnolia 7318 (I think?!) that I take to classes and such. I’ve done quilts up to full sized bed quilts on the Magnolia, and up to queen sized on the MC3500. Pieced and quilted!

  232. I sew on my Brother. What I like about it is that it has yet to let me down after countless quilts andsewing.

  233. I have a Brother but would love a second machine for our vacation home!

  234. My Bernina 1090S is my favorite machine…found a second one on EBay for a back up!

  235. I have a Singer. Dreaming of owning a Bernina. I like that my Singer is easy to use.

  236. I use a baby lock quilters choice that I found at a garage sale several years ago.

  237. I love quilting with my friends Dana, Beverly, Rhonda!!! I sew on my Brother or my Janome 🙂

  238. I sew on a top of the line singer 401 slantomatic inherited from my grandmother. Still working great after all these years!

  239. My new Janome sewing machine has been wonderful. I love how quiet it is and how well it holds the tension.

  240. I see on several machines but my favorites are my Featherweights and my 20 year old Bernina

  241. Right now I’m piecing on my Viking embroidery machine. I bought it refurbished and it works great! I didn’t plan on buying an embroidery machine and I don’t use that feature very often because I mainly quilt.

  242. I use a Singer Patchwork quilting machine and love using it. looking to purchase a Singer Legacy in the near future for a wider opening.

  243. I have a Bernina. I like to quilt, make dolls, doll clothing, clothes for my grandkids!

  244. I have an old sport Bernina, and inherited my grandmothers as well. I love that I can maintain both machines myself, no fancy computers, just a workhorse that an be refurbished so it runs forever!

  245. I love my Brother PRW machine. I can do pretty much everything on it! I love how I can FMQ on it!

  246. I sew with an Elna 6500. I love the way it goes through multiple layers with with ease. Thanks for the fun!

  247. I sew on a Babylock. I love it! I love to add embroidery to personalize quilts.

  248. I sew on a Bernina 830LE and LOVE IT! Every stitch is perfect; it’s a joy to use.

  249. I just got the babylock presto while they sere having a huge sale on it and am in love!!

  250. Thank you so much for a chance to win. I would share with my friend at http://quiltedsnail.blogspot.com I have a 20-year old Viking 500 that I love to pieces and wouldn’t trade for anything. 85% or more of my sewing is done on that machine. It’s familiar, it does what I want, it gives me NO problems, and it’s been all over this country with me. We are best buds!

  251. Hi, I have a Bernina,which I love! Quilting mostly baby charity quilts+family gifts on it. Thanks to You for another beautiful giveaway!

  252. I love my Janome. I quilt everyday if possible. At Christmas time I give alot of quilts to people in need.

  253. I sew on a Bernina. I love that it’s so reliable and my work is so consistent on it!

  254. I sew on a singer 5050c don’t have the funds for a new machine I like to sew quilt tops, baby bibs and burp clothes. Clothes for my grand daughter. And I sew welding hats for my hubby and his work buddies. Would love to find time to make memory bears and blankets. That’s on my bucket list. Not the best sewer but I’m learning and having fun!!

  255. I sew on a Singer. I enjoy making all kinds of different crafts. Mainly make baby items.

  256. I sew on a pfaff quilt expression 4.2 and love its automatic features (like auto up and down for the needle!)

  257. Oh boy…I love my Brother..girls got it for me for xmas few years back..just push button and machine does rest….but I still use my 20+years old Singers for the heavy stuff and the serger still goes…zooommmm….so happy with them…

  258. I love my Juki, love the thread cutter. It sews beautifully, and was a gift from my sisters.

  259. I love my Pfaff with built in IDT and I have a smaller Babylock for taking to classes.

  260. I have had my Brother PC-6000 for several years. It gets the job done for me! Wouldn’t trade it.

  261. I’ve had my Janome 8900 QCP for about a year now, and it’s teaching me how to do Free Motion Quilting!! Right now, it knows a lot more than I do!!

  262. I love both my baby lock serger and husqvarna viking diamond deluxe machines to help me accomplish any kind of sewing and embroidery

  263. I love my singer sewmate! For the first sewing machine that I own it has just enough features and not too complicated! Maybe one day I will be able to upgrade. But for now it allows me to have time to myself and enjoy sewing quilts and bags with ease.

  264. I love my Bernina 765 SE Rose Gold with embroidery module. It is a beautiful sewing machine and like all Bernina machines has a perfect stitch. The Bernina 7 series machines have a 9 mm stitch width, large volume bobbin, bright LED lights, 10″ harp, large LED, many utility and decorative stitches including a folder of quilting stitches, needle up/down, start button. knee lift, adjustable speed control, customizable tie off settings and stitch design, stop button, thread cut button, repeat pattern button, automatic and custom tension adjustment, automatic needle threader, built in dual feed, 4 thread cutters and a wide variety of presser feet and accessories. For quilting I use the stitches in the quilting folder and the straight stitch throat plate with Patchwork foot 97 D for piecing, edge stitch foot 10D for stitch in the ditch quilting, freehand embroidery foot 24 for free motion quilting, ruler foot 72 for ruler quilting and lap seam foot 71 for binding. For applique and other decorative stitches I use the regular9mm throat plate and either open embroidery foot 20C or D, blind hem foot 5 the circular embroider attachment for applique. The multiple spool holder and fabric guide are also excellent.

  265. Love seeing on my Brother machine, but then I also use my 30 year old Bernina 1010 as a back-up.

  266. I have an old Bernina sold by a school Home Ec department. The thing I love most about it is how dependable it is!

  267. When my decades old Viking began to sew all by itself while I was on the other side of the room, it was time for a new machine. (By the way, it began to smoke after I unplugged it.) I have had my Janome 3160 QDC for about 4 years now, and I am totally happy with it. My sewing began in Jr. High on a Singer. How many of us started that way?

  268. I don’t have instagram, facebook or twitter–does that mean I can’t enter? I have and old Kenmore, a Singer featherweight and a brand new Bernina 330 and I love them all! Wish I could sew on them all at once (-:

  269. 1980’s model Singer 7000 series electronic.
    Piecing, quilting and garment making all in progress. Thankyou FQS and HappyHappy 14th!! You’re wonderful

  270. I sew in a Bernina 1530. I never have to worry about tension on my machine. Always a perfect stitch.

  271. What an amazing generous giveaway! Everything would be a great addition to quilting roo. I have been wanting to try a cake mix bake off looks so fun! I am in the market for a machine, currently using my mums brother.

  272. I sew on my Janome Memorycraft 9700, or my Pfaff 2170. They are both excellent machines, and get a lot of use! My ultimate goal is to make a quilt a week, and that’s a lot of sewing! Each of my machines backs up the other! When one goes in for service, the other works overtime! I also have a Bernina Overlocker, and Gammill longarm!

  273. I use a Bernina 350 and my favorite thing is the versatility in such a smaller, less expensive machine

  274. I sew on a Pfaff 4.2 sewing machine. I love the IDT walking foot that’s attached. Thank you for the giveaway, I’ve got my fingers crossed 🤞.

  275. I sew on an older Bernina. My favorite workhorse. And on a Featherweight. And on my trusty old Viking6460 when I need fancy stitches. Thanks for the chance to win so many great things! 😉

  276. I sew on a Brother I love it because it is light weigh. I also have a singer thank you for a Great give-a-Way

  277. I sew on a Kenmore – I love the ability of traveling with it. Thanks for give away.

  278. I’ve had my Janome 6600P for 4 years – love it. Wonder giveaway. Thanks!

  279. I sew on a Janome. Quilting is my favorite. I sew whatever is needed. I recently made my niece an enchanted silk worm custom for her school play. Thanks for the give away

  280. I sew on a Juki HZL600. It is my first machine ever. I have only been sewing 1 1/2 years. I love everything about my machine!

  281. I sew on a Brother cs-6000icomputer and I Love everything about my machine!! I have only been sewing for 2 years and its my second machine, it maynot be the best but for me its perfect!

  282. Singer One. I’m still learning, this machine is great, so easy to use! I ❤️Fat Quarter Shop!!

  283. I sew on a very inexpensive, computerized, quilting, Brother machine exclusively sold at Wally World. It’s my first computerized machine and I’m having so much fun with it! My hubs bought it as a Christmas present and I’ve already “grown” out of it lol, but I still love it!

  284. I sew on a Janome Skyline S5 and my favorite foot is the walking foot! So much so, that I’m on my third one. I destroyed one by not moving the needle threader before sewing and another by use. I’m learning to keep it oiled!

  285. I have a 15 year old Bernina, and I love it! I got my first sewing machine 44 years ago from my parents for Christmas. I still have it, and it still works great, but I seldom use it. My sweet Mom passed on her love of sewing to me, and I am so grateful!

  286. I sew on a Janome that my mom bought me for my 40th birthday. Her mom bought her a Janome for her 40th birthday so she carried on the tradition.

  287. I sew on my grandma’s very old Kenmore. It’s still working like a dream. 🙂

  288. I sew on a Brother sewing machine. I am new at quilting and have enjoyed the journey of learning.

  289. niomi- i do use the roundbrush but what gives the ends that &q;oiufltp" look is the velcro rollers. Since you roll your hair into them, they help create that shape at the ends :)glad you like the new photo format 🙂 I am also going to work on setting up a tripod and might get a remote for my camera too 🙂 My goal has always been to improve the quality of the photos…just gotta figure it all out 🙂

  290. I started on a treadle Singer, learned hand stitching by sitting under the quilt to return the needle to the topside. I didn’t return for 50 years. Now I graduated last year to a Husqvarna Viking. I sew everyday and I love to give my quilts away.

  291. I have a pretty basic Singer that works great, but I would love to get a machine that has more features for quilting.

  292. I sew on a Janome xl602 and what I love most is that it’s reliable, the machine I had before was a nightmare.

  293. I sew shirt and my favorite thing about sewing machine is,it is my profession and i am a dress maker.