Summer Breeze Quilt Pattern & Video Tutorial!

We’re pleased to introduce this beautiful NEW quilt pattern: Summer Breeze! Read on to learn more about the pattern, watch our video tutorial, and see Summer Breeze quilts made by some of our favorite quilting bloggers! 
The pattern, though it looks complicated, is easy to piece – especially when you watch out step-by-step video tutorial.  Take a peek!   

Now the real fun begins! Fabric selection! Our version of Summer Breeze features Latitude Batiks by Kate Spain for Moda Fabrics, and the colors and prints are just scrumptious!

If you love these fabrics, you’re in luck: we have a Summer Breeze Quilt Kit and coordinating Backing Set for this stunner. Woo hoo! That’s right, you can order all the fabric you need for the quilt and backing with just a few clicks!

Alternately, if you’re interested in a different look, we have tons of amazing fabrics for you to choose from at Fat Quarter Shop. You can search for your favorites by designer, theme, manufacturer and more!


Here are some other fantastic versions of the Summer Breeze Quilt, created by some of our quilty blogger friends. Visit their blogs via the links below to see which fabrics they used and to see just how versatile Summer Breeze Quilt Pattern is! 
Melissa from Happy Quilting
Nicole from Modern Handcraft
Sherri N. from Rebecca Mae Designs
Leanne from She Can Quilt
Afton from Quilting Mod
Stephanie from The Modern Sewciety
Jessica from Quilty Habit

This gorgeous Summer Breeze Quilt Pattern will bring beauty and comfort to you during every season of the year. Please share the Summer Breeze Quilt you make on social media using the hashtag #summerbreezequilt – we can’t wait to see what you create!

Happy Quilting!

Designer Tidbits: Kate Spain (Paradiso GIVEAWAY)

Hello Fat Quarter Shoppers! It’s Kate Spain here on the Jolly Jabber and I’m so thankful to Kimberly and FQS for inviting me here today to share about Paradiso, my newest fabric collection for Moda Fabrics! 

Q: Tell us about the Paradiso collection. What were you inspired by?
Kate: As it usually happens with my design process, when I finish one collection, I’m left with more ideas swirling around and unresolved so they carry me forward into the next collection. My previous collection, Horizon, was inspired by the colors of sea glass, and I guess it was that combination of dreaming of warm shores and escaping the cold winter that very naturally drew me into a tropical palette and floral Paradiso. The corals, aquas, blues and charcoal grays will blend perfectly with any leftovers from Horizon to create a bright beautiful range of harmonious, happy colors. If anyone has the kind of winter we’ve been having, Paradiso couldn’t arrive at a better time! 

Q: Which print is your favorite?
Kate: My favorite prints are usually the ones where I feel like I’m trying something a little different and bringing something new to my style that stretches and pushes me forward as a designer. It’s probably because of this that I can never pick which prints will be the most popular in a collection! I get attached to certain prints for various reasons so can I cheat and pick three? I love the energy of Rhapsody. This came from a painting I did in my sketchbook.

I really like the texture of this one called Tradewinds from random elements I pulled together from my sketchbook. And I didn’t realize it until I actually made a quilt, but I love the optical motion that Veranda adds to a finished quilt. 

Q: What is your favorite project you made with Paradiso?
Kate: Can I have a few favorites for this too? For Fall Quilt Market, the Moda Schoolhouse included a “pajama party” theme, so to play along, we were asked to make pajama bottoms. I have to admit, it seemed a bit daunting having never sewn anything that fit well before (oh! I’ve tried). But I turned to the internet for some how-to tutorials and was able to make a pair of drawstring PJs that I wear all the time. I incorporated elements from here and there and improvised a lot!

I’m also really excited to be offering new quilt patterns in our shop!

Here’s Shangri-La that I pieced and quilted for my booth at Quilt Market. 

And here’s Tradewinds that was pieced by Sherri McConnell, quilted by Val Krueger and is on our bed right now – along with my fave Denyse Schmidt pillows! As you can see, this quilt happens to be someone else’s favorite too! 

Q: If you could be any animal, what would you be?
Kate: Paws down, I’d want to be a cat so I could lounge on the ironing board, like Franny, instead of actually using it.

Stretch and sleep, like Lou, as much as possible

Or squeeze myself into an empty box, like Roscoe for a nap,

For a gazillion more pictures of these three (well, and some other photos too), come and visit me on instagram @katespain. Hope to meet you there!

SURPRISE! Franny, Lou, and Roscoe (along with Kate) are giving away a Paradiso Fat Eighth bundle and a Paradiso PDF pattern of your choice! To enter the giveaway, all you need to do is enter through Rafflecopter below. 

Thank you so much for reading along! We can’t wait to see what projects are made with Paradiso, and please don’t forget to share so we can highlight your beautiful work! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Designer Tidbits: Horizon by Kate Spain (Plus Giveaway!)

Hi everyone! Kate Spain is here today to chat about her newest collection for Moda Fabrics, Horizon. This sea glass inspired collection is filled with cool blues and soft lavenders and is a twist from Kate’s previous collections. Read on to find out more!

Q: Tell us a little about the Horizon collection. What were you inspired by?
A: Thanks for having me on the Jolly Jabber! I’m so happy to share a little more about Horizon with your readers. For much of my life, I’ve lived close to the water (still do) and one of my favorite things to do in any season is to take walks along the shore. Even from day-to-day,  there are noticeable changes in the scenery…whether it’s the sun illuminating bright green sea grasses, or shorebirds diving and bobbing on the waves, or the blend of colors in the sky at different times of day. I love to notice these shifts and that they’re all set against a single, tranquil constant; the horizon line. Here is a photo taken from the end of our street:

And this photo is of sand at low tide that I took on Christmas Day last year.

There is always something to be inspired by!

Horizon is a bit of a departure from my usual style in that I began by hand-carving blocks and printing them to create the repeat patterns. It was the first time I’d ever tried to do this and really had no idea how the process would translate to fabric. But I am so happy with how it turned out! I love that the irregularity, imperfection and handmade quality of the block prints remains intact in the finished fabric. Here are several of the blocks I hand-carved and some of the patterns I created from these blocks

The color palette for Horizon was inspired by bits of beautiful, luminous sea glass I’ve collected from many shores over the years — in hues of bright green, crystal blue, turquoise, and brilliant cobalt. These are some of my favorite colors and I love the way they resonate harmoniously with the textural designs of the block prints.

Q: What is your design process when beginning a new collection?
A: I really love the freedom of being consumed by the creative process so I typically start with either a color palette or a very simple, unrefined idea or area of interest: woodland gardens, ceramic tiles, Caribbean blossoms etc. Then I usually draw or paint or as with Horizon, carve. This gives way to exploring how colors interact, seeing how the scale and rhythm of patterns play together, and then composing and refining these elements to balance the collection as a whole. I guess it’s a bit like sailing where you can be drifting along and then suddenly a gust of wind fills your sails and off you go! I love the creative process because you never really know when the wind of inspiration will arrive or which direction it’ll come from. It could happen early on at the beginning of a project, or somewhere else. The thing you can be sure of is that once it arrives, you get completely swept up and carried away toward a new creative horizon!

Q: What is your favorite part about being a designer?
A: Every single part of it. It’s what I love to do. Working with my hands is definitely a big part of it for me. The process of carving blocks was so inspiring to me that I may have to do it again. If anyone is interested, we’re going to be offering a limited edition of my woodblock prints on our shop site. Each one was hand-printed by me and a wonderfully skilled neighbor did all the framing. Both framed and unframed prints are available.

Q: What projects do you hope to see made with Horizon?
A: I’ve already seen some amazing quilts being made with Horizon and will keep my eyes peeled for others! Also, I teamed up with a wonderful sewist/photographer, Becca DuVal  who has brought her amazing talents to creating three “looks” for children’s outfits and a small “Day Tripper” bag. We’re featuring her projects, the patterns she used and her photos on my blog now, so please come for a visit! Here’s an adorable peek:

And what’s on my creative horizon? Maybe some of this.

It’s called Paradiso and will be shown at the International Quilt Market this October. 

SURPRISE! We have not one but TWO special giveaways with Kate today! 
First, we’re giving away a Horizon fat quarter bundle to one lucky winner. All you have to do is to comment below and let us know what you would like to make with the Horizon collection and we will announce the winner on September 26th, 2014

And the winner is…

Our second giveaway is our most exciting one yet! 
We want you to show your love for Horizon with a video review. All you need to do to is … 

  1. Purchase a yard or more of Horizon fabric or a jelly roll, layer cake, fat eighth bundle or fat quarter bundle between now and October 15th
  2. Record a video review of yourself reviewing the fabric.
  3. Post the video review on our Facebook wall, tag @fatquartershop, @KateSpain and use #fqsloveshorizon
  4. And that’s it! You’re on your way to winning a $100 Fat Quarter Shop gift certificate.   

The winner of the Horizon video review giveaway will be randomly selected and announced Thursday, October 30th on our blog and Facebook! Good luck everyone! 

Designer Tidbits: Solstice by Kate Spain

We know that the holidays seem to be months away… but at Fat Quarter Shop, it always starts early! Today, we are featuring the new Solstice Collection of Moda Fabric by Kate Spain. So grab some hot chocolate and get comfy in your favorite winter slippers and experience Kate’s winter wonderland designs!

Q: Tell us a little about the Solstice collection. What were you inspired by?

A: One of my favorite things about the holiday season is bringing winter greenery indoors for decoration. Their fragrance is beautiful and they add some much needed color at a pretty color-less time of year. I was inspired by the gorgeous greens of cedar, pine, and spruce that are abundant here in Connecticut. I also enjoy cross-country skiing and love meandering through peaceful, snowy woods. Solstice includes a grayish, silvery blue that is new to my holiday fabric lines and to me it resembles the shadows cast on fresh-fallen snow. I was also inspired by the whimsy of paper-cut snowflakes. Those are always fun to make, and a surprise to unfold. They add a tiny bit of nostalgia to this fabric collection which connects me to all the wonderful Christmases of my childhood.

Q: What is your design process when beginning a new collection?

A: For a Christmas/winter line, I mostly try to go back into memories of the season. Then I like to try to focus on something that made me happy; hot cocoa, gingerbread cookies, mittens, tree lights…there are so many! And then, with pencils and paper (and maybe some Christmas music) the fun begins.

photo: Corine Gantz, Hidden in France blog
Q: What design trends are you currently exploring?

A: Funny you should ask this now, as I’m in the midst of creating my next Christmas/winter line. Design trends for Christmas always seem to be anchored in traditional themes, so this is where I draw colors and motifs. I’m loving the Scandinavian folk-inspired trend and may have to incorporate a little of it in what I’m working on. There’s not always symmetry in my designs so it might be a fun thing to explore.

photo: Fluid Ink Letterpress on Etsy

Q: What projects do you hope to see made with Solstice?

A: I’d love if Christo and Jeanne-Claude could call Mark Dunn and order 1 million yards of Solstice fabric … and then wrap up Times Square with it for the holiday season. Would be lovely. 

All kidding aside, I love the It’s Sew Emma quilt “GoodTidings” designed by Jocelyn Ueng. It complements the colors perfectly and the design is fresh and not too Christmassy so you can use it all winter long. I also designed a free project sheet that would be a really fun to do as a quick block-of-the-month since several of the block designs are repeated but with different fabric prints. In addition to these, any number of holiday sewing projects would be great to make; stockings, table runners, tree skirts, and many others.

Q: How do you describe your style?

A: Bold, graphic, exuberant patterns in harmonious colors. I think my designs have elements that resonate with something familiar, but are rendered with an energetic hand that helps to create a connection that I always hope makes people feel happy. My style is continuously evolving which is part of what keeps me creatively engaged, interested and happy throughout the process of making designs.

Q: What is the biggest sewing faux pas that has happened to you?
A: Recently? None. I’m on a perfect streak. Right, I wish! Just wanted to see what that felt like to say. I make mistakes all the time. I once laid out a quilt block on my drawing table and picked it up in rows with all the seams-to-sew on the same side — or at least I thought they were on the same side. By the time I turned around and walked three feet to my sewing machine and sewed them together, they were all backwards. I really don’t know how that happened!

Thanks so much for having me on the Jolly Jabber today. I wish everyone a happy, merry, VERY early holiday!