Solid Jolly Bars: Bella Bleached White

Welcome to our second post about our new Bella Solid Jolly Bars.  (There are still so many cool Jolly Bar things ahead, I think we should just call this month #JollyBarJune. LOL.)  As a quick recap, we are showing you all three of our first set of Bella Solid Jolly Bars, which are colors White (9900-98), Bleached White (9900-97) and Porcelain (9900-182).

The first ever set of Bella Solid Jolly Bars in White, Bleached PFD and Porcelain

Last week, we introduced the Porcelain set.  Today, it is all about the infamous 9900-97, or Bleached White PFD.  I say “infamous” because people can be misled by the term “Bleached White PFD”.  It is bright enough to go with practically anything, but it isn’t blinding.  It has a soft, milk quality, and it’s the one we reach for the most.  Don’t be turned off by the “PFD” either – that just means “preferred for dyeing”, if you are so inclined.

We have use Bleached White with pretty much every look, like Modern Backgrounds, Bonnie & Camille Basics, Sugar Plum Christmas, and Desert Bloom.  It’s actually more challenging to find a collection you CAN’T pair it with.

Now onto the free pattern for the Bleached White Jolly Bar!  This one is called Metronome, and we combined the Bleached White Jolly Bar with the Sweet Marion Jolly Bar for our quilt sample.  It measures 56.5″ square, which is an ideal lap size IMHO, and the white background is a perfect canvas for those little bits of colorful pinwheels that pop out in each block.  Très sweet!

Next week, we’ll showcase the final solid Jolly Bar and free pattern quilt…but that’s not the end of #JollyBarJune, so stay tuned!  Is 9900-97 a staple in your sewing room?  What fabric collections have you used it with?  Comment and let us know!

A Tisket, A Tasket Quilt Block – Free Pattern and Tutorial + GIVEAWAY CLOSED

We are so excited to share the next Classic and Vintage free pattern and video tutorial with you! We picked up an adorable basket tablerunner last year, and it was covered in bright baskets that were painstakingly stitched down. We loved the look, but were not going to do all that applique! Instead we mimicked it with straight piecing into a 7 ½” block, and the results? Equally awesome. Meet the new A Tisket, A Tasket Quilt Pattern and video tutorial!

We have cute quilt kits available, and today we are going to show you how to assemble the A Tisket, A Tasket Basket Block. To make this block you will need a 12” x 20” piece for your background and a 10” x 15” piece of fabric for the basket. We used the 1930s Bella Solids, plus a few more, by Moda Fabrics. Download the FREE PDF Pattern for full quilt instructions in three sizes, and watch our detailed tutorial video to see Kimberly piece this block.

First, we cut our fabrics according to our free downloadable pattern and labeled them with Alphabitties.

Now, let’s start assembling our basket block! Attach one Fabric J rectangle to one Fabric B square, sewing with a 1/4″ seam allowance and pressing towards the darker fabric.

Then, attach a Fabric I rectangle to the top of the Fabric J/B unit.

Attach one Fabric F rectangle to the left side of your Fabric I/J/B unit.

Attach a Fabric E rectangle to the top of your unit, and now you have your basket handle assembled!

Next, draw a line on the wrong side of a Fabric G square. With right sides together, lay the Fabric G square on the bottom right corner of the assembled basket handle unit. Pin in place, stitch on the line, and trim 1/4″ away from the seam. Press toward the darker fabric.

Now, let’s make our basket bases. Take two Fabric H squares and draw a line on the wrong side from corner to corner. Lay your Fabric H square on one corner of a Fabric D rectangle, placing it according to the free downloadable pattern. Sew directly on the line and press towards the basket fabric.

To make the basket side unit, attach a Fabric A rectangle to the basket bases by stitching with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

For the bottom unit, take the remaining Fabric A rectangle, the bottom basket base, and a Fabric C square.

For Side and Basket base units, make sure your Fabric H square is on the correct side, and that you sew it at the correct angle. They should end up looking opposite from each other, not identical. Attach the side unit to the basket unit by sewing with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Lastly, attach the bottom unit to the basket, and your basket block is complete!

Make this into a quilt by downloading our FREE A Tisket, A Tasket Quilt Pattern and choosing a size. The pattern is written in THREE sizes: table runner, crib, and lap!

To celebrate the new FREE A Tisket, A Tasket Quilt Pattern, we are giving away one quilt kit to make the lap sized quilt. Comment on this post and let us know what old quilt block you would like to see freshened up in our next Vintage & Classic video! Entries are open to all, please leave an email address, and the winner will be chosen on Tuesday April 8th.

UPDATE!! A winner has been chosen! Michelle is our lucky winner!
Michelle said…
I’d like to see something done using a simple house or schoolhouse block.

Thank you Michelle, you have been emailed! We hope you all enjoyed the A Tisket, A Tasket FREE tutorial!

Good luck! And be sure to download our A Tisket, A Tasket Quilt Pattern and watch our tutorial video!

Basic of the Month February 2014: Bella Solids

Bella solids by Moda Fabrics at Fat Quarter Shop

It’s time again for a new Basic of the Month! We are so excited about our March 2014 Basic of the Month, Bella Solids! And don’t forget, the Basic of the Month is 20% off all month!

Bella solids by Moda Fabrics at Fat Quarter Shop

Do you have a favorite solid? We try not to play favorites, but Bella Solids are really up there. The variety of colors is unbelievable. We currently have over 150 delicious colors in stock. You can find your very favorite color, whether it be Barn Door or Green Tea. They really do have you covered.

Lucky for all you fabric lovers out there, our ENTIRE stock of Bella Solids is 20% off this month. Including the yummy pre-cuts. Show yourself some love this February and stock your solid stash. What a perfect Valentine’s Day treat!

Bella solids by Moda Fabrics at Fat Quarter Shop

Shop our stock of Bella Solids and let us know, do you have a favorite Bella? One you keep buying over and over? Or maybe there is a bold, punchy color you have been eyeing but have not yet tried out. Now is your chance!

Bella solids by Moda Fabrics at Fat Quarter Shop

Basic of the Month January 2014: Cotton Dots by Riley Blake Designs

It’s time again for a new Basic of the Month! We are so excited about our January 2014 Basic of the Month, Cotton Dots by Riley Blake Designs! And don’t forget, the Basic of the Month is 20% off all month!

At Fat Quarter Shop, we really love our dots. Riley Blake’s Cotton Dots are no exception! These dots come in bold, bright colors (even in rainbow!) and the varying sizes make them suitable for many different sewing and quilting projects. Whether you are making a bold, all dotty quilt like the Dotty Squares Quilt, adding small dots to a scrappy quilt, or whipping up a sewing project, Cotton Dots should be your go-to.

Dotty Squares Quilt by Karen Maxwell, via Riley Blake Designs

Stock up and fill your stash with the colors you use most and always have these dots on hand. Shop now, Cotton Dots by Riley Blake Designs are 20% off all month long. Hurry over and start seeing spots!

Basic of the Month November 2013: Krystal

It’s time again for a new Basic of the Month! We are so excited about our November 2013 Basic of the Month, Krystal by Michael Miller Fabrics! And don’t forget, the Basic of the Month is 20% off all month!

Spice up your basics with the textured solids of Krystal by Michael Miller. Krystal comes in a range of colors, from blacks to salmons to limes. These textured solids add something special to your basic quilts, and that something turns a quilt from good to great. Work Krystal into a quilt filled with prints, or let it stand boldly on its own. Either way, it will get the attention it deserves.

Just take a look at this breathtaking Krystal quilt by Katie Braten of Montana. She was able to choose so many different shades of reds, yellows, purples, oranges, greens and blues to create a dimensional quilt. The Krystal’s dyed looks enhances it even more. It feels clean and spontaneous at the same time, due to mixing her colors up.

Stock up on Krystal by Michael Miller Fabrics at 20% off all month long. Hurry over and start shopping!

Basic of the Month September 2013: Sketch

It’s time again for a new Basic of the Month! We are so excited about our September 2013 Basic of the Month, Sketch by Timeless Treasures! And don’t forget, the Basic of the Month is 20% off all month!

This month, we’re getting sketchy! Sketch by Timeless Treasures embraces texture in bold, punchy colors. This basic is almost too fun to be a basic, but it still looks great next to all kinds of prints. Sketch is equal parts subtle and bold, which adds to its extreme versatility. And the variety of colors make it a clear choice for your next project!

If you are crazy for dots, the Sketch Dot prints might be calling your name. You’ll be seeing spots with Sketch Dot.

Sketch is definitely interesting enough to stand on its own. Just take a look at one of our latest Magazine Quilt Kits, Old School Cool! Old School Cool, which is featured in Quilty’s September/October 2013 issue, uses Sketch to add a modern touch to a vintage inspired pattern. This kit will be available soon at Fat Quarter Shop, so sign up for notification of its arrival if you are interested in the kit!

Whether you are using Sketch as the main fabric in a quilt, accenting other prints with the fun textured basic or incorporating Sketch Dots into your project, now is the time to stock up on Sketch! Shop Sketch by Timeless Treasures at 20% off until the end of September!

Basic of the Month May 2013: Cotton Couture Solids

It’s time again for a new Basic of the Month! We are so excited about our May 2013 Basic of the Month, Cotton Couture by Michael Miller Fabrics! And don’t forget, the Basic of the Month is 20% off all month!

Looking for a basic that really packs a punch? Michael Miller’s Cotton Couture will do the trick! Cotton Couture solids are silky to the touch, lie impressively flat and offer an array of fashionable colors. From pastel to jewel, and from bright to soft, you will definitely find the color you are looking for in our selection of Cotton Couture.

Solids have been stealing the show lately, becoming the main focus of many great quilts. With a wide variety of colors, the Cotton Couture solids will jazz up any quilt! The Preppy Quilt Kit by Susan Emory and Christine Van Buskirk is a great example, with the chevron theme and off center composition, it takes solids to a modern sphere!

Shop Cotton Couture by Michael Miller Fabrics at 20% off all month long! Stock up on your reliable basics, but don’t be afraid to add some COLOR to your stash!

Basic of the Month March 2013: Fairy Frost

It’s time again for a new Basic of the Month! We are so excited about our March 2013 Basic of the Month, Fairy Frost by Michael Miller Fabrics! And don’t forget, the Basic of the Month is 20% off all month!

This month, we are getting glamorous and adding a bit of sparkle to our stash. Our March 2013 Basic of the Month is Michael Miller’s Fairy Frost, a sparkly, frosty collection that compliments fancy and everyday projects. Fairy Frost comes in a plethora of colors, bolds, brights, pastels and neutrals.

Shop Fairy Frost this March for 20% off and before you know it you will be adding some glam to everything you create!

All About Basics: Prints

We love basics. Solids will always hold a special place in our hearts, but we cant help but obsess over all of the fun, bright, colorful prints that surround us every day! We think that adding a dot, a stripe or a chevron to your project can give it that extra something. It can turn a plain top into something hip. It can add that pop of color that you didn’t know you were missing. Incorporate prints into your projects (and stash) and keep them feeling fresh, fun and colorful.

Our best selling printed basics are Robert Kaufman’s Spot On, Ann Kelle’s Remix and Riley Blake’s Chevrons. These three groups fly off our shelves and wind up in trendy quilts and projects. Here are the top ten sellers of each of these groups. If you see something you like, just click the link and add some to your stash.

1. White on Black Polka Dots 2. White on Red Polka Dots 3. Bright on Hot Pink Polka Dots 4. White on Orange Polka Dots 5. White on Hot Pink Pindots 6. Bubblegum on White Polka Dots 7. White on Pink Polka Dots 8. Black on White Pindots 9. White on Pink Pindots 10. Sorbet on Lime Polka Dots

Our top ten prints from Robert Kaufman’s Spot On are full of color. From larger dots to pin dots in almost every color imaginable, there is definitely a spot for everyone. Add some to your stash, we know you will love them.

1. Lime Scatter Dots 2. Bermuda Zig Zags 3. Red and White Zig Zags 4. Red Scatter Dots 5. Tangerine Scatter Dots 6. Aqua Scatter Dots 7. Pink Scatter Dots 8. Chocolate Scatter Dots 9. Sunshine Scatter Dots 10. Bermuda Fun Dots

Our top ten Remix prints are primarily scattered dots and zig zags in all different colors, but the collection has so much more to offer. Ann Kelle’s Remix collection contains over 110 skus and is growing! Her prints are bold and hip and the patterns range from whimsical butterflies to bold zig zags.

1. Gray Medium Chevron 2. Aqua Medium Chevron 3. Red Medium Chevron 4. Navy Medium Chevron 5. Hot Pink Medium Chevron 6. Yellow Small Chevron 7. Orange Medium Chevron 8. Red Large Chevron 9. Black Medium Chevron 10. Girl Small Chevron

Chevrons are all the rage. They are spotted in fashion, home decor, graphic design, quilting (of course!) and much more. Riley Blake Designs has a comprehensive line of chevrons in a variety of sizes and colors, making it very easy to incorporate them into your projects. And they will soon be introducing Holiday and School Colors Medium Chevron, so be on the look out!

What is your favorite print? Are you seeing spots or crazy for stripes? We would love to know!

Basic of the Month: 5 Funky Monkeys

Happy 2013! To celebrate the new year we are adding a new monthly feature to the Fat Quarter Shop! We are introducing a Basic of the Month that will be 20% off for the entire month!

Our first feature is a collection that is a bit out of the ordinary, but still a basic in our world of quilting. Our January 2013 Basic of the Month is 5 Funky Monkeys by Erin Michael for Moda Fabrics! This collection has stood the test of time and has been a staple in our store since 2005. This has been one of our all-time best selling collections.

5 Funky Monkeys features your favorite trouble-making monkeys on both flannel and cotton. This fabric is available as fat quarter bundles and as yardage. Grab some of these cute monkey prints and start a funky quilt!  Don’t forget, 5 Funky Monkeys will be 20% off ALL MONTH!