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I Love House Blocks Book

Hi, Quilters!  It’s Wednesday, but we’ve got a first look at some very inviting quilts to get you through Hump Day.  Inviting as in “come on over to my house!” because they are all from the new I Love House Blocks compilation book from That Patchwork Place!  Several amazing designers, including our own Kimberly Jolly and Sarah Price, have put together 14 quilts with unique takes on the beloved house block.  We DO love house blocks, and looking at all these bright abodes makes us love them even more!

I Love House Blocks book
I Love House Blocks book from That Patchwork Place

Here is Kimberly and Sarah’s collaboration, called Welcome Home!  Cute windows peek out from subtle four-patches, and that multicolor stripe is adorable, like the house eaves.

Welcome Home by Kimberly Jolly & Sarah Price
Welcome Home by Kimberly Jolly & Sarah Price

But we can’t just toot our own horns here; all 14 of these quilts are wonderful and different.  The negative space in Village on a Hill is soothing, like living in the country with acres and acres of Mother Nature as your neighbor.

Village on a Hill by Jackie White
Village on a Hill by Jackie White

On the other end of the color spectrum, Tiny Town is a scrappy interpretation of neatly fitting row houses, where everyone knows everyone, and that’s a good thing!

Tiny Town by Carrie Nelson
Tiny Town by Carrie Nelson

Sugar Shack feels like pop art to us, and we love the color reversals for each block.

Sugar Shack by Tonya Alexander
Sugar Shack by Tonya Alexander

And we can’t resist these darling dwellings.  It feels like a village of happy gnomes!

My Hometown by Christa Watson
My Hometown by Christa Watson

Sherri Fall’s neighborhood doesn’t feel complete without little trees and pinwheels for company!

Block Party by Sherri Falls
Block Party by Sherri Falls

But most importantly, Melissa Corry reminds us the most important part of a house — the heart!

Home is Where the Heart Is by Melissa Corry
Home is Where the Heart Is by Melissa Corry

Thanks to That Patchwork Place for letting us be part of this book!  Now for a funnest part – they are giving away one e-copy of the I Love House Blocks book!  Just comment and tell us what color scheme you would decorate your dream house with and you’ll be entered to win!  This giveaway ends Monday, 6/26/17, and we’ll announce the winner on Tuesday, 6/27/17.  Good luck!

This giveaway is now closed! Congratulations to our winner, Kristal J!


  1. My favorite color scheme for a house is warm beige facade with rusty red door and trim. Love the peek you gave us of the book. Thanks for the chance in the giveaway.

  2. I’m just getting ready to paint the outside of my house and the colors are a mushroom gray, dark gray, white and a beautiful shade of red for the front door. I’d love this book!

  3. Blue gray and white is my favorite color scheme for a house. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. My house needs to be painted. I’m looking at a taupe/grey color with a green front door. Would love this book, I love house quilts!

  5. Cool green and clean white feels fresh and clean. Thank you for this opportunity!

  6. I would love a country blue for the trim and a nice beige for the house. This book looks like a lot of fun–I love house blocks!!

  7. My favorite color scheme is earth tones: tan, green, brown – with a very happy bright red door! Thanks for the fun giveaway!!

  8. I love house blocks, too! I’d use pale pink, yellows, and greens to make the quilt shown in the last photo. Love those hearts!

  9. I love the neutrals!! With all the fabulous fabrics you girls tempt us with😀ALL of them would match my decor! Thanks for the give away….

  10. I’m pretty generic so would go with off white and a dark brown trim. I too love house quilts where I would be more creative in my choice of colors.

  11. Love my soft green and soft brown walls. Love this House block book and tried to order it the other day – so glad it is available again :)!

  12. My dream home would have some shade of white on the walls, and colors of aqua, red, and gray for pillows and quilts to decorate the rooms. I have always liked house quilts so would love to win a copy of the new book! Thank you

  13. My dream house would have Aqua as a main color. Never get tired of that color. I did the Splendid Sampler and always thought each of those blocks would be cute in a house!

  14. gosh, to dream of my dream home. It would be a slate red with cream shutters and a wrap around porch with a light gray roof.

  15. I’m not sure what my dream colors would be for the outside of the house….I can’t see that part from my sewing room!!

  16. We got new siding last year that’s moss green with white trim. I love it, and people walking by always comment on how good it looks. I’ve even had people stop their cars and yell out that they love it! Now for the inside, I want to do coral walls and aqua as the main accent, with other bright axcents. I love house quilts because you can do so many different colors and types. Jadahlgr at Yahoo dot Com

  17. My dream house would be decorated in strong pastel wall colors – aqua, yellow, green, blue, gray – with bright accent colors like white, turquoise and red.

  18. I would like brick around the outside of the house and have it painted yellow. Haven’t decided how dark or light the yellow would be but this would be my happy house. Thank you so much for the chance to become a winner of this fabulous e-book.

    Sandi Timmons

  19. My dream kitchens have yellow in one and my canning kitchen is in orange.
    PS I LOVE house quilts and all you have shown from the new book! Thanks for sharing an e-copy

  20. I love this book! My favorite from above is either the Home is Where the Heart Is by Melissa Carry or Block Party by Sherry Falls. If I could decorate my house in any color combination it would be the aqua-red-lime greens! Of course my husband would lose his mind and loves dark browns, tans and red, seriously??? Currently, our bathroom is a chocolate brown and turquoise/aqua. Not such a bad compromise LOL I’ve had worse!

    1. Oh, so I have plans to decorate my sewing room the aqua-red-lime green! He can paint the garage any color he wants!

  21. I’m kind of all over the place with color schemes I would choose. I love the look of white with greys and browns from wood, etc….but I have 5 animals and I don’t really like to clean that much to have a white anything! I do seem to love blues and greens for accents though and lots of brown…like the dog hair 🙂 Thank you for the sweet giveaway!

  22. The outside of my house is soft yellow with white trim and red front door and shutters.

    The inside is getting ready to be painted. I want the living room and hallways to have light gray walls. My kitchen is already painted a pale vintage green (think jadeite.) My office/craft room is apple red right now, but I am thinking of changing it to light gray as well. The hall bath is pale aqua with gray accents. Master bath and bedroom will be done in aquas as well, but with red, pink and white accents (B&C fabric is my inspiration for that room.)

  23. I love house blocks and I have always wanted to make a red and white one, but a scrappy one would be fun. I really hope I win this book, thank you for the giveaway 😊

  24. I don’t think I would use just one color scheme for the whole house, but my current favorite is beige, mixed with blues. This book looks fun! Thank you for the giveaway.

  25. My dream house would be a shade of green between olive and moss, with white or cream trim with a red front door and a brass kick plate. All the house quilts I’ve seen so far in this new book just look like so much fun! I’d love to win a copy.

  26. I would decorate my dream home with shades of yellow, beige and green. I have always liked house blocks and would love to win the book. Thanks for the giveaway.

  27. Looks like a wonderful book! My color scheme would be pale turquoises & creams-boring maybe, but I might add bright turquoise accents!

  28. I love the book and Sherry Falls quilt. My house is yellow and white trim. I would decorate the inside in white, coral and turquoise blue. I live in south Florida.

  29. A soft pearly white and duck egg blue. Pale spring greens and light creams and I’m quite partial to a gentle soft pink. Pastels. Exterior, log cabin tan and cherry red door. Oh the joy of colour😀

  30. I would definitely use pinks and creams ..I love soft colours and vintage looks

  31. I would use black, white and red as my colors….red highlights all around the house!

  32. I would decorate my house with neutral colors so all my quilts would stand out.

  33. Because I love vintage decorations & keepsakes, I would probably go with colors that are reminisce of 1930’s quilt material. I would probably pick 7 ( or any uneven number) of pale colors to mix & match throughout the whole house. Allowing the colors to flow from room to room. No two rooms would be the same but some would be repeated in multiple rooms. This way furnishings could be interchanged as life calls it.

  34. Dream house – safe colors – charcoal grey, light grey, teal

    Wild colors- navy, fuschia, and lime green

  35. I too love the vintage look to show off my displays both furniture and stitching either quilts or stitched pieces. So colours of blue red tones added with creams and a dash of green(plants show here). Dreams are free.

  36. I would choose white and Caribbean colors for the dream houses! I’m thinking cool colors on this hot summer day!

  37. Just painted our living room “lichen” a grey/green colour so guess I would start with that — I’m loving it !!

  38. I love the country cottage look with lots of whites. Red is a favorite color and I put it in every quilt I make. Love turquoise, polka dots and gingham too. Also love vintage so there is always antiques. Cute book!

  39. I’d choose a rustic color palette. Deep, rich colors, reminiscent of nature at its best. But with elements of brightness, to enliven my house.

  40. While I am moving to my dream house in the next month I have decorated my current house in my dream house colors. They are primarily tomato red, butter yellow and leaf green. My whole house flows with these colors from one room to the next and I love it so much I’ll repeat it in the dream house!

  41. I would focus on blue, white, and tan with a few pops of red. Think Minick and Simpson fabrics!

  42. I think that some gingham checks in greens and blues and pinks would be a good way to put some texture in the houses.

  43. My dream house would have lots of bright accents like the little village on the hill quilt.

  44. Moving to the beach, I would keep the background a light volor and add splashes of bright colors for the homes and can’t forget the Hearts. (Home is where the heart is)

  45. would have to be a nice fresh white with mintgreen and pinks. How shabby chic would that be? And the husband would just have to fit in with my plans! :o)

  46. I would choose the darker country colors as in Tiny Houses by Carrie Nelson-
    greens/browns and blues

  47. I like the primitive look in TinyTown and think I would like to use some dark green, red and navy with a bit of cream.

  48. My home of 11 years is totally stained tongue-in-groove wood which my husband loves. My dream house would have painted walls- and not just white but some cool blues and greens and I’d have to have yellow walls somewhere. The more I see of this book, the more I want to make them all.

  49. Bright fabrics along with black & white printed fabrics would make for some fun and colorful houses! 🙂

  50. My Houses would definately have some Japanese Influence in the colours and design.A good mix of solids would compliment the oriental fabrics.

  51. I definitively fallen in love with the”Home is where the heart is”! I love the fresh touch, modern and romantic in the same time. Perfect colors for a fresh summer breeze

  52. I loved them all! I love the look of the aqua with the red, orange,yellow, pinks. I would try. Differant colors for differant rooms so each room has its own feel to it, like each quilt you make does. Home is where your heart definitely is!

  53. I would pick the aqua with pink, red, orange, green, yellow, and each of my rooms would be a different color so there would be a different feel to it,like each quilt we make is different. Home is definitely where the heart is!

  54. I live in a province known for it’s very colorful houses so if I were to make a quilt of houses it would have to be like our JellyBean Row houses, all very bright colors, and attached to each other, on a steep slant!

  55. My daughter just went w Sea Salt, a beautiful pale green w cream cabinets and deep brown flooring. I would love to replicate that I think. Sea green and Aqua accents w a pop of red would be great.

  56. I would use Ocean colors turquoise seafoam green touches of pinks purples like the sky.

  57. Would make the Welcome Home quilt in teals, browns and tans. The background with a soft white or very light neutral tone on tone.

  58. Although my favourite colours are purples, in all their regal shades and tones, I would decorate most of my dream home in blue and white. The bedroom would be shades of cream or white and lilac /lavender. BTW I absolute LOVE these house blocks! So beautiful, so inspiring!

  59. I love brights, so I’d go with the turquoise, raspberry, mustard hues.

  60. Making a house block quilt is on my bucket list!! Mine will be of pinks, greens, some yellows, and probably white. I’m excited for this fun chance to win the house book!

  61. I never get tired of House quilts. I think this book is a definitely needs kind of book!