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5 Tips Your Longarm Quilter Wants You to Know!

Have you finished a quilt top recently? It’s time to decide if you’re going to quilt it on your home machine or send it off to a longarm quilter. In this blog post, we’ll provide five tips for preparing your quilt top to send to a longarm quilter. By following a few simple guidelines, you’ll be set up for success (and a long and happy relationship with your longarmer!).

A view of two longarm quilting machines in Gina Tell’s studio.

5 Tips for Sending Your Quilt to a Longarm Quilter

Longarm quilting services can elevate your quilt top from beautiful to breathtaking, but there are some things you should keep in mind before sending it off to a professional. We’ve collected a few of the top tips for preparing a quilt top and backing to be longarmed. Be sure to check with your longarm quilter for their specific preferences, too!

1. Make sure your backing is larger than your quilt top, and always check your longarm quilter’s specifications! It’s standard to specify that the quilt back measures 4” larger than your quilt top on all sides which would give you a 58″ x 58″ quilt backing if your quilt top is 50″ x 50″. This allows for enough space to clamp the quilt to the machine and quilt it without getting in the way of the edges.

2. Trim any threads from your top and backing! If you leave them on, stray threads can get messy, and your longarmer only has time to trim some of them for you. Longarm quilters are artists who are focused on making your quilt beautiful. They need your help to ensure a smooth and stress-free process.

3. Square up the quilt back, since a skewed or off-center backing fabric can result in a less-than-perfect finish. Additionally, if you send a pieced backing be sure to trim off any selvages and press the seams open.

4. Press everything before you drop it off or pack it up to get mailed! Longarm quilters need your quilt top and backing to be as smooth as possible to get the best possible results, so give it a good press with your iron. Your longarmer will love you for it!

5. Label your quilt top and quilt back so your longarmer can easily understand your vision for your project. According to Michelle of Quilts Made with Love, the best way to do this is by pinning notes on your items to indicate which side is the top and labeling everything. This ensures the longarm quilter can tell your quilt top from backing, and in which direction the quilt top should be loaded for the edge-to-edge pantographs or custom quilting you’ve chosen.

By following these simple tips, you’ll help your longarm quilter work their magic and turn your beautiful quilt top into a true work of art!

Maggi Honeyman’s longarm machine looks like a real workhorse!

Longarm Quilters We Love

Many of you have asked who quilts our Fat Quarter Shop quilts are and what batting they usually use with our quilts. We work with many talented longarm quilters who offer top-notch longarm quilting services. Contact information for each quilter can be found below.

Abby Latimer – Latimer Lane Quilting

Batting: Hobbs 80/20

Find out more or see her work on her website or Instagram (@latimerlanequilts).

Emily Vardeman – Short Story Longarm Quilting

Batting: Quilters Dream 80/20

Find out more or see her work on her website or Instagram (@shortstory.longarm).

Gina Tell – Thread Graffiti

Batting: Pellon 80/20

Find out more or see her work on her website or Instagram (@gina_tell_threadgraffiti).

Joanna Marsh – Kustom Kwilts

Batting: Quilters Dream Blend

Find out more or see her work on her website or Instagram (@kutsomkwilts).

Maggi Honeyman – Sew Maggi’s Quilting

Find out more or see her work on her website or Instagram (@sewmaggi).

Michelle Ramsay – Quilts Made With Love

Batting: Quilters Dream 80/20

Find out more or see her work on her website or Instagram (@quilts_madewithlove).

Sarah Campbell – Stitch Mode Quilts

Batting: Quilters Dream 80/20

Find out more or see her work on her website or Instagram (@stitchmodequilts).

Susan Smith – Stitched by Susan

Batting: Hobbs 80/20 unbleached

Find out more or see her work on her website or Instagram (@stitchedbysusan).

We hope you feel a little more prepared to send your quilts off to a longarm quilter! Take a look at the work of all the wonderful longarm quilters we work with, and if you send them your quilts tell them Fat Quarter Shop sent you!

Be sure to share your finished quilts with us on Facebook and Instagram and tag @fatquartershop so we can see and share your work!

Are you a longarm quilter? Find more supplies on our Longarm Quilting Thread & Supplies page!

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  1. I machine quilt mine. When I bought my machine I made sure the throat of it was big enough so I could quilt a good size quilt. It’s still a challenge, but I enjoy doing it. ❤️

    1. I do my own since I am just learning. It’s somewhat difficult. I am quite sure I will try a long-arm quilter soon. I want to admire the beauty and creativity she adds to it.

      1. Right now, I machine quilt my quilts, but I am in the process of getting a longarm! I love to make my quilts from beginning to end. I’m so excited!

        1. Learning the longarm, so do my own and for friends. Grateful for computerized quilter!

        2. You do lovely work. It scares me to even think about touching someone else’s quilt.

          1. I do them myself. I own a longarm and really enjoy being able to finish a top, put it on the longarm and have it quickly quilted

        3. Beginner here! Just learning what’s best for me; so thank you for the information

    2. I send the bigger quilts to be longarmed but for table runners and smaller items I quilt on sewing machine and I’ve even hand quilted a couple of pillows. Thanks for the list, it helps those who are new to quilting.

      1. Dropped one today at a local quilter who has her own business. She has a studio at her house and does both custom and edge to edge. Supporting small business!

        1. I send large quilts out to my local quilter but I quilt small projects on my home machine.

      2. I quilt mine on my domestic
        machine, as I am learning. I treated myself to having one quilt done ,so I can look at it and work my way up to that level.

      3. Since I have my own longarm machine, when I have time I can do my own. However, thank you for your advice on preparing a quilt for your longarmer!

      4. I rented a longarm and did a couple myself. Now I have a machine that embroiders in the hoop. I’m thinking about sending just the big ones out to have them done. Thank you for the tips!

    3. I send the largr quilts out Tobe quilted but small projects like runners and wallhangings I quilt myself.

      1. I give mine to our local longer quilter. My quilty friend and I are trying to support our local quilter 💖

    4. I machine quilt my projects so far. It is more economical for me as well as challenging fun.

    5. For most of my quilts I use my Janome Horizon machine with its wide berth to get the fabric in easily.
      For larger projects I have 2 longarm Quilters in my guild who do a wonderful job

    6. I used to hand quilt my quilts. Now I am 74 I find it easier to take it to a fabric shop where they will supply my batting, help me choose a backing and then use a longarm to machine quilt my blankets. What a blessing for me!

  2. I am a new quilter and am getting ready to send the largest quilt I’ve made to a long armer. But I have quilted on my janome and love it!

  3. I do both. For my larger quilts I send to my long arm quilter, but if it is a table topper or pillow, I do it myself on my home machine.

    1. I’m s beginner. My first quilt I quilted it in my domestic machine and the second one, I hand quilted it… 😊

    1. Thank you for the recommendations. I feel better about sending a quilt off knowing you have used these longarmers. I know there is a large learning curve so it is good to know experienced quilters!

    2. Thanks for the info on the quilters you use. I have only quilted my own quilts so far but want to send out a large quilt to a longarmer but was worried aboutthe process

  4. Depends on quilt, I usually take my quilts to one of 2 longarmers. Recently, I have been renting time on a longarm machine at a local quilt shop and quilting myself.

      1. I have mine quilted. I’m new to quilting and it seems too much to try and quilt it on my machine.

  5. I take my quilt tops to a wonderful longarmer who does a fabulous job quilting them.

    1. I send mine out to a local longarmer. I quilted a queen size on my mom’s machine, with her help. She had passed away and I inherited her machine. I haven’t made a quilt in years and about 3 years ago I gave it a try again and made a baby quilt. I was unable to quilt it by machine and ended up tying it. Then covid happened and I discovered Longarmers! Game changer!!!

  6. Placemats & table runners are projects I feel comfortable quilting myself, but anything larger gets sent to a long-armer.

    1. I take larger quilts to a longarmer and usually do smaller ones on my domestic machine.

  7. I have hand quilted every quilt I’ve made until now! I chose one of your quilters to quilt my granddaughter’s Christmas 2023 present using Cuddle fabric. I’m so very excited to put this quilt into some very talented hands! Thank you for highlighting the work of those who have quilted for you so I could feel comfortable in having them work their magic for me.

    1. I enjoy doing both. It really depends on the project. The blog has helpful information.

      1. I quilt my own and also give some to my friend who is much more talented than I am !

  8. When I first started quilting I would take mine to a local longarm quilter. Now I quilt mine on a longarm machine.

  9. I’m a new quilter and so far I’ve only done the quilting on my home machine. I think I’ll be trying a long-armer for my next one.

  10. I have 3 tops I need to get quilted. Im going to free motion the smaller ones and the bigger one I’m going to see if I can figure out my mom’s long arm machine 😃

  11. This article is very informative and helpful. The long arm quilters highlighted are well deserved their praise, what an art! Thanks for inspiring, and giving us some options to feel comfortable in sending off our quilts.

  12. I do both. I quilt smaller quilts myself. I don’t have the space to baste and quilt larger quilts so those go to a longarmer.

  13. I do my quilts on my machine, and am slowly getting more adventurous with what I do. I have sent one quilt to a long armer, it was so beautiful!

  14. I have a wonderful longarm quilter who takes my quilt’s vision and elevates it to a piece of art! Love my LAQ!

  15. I’ve only done them myself. I’d love to use a longarmer, but it’s such a big investment. I guess I’d rather spend that $$ on more fabric 🤣

  16. I machine quilt quilts I’ve made. I have plans to make a queen size quilt and will send it to a longarm quilter. One day I’m going to take classes to do it myself!

  17. I finish all my own quilts. I have a computerized longarm on a frame and I have a sitdown longarm that I do rulerwork and dabble in free motion. I started my own longarm business a little over a year ago.

  18. I hope to make my first quilt this year and would like to quilt it myself.

  19. I have a Moxie and quilt small ones on that but for my special quilts like Designer Mystery I send them to a longarmer to make them fancy 🙂

  20. I send all of my large quilts out to a long arm quilter. Small items I do myself. Always enjoy watching Kimberly’s lives. She inspires me to try new things and that’s special when you are 72!

  21. My sister has quilted several of my quilts on her long arm. I have sent a few out to have them done on long arm with great success. I hope to gain long arm experience myself eventually.

  22. I have a long arm but it is not computerized. A bucket list item is to have a couple of quilts done with Baptist Fan and one with Orange Peel and a last one with swirls and circles. I sent them off to be computerized quilted.

  23. I use a long arm quilter for quilts that need an intricate design. I use my home machine to quilt straight lines or cross hatching.

  24. No I do not send them to a longarmer, fixed income, I rather spend that money on material :] so since I do not have the a great machine, I tie my quilt’s, it’s fast and easy.
    I have learned a lot from Fat Quarter since I started quilting in 2020
    Thank you

  25. I mostly quilt on my home machine, but only do straight line quilting; I haven’t worked up the courage to branch out yet! I LOVE sending my quilts to the long-armer, it is truly a work of art and I love more intricate patterns! However I mostly quilt my own so I can save money for more quilts:)

  26. I take my tops to Janice Torres to quilt on her longarm. She is amazing!

  27. So far I have quilted them at home, but I’ve only made up to large throw sizes. Even those are tough for me to manage now. I plan to make a couple of queen size quilts and have them longarmed. Thanks for the recommendations!

  28. I always send my quilts to a longarmer. I know my limits and doing this beautiful work is out of my league. I really am amazed at their gorgeous work.

  29. I have only been quilting for about a year, so I am still learning a lot. I have sent out most of mine to the longarmer. I dream of one day having my own. 😊

  30. I send my quilts to a long-armer. I have one who gives wonderful advice on the design and thread color. She’s a genius – and has such a good eye.
    I did quilt a wall hanging and a pillow top on my machine. Not a fan of my work yet – lol

  31. I send all quilts larger than a table runner or small wall hanging to a Longarm quilter. The finish on a longarm can not be equaled on my sewing machine.

  32. I hope someday to own a longarm, but for now I send my quilts out. Binding is my favorite part of quilting…I know that I’m almost finished!

    1. I machine quilt my small quilts, but send my larger ones to my favorite longarm quilter. I have a couple of friends who taught me to use theirs; but, since I moved out of state, we haven’t been able to work together again. I did enjoy that and miss them.

  33. I send any quilts larger than a throw to a long-armer. It’s just way too hard to manage a large quilt on my domestic sewing machine. I do enjoy quilting smaller quilts myself. Been enjoying doing a lot of straight line quilting the last few years.

  34. I do both. If I’m quilting g a pillow, table runner or wall hanging I do it myself on my machine. All my quilts I send to a longarm quilter.

  35. I quilt all my own quilts on my sit down Q20! It is the best of both worlds, I don’t have to clamp the quilt to the machine and can quilt in all directions!!

  36. The quilt size and the person receiving, intended use, determines if I machine quilt or send to a Longarm expert. I would love to become more proficient in machine quilting at home.

  37. Love to see the shoutout to Abby!!
    I like to quilt on my own machine but I only know how to do a meander design. I enjoy doing it though!
    If the quilt is larger or I want a specific panto, I’ll take it to Jess, my friend and longarm quilter!

  38. I have not sent a quilt to a longarmer yet, but if I finish my quilt tops I have planned for my grandkids, I will be sending them.

  39. I’m fortunate enough to have a brother who owns a longarm quilting machine and he shares! So, about once every 6 weeks I go spend the day chatting with him and using the machine to quilt my quilt tops.

  40. I’m just reaching the stage of having a quilt ready to quilt! i’ve been a notorious fabric/pattern collector for years but am now actually making blocks. I will DEFINITELY send my quilts to a longarmer for quilting – that’s just not something I’m interested in doing nor do I have the proper equipment to easily accomplish it. (I have done small project quilting on my machine, but nothing actual quilt size.) Thanks so much for these great tips!

  41. Smaller projects I do at home, but quilts I take to the Long armer. I love the finished quilted look!

  42. Knowing who the quilt is for helps me decide on a quilting design and thread color.

  43. I do both. Generally I send out really large quilts that I plan to gift. Small projects or those for myself–I quilt myself. I am trying to improve my own quilting, so I always have a stack of wall hangings. tablerunners, to work on. My goal is to buy my own longarm machine.

  44. I quilt mine on my sewing machine at home using straight line stitching (or stitch in the ditch). I have never sent one off to a longarm Quilter. I machine stitch one side of the binding and hand stitch the back.

  45. I have been home quilting. I am afraid to quilt my bigger ones or expensive/time-invested at home. Then I get overwhelmed by the cost of sending to a long arm. I think I need to shift my thinking and value my work enough to invest in the whole process! Continually thankful for your professional and caring advice and information!! Blessings FQS!!!

  46. I have been doing my own quilting at home. But this is good advice when I have larger quilts to send off!

  47. If my quilt is more than a baby quilt I will send it off to be quilted. I am not that great at quilting, I mainly do straight line quilting. I just love the different patterns the longarm has to offer.

  48. As a beginner, I am making mostly wall hangings, banners, and lap quilts in order to gain more experience. These sizes are more helpful in learning machine quilting (straight line designs) and FMQ in the future.

  49. When I first started quilting I would quilt on my own, then decided to send a quilt out to be quilted and loved it so much. Then we moved to a different state and I now quilt my own quilts. Thanks for all the good information and for the fun.

  50. I do both. If the quilt is too big for the throat space on my sewing machine it goes to the long arm professionals.

  51. I send my quilts out for longarm quilting. I do some small projects on my home machine but do not have the patience to quilt larger projects 😁

  52. I have done both, but really enjoy sending a quilt top off to be professionally done as it always seems to come back as a piece of beautiful art.

  53. I either tie my quilts or my BFF long arms them for me and then I treat her to dinner and a glass of wine.

  54. I’ve completed one and I had a long armer do it. It looks so good. Looking forward to finishing many more. Have a lot in the works. ❤️

  55. I quilt small things but anything larger than a table runner goes to be long arm quilter!

  56. I send queen and king size quilts to a long arm quilter. I do my other quilts on my domestic machine. I very much enjoy quilting.

  57. I send most of my quilts to a long arm quilter, but I have finished a few table runners myself.

  58. Thinking about the question of to finish a quilt myself or to send out, the true answer is “it depends.” I like to finish my smaller projects at home, if time allows. I am currently learning how to use my “new” embroidery machine to work smaller projects to look like edge-to-edge. If something is a “precious” quilt, like a wedding gift, I always use a professional to make the quilting precious and lasting. For things that will be “used up,” like baby quilts, I like to use simple straight line quilting and do it myself. However the quilts are quilted, I always like to do the final squaring and binding myself. It is the last step in giving away that final piece of my art and myself.

  59. Thank you! I quilt by hand, have never taken a quilt to be long-armed or tried quilting on my own Singer 201. But now I know more if/when i do have a quilt long-armed.

  60. I only quilt small projects / quilts at home. I send the larger quilts (larger than a baby quilt) to a long-arm quilter. Though expensive, it’s so worth it. Thank you so much for sharing your list of long-quilters and tips for preparing the the quilt tops / backing!

  61. I usually finish my own quilts on my home machine but that is getting more difficult as we are retired and laying out the bigger quilts on the floor is getting almost impossible.

  62. I’m a brand new quilter so I’ve only done small quilts on my Juki 18QVP. Excited to start a larger quilt that I will send out to a longarm quilter

  63. I am thinking of sending my quilts out but haven’t done it yet. I have only tied my quilts and I hand quilt if they are small enough. Thank you for the awesome tips!

  64. I used to send mine out but purchased a Longarm last year so now do them myself. Steep learning curve but I am really enjoying the process.

  65. I have quilted my quilts using Edge to Edge on my Baby Lock Spirit Embroidery machine and my Crescendo machine. It is a labor of love.

  66. My bed size quilts I send to a long armer but anything smaller even lap size I quilt on my sewing machine with my walking foot. I mostly do straight quilting or weave across the quilt. I did take a class on free motion quilting on my machine but never did much with it.

  67. I have taken my quilts to a long arm quilter, who does beautiful custom quilting. She makes my quilts look so much better than they actually are! As I started quilting during the pandemic, she has also very patiently given me some mini lessons to make me be a better quilter. 😊

  68. I started quilting about 2 years ago or so. I’ve yet to send anything to a longarm quilter. I’ve practiced some straight line quilting on my Singer Heavy Duty machine with a couple of small quilts, table runners, a throw and a larger full size bed quilt. Mostly stitching in the ditch, but the last time I did some lines that echoed the pattern. But I’ve found I really enjoy big stitch hand quilting. I’m planning to practice some free motion quilting on a table runner or wall hanging in the near future.

  69. In the past year, I have taught myself (through wonderful online videos and tutorials) how to free motion quilt on my home machine. I’ve quilted 5 quilts now, and each one gets a little better. LOVE the longarm quilters work though. They do a beautiful job, and it always looks perfect!! Thanks 🙂

  70. I have recently learned to use a long arm and rent when I am ready to finish a project. A little behind as I have 5 quilt tops ready. Oops!! I do enjoy the long arm. If only I could retire and just quilt! 😊😊🧡

  71. Most of my quilts get sent to a longarmer to be finished. I think I have three at the quilter as I type! Smaller projects like table toppers and runners I quilt myself typically with cross hatch or straight line quilting. I have a goal to have a quilt done by well known quilters like Maggie Honeyman and Gina Tell-bucket list! 😊

  72. I will typically quilt small projects/wall hangings myself. I could probably handle up to a lap size quilt. I send my larger projects to a local long-arm quilter. I will soon have a King size quilt ready for quilting. I can’t wait, this one is for me!!! Thanks for the tips. I always learn something new.

  73. The quilt size and time frame for needing the quilt are the determining factors whether I quilt it or send it away to be quilted.

  74. my preference would be to have all my quilts longarmed, but my budget doesn’t allow for that so I send some off and do straight line quilting on my home machine for the rest

  75. I only hand quilt, but am thinking about sending some out due to time restraints. It takes 4-6 months for me to finish a large quilt by hand! Thanks for the good information.

  76. Lap and babyquilts I do myself; large quilts go to my longarmer, Jane. Thanks for the chance to win.

  77. I quilt my smaller quilts and table runners at home, but my larger quilts go to my awesome long arm quilter, Patsy Franco at Undercover Quilting in Chino Valley, AZ.

  78. I send off to a Longarm quilter at this point. I really want to learn how to do it myself…. Some day it will happen. Thank you for your Blog

  79. I quilt them myself. I used my Bernina 770qefor several quilts. Recently I purchased a sit down long arm. I’m looking forward to quilting more quilts on this machine.

  80. Before I had a longarm, I sent anything larger than 36×48 out to my longarmer for quilting. Now I do them all myself. 🙂

  81. I’ve sent quilts to LAQs and have quilted on my domestic machine. I like the challenge of quilting it myself, but LAQ results are definitely prettier!

  82. I appreciate the tips for prepping quilts for the longarm. My longarm quilter recently retired so I am going to try quilting my next quilt on my Baby Lock. I have quilted smaller quilts on my machine with varying degrees of success. I’ll likely try to find another longarm quilter for larger projects.

  83. I rent a longarm from my local APQS shop. So much faster than my home machine, and I get a beautiful quilt top done in a few hours.

  84. It depends on the project. Small projects I quilt on my machine but anything over 48” I send to a long arm quilter in my guild.

  85. I love having a longarmer finish my quilts! I can and often do simple quilting such as straight lines or a serpentine stitch on small projects like table runners and pillows. I learned early in my quilting journey that free motion quilting is not my thing. 😉

  86. I have a Handi Quilter long arm quilting machine. I used to have a business, but have since retired. Now I just play and enjoy quilting my own quilts – all from king size to table runners. I am sure the long arm quilters out there appreciate your hints about preparing your quilts to have them quilted by a long arm quilter – so important!

  87. I usually quilt smaller projects on my own machine. Bigger quilts get sent to a long-arm pro.

  88. I send my quilts to the Longarmer. I am saving my Pennie’s to purchase my own Longarm machine.

  89. While I quilt most baby quilts and table runners on my Viking Lily 550, I prefer to take my larger quilts to my favorite long arm quilter, Mary Smith, in Parsons, WV.

  90. My longarm quilter is a true artist. It is amazing just to watch her work. I have tried to quilt some small wall hangings myself but they do not compare to her skills.

  91. Thank you for all the great tips! I’m still building up the courage to start my first quilt but I think I’m almost ready!

  92. I send all my quilts to my Long Arm Quilter. She also uses Quilters Dream batting 80/20. I try to do all of your wonderful tips. Thanks for posting this.

  93. Little ones I either quilt on my domestic machine or hand quilt. Large are almost always quilted by check and sometimes small ones too.

  94. Usually have my projects machine quilted, but on occasion will take a stab at it!
    I appreciate the long arm quilters, but don’t plan to own one.

  95. These are great tips 🙂 The size and complexity of the quilt determines whether I send it out to a longarmer or quilt it myself on my domestic machine. The smaller or less complicated quilts that lend themselves to walking foot quilting, I will do myself. But I I want a pantograph or something custom, I send it out.

  96. I quilt my own on my longarm machine. I’m new at this process but find it so rewarding (mistakes and all), the way quilting should be.

  97. I’ve done both, but it depends on the size of my quilt. Smaller items can be done on my machine, but my machine only has a 6″ throat space from needle to inside. I’ve sent out to longarmers, tried a few local ones (live in middle of no-where, so only a few around…so far, not impressed by them), and plan on going to a quilt shop a couple hrs away that teaches you how to use their longarm machine and you can rent it. I still need to find a longarmer who can freehand a design on a tshirt memory quilt.

  98. I usually send my quilts off to be long armed by a lady at my cousin’s quilt shop. She sold her shop and retired, so my quilt tops are piling up. Haven’t decided where to send them yet. My quilt tops are never FQS perfect, but best I can do. I haven’t been totally happy with attempting to quilt them myself on my sewing machine. Very small projects are fine, or I big stitch quilt them.

  99. Depends on size and use. I quilt throw or smaller myself unless it is a special gift. Special quilts and larger quilts to a long arm quilter.

  100. I take the quilts I make especially for someone to a longarm quilter. She will quilt, bind and label it for me. I take her a top and a back and she sends me back a finished quilt!

    I did just get a cutie though, for the others and will quilt some of them myself. Still in the practice/learning curve part!

  101. I’ve always been nervous about using a long-armer so this article was very helpful.

  102. I quilt by check for most of my Quilts. If there a baby size or a table runner, then I often do those myself. i once pieced 3 Christmas panels together and had them long arm all at once as one piece, then cut them apart afterwards and added binding. It was quick and easy for both the long armer and me.

  103. I am new and take the 3 quilts i have finished to a local long arm quilter.

  104. For smaller lap quilts, I have been quilting myself. I am about to finish a quilt top that is larger and I think I am going to send this one out. I definitely want the quilting to stand out this time. I definitely want tight quilting also like Kimberly’s..lol

  105. I send my large quilts to a longarm quilter. I worked so hard on the tops that I’m always so excited to get them back quilted. My throws I use both hand and machine.

  106. I do both! If I need to release some steam I grab a quilt top, make a sandwich and go to town on my Juki. It’s very therapeutic!

  107. I hand quilted my first three quilts back in 1980, that was way too slow with the tops gaining in numbers so fast. I then bought a short arm 9″ machine that I used for over 12 years that only had a 4″ stitch field. But I didn’t let it stop me, I quilted over 100 quilts from lap to Queen. When I saved enough money to buy a “real” long arm I went for a 21″ Qunique and love it!
    Use what you have till you can get what you want right!

  108. I do both, but I quilt more quilting with my sewing machine. I donate to a Hospice, a home for blind children an a cancer center. I have had Gina Tell do one of my quilts and love it!!

  109. I have been quilting my quilts myself, by hand or simple machine quilting. I am learning to do more complicated quilting on my domestic machine. However, I have a lot of quilt tops done and in need of quilting so I am taking them to a local long-armer. These tips were very helpful for me.

  110. I have sent quilts to a long armer and I’ve quilted on my domestic machine. The decision depends on the quilt. I no longer like doing full sized quilts on my domestic machine…I can do it…just not my preference. I am lucky to have a number of long armers in my area so when I do want to use their services, it’s an easy process. I must say – that cut rite binding tool is my all time favorite – I’ve gifted it many times. And I love the binder holders you now offer. FQS – always on the “cutting edge?=”

  111. I send mine to a local long-arm quilter. I’m just getting the confidence to try some tablerunners and wall hangings on my own, but the thought of wrestling anything larger through my machine still makes me very nervous.

  112. I have done my own quilting up to now but next time I do a large quilt I want to send it out. I just don’t want the hassle of doing it myself anymore.

  113. I quilt my own tops. I have an APQS Millie. I mostly quilt for myself since I work full time, but I make several to sell and I quilt some for others.

  114. I do both. If my budget allowed, I’d take all of my tops to my longarmer 😊

  115. I haven’t finished a quilt yet! But I do have several tops ready to go. I plan on quilting one of them myself for practice. But I would love to send larger ones to a longarmer!

  116. I do both. Small projects I do myself, and larger ones go to the people with skills and talents I wish I had. 🙂 and I love my quilters!

  117. I send mine out to a long armed. Haven’t tried doing it on my machine but might give it a try.

  118. I send mine out to a long arm quilter. I have two different ladies I like. I always have them pick the pattern and have never been disappointed with their choices.

  119. I use a longarmer to quilt my large size tops; anything throw size or smaller I quilt myself on my domestic machine.

  120. Just finished my first quilt and I’m hooked! This one is a graduation gift. Plan to send off to a longarmer but hope to learn how to machine quilt it myself.

  121. I got a longarm to get me thru early retirement so I am learning to do my own. For more complicated customization I need to find a good longarmer in Delaware.

  122. Hi FQS!
    I love doing lap size or smaller on my own. But I always do straight line quilting. Too nervous for free motion stuff. I’d love to find someone here in my province that I could send king-size quilts to. Love you guys!

  123. Have a local longarm quilter that I love. Love to see all the quilting o your shows. Also have Gina’s new ruler that I love.

  124. If the quilt is bigger than a baby quilt I send it to a Longarm quilter! It is worth the cost for the finished result!

  125. I’ve only made smaller quilts and have quilted those on my own. But once I finish the DMQ 2022, I will be sending to a longarm quilter so really appreciate the referrals.

  126. I recently found a sweet lady to do my long arm quilting for me. I can actually drive them to her so we both save some money on shipping. I recently took nine quilts to her and just got a note that six are ready to be picked up. I still have many more for her to do after her move to a new city. I am going to try to do some small table quilts on my domestic sewing machine, but I am a little nervous. It most likely be all straight lines.

  127. I send anything larger than a lap to a longarm quilter. I do all the smaller projects on my regular machine. Occasionally I will send a smaller project if I want something a little fancier.

  128. I use an old quilting frame made of wood and is over 100 yrs. old. That is what my Mom used also. But thinking about taking my next one to a longarm quilter.

  129. I am a new longarmer, so I’ve been doing my quilts myself. I’m still learning, but it’s been fun getting them done!

  130. I do “checkbook quilting,” as I heard it described back at the turn of the century (early 2000s). There are many fabulous longarm quilters in the DFW area and I use at least three different ones.

  131. I’ve been machine quilting on my domestic for only a few years. Before that, I hand quilted all my quilts. I’ve never sent a quilt to a longarmer.

  132. I have a longarm and finish my own quilts. Everything is free motion as my longarm is not computerized.

  133. I take to a longarm quilter. I wish I had confidence to quilt on sewing machine.

  134. Sew 🧵 far I’ve only quilted my quilts on my singer. However, I’ve been thinking about sending to a long arm quilter for a polished finish. 💕🧵

  135. It depends in the size of the quilt. Bigger than a wall hanging gets sent to a long arm quilter. Thanks for the informative blog post. Nice giveaway!

  136. I send my quilts out to be quilted unless they are quite small. I do the small ones on my own sewing machine.

  137. I do straight line quilting on my home sewing machine for most of my quilts. I’ve only sent 2 quilts to a longarm quilter because the quilt design needed swirls to enhance them.

  138. I quilt all my quilts that are throw size or smaller. Anything larger than throw size gets sent to my longarmer. My machine and my poor shoulders struggle with the larger quilts. I do still love to hand quilt, after all that is how my grandmother taught me to quilt….all by hand. 🥰

  139. I do my own quilting on my domestic machine. I like the creative aspect to the quilting and I like maintaining control over how the quilt looks.

  140. I am fortunate to have a girlfriend with a longarm, so I can do my own quilting with her guidance.

  141. Since almost all of my quilts are for Project Linus, I quilt them at home, but I do have a snazzy little midarm to quilt them on!

  142. I’ve had my longarm for almost three years! I love it! Before that, I sent most of them out to a longarm quilter and quilted some on my domestic machine.

  143. I have done them all myself on my husqvarna machine but am seriously considering sending a couple out to a longarm quilter since I have so many tops waiting to be quilted

  144. I love to MAKE the quilts, that’s the fun part, but then I send them to a quilter to do the actual quilting.

  145. Small projects I try to do. Practice practice is the thought. But have used a friend who has a long arm business for larger quilts.

  146. I don’t complete most quilts but usually use my Babylock Crescendo if I do anything at all. I have a few quilts that I hope to send for long arm finishes. My dream is to have a long arm of my own one day. Til then…I keep piling up the tops.

  147. I have quilt3d some small things but usually send them to my long arm ER who does a great job! Thanks for the helpful tips!

  148. Anything larger than a baby quilt goes to my long armer. I have done some that are larger but I really don’t enjoy this part of the whole “quilting” scene I like to say I quilt by check! 😉

  149. I love all these quilty suggestions! Ironing is key, especially it your using a panel as the focus part of your project.

  150. I do small projects on the home machine—-mini wall hangings, doll quilts, table runners and baby quilts and I’ve done hand quilting and ties on larger projects. I’d love to try a long arm finish and thank you for the specifics to make that a success.

  151. My quilt room is full up with fabric, so no room for a Longarm. So I love sending them out to be quilted.

  152. I would love to have a long arm machine, but I do not have the room. 😕 So for now, I send out anything larger than a table runner.

  153. I send my work to my quilter. I tell her this project is as much hers as well as mine, I just end up with it in the end. We are both artists on the project. If I enter a quilt at a show, I share my judged critiques with her. We both learn and grow together.

  154. I am new to longarm quilting and only send quilts out if I want an intricate design like Baptist fan since my Simply Sixteen isn’t computerized.

  155. I’ve always home machine quilted my quilts. I don’t love to do it and hope to someday be able to send a special quilt to a long armer.

  156. I have my quilts done by a long arm quilter. I did hand quilt two projects and machine quilted one on my Bernina. Long arm is the best way for me.

  157. I send my big quilts to my local longarmer, and machine quilt the smaller ones that I make for my granddaughter, table runners and other small projects are done on my domestic machine.

  158. I have just finished my first quilt. It’s a small charm pack baby quilt and I quilted it myself….super easy just a 1/4 inch from each seam. I am working on The Ultimate Beginner Quilt Kit which I will quilt myself following Gina Tell’s tutorial on FQS Youtube. Once I finish my first big quilt, I will send it to my local quilt shop, Alpha to Omega Quilting in Jefferson OH, to be quilted on the longarm.

  159. If I am doing only straight stitch in the ditch< I do it myself. Most get sent to a longarmer.

  160. I send my quilts to a longarm quilter. I tried once on my home sewing machine. Not a success. I need to pick out what I did and then send it out to be quilted. It was my first quilt sandwich and I did not use a good batting. Nightmare city!

  161. So far I’ve just machine quilted since I’ve only done small lap or throw size. My goal is to do a full sized quilt and have it professionally quilted.

  162. I use a local longarm quilting service. However, I will machine quilt baby and lap quilts using straight line or stipple quilting.

  163. I have a new to me Handiquilter with Prostitcher that I’m learning to use.

  164. I quilt all of mine, up to 100″ on my mid-arm, but look for a professional to do special ones.

    I am forwarding the link for this article to my local Quilts of Valor group and guild. Thank you for the good guideline to help toppers prepare their quilts for the longarm.

  165. I always send my quilts to a long armed. I can quilt my smaller items such as table runners or placemats.

  166. I quilt my own quilts on my domestic machines….a Bernina, a Janome, a Juki, and a Singer Featherweight. I’d rather spend the money on fabric!!

  167. I send my quilts out to be quilted. I really don’t have the skills to quilt them myself.

  168. I bought a Cutie quilting frame that I use my domestic machine on and I love it. Most of my quilts are twin size or smaller. Smaller quilts I just use my domestic machine and twin size I use my Cutie frame. I get more comfortable quilting either way the more I do it.

  169. A mix of both. It depends on the type, size and complexity of the quilt top whether I send it out or not.

  170. I go to my local quilt shop and rent a long arm quilter and quilt my own quilts. I really wish I had my own long arm machine. Hope everyone has a great day

  171. I have had one sent out and I have done one myself. I have many more to do. Want to try doing more myself.

  172. Thank you for the tips for longarmers. I know a very special longarmer and I am sure he would agree with you. Hope the person who wins loves all the little labels and notions!! Thank you again

  173. I h done both sending my quilt off to longarm quilter and quilted my project on my home machine. That’s for the opportunity FQS!

  174. I take my quilts to one of two long arm quilters near me and am always pleased with the results! Some folks hate to bind but I enjoy that last step very much.

  175. I found a wonderful longarm quilter about half an hour from my home. She does an excellent job and so quickly. Since meeting her, I have almost any quilt larger than 40 x 40 done professionally.

  176. I purchased a longarm machine when I retired in 2019, I am loving it.
    I mainly to do edge to edge. I am not very good at freehand yet.

  177. I am afraid to finish my quilts on my machine but find once you get started you become comfortable with the routine. Besides I can’t afford send it out.

  178. I long arm my own quilts. I was inspired many years back and love every aspect of quilting and etc. This way I can follow this through all the way to the end! Heaven!!!

  179. I have been quilting my own quilts but I just completed a quilt that I’m thinking about having a professional quilt (the quilt is special).

  180. I quilt the smaller items on my machine but send bigger items to a long arm quilter.

  181. Items in 48”square I quilt myself, everything else I send to the longarmer

  182. Im making picnic quilts as wedding gifts for my 26 grandchildren. When I calculated how much the quilting would cost me, I purchased an old long arm. Once I knew (somewhat) was doing I purchased a new one with a computer. I’m so grateful I did! Not only am I saving money but I truly enjoy quilting on the long arm.

  183. I am a brand new longarm owner – so now I can choose whether to do my quilts on my domestic machine or my longarm.

  184. I’m a beginner quilter so my limited experience has been straight line quilting on my machine. So fun but I’m going to send my next project to a local long arm quilter. Yay!

  185. I love doing free motion on my domestic but I still send some quilts out to be quilted.

  186. I usually take them to my wonderfully talented long armer for all larger than lap sized quilts. Smaller items are completely quilted on my trusty work horse,(Janome 6600) or (Bernina 770Q)

  187. I do my best to have it right for the longarmers. I want the quilt to look it’s best when done and I want the longarmer to not dread seeing me bring a quilt. Keep them happy and you will have good results!

  188. I usually quilt my quilts myself as I like custom quilting. I have my own longarm. I have had others quilt a couple of my quilts. These are ones I liked with an all over design

  189. All large sized quilts are delivered to my long arm quilter. Small projects I do myself.

  190. I quilt all my own quilts on my Janome, the largest was 106″ wide. It was a struggle but I thought of how it built my muscles. I love the whole process of quilting.

  191. I send my larger quilts to a long armed but quilt my own smaller things like table toppers and runners and wall hangings.

  192. Most of my quilts are shipped by mail to a professional long arm quilter. I worry the whole time they are gone that I will never see them again. For me, at my age; a longarm machine is only a dream.

  193. I just recently was able to purchase a gently used longarm machine and have been learning how to use it. I just quilted my first top on it 🙂 Before that, I would try to quilt them myself on my domestic machine as well as take a few special ones to a quilt store to be quilted. Thank you for all of your information! Very helpful!

  194. Except for the ones that I’m doing with a quilting group for veterans (and then one of the ladies in the group long arms them) I’ve quilted all mine at home on my Juki sewing machine since I consider them all practice quilts and quilting part of the process that I want to practice. And although I’ve given nearly all of them away and had no negative comments about my quilting skillz, if I made a special one for a gift then I’d have it professionally quilted.

  195. I have never sent a quilt to a long arm quilter. I mainly straight line stitch them but have recently done a couple of free motion finishes. I think I would like a long arm of my own…and then you can put me on your list of quilters 😉

  196. I send my bigger quilts and quilts that are a gift to my longarmer. She is fast and they are always perfect.

  197. I send my quilts to my long arm quilter! She does a great job! My quilts are usually king size so I can’t quilt them at this time.

  198. I take mine to a long arm quilter. She does a fantastic job and I love everyone that she’s done. I did quilt a table topper and small wall hanging myself because I wanted it done right away.

  199. I do both – if the quilt is large, I will send to a longarmer, otherwise I will try to quilt myself s.

  200. It depends. Special gift quilts go to my longarmer. I primarily straight-line quilt kid’s quilts, quilts I intend to keep and charity quilts on my home machine.

  201. Smaller items I quilt myself otherwise anything big is taken to my local quilt shop. They do such a good job. My dream is to own a longarm some day.

  202. I will quilt on both my domestic and mid arm. I enjoy trying new free motion quilting motifs. That being said if I make a king size quilt it goes to the long armer, those are way to big for my mid arm frame.

  203. I’m a new quilter and have only hand-quilted. I recently bought a new sewing machine (I was terrified of them) and am in the process of machine piecing and will machine quilt a small quilt for the first time, hopefully, this weekend.

  204. I have mostly quilted on my home machine. My sister has a sit down and framed long arms so I have luckily quilted a few at her house recently.

  205. I have machine quilted all of my quilts except for my granddaughter’s graduation quilt that was sent to a long arm quilter and my son and daughter-in-law’s wedding quilt that Amish ladies hand quilted.

  206. What a sweet giveaway! Thank you for everything you do to help us make our dream projects. ❤️

  207. I usually quilt them on my home machine, but I’ve rented a long arm at the local shop for a couple of my most recent finishes and really enjoyed it!

  208. I have my own Gammill Statler. I do my own quilts, charity quilts for my guild & Quilts of Valor for our local group. I feel very fortunate.

  209. Most of my quilts have been sent out to a long armed. Recently I purchased a machine with a large throat space and am planning on doing more of my own quilting.

  210. I’m a beginner & have sewed only smaller quilts. They have all been quilted on my home machine. I plan on using a long arm quilter for my next larger project.

  211. I have a lot of quilt tops done but not completed! For smaller projects, I have quilted on my domestic machine (straight line or meander and variations), but I have two tops almost done (Lori Holt’s Scrappiness is Happiness and Calico Gardens) – I want to send them to a long arm quilter – just deciding on who to use, so your list is very helpful!

  212. Thank you for this article. My best friend is a longarmer and after sending her my projects to quilt, we almost weren’t friends anymore. Between her explanations and this article, I have a much better understanding of what is required.
    Thanks again.
    Many Blessings.

  213. Most of my quilts are small, I do quilt them by hand or on my sewing machine. But I guess for large quilts with a lot of piecing and applique, long-arm quilting can become an option.

  214. I’ve quilted my quilts at home on my sweet 16 machine. However, I just finished the largest quilt I’ve made, almost 100” by 100”, and know I can’t manage that size. I need to find a longarm quilter!

  215. I quilt small quilts on my domestic machine. The large ones go to Shelly of Ma Tante Quilting in Manitoba. She does amazing work.

  216. I quilt some on my home machine and for others, I rent time on a long arm machine from my LQS.

  217. I usually send my finished quilt tops to a long-arm quilter. Then I’m ready to start my next project.

  218. I have been renting a longarm at my lqs, but recently added a longarm at home! It is so nice to be able to quilt whenever I have a few minutes.

  219. I quilt on my home machine but not well! I am in the market for a good long arm quilter. I would love to find someone in the St Louis area but I also don’t mind shipping for a good long arm quilter! Thank you for listing a few!

  220. I have machine quilted my own quilt on my viking lily or topaz 30. I just sent my first quilt out to a longarm service

  221. I have always done my own quilting. I have done Edge to Edge, straight line, curvy lines and free motion quilting. Although it takes me more time to complete a quilt, I love the challenge!

  222. Most of the time, I send it to a longarmer. I’m addicted to the beautiful edge to edge patterns they can use. I also will quilt some smaller ones on my home machine. It has a 14 inch throat, so it is doable. I only do that if I need it done in a hurry 😂.

  223. I haven’t finished very many quilts. The ones I have made so far have not merited the expense or design of a long arm quilter. I do hope one day I can make something so special it can be sent out for quilting.

  224. So far I have quilted my own quilts. I have quilted several big quilts with a check design and I am experimenting more on smaller quilts like wall hangings.

  225. I am still relatively new to quilting and have only done quilting on my machine. My current quilt is going to be quite large so it will be the first to go to a long armer. Today’s blog will help me with the process. I will make sure to reach out to the long armer in advance to meet any of there specific requirements. Thank you for the inspiration.

  226. I mostly do my own quilting. I sent out the 1st quilt top I ever made, and it came back lovely. Then I wanted to try my hand at quilting, and enjoy doing smaller quilts on my domestic machine, nothing larger than a twin size. I have a couple queen size tops waiting to be quilted, so I appreciate the names you listed!

  227. I appreciate the list. Also, thanks to the long arm gals for opinions on their favorite batting.

  228. Years ago I used to hand quilt all of them but time marches on and now with a bit of arthritis in one hand I send them off to get long armed. It’s not fun if it’s painful.

  229. I quilt some of my work but send out my bigger quilts. It was fun to see the look of the different batting

  230. I quilt some of my work on my longarm free motion and rulers and I give some quilts to my quilting friend to do on her long arm she is much more talented than I am!

  231. I do both. Depends on quilt size. And if it’s for a special occasion I’m likely to give it to my long arm quilter.

  232. I am trying to quilt at home. I feel like that is part of the process of making your own quilt. Now it’s been hard and really time consuming and I’m still learning but it’s getting better! I still have a lot of projects I want to do so it’s going slowly but I’m glad I’m learning how to do it! 🙂 So far the method I use the most is the pantographs/continuous line quilting patterns from embroideryonline.com. I’m going to start branching out.

  233. I do edge to edge my embroidery machine for baby quilts or smaller and the larger ones I send to a long armer. thanks for the info!

  234. please add hint that a line of stay stitching 1/8 inch inside outer edge of quilt helps stabilize any seams that are there

  235. I wish I had the luxury of sending my quilts to a long arm quilter. They can turn a pigs ear into a silk purse! Unfortunately I have to do the best I can, do I do them on my domestic machine.

  236. I send quilts to a long arm quilter and quilt smaller projects on my machine.

  237. If I have a super special quilt top, I’ll send it out. If it is smaller, baby quilt, wall hanging, or table runner, I will quilt it on my domestic machine.

  238. I’ve never sent a quilt to a long-arm quilter. Someday I may, thanks for the tips:)

  239. For about half of the quilts I have made, I sent them out for long arming. And definitely for anything larger than a throw quilt! I love that someone can take my quilt to the next level instead of my straight line quilting (or wobbly free motion!)

  240. I’m a new quilter, so far done at home – not the best! Looking at using a long-arm quilter, so your tips are really helpful. Thank you.

  241. I have hand quilted or used my home sewing machine. I have a top that I would love to send to a long arm quilter. Thank you for the information.

  242. I have only sent one quilt to be done on a long arm, due to the detailed piecing. I do most myself with a serpentine stitch on my machine, but thinking of trying free motion on a mid arm!

  243. Thankyou for a reminder of tips before a quilt is sent to the long armed.

  244. I send my larger quilts out to a long arm quilter, and the smaller ones I quilt myself. I love the look of a professionally long arm quilted quilt!

  245. Hi! I’ve always sent my quilts out to a longarmer, but will soon be doing my own quilts on a longarm! Wish me luck! I’m a little bit scared. Haha!

  246. I have always quilted my own quilts on my domestic sewing machine, but am thinking of sending my next large one to a long armer.

  247. I’ve only done a few quilts and used my domestic machine. But I have serious envy of the beautiful longarm quilting!

  248. I send most to the long armer. Only do small wall hangings or smaller quilts on my domestic machine.

  249. For years, I free motion quilted in my domestic sewing machine, but I now own my very on longarm! I love saying, “Yes. I quilted this from start to finish!”

  250. I have used long arm quilters for large projects and love love love what they do. I have purchased a long arm Bernina Q16Plus on a 10foot frame. I am quite in awe of the professionals …. I’m slowly learning how rewarding it is to DYI. A challenge!

  251. I love everything about quilting, start to finish! I quit on my domestic Juki. I would love a long arm… Maybe one day.

  252. I just sent my first quilt to a long arm quilter. I am a fairly new quilter so I haven’t tried machine quilting myself. I can’t wait to get my quilt back and see what beauty has been added. I am hooked!

  253. I send my quilts to a long arm quilter. I find that working 50 hours a week, I don’t have time to quilt my own quilts. I would love to be able to quilt my own quilts but I think that will have to wait until I retire.

  254. I can quilt some on my Bernina, but I have used 3-4 highly talented long armers!

  255. I send my quilts to my Long armer. I found someone that does a beautiful job and we have become good friends. I may someday quilt my own small projects.

  256. I’m a longarm quilter so thank you for the tips! I know I appreciate you sharing those! So I do quilt my own when I don’t have a customer quilts in my queue. I love my clients and enjoy helping them finish their creations!

  257. I quilt mine on my long arm machine. I find it rewarding to make my quilts from start to finish.

  258. Both — I quilt small items like table runners or table toppers on my machine. Large bed size quilts are sent to a longarm quilter. Pantograph stitching for general use quilts are good. For gifts, I love custom work. Our town is blessed with several longarm quilters.

  259. I’m a longarmer – so do my own, but will occasionally use the domestic machine to do table runners.

  260. Thank you for always posting great and informative content! I’ve been wanting to explore other longarm quilters for my finished Sewcialites 2 quilt! 😃

  261. I used to send my quilts off but the turn around time didn’t work for me. So my husband bought me a midarm machine and that’s been an adventure to finish the quilts. Thank you Fat Quarter Shop.

  262. I have been finishing my quilts on my Janome M7 and have been trying to improve my free motion skills in the process. I like the idea of completing my projects from start to finish.

  263. My friend quilts my big quilts now, as she has a non-computerised long arm, which she needs practice on.
    I smaller quits and sewn items are done on my Bernina.

  264. I am starting to quilt smaller projects on my domestic machine but will send larger tops to the longarmer.

  265. I’m working on my first quilt ever and am having this debate with myself right now! I will probably try to quilt it myself but am worried I’ll mess it up haha!

  266. I send my larger quilts to a long armed and quilt smaller item on my domestic machine.

  267. Hmmm….mostly I have a stack of unfinished tops, but when they get quilted, it is generally me on my domestic machine. Great post!

  268. I quilt my own for now. Small quilts are done on my machine and I love hand quilting my larger ones.

  269. My longarm quilter is Shelley Jungen of Willow Tree Quilting in Springfield, Missouri. I quilt my own quilts if they are 50×50 (ish) or smaller and do free motion or ruler work on them in send all my larger quilts to Shelley. Shelley provides computerized edge-to-edge and computerized custom digital services on a brand new APQS machine. I previously rented time at a local quilt store on their long arm machine and the professional service I get from Shelley is so much better.

  270. I finish the quilts myself. One day my long arm machine will actually be set up and I will get to complete all my tops waiting!

  271. I use my long arm machine to quilt my quilts. I have a Handicap Quilter Amara with prostitcher. I love it!

  272. I am lucky enough to have a sister who longarms most of my quilts. I also free motion quilt some of them myself. It is fun to work together on on a quilt, picking thread and patterns.

  273. Anything larger than a lap sized quilt I will send to the long armed. I enjoy the challenge of quilting my smaller quilts.

  274. I’m excited to use a family friend’s long arm for my next quilt. These tips are great to know so that I’ll have an easier time!

  275. I used to rent a long arm for like 10 years and the quilting shop quit allowing us to rent. I am looking to purchase a long arm for myself. Maybe on some of your blogs you can list some of the best long arms.

  276. I’ve been finishing my quilts on my machine but would love to have one finished by someone using a longarm.
    This post has good information for sending my quilt to be done up even better than I could do at home.

  277. I do my own free motion quilting on my HQ SIXTEEN on a 10 foot frame. I quilt smaller projects on my domestic machine.
    I think that the actual quilting is the BEST PART of making a quilt.

  278. I longarm as a small business out of my home. I do as much donation work (hospital and veteran) as I have income. My daughter’s quilts and mine are at the bottom of the heap but I eventually get to them !

  279. I do my own straight line quilting or FMQ (not too sophisticated) and have been practicing on a hoop frame to up my game. Will be sending one quilt almost completed to a long arm quilter because of the weight of the fabric and I would like a better result for longevity use of the quilt. I think it ill be a good experience – we also have a lot of shops locally that offer long arm services as an option.

  280. I am a professional longarm quilter so not only do I quilt all of my own quilts but I finish hundreds of customer quilts each year.
    My website is

  281. I machine quilt table runners and baby quilts but send anything larger out to be professionally longarmed.

  282. I used by domestic machine to free motion quilt my projects until I purchased a longarm. I still use my domestic machine for some of my small projects.

  283. I belong to a Quilt Club where I live in AZ and they have a long arm machine that everyone can use. I learned on this machine. I also have a Brother Luminaire to do machine quilting on. Works out great!! Love quilting and doing it all myself, very satisfying.

  284. I do my own quilting with my Bernina Q20. It’s the perfect machine with never a thread or tension problem.

  285. I have been doing my own quilting but it is very simplistic and I would love to try a long-arm quilter. Thanks so much for the tips – I will use all of them before sending my quilt off to be professionally quilted.

  286. I use my Babylock Solaris embroidery machine to quolt almost all my quilts. I am able to use longarm quilt designs and convert them to the format my machine uses.

  287. I quilt many of my quilts myself. The large queens and kings have to be taken to the spa!

  288. I just finished my first pieced backing and getting ready to drop off with my longarmer. These were helpful tips. Thanks so much!

  289. I recently treated myself to a beautiful Bernina Q20 so I could quilt my own quilts at home. I’m still learning but love the process. I always read your blogs, so much info, thanks for the tips.

  290. I usually quilt my baby quilts and table runners but send my larger tops to be done by my longarmer. Too hard on my neck and back anymore. Thank you for the tips.

  291. I send any quilts over lap size to Gina Tell. She does an awesome job!

  292. I’m a long time quilter and although I love cutting and piecing, I *hate* quilting, so I always take them to a longarm quilter.

  293. Wall hangings and laps I can do on my sewing machine at home but only straight lines. Bed size I must send out to a longarmer They have done a beautiful job so I can be proud to give them to my grandchildren. Yes I believe they are artists at what they do. And thank heaven for such wonderful patterns and fabrics and who could all those tutorials that get me through the day!

  294. My daughter has a longarm quilting business so when she can work mine in she does mine for me. I think they always turn out beautifully. Her guidelines for customers match you guidelines. Sometimes I give her a quilt I’ve been working on for awhile and say I don’t care if I never see it again. When she quilts it and gives it back to me I’m in love with it.

  295. I usually take my large quilts to a longarmer. I will quilt table toppers and baby quilts myself. I have only done straight line quilting as of now. The only way to get better is practice so once I feel comfortable with the process, I will try a design.

  296. Hi, thanks for the tips. I’m new to long arming and appreciate all the help I can get. I have an Amara. I have completed a few quilts. I am basically just using the loaded patterns but would love to start freehand. However, I need some more practice. Everyday is a learning experience!thanks again.

  297. I wish I could quilt my own.my own on a longarm. I.have to send them out. Small things I can do. Never looks as good, though!

  298. I quilt mine on my domestic machine. I like to do it all from start to finish.

  299. It depends – small projects (table runners, wall hangings, pillows, etc;) I do myself on my home machine. I have a midsize Gracie frame that I use with my home machine. Anything larger will go to long arm quilter.

  300. I send my quilts out to a longarmer. I wish I could machine quilt better, but my favorite part of quilt making is fabric choosing and piecing the quilt top.

  301. I love your shop, and your YouTube’s especially. I am just finishing a new quilt and I love to win your notions.

  302. Depends on the size. I can usually manage a wall hanging or baby quilt at home, but bigger than that, off they go!!

  303. I have done some straight line quilting on small projects but everything else goes to my longarmer. Haley at Mistletoe Quilting does a fantastic job!

  304. I free motion quilt on my Baby Loc Lyric for all sizes of quilts that I make. I would love to have a long arm machine, but it is out of my reach at this time. I am so grateful to have found your site with the wealth of products from designers I really like, videos, and all the patterns available. Thank you for your hard work!

  305. For the last 20+ years my daughter has been my long-armer. However recently I purchased a used computer driven machine and we have started using that one for our quilts.

  306. I like to quilt smaller quilts myself on my Pfaff Quilt Expression machine. For the more involved projects on which I’ve already spent lots of hours in the piecing, I have access to several excellent long arm quilters. I’m not confident enough in my ability to quilt anything larger than a lap quilt myself, and special quilts which will be gifted (mostly to family) are well worth the extra cost to have them professionally done.

  307. I used to send mine to a long armed but my husband wanted to learn. He did it for several years (only my quilts) but unfortunately he now has Parkinson’s. He taught me and I do my own and for a friend I have been teaching to quilt. I am very nervous doing them for someone else though. After all that work I don’t want to mess it up. I do love to piece, quilt and bind. I appreciate all I have learned from Kimberly. definitely improved my piecing. Thank you.

  308. I send mine off to the long arm machine, they just do such a beautiful job and amazing patterns that I could never do at home on my regular machine.

  309. Hi Kimberly, I have my own long arm frame (the Little Gracie) that I got used, and I use my Juki to quilt with that frame. So far so good, and I just did the quilting for my friend. I can’t afford to send out as I spend my money at FQS.😁

  310. Hi,
    After sending my first quilt to a langarm quilter, I knew there was no way that I‘d ever go back to do it myself for anything larger thank throw size.
    It‘s a game changer!
    I am so lucky to have a langarm quilter localy, so I don‘t need to pay for postage.

  311. I have only ever sent off one quilt to be finished, but now have my own longarm. Tips still apply how to save yourself some heartache & frustration. Thank you for the tips.

  312. I have my own longarm and I am learning to quilt my own. Hope to start quilting for others soon. Thank you for the helpful tips.

  313. I have never sent mine to a long arm quilter. I have a Grace Qnique 15R on a 10 foot frame so I quilt my own quilts. Before that I also quilted my own on my domestic machine. I love all things quilting!

  314. I quilt mine at home on my Juki 2010. Would like to send something to the longarm someday.

  315. I either hand tie or hand quilt with the big stitch. Sometimes I combine the two. If it is a big quilt, I quilt each block individually with the big stitch before using a quilt as you go method to put it all together. I ,I’ve the hand made look.

  316. I am getting ready to send my first quilt to the long-armer, so these are very helpful notes. You have a wonderful arsenal of long-armers, thanks for sharing their information.

  317. As a Longarm quilter, I see a lot of borderless quilts. I have to stay-stitch the edges before I load it on the frame. This is a small step you can do before you send it out for quilting.

  318. I longarm my quilt myself. When I retired I purchased a longarm setup and I have enjoyed learning. These are great tips, if I were to longarm for someone(but I don’t) I would be sure to pass these tips along.

  319. I do both, small items I quilt myself, anything bigger than 50×50 I send off to the longarmer. Someday I may get a longarm and life will be great!!

  320. If it’s something small like a baby blanket I use my home machine. My sewing room is small so I hate fighting with larger one’s. My local longarm quilter does a wonderful job.

  321. I quilt my”summer quilts” myself; sans batting. All my other quilts I send to a local long armer for quilting.

  322. I send my quilts out because I appreciate the skill my long-armer uses to make my quilts a work of art!

  323. I send all my quilts to be longarmed but I quilt my own small projects like table runners and wall hangings. I LOVE the beauty the longarmer add to my quilts and am always amazed at their work!

  324. I am not sure what batting to use to get. Flexible lite quilt. I have 3 longarm quilters that I used.

  325. Love this post on the blog! Thanks so much for providing all in contact information for the longarmers. I have at least 12 quilts all pressed including backings and battings using 80/20 Warm and White, boxed up and ready to get topquilted. I’m way behind! Normally, I take them to a small business called Topstitchery in Roberts, WI and I rent a machine and do the edge-to-edge topquilting on one of their 3 machines. I’m thinking of sending some of them out so I can catch up. Thanks for the opportunity to win your giveaway, and also for all the quilt alongs, kits, fabrics, videos, etc. You all do a lovely job! Thanks again!

  326. I have done some quilts myself, on a long arm at a quilt store.
    I have quilted a few on my embroidery machine.
    I have sent some quilts to a long armer to be quilted, especially the king size.

  327. It is a mix! Depending on size and what seems most likey to complement the design, I will either do them myself or send tops out

  328. I send my large quilts out to be long armed. I quilt my own table runners and small projects.

  329. I’m a beginner and have only made one lap quilt that I took to my local quilt shop. I recently attended a free motion quilting class and loved it so I’m hoping to be able to do small projects at home and send out larger projects to a long arm artist.

  330. Even though I have been collecting fabric for years I have only made a few quilts. So far, I have machine quilted them myself with straight lines. I am working on one now that I plan to send out to be long armed. Thank you so much for sharing this information.

  331. I’ve used both methods, depending on size. Larger ones are long armed, twin size and under I usually handle them.

  332. I send out my quilts to a longarmer. I free motion quilt only small projects, from quilted hearts to table toppers and pillows.
    Thank you the list of recommended longarmers!

  333. I am a hand quilter, using a Big Stitch & most often PerléCotton.
    I have used my sewing machine for small wall hanging quilting.
    Years ago (1990’s), I taught Parents, Grandparents. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins & Elementary Students how to create quilt tops…. (I sewed them together) & we all learned how to hand tie them. It was “to decrease the sounds” in the 2 story gym, used for breakfast & lunch times for these students. Some used yarn, others used Perlé Cotton. Using tables throughout the halls, all were tied & hung within in a weekend. They only reduced the sound by 2% & looked wonderful!!! The designs were drawn by the children on 8″ x 11″ fabric with the 1/4 ” seam line drawn on the white cotton fabric. I used the 3 primary colors in solid cotton fabrics for the sashing & a medium blue for the 28 quilts’ backing fabric.

  334. If it’s a small project like a tale runner or a bag, I will quilt it myself. For most larger projects, I send them out.

  335. Hi! Great blog post! I have always quilted on my home machine and thank God for you and YouTube videos showing tips too! I find it’s a great therapy for me and practiced with paper and pen making different shapes to learn. Thanks for everything!

  336. I quilt by credit card, unless it’s something SMALL that I can easily handle on my domestic machine. Gina Tell quilted my first ever finished quilt and it’s something I’ll treasure forever. She does BEAUTIFUL work!

    Thanks FQS for all the great tips & ideas for me LAQ’s who I can send my many tops to.

  337. I have been doing small projects on my sewing machine but I am really excited to do a large quilt that requires a long arm. Thanks for the information.

  338. I have only been quilting for a while. I feel comfortable quilting my own on my sewing machine but I am limited on the size due to the challenging upper arm and shoulder workout on larger (over 65″square). I have sent larger quilts to longarmers and just recently I am the proud owner of a long arm quilting machine. It is a learning curve and I am slowly getting the hang of it.

  339. Thanks for the great tips!!! Still not too confident in my FMQ skills. I Need more practice, lol. I bring most of my quilts to a longarmer. Thinking of trying the quilt as you go method so its not so intimidating.
    I have done 3 BOM from you guys and Love everyone!

  340. I have always wanted to get a long arm and do my own, but I dont have room or time so off to the longarmer they go. Great tips and I will keep them in mind for my next quilt when it goes to the Longarmer.

  341. If I have a small lap quilt, I will quilt it on my embroidery machine. Larger quilts I send out to a long arm quilter.

  342. Hello I want to start with how much I really enjoy your jabber blog. I actually started with free motion quilting on my domestic machine. But now I have an old long arm and I really enjoy quilting free motion and ruker work on that.

  343. I recently bought a longarm and am learning to quilt my own quilts. There is a steep learning curve so it will take me a while to get them done🤷‍♀️

  344. I machine quilt most of my quilts that are twin size or smaller. I like to take the larger quilts to a longarm quilter.

  345. I rent time on a long arm and quilt my own. Smaller items like table runners and placemats I quilt on my domestic.

  346. I send my quilts to Arkansas to my longarm quilter. She does the most amazing work. Then I get to enjoy putting the binding on by hand.

  347. Such great info here! I haven’t sent any of mine out to be quilted yet but it’s good to know!

  348. I am just 2 years into quilting. I have quilted using my machine and sent quilts to a longarm artist. I usually send my larger quilts out to a longarm sewist. The longarm sewist makes my quilts look so much more polished. She puts as much love into the quilting as I do into making the top.

  349. I am a longarm quilter. So I quilt mine myself. I longarm for a few people who are not comfortable to quilt on their domestic machine.

  350. I
    I send my quilts out to be long armed, but I would like to try one at home in the future if it is small.

  351. I send my large quilts to a longarm quilter. I have a simple long arm, but am just starting to work with it. Small projects I do on my regular machine.

  352. I have two pieced quilts, both are almost finished. They are too large for me to even try to quilt on my 50+ year old machine. Throat is not very large, so I will be sending these out to get quilted. Thank you for the list of your long arm quilters. I will surely be contacting one of these. Love all your tutorials, quilting and cross stitching.

  353. I quilt smaller projects either by hand tying or with my sewing machine and take my lap quilts or larger to a local quilt shop for quilting.

  354. Up until now I have only done baby quilts, table runners, quilt as you go, and mug rugs. I have quilted them myself, either in the ditch or 1/4 inch off of seams. I have just started my 1st 91×91 quilt, so I don’t think I can manage the size with my Singer 316g’s table. I wish I could though because she stitches beautifully.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter the drawing, for your items. Really nice! And thank you for sharing so much of yourselves; your time, knowledge, and patience. You all have been so encouraging and down to earth. That means so much to me, as I’ve only been sewing/piecing/quilting for less than a year. You all are so incredibly inspiring! God bless y’all!

  355. I have always quilted by hand, but now am considering the long arm.

  356. I let the professional long-armers work their magic on my bed-size quilts! Typically, I send my traditionally-pieced tops to one long-armer for edge to edge, and I send my appliquéd tops to another long-armer for custom quilting. Smaller projects such as covers for my stand mixer, insta-pot, and vitamix I quilt myself on my BabyLock.

  357. You are one of my favorite quilters and cross stitcher. Have a beautiful weekend!

  358. Any thing bigger than a baby quilt I send to a longarmer, and I prefer Quilters dream wool batting.

  359. We are blessed to have multiple longarmers in our area which I support. Someday soon, I hope to give it a try on my home machine 🙂

  360. I love quilting my quilts on a Bernina until I get to a large one. Then I contemplate some of the wonderful longarmers in our guild.

  361. I do both. For smaller quilts and wall hangings I machine quilt at home. For larger or special quilts I send them to a long armer.

  362. I send my bed sized quilts to be quilted by my long armer. I do choose a different long armer for each quilt in search of my favorite. I will definitely be trying a few from the wonderful list of long arm quilters Fat Quarter Shop has provided in this blog post. ;)Thanks!

  363. If I did them myself, they would never get done. That being said, occasionally, I do quilt things that are small and easy. I have found a long armer locally. She is very accommodating and does lovely work.

  364. Hello and thankyou I won this give away. I am so excited! I almost missed the email but I think I responded in time. I enjoy your blog, and have told many quilting friend to check it out.
    Thanks for all the good information, creative pattern and videos you post.

    1. Hi Rochelle! I’m glad you saw the email!

      I’ll be dropping things off to be sent out first thing next week so you should be able to expect your prize soon. I’m so glad to hear you like the information, tips, and everything we share. Thank you for entering and thank you for sharing with your friends!

      Happy quilting! 🙂