Buttons, buttons, buttons, Oh My!

There’s one thing we love more than fabric and that thing is BUTTONS! We were so happy to have Just Another Button Company (JABC) over last month to make some awesome videos and learn about their process of making their buttons. We also just got a bunch of new JABC buttons in stock and are boiling over with excitement to show you them! Here are some of our favorites:


 Sprinkle Packs

 Perfect for embellishing your pin cushions, these Pin-Minis are mad up of handmade buttons by Just Another Button Company and sliced and mounted onto stainless steel pins! All packs include 3 pins.Sprinkle some magic on your quilts with the Just Another Button Company Sprinkle Packs! Each Sprinkle Pack includes 35 handmade micro-mini buttons in a variety of shapes.

Smoothie Packs

Party Packs

Shake it up with the variety of colors in the Just Another Button Company Smoothie Packs! Each Smoothie Pack includes 25 handmade buttons in a variety of shapes.Ooo it’s a button party! The Party Packs include 55 hand dyed buttons in a variety of shapes and finishes.


We even have a video we made with Just Another Button Company to show you how to Hand Sew Buttons!


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