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2013 Designer Mystery BOM Blog Hop Kickoff

Hello everyone! Last month we told you a little bit about our 2013 Designer Mystery Block of the Month program, and today we are ready to kick off our blog hop! This year, our Designer Mystery program features a row quilt with four striking rows of basket, star, house and flower blocks. Each week during the month of February we will feature a row and the talented designers behind each block!

Today our lucky basket designers are in the spotlight and will be blogging about the BOM.

Their basket blocks are too cute, but today we want to know what would go IN each basket! Each designer told us what they would fill their dream basket with. Go see what they said, then come back here and comment on this post stating what each designer chose. Three winners will be selected to win a $50 gift certificate to our website! Winners will be announced Friday March 1st, after the blog tour closes.

Here is the schedule of the blog hop, be sure to follow along and come back each week to enter the giveaway!

2/04/13: Fig Tree Quilts, Pieces from My Heart, Laundry Basket Quilts
2/11/13: Bonnie & Camille, V & Co., Kate Spain
2/18/13: Kansas Troubles Quilters, Primitive Gatherings, Minick & Simpson
2/25/13: Bunny Hill Designs, Me & My Sister Designs, Sweetwater
3/01/13: Winners Post – Fat Quarter Shop


  1. Couldn't access Joanna's blog to see her post. 🙁 Sandy had several items in her basket, one being the red featherweight. Edyta, wants Spring in her basket. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Couldn't find Joanna's but Sandy would be #2 red featherweight and Edyta would be #3 spring so that leave #1 for Joanna bowls.

  3. Sandy wants #2, the red featherweight (so do I!!)
    Edyta wants #3, the spring flowers.
    Joanna must want #1, the aqua bowls but I couldn't find her post so I arrived at that by process of elimination!
    Can't wait to see the mystery revealed!

  4. Like the other comments, the link for Joanna does not lead me to her actual "basket wishes" so by process of elimination, I choose #1, the bowls, for Joanna. The red sewing machine (#2) is definitely Sandy – and I'd love one of those sweeties too. #3 is from Laundry Basket Quilts.

  5. 1.Joanna must like the blue bowls
    2. Sandy wants the red sewing machine (I do, too!)
    3. Edyta loves watching the tulips bloom.


  6. Joanna would be the bowls; the red sewing machine is for Sandy and the basket of flowers is for Edyta.

  7. Joanna's link doesn't take me to updated blog – I guess it would be bowls from the pictures listed here; Sandy wants a quilt and red singer, and Edyta wants the spring flowers. 🙂 Thanks!

  8. Joanna's #1 (the link doesn't work but I know there's somewhere a picture with the aqua bowls on her site).
    Sandy's wish is #2 (who wouldn't love a red sewing machine?).
    And finally Edyta's #3 (thanks for a bit of spring).
    Thanks, Hildy

  9. I'm guessing Joanna wants the bowls, Sandy wants the quilt, sewing machine & George Cloooney(!) and Edyta wants spring!

  10. Sandy would have a completed quilt, a cute red machine, hot shoes, dress, and guy! Her's is an Oprah sized basket!

    Edyta would have spring in a basket, spring blooms.

    Joanna's post is from last July, but I'm assuming she'd like the bowls or someing similar in aqua.

  11. I was able to access Joanna's page. Although there wasn't a post relating to the mystery tour, there is a picture of a bowl full of cherries. So Joanna gets the bowl. Sandy wants the red featherweight, shoes, an Oscar de La Renta dress in a realistic size, and George Clooney. And Edyta gets the flowers as she would love to get spring in her basket.

  12. Sandy would love the Red Singer, Edyta loves the basket of flowers, so that must mean Joanna would like those sweet aqua bowls.

  13. 1. Joanna (by process of elimination as her blog wasn't up to date)
    2. Sandy
    3. Edyta
    Thanks for the chance to win the gift certificate.

  14. 1. Aqua Bowls – Must be Joanna. It does look like her.
    2. Red Sewing Machine – Sandy
    3. Spring Flowers – Edyta

    I hope I win!

  15. By process of elimination I, too, am assuming Joanna chose the aqua bowls. Sandy wanted the little red sewing machine, and Edyta wanted spring.

  16. According to the blogs I read #2 is Sandy (red featherweight), #3 Edyta (spring) so #1 must be Joanna even though there is no reference that I could find on her blog.
    Thanks for a great blog hop

  17. I haven't seen Joanna's post yet, but I KNEW the bowls were hers. Sandy wants the red Featherweight *(me too! and I want the shoes she wished for). Edyta is all about the basket full of Springtime.

  18. Joanna – #1
    Sandy – #2
    Edyta – #3
    I want spring in a basket too! And a red featherweight and ice cream in those darling little bowls. I can dream too right?? :0)

  19. Joanna wants some great aqua items from Anthropologie (good choice), Sandy has a yen for George Clooney (who doesn't???) and Edyta would love a little spring in her basket (tulips – gotta love 'em!) This looks like it's going to be a great BOM 🙂

  20. Joanna would fill hers with Anthropologie, especially seafoam colors. Sandy's basket would include lots of red (quilt, sewing machine, shoes) and George Clooney. Edyta would make hers a basket full of springtime.

  21. I love what they each picked!

    Joanna picked the pretty aqua bowls #1.
    Sandy picked the cool red sewing machine #2.
    Edyta picked the flower basket #3.

  22. Joanna wants items from Anthropologie, including the small aqua bowls. Sandy wants, among other attractive items, a red Featherweight. And Edyta would love some spring flowers.

  23. Joanna wants those pretty bowls, Sandy wants the red Featherweight and Edyta would like the spring flowers 🙂
    I just want to get started on the BOM 🙂

  24. Can't wait to start this BOM! Love the fabric choice 🙂 Joanna wants those pretty little aqua bowls, Sandy wants that gorgeous red Featherweight (LOVE) and Edyta wants the spring flowers basket.

  25. Edyta wanted spring flowers. Sandy wanted a red Featherweight and Joanna wanted small aqua bowls from Anthropologie. Thank you for the opportunity.

  26. Joanna would like Anthropologie goods, Sandy would like a quilt, red Featherweight, shoes and a fancy dress, Edyta loves a basket of spring flowers. Thanks for the giveaway.

  27. Joanna wants the aqua bowls, Sandy a little red featherweight or a great pair of shoes, and Edyta wants spring in her basket or will settle for some beautiful spring flowers!

  28. Joanna wants the aqua bowls (#1). Sandy wants the red sewing machine (#2). Edyta wasnts the flower basket (#3). Thanks for the fun little contest.

  29. #1 – Joanna with the blue bowls
    #2 – Sandy with the red featherweight
    #3 – Edyta with Spring!

    I'm still working on the Strawberry Fields and Vintage Modern BOTM quilts and can't wait to get started on this one!

  30. Joanna would like the aqua bowls from Anthropologie, Sandy would like a red, featherweight, sewing machine, and Edyta would love a basket of spring flower. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  31. 1. Fig Tree Quilts- Joanna would like a basket filled with bowls and other goodies in colors of aqua and seafoam from Anthropologie.
    2. Pieces From the Heart – Sandy would like a finished quilt called Granny Squares by Lissa Alexander, a custom painted red Featherweight sewing machine, red and nude Miu Miu shoes, An Oscar de la Renta dress, the body to go with the dress and George Clooney.
    3. Laundry Baskt Quilts – Edyta would love to have Spring in her basket.
    That was fun! I enjoyed looking over their blogs and can't wait to start the new 2013 BOM from the Fat Quarter Shop. Thanks!

  32. Joanna wanted the bowls.
    Sandy wanted the red Singer.
    Edyta wanted the spring flower basket.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. Joanna wants #1 – the little blue bowls.
    Sandy wants #2 the red sewing machine
    and Edyta wants #3 – Spring!

  34. I am so incredibly excited about this BOM, my first! What would each put in a basket…
    Joanna (1): the bowls (perfect color)
    Sandy (2): the red featherweight Edyta (3): spring flowers

    Thanks so much!

  35. So fun to see what each of the designers wanted in their baskets. Joanna had alot of items from Anthropologie, all in a similar color of seafoam, bowls being one of the items. Sandy had lots of great goodies, a finished quilt, red featherweight, shoes, a dress and a guy named George! Edyta loves flowers and would have springtime!

    Thank you for a fun giveaway and a chance to win. Three winners! Woot! Woot! You guys Rock!


  36. Sandy has that gorgeous RED featherweight. Can I please get mine painted?
    Joanna has the bowls……took a while on that one. Hope her woes are behind her.
    Edyta has the wonderful Spring basket. I would watch for each plant to bloom as well.

  37. Joanna would love the cute bowls from Anthropologie (#1); Sandy would like the red featherweight #2 (and George Clooney); and Edtya would like Spring in her basket.

  38. Joanna has the mini bowls (#1) and a whole selection of other items in aqua and seafoam from Anthropologie in her basket.
    Sandy has the red featherweight (#2) along with a completed Lissa Alexander granny squares quilt, a pair of miu miu's, an Oscar de la Renta dress and George Clooney.
    Edyta would love Spring in a basket (#3).

  39. Joanna has picked out an Anthropologie basket including cute aqua bowls.
    Sandy has designed a basket that Oprah might pick including a quilt, a red featherweight sewing machine, and George Clooney among other things.
    Edyta wants a basket that says "Spring" with perhaps some spring flowers.

  40. I think number 2, the red machine for Sandy, number 3 the spring in a basket for Edyta, and I'm guessing aqua bowls for Joanna? I'd like aqua bowls too!

  41. Edyta wanted spring bulbs in her basket. Sandy wanted lots: a quilt by Lizza Alexander, a red Featherweight, red/nude colored shoes, a silver gown by Oscar de la Renta and George Cloney. Joanna wanted kitchen accessories by Anthropolie, aqua or seafoam in color. Thanks for this opportunity!

  42. Joanna wants the mini bowls in her basket, Sandy wants the red featherweight, and Edyta wanted spring in her basket. Thanks for the chance to win and for the hop.

  43. Joanna wants the bowl in her basket, Sandy the red featherweight, and Edyta the beautiful flowers. Good choices, all of them!

  44. Joanna has the bowls from Anthro and Sandy= Red Fetherwieght which leaves Edyta with the spring bouquet… which is actually the opposite was I viewed them!

  45. Fig Tree = Aqua & Seafoam products from Anthropoligie. Pieces of My Heart = a granny square quilt completed, a red featherweight, Miu Miu ballerina flats, an Oscar de la Renta gown & GEORGE. Laundry Basket Quilts = SPRING!

  46. Sandy wanted the red featherweight (who wouldn't?), Edyta really wants some SPRING, and Joanna wants those pretty blue bowls (again, who wouldn't?)!! Thank you! I really enjoyed visiting the blogs today. Can't wait for next Monday!

  47. I also love shoes and would also have those in my basket- Sandy
    Not my colors but everything in collection of Aqua and Seafoam Blue from Anthropology is Beautiful- Joanna
    A girl always should have Beautiful Flowers to Cheer up your day- Edyta

  48. 1-Joanna, 2-sandy, & 3-edyta. I have to say, I wouldn't mind getting any of those baskets, but I like the way sandy dreams big!

  49. Joanna would fill her basket with aqua mini bowls and other bath items from Anthropolgie. Sandy needs a really big basket to include a quilt designed (and made) by Lissa Alexander, a red hot featherweight, nude colored shoes with a touch of red, an Oscar de la Renta dress and George Clooney!! Edyta has a basket full of lovely Spring blooming bulbs.

  50. Seafoam green bowls and accessories for Joanna, painted Featherweight and other dreamy goodness for Sandy, and spring flowers for Edyta!

  51. Joanna wants aqua things from Anthropologie, mini bowls being her favorite, Sandy has a long list, quilt, red sewing machine, nude/ red shoes/ Oscar De La Renta dress, and George Clooney ( btw loved her blog site) Edyta wants Sprinf Flowers.

  52. Joanna wants the bowls, Sandy the red Featherweight and Edyta the pretty tulips! Me, I'll take the Featherweight, too!

  53. Joanna loves the aqua bowls
    Sandy the red featherweight (but I love the fantastic shoes)
    Edyta, who lives in Michigan wants a spring flower basket.

  54. Joann wants the blue bowls from Anthroplogie, Sandy wants the red featherweight (and so do I!) and Edyta wants the spring basket of flowers.

    Sandy A

  55. #1 bowls – Fig Tree Quilts
    #2 red featherweight – Pieces of my Heart
    #3 spring flower basket – Laundry Basket Quilts
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  56. Joanna liked all things aqua in her basket, including cute bowls, Sandy wanted many things including George Clooney LOL! And Edyta wanted Spring in her basket. Frankly I'd love any of those baskets!

  57. 1. Joanna wanted a basket full of aqua goodies from Anthropologie-including the mini aqua bowls
    2. Sandy wanted a red Featherweight
    3. Edyta wanted spring flowers

  58. #1 Aqua Bowls on Joanna's list
    #2 Featherweight in Red on Sandy's list
    #3 Spring Basket on Edyta's list

    And Mr Clooney could be thrown just because 🙂

  59. #1 Joanna wanted things in aqua and seafoam from Anthropology; like little aqua bowls

    #2 Sandy would like George Clooney and a red featherweight machine.

    #3 Edyta wants a bit of Spring with bulb flowers to help get her through to the warmer months.

  60. Well, Joanna wants the aqua Anthropologie bowls (and lots of other aqua things), Sandy's Red Featherweight would be perfect in any basket and Edyta's little bit of Spring is also on my wish list!

  61. Loved Sandy's Oprah sized basket and I agree with her choices. Edyta's flowers are great. And being from the SF Bay area, I agree with Joanna's thoughts on the super bowl, and like her little aqua bowls ( bought the same ones last month)

  62. Joanna would choose those cool aqua bowls, Sandy would choose the red featherweight and Edyta wants Spring with the beautiful flowers!

  63. Joanna has the aqua and seafoam bowls, and things…Sandy has the red sewing machine and George clooney…Edyta has the spring basket. I can't wait for spring! Thanks for the giveaway!

  64. Edya wants a basket of spring, Joanna wants an aqua basket from anthropology including her aqua mini bowls, and Sandy has many fun ideas for her Oprah type basket including George Clooney and her singer featherweight.

  65. Joanna picked the bowls in #1. Sandy wanted a beautiful red sewing machine pictured in #2. Edyta's basket would have my favorite flowers, tulips !!

  66. Joanna (#1) bowls (practical choice)
    Sandy (#2) featherweight (plus many others … Big Dreamer!)
    Edyta (#3) spring flowers (been a long winter … I can relate completely)

  67. Joanna wants the pretty aqua bowls. Sandy wants the awesome red sewing machine (I agree!!) and Editya wants the lovely flowers! All wonderful picks.

  68. Joanna wants the aqua mini bowls, Sandy the red sewing machine and Edyta wants the basket of spring blooms. Thanks for the giveaway.

  69. Beautiful fabric! Joanna would love the aqua mini bowls, Sandy the Red Featherweight and Edyta the beautiful Spring flowers. Thanks for the chance.

  70. Thanks for the chance to win this giveaway. Let's see if I can get this right:

    Aqua bowls – Joanne
    Flowers – Edyta
    Red Featherweight – Sandy

  71. Joanna at Fig Tree picked a bath items basket in aqua and seafoam from Anthropologie, Sandy Gervais from Pieces From My Heart picked a quilt designed by Lissa Alexander, a red Featherweight, a pair of red-tipped heels, an Oscar de la Renta dress, and George Clooney; and Edyta (Laundry Basket Quilts) wants spring!

  72. Edyta would like flowers in her basket.
    Sandy wants a lot in her basket but one of the things is the red sewing machine.
    Joanna would like those turquoise bowls.

  73. Joanna would like an assortment of goodies from Anthropologie in Aqua and seafoam, candles, bowls, towels and other goodies.
    Sandy would like a finished quilt, a red featherweight, shoes, an Oscar De la Renta gown and George Clooney 🙂
    Edyta would like Spring.

  74. Joanna would want the anthropology aqua bowls. Sandy wanted the red seeing machine, some cute shoes, Oscar de la renta. Edyta wanted spring. I like her answer the best 🙂

  75. #1 is Joanna wants the bowls (I want all the aqua things!! that's my color)
    #2 is Sandy wants the red featherweight
    #3 is Edyta wants the basket of Spring flowers

  76. Joanna wants just about anything seafoam green. Sandy wants a quilt, the fantastic red Featherweight, gorgeous shoes, a great dress, and George Clooney. Edyta wants spring to get here.

  77. What a generous giveaway! Love this
    1) Joanna~aqua bowls
    2) Sandy~red featherweight
    3) Edyta~spring basket

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  78. Joanna has lots of great things in her basket from Anthropology including those adorable bowls. Sandy has lots of things as well including the red featherweight and George Clooney(lol). Edyta would like Spring to show up in her basket. Thanks for the opportunity to win!=)

  79. Joanna showed several beauties for the bathroom in seafoam and aqua not sure if she wants all these in her basket, but seems to be partial to the beautiful blue bowls from anthropology.
    Sandy liked a very pretty quilt, a red featherweight sewing machine, shoes and possibly george clooney.
    Edyta would like spring and watch the tulips bloom.
    Thank you for a unique giveaway babscorbitt@gmail.com

  80. Edyta from Laundry Basket quilts would like spring flowers in a basket. Joanna from Fig Tree would like mini bowls from Anthropolgie. And Sandy from Pieces From My Heart would like a red sewing machine. I would love those fabrics and their retro feel, simply gorgeous!!

  81. Johanna from Fig Tree had lots of nice aqua things in her basket, including the mini bowls you showed; Sandy had stuff like fabulous shoes, and George Clooney, and the red Faetherweight you showed; and Edyta had a beautiful basket of spring flowers in her basket, like you showed!

  82. Joanna chose the aqua bowls, Sandy chose the red featherweight, and Edyta chose the basket of spring. Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. Joanna loves aqua would like the cute little aqua bowls.

    Sandy would like a red featherweight machine.

    Edyta would love flowers to help get her through to the warmer months.

  84. Joanna wants the little aqua bowls, Sandy wants the red featherweight machine (who wouldn't) and Edyta wants spring in her basket. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  85. #1 is Joanna wants the bowls
    #2 is Sandy wants the red featherweight
    #3 is Edyta wants the basket of Spring flowers
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  86. Joanna, #1 – the bowls
    Sandy, #2 – the red hot machine
    Edyta, #3 – Spring flowers
    They're all great!

  87. Sandy (and I) would love the red featherweight, Joanna (and I) would love the aqua bowls and Edyta (and I) would love the Spring flowers.

    I can't wait for this BOM to start. too!

  88. Oh I love this new BOM! Joanna likes the aqua bowls; Sandy likes the red featherweight machine and Edyta likes the flowers. All beautiful ~ thanks for the chance!

  89. Oooh – what fun! Joanna wants pic #1 – the blue bowls – but REALLY wants it filled with aqua & Seafoam bathroom accessories from Anthropologie. Sandy wants pic #2 – the red sewing machine – but REALLY wants a completed quilt by Lissa Alexander, some fabulous high-heels to match her machine, and an Oscar de la Renta gown. Oh and George Clooney. HA! Edyta wants the basket full of spring flowers because the poor thing lives in Michigan. 🙂

  90. The aqua bowls were chosen by Joanna, red featherweight was chosen by Sandy and the basket of spring was chosen by Edyta. When I saw this quilt on Joanna's blog I signed up for this BOM and I can hardly wait to start! I love the Avalon line and think all of these colors together are so cheerful! Thanks for the blog hop!!

  91. Everybody is actually repeating everybody else. I mean, come on, it is obvious that Joanna would want those aqua items. Her entire basket is FILLED with gorgeous aqua-teal goodies, each and every one I would want also. She has good taste, or at least, the same type of taste that I have. I always gravitate toward the Fig Tree line when I go fabric shopping . . . The red featherweight is pretty! Sandy, too, has great taste! I wouldn't mind having that to tote around, leaving my beloved Brother on my sewing table for safety's sake, as it isn't getting any younger . . . Edyta could jumpstart Spring by putting bulbs into a vase shaped for such gardening glory. My daffodils just popped out of their winter dormancy, and i have splotches of bright yellow in my front yard already, so Spring has started sprunging in Northern California . . . Thanks for offering a Contest, in which you will have HUNDREDS of aspiring winners!

  92. Joanna wants the cute aqua bowls, Sandy wants the red featherweight and Edyta chose spring…I love all of the above! I can't wait to use the Avalon line in several quilts. Thanks for the inspiration!

  93. Joanna chose a bath collection in aqua and seafoam from Anthropologie.
    Sandy wants a really big basket stuffed with a Lissa Alexander quilt, a red Featherweight, some fancy shoes to wear with the Oscar de la Renta gown–all delivered by none other than George Clooney.
    Looks like Edyta already got her basket–it was planted with tulip and hyacinth bulbs which are now blooming!

  94. Joanna's is aqual mini bowls, Sandy's is the red featherweight, and Edyta is the spring basket.

  95. Joanna wants an Anthropology basket with all aqua and seafoam colored items..especially some little bowls.
    Sandy dreams big and wants a glitzy glam basket with George Cloonie, an Oscar de la Renta gown, red tipped shoes, a red featherweight and a gorgeous quilt.
    Edyta wants a basket of spring for her cold/chilly Michagan home!

  96. Oh boy! Joanna wanted a beautiful basket of aqua and seafoam goodies from Anthropologie, Sandy wanted a dress by Oscar de la Renta, a great pair of nude/ red shoes, George Clooney, a red Featherweight, and a quilt from Lissa Alexander, and finally, Editya wants a basket of spring! (tulips and hyacinths)! I am loving the Mystery right now and three friends and I are doing it. We have two more joining us for the next round! Keep up the good work!

  97. Joanna was selecting a kitchen basket and would love seeing the aqua bowls in there, while Sandy had her hopes on that red featherweight (I want that also) and Edyta is thinking spring in the middle of winter and wants to bring on that tulip basket, so pretty!!!

  98. Johanna would love the mini aqua bowls in her basket, Sandy wants the red featherweight in her basket, and Edyta would love to have a basket of spring flowers.
    Thanks Linda


  99. Can't ask for a better giveaway than Gift Certificates! Thanks! Joanna loves mini bowls, Edyta is a fan of flowers and if you could round up George Clooney, Sandy may want to kick off those fancy shoes!

  100. Joanna would LOVE the Anthro bowls, (so would I!)
    Sandy covets the candy apple red sewing machine and Edyta is longing for spring in the form of a flower basket!

  101. Love seeing everyone's dream baskets! From Joanna's lovely Anthropologie basket, Sandy's Dream Oprah Basket (not to mention George Clooney!), to Edyta's beautiful Spring basket, all brought something to really dream about. Thank you so much for this blog hop and looking forward to the BOM! Can hardly wait till June!

  102. Joanna had some beautiful aqua items. I especially love the vase with the flowers on it. Sandy had some of my favorites in her basket, red items. A sewing machine, shoes with red toes, a beautiful quilt and GEORGE!! Edyta was wanting Spring in her basket. The tulips were so pretty, reminding me how much I want Spring also.

  103. Joanna would love aqua bowls from Anthropologie
    Sandy wants a Featherweight in her favorite color
    Edyta would love a basket full of Spring.

    My three favorite designers!

  104. Joanna wants the aqua bowls. Sandy would choose the red Featherweight, and Edyta would choose the basket of blooms.

  105. Joanna 1. aqua bowls
    Sandy 2. red Featherweight
    Edyta 3. Spring basket-love the
    butterfly and hyacinths!

    Baskets that will make you smile!

  106. Joanna wants #1, the aqua bowls
    Sandy wants #2, the red featherweight (I did not know that you could paint those!!)
    Edyta wants #3, the spring flowers

  107. This was fun, and I liked the designers' creativity. #1, Joanna, she had bath items; towels, soap/soap dish, waste bin, various lotions, but the one thing that stood out was the bowls.
    #2, Sandy, oh what a dream! She included a Lissa Alexander quilt, red colored sewing maching, red/nude shoes, a designer dress from Oscar de la Renta, and my faviorite, if it was possible to put George Cloony in a basket! Awesome.
    #3, Edyta, she wants a beautiful spring bouquet.

  108. 1 – Bowls are left for Joanna
    2 – Red Featherweightfor Sandy
    3 – Spring Flowers for Edyta

    These are my choices. Thanks for chance to win

  109. I love Blog Hops. It saves on gas, plus I can do it in my jammies!
    Joanna wanted #1 – the little aqua bowls.
    Sandy (of course) wanted #2 – the red-painted Featherweight.
    Edyta hoped to receive #3 – spring in her basket.

  110. Joanna wants little aqua bowls
    Sandy wants a red featherweight
    Edyta wants Spring


    tamiquilts at att dot net

  111. Joanna would love the small aqua bowls, Edyta loves those flowering plants and Sandy wants a red featherweight (me, too!)

  112. Here goes: Joanna's "basket" had the little aqua latte bowls, a Half Shell aqua hand towel, a Chalkboard spice jar, Barr-Co bubble bath, Hand in Hand soap bar, a capri blue jar candle, Barr-Co. soap bar, a carved gourd vase in turquoise, a Simpatico hobnail candle, A farmer's market small square basket in aqua, tea and toast butter dish in aqua, Morihata ribbon towels in aqua and a Barr-Co. candle–all from Anthropologie. Her favorite was the small aqua bowl.
    Sandy Geervais wanted a quilt designed by Lissa Alexander, a red painted featherweight sewing machine, the nude with a red swoop on the toe pair of shoes, an Oscar de la Renta gown and George Clooney.
    Edyta S. wanted the spring flower basket that she had gotten–enjoying a little spring before it arrives.

  113. The bowl for joanna though her basket would be full of aqua items.
    The sewing machine for Sandy
    Edyta the spring in a basket so the flowers .

  114. I'm so tempted to join this BOM–love the navy print with the more pastel ones.
    1) Joanna loves the aqua bowls

    2) Sandy would love to sew with the red Featherweight

    3) Edyta wants Spring to arrive in Michigan.

    Thanks for the BOM, Fat Quarter Shop!!

  115. Edyta wanted spring in a basket…I can identify with that…Sandys super dooper red antique sewing machine…Oh my goodness what a gift that would be be..I would just die if I ever got something like that in a basket . I really liked all the aqua items Joanna chose…The bowls especially…Boy those would look great in my kitchen. Thanks for the chance to enter. I am looking forward to seeing everyones blocks.conn_and_vans_mom(at)yahoo(dot)com

  116. Joanna would like the small aqua bowls along with other aqua and cream items. Sandy would like the red featherweight Singer and Edyta would like "Spring" in her basket. Thanks for the chance to win!

  117. Sandy's basket had several things: teh red sewing machine, the Oscar De La renta dress, cute nude and red shoes, Mona Lissa's quilt. Joanna woudl like all things aqua..the bowls and things from Anthropologie. Edyta woudl love a basket of "spring" . Thanks for the chance at all those beautiful fabrics!!!

  118. Joanna would like items in one of her favorite colors Aqua, from Anthropology or just the set of Aqua bowls.
    Sandy would like a few hot items, red Featherweight, George Clooney, evening gown, maybe a different body for the gown, cute shoes for sewing on the hot red machine.
    Edyta being from Michigan would like Spring in a basket.

  119. Love the BOM quilt!!

    – Joanna @ Fig Tree Quilts – aqua mini bowls
    – Sandy @ Pieces From My Heart – Red Singer Featherweight
    – Edyta @ Laundry Basket Quilts – basket of Spring Flowers

  120. Fig tree Quilts (Joanna)blue bowls
    Pieces of my Heart(Sandy) red featherweight sewing machine
    Laundry Basket Quilts (Edyta) Basket of flowers

  121. Joanna goes with photo #1 – all that pretty aqua from Anthropologie
    Sandy goes with photo #2 – the feather weight and lots of other extravagant things
    Edyta – is photo #3 and actually has that pretty basket of spring bulbs.

  122. Joanna loves those little bowls, Sandy likes the red sewing machine and Edyta – the flowers.

    Thanks for the fun!!!

    Mary J.B.

  123. 1 – Bowls are left for Joanna
    2 – Red Featherweightfor Sandy
    3 – Spring Flowers for Edyta

    Thanks for a fun intro to your adorable block of the month.

  124. Okay, here goes: The bowls for Joanna, the Featherweight for Sandy, and the spring bouqet for Edyta. Great choices, all.

  125. These girls have great style. I'd be happy with the aqua bowls that JoAnna loved. The red featherweight that was part of Sandy's basket would be amazing. And I agree with Edyta, that after a long winter, a basket full of spring can simply be the best! 🙂

  126. How did I miss this last week? Glad I could catch up!

    The gorgeous aqua bowls = Joanna

    Red Featherweight = Sandy (so cool!)

    Beautiful bouquet basket = Edyta

  127. Late to the game as usual – Joanna from Fig Tree wants the lovely aqua bowls (#1), Sandy would love to see the red sewing machine in her basket (#2) (along with some pointy but cute shoes and a ODR gown) and Edyta is looking forward to some Spring (#3)

  128. Edyta wants Spring in her basket.
    SGervaus wants red featherweight.
    Joanna needs a basket full of aqua things like bowls…etc.

    Would love to win!