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Notion of the Month: Olfa Rotary Blades

It’s time again for a brand new Notion of the Month! Debbie Taylor is here today to tell you a little bit about our February Notion of the Month, all of our Olfa Rotary Cutter Blades! And don’t forget, the Notion of the Month is 20% off all month!

February is the month of love, and we thought you all could give your rotary cutters a little love! Stock up on Olfa rotary blades to keep your cutter feeling as good as new. We also have a special little blade that we can’t wait to tell you more about! It’s the Olfa Decorative 45mm Scallop & Peak Rotary Blade. It cuts the cutest scallops every time and will be perfect for all of your Valentine’s Day projects! I designed a little free mug rug pattern that uses the Olfa Scallop & Peak Rotary Blade. It’s perfect for a cup of coffee and a Valentine’s Day treat!

The Heart Mug Rug is available as a FREE PDF pattern, and we have a little tutorial below that walks you through the process. Whip up a Heart Mug Rug with some pinks from your stash, and you will be ready for Valentine’s Day!

How will you be celebrating the month of love? With some new rotary blades and a heart shaped cookie, we hope!


  1. What a cute mug rug! One thing I noticed though… when using the scallop blade, you should move the yellow disc from the back of the rotary cutter to the front – between the blade and the handle. It gives the waves of blade the extra space they need to keep them from rubbing against the handle when cutting. I saw it on a video on the olfa website.

  2. I have some rotary blades in my cart to purchase before the month end. Thank you FQS for always offering such wonderful sales and specials. You are my "GO TO" on line fabric shop…always.