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Your Favorite Schnibbles Contest Quilts! And an extra surprise!

“Your Favorite Schnibbles” quilts are due!! I’m excited to show off what you’ve made with some fabulous Layer Cake choices! If you are just now joining us, this is the conclusion to our little contest/giveaway. It is based off of Carrie Nelson’s book Schnibbles Times Two, which may arguably be the best thing to ever happen to Layer Cakes. (And — who knew — if not for the Jolly Jabber, the book may have not come to be!!??)

Carrie Nelson the Great is here today to give us an update on the life and times of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co. (La Vie en Rosie LOL!); new Schnibbles, revamped pattern… be sure and read through to the end for a nice little surprise and some show-and-tell!

Hidee ho Jabberettes!

What’s new with you? It’s a hot, hot day in my neighborhood… but that’s not really new for Phoenix. Did you know that the line “Hot time, summer in the city” was written with Phoenix in mind? Okay, not really, but it could have been. That’s one of my favorite summer songs, by the way. Actually, I think it’s everybody’s favorite summer song… but I’m digressing. As usual.

It’s been kind of a crazy year since I was here last time, in part because of something I wrote last time… but more on that in a moment.

Have you seen the new Schnibbles patterns? Joy Luck is probably my favorite, probably because I love, love, love the Verna collection by Kate Spain. I love Fandango too, but Verna is definitely my favorite. I love that French General too. My Mon Ami (coming soon to Fat Quarter Shop)…wait until you see it… you’ll wonder, how in the world did she manage to work 268 half-triangle squares into a 33” x 33” quilt? It was easier than you think.

And then there’s that fabric thing ~ Fresh Palette will be here in October. It’s making me crazy to have to wait to actually get the fabric in my hands but then again, it will get crazy when I actually have it and have to get a couple of quilts made. Pronto. It’s a mixed bag, isn’t it?

Books! Spice of Life Quilts and Schnibbles Times Two are already out and A Touch of Rosie is coming this October. As beautiful as the two Leisure Arts books are, I really miss the cows. (Schnibbles Times Two ~ page 59. It’s my favorite picture in the whole book… and but for a series of events set in motion by something I wrote here last year, it might not have happened.

In telling you how the Schnibbles patterns came into being, I kinda sorta suggested that maybe, just possibly someone was making a little bit of extra work for me with her ideas and pestering. You know her. You love her. Yes, Moda Lissa. That’s who I’m referring to.

A few weeks after Lissa had written a nice post trying to explain the reasons for her pestering me, I e-mailed her to make sure she knew I was teasing because, well, not everybody does. And it was important that she know I was teasing… just in case I needed some more charm packs. (Okay, so that’s probably why I e-mailed her in the first place, but my version sounds better.) When she wrote me back, she told me that she had this idea for turning my charm pack quilts into layer cake quilts. An e-mail to the lovely ladies at Martingale and a week later, I’ve got a contract, a dozen quilts to get made and a manuscript to write. And oh yeah, by the way, this was all taking place about two months before Spring Market.

I told you she’s good at making work for me. In the most loving way possible.

Before I forget, if you went back and read the post from last year… the nine-patches were part of Quadrille, the scraps in the basket became Sweet Tea and the Bella Solids are in a version of Blue Skies that will be out in another month or so.

As for Schnibbles Times Two ~ I wasn’t 100% sure about them when I first started because… well, the pieces are kind of big. Seriously! A couple of those quilts have flying geese that finish at 4” x 8”! Huge! But here’s the rub… the bigger pieces are perfect for all those fabulous contemporary collections, like Verna. And Fandango. And Freebird ~ yes, I’m in love with this one too. Who knew that those really big pieces meant so many more fabric options for moi?

And it wasn’t like I couldn’t occasionally put a few small pieces into the quilts, just to get it out of my system if I just had to. For example, instead of just cutting a big square, I could make a couple half-triangle squares and piece them to make something the same size. That’s how I came up with Lumiere de McGuffey. It’s just the McGuffey quilt from the book with a little tweaking. All you need are two Lumiere Layer Cakes ~ though any two layer cakes will work, so long as you have 83 squares, a half-yard of fabric for an inner border and the Schnibbles book. And these free revised instructions.

Okay, my glass of iced tea is empty so that means it’s time for me to go.

Oh, one last thing… if you leave a comment here by next Monday, July 19, you can win a complete kit to make the Lumiere de McGuffey quilt. The kit includes two layer cakes, the inner border yardage, and a signed Schnibbles Times Two book. And it comes packed in a Schnibbles project bag. All you need are the backing and binding.

I’m betting that Kimberly and Co. can help you out with that.

Did you hear that, Schnibbles fans?? Thanks to Carrie for her generosity!!
Now let’s do a little show-and-SchnibblesTimesTwo-tell so we can out some fab prizes too!

Entries from Debi Lohr:
Entry by Cara Quilts:

Entry by Simone de Clerk

Entry by Bree’s Place

If I’ve missed your entry, please let me know ASAP!!! We’ll announce the winners & prizes in the next post!! Good luck to all, and thank you for playing!!


  1. Wow….some really gorgeous quilts and please enter me in the giveaway…I would love love love to win that fabulous prize 🙂

  2. What a great giveaway! Thanks! That fabric line has "Gift for my Mom for Christmas" written all over it!!!

  3. The combination of the fabric and quilt pattern is a great one that I'd love to win. And thanks for the quilt show of finished projects people are submitting. Kathie L in allentown

  4. Oh what a wonderful giveaway! I'm so in love with the Schnibbles patterns~ I think I need 2 of every one! or more!! LOL Too bad I don't have one of those money trees. 😉 Thanks for the chance!

  5. Schnibbles has become a favorite word of mine this year. Joy Luck is a MUST make for this year. Thanks for all of the wonderful designs.

  6. I have only just learnt about Schnibbles in the last year, and have only found the book (x2) in the last few months. I just love the idea of using pre cut fabric such as charms and layer cakes. I wonder if NZ will ever get the wonderful selection you have in the States? We can but hope.
    thanks for the chance of a lovely giveaway.

  7. I'd love to win this quilt. Two years ago I made my first quilt — all red and white. It was beaufiful, and given to my son and his wife as a wedding gift. I'm ready to try another one! 🙂 I've enjoyed your blog.

  8. Oh my goodness, look at all those lovely quilts! I have not made a Sshnibbles quilt yet but I am loving the inspiration. And I would love to win that beautiful kit. Thanks for the opportunity to play.

  9. What a gorgeous array of schnibbles!! And Lumiere de McGuffy is just stunning, how good would it be to win a kit!!

  10. I wish I had been able to get things going for schnibbles times two, but life was way too busy lately, so I will have to just add it to my list to do when life settles down. Does that happen when the kids are in school, or when they leave home?

  11. Oh my gosh! I love the Sx2 patterns! I got my book months ago, and have been finishing up some other projects before I cut up two more layer cakes, but Bennington is the one I am going to try! I love odyssea and Make Life sample!

  12. Oh my goodness, these quilts are beautiful! I am a Schnibbler, but it has been put on hold as we move to a new house. I would love to be entered in this fabulous giveaway. This quilt would look incredible in our new home. Thanks!

  13. I'm so new to quilting I have never even heard of Schnibbles! I feel a FQS purchase coming on! Great giveaway, thanks!

  14. I'm a newbie – found my way here with directions from V&Co! Seriously amazing fabrics. Makes me wish I could sew all day long… I might have to make it happen if I win the kit!

  15. beautiful quilts! i am working on my first quilt now and am so excited–its so fun to see your quilts come together! (v and co sent me!)

  16. Thanks for the giveaway. I love all the quilts! It's fun to see them made in different fabrics than what's on the cover.

  17. V and Company sent me over to visit and tell you that I Lurv you and your fabric and your blog and your patterns and your service and your………(I know, I am seriously sucking up)

  18. So fun to see everyone's Schnibble quilts! I am making Joy Luck this month for A Year of Schnibbles. It is such a cute pattern.

  19. Love the new books (have both of them), looking forward to the October book, and really looking forward to your first line of fabric! YIPPEE!! Hoping I win Lumiere McGuffey!!

  20. The pattern is wonderful and I love the fabric! Would love to win Lumiere de McGuffey!

    But then again I would love to win just about anything from Miss Rosie!


  21. Oh my, Carrie and Kimberly, this is a lovely quilt. It's just beautiful and how I would love to recreate it. Thanks to Lissa, too, for keeping Carrie's plate full. Stay cool ladies!

  22. Carrie is just so fun. I think I may be addicted to Schnibbles. It would be so awesome to win the Lumiere de McGruffey quilt kit, love the stars. I hear ya about the heat Carrie, I'm a Phoenix girl too.

  23. I'm over from V&Co and glad I came; just in time to see this giveaway! I've seen so many Shnibbles online but haven't bought one yet…sure would love to win that kit..the fabrics are devine! Yum!
    freeindeed at myfairpoint dot net

  24. I would love to win something! I was sent over here from V&Co.'s blog. It's funny how many of the blogs I already follow are also listed on your side bar. Cool.

  25. OH, I am hoping I win this quilt kit, it is just beautiful. I already subscribe to your blog, but still V and Company sent me over.

  26. Fun entry! It would be wonderful to win the gorgeous kit! Thanks for such a generous giveaway! Ann in NC

  27. I love, love, love that McGuffey quilt! It is just stunning! And the new fabric line is calling my name. I can't wait to see it in person.
    All of the Schnibbles times two quilt are beautiful. Nice work everyone!
    Leslie S. in MN

  28. The Lumiere de McGuffey quilt is fabulous! I popped on over from Vanessa's blog and saw this and swooned! My mother would love this quilt for Christmas!

  29. oh, i love Carrie Nelson and all her patterns–she has a fantastic eye for mixing traditional quilt blocks with modern fabrics. i love the Lumiere quilt and hope hope hope i'll win–but if i don't, i'm still planning on making it!

  30. I just love the new book Schnibbles x 2–it is one great idea after another. Thanks for putting all these great ideas in my head!


  31. Wonderful entries! I especially like Cara Quilts' X-Rated. I'd love to win the signed copy of Carrie's book 🙂

  32. Hi! I just dropped by from V&Co. How did I not know you had a blog? Exciting giveaway! I love all of the entries!

  33. I can hardly believe your giving away that quilt kit! Oh my! It is so lovely! I read about the giveaway at V& Co's blog

  34. Hi ..
    I love this book Schnibbels times two and I have made the small X rated quilt using Astor Manor by Moda. It became the most perfect little quilt, love it!!
    I would love to be in this giveaway and thanks a lot for a wonderful post, read it all ;-))

  35. This is just a little love note from me to you to let you know how much I adore your blog and your store.
    PS Vanessa from V&Co sent me 🙂

  36. I've really become addicted to Schnibbles, dear Carrie! You do such a wonderful job in making your patterns. Each one is fun to make!
    I have both of your books and your new pattern is already on its way from FQS(O:
    Can't wait for Fresh Palette to come out!!!
    How I would love to win the Lumiere de McGuffey quilt kit. That would be something! I would share my prize with someone else, because I already have the lovely book!
    Thank you, Kim for the interview and for the great win!

  37. oh how I would so love to win the Lumiere de McGuffey quilt kit. That would be something indeed! These quilts are so stunning, I have recently discovered your super schnibbles patterns Carrie and I love them, delightful!!!

  38. I would love love love to win!!! My two favorites (French General and Carrie Nelson) all rolled into one, its perfect for me!!

  39. Oooh…what to say..what to say….I do love the Lumiere de McGuffey colours 🙂 Craft, quilts, and books….my three great loves rolled into one giveaway…many many thanks for the opportunity 🙂 Happy crafting, Jenny

  40. At last, great ideas for schnibbles. I can use up all those charm packs and layer cakes I couldn't resist! Would love to win the fab kit.

  41. I have my Park Avenue fabric & now just need the Schnibbles times two for the pattern. I love the McGuffey quilt. Schnibbles are the best!!

  42. There are lots of Schnibbles quilts out in blogland – they are so cute! I've never made one b4 but I may have to add this book to my qult library.

  43. The Lumiere de McGuffey quilt is lovely. I would love to have the kit to make the same version. I love the Scnibbles patterns–I've already got a few in my queue for future projects.

  44. thanks for letting me join your WONDERFUL giveaway ! and please pick me (ha) ! these quilts are absolutely LOVELY ! I'd be so excited to win the kit and the book !!!! I came over from jaybird's link !

  45. I am absolutely desperate for that book and that quilt kit would make the perfect quilt to give my mom for Christmas …. This would make my MONTH if not YEAR to win this! 🙂

  46. I love hearing from Miss Carrie and Spice of Life quilt book is my fav so far. Tell Rosie hello from Illinois.


  47. I'm addicted to Schnibbles (like everyone else…) – I already ordered the new pattern, Joy Luck, and can't wait for it to arrive!
    And the new version of McGuffey is just gorgeous!!! The quilt shows off the French General fabrics so beautifully & the additional stars make the quilt sparkle…just love it!

  48. I would love to add this to my collection. With all the great patterns of schnibbles and the books I am dizzy as to what to make first. It's great!

  49. Wow! I would die and go to heaven if I won this giveaway. I've had the schnibbles book in my Amazon cart all summer just waiting for something else to fill it out to get free shipping. 🙂

  50. I'm just starting to machine piece and Carrie's patterns are perfect. I love the Schnibbles because I am getting a feeling of accomplishment and not getting frustrated. I'm hooked.

  51. I love the designs and would love to win this kit!
    I discovred your shop and blog via V & Co.

    mrunamistry at gmail dot com

  52. What an amazing giveaway! Love to see the Schnibbles quilts and all the wonderful fabrics everyone uses to make them.

  53. Love that Carrie Nelson, Schnibbles, McGuffy, Miss Rosie (for sure) ALL!!!! I would love to win this prize!! You sure had a lot going on – you are waaaaaaaay forgiven for being MIA for so long – hugs!!
    Linda P in GA

  54. A Schnibble a day keeps the blues away! I would love to win this giveaway. Can't wait to see Carrie's fabric, too. And it sure would be nice if somebody offered the Heartland quilt she posted a picture of on her blog the other day (hint hint FQS!)

  55. I love precuts and I love Schnibbles! Thanks for the fun give away. Karen in Breezy Point

  56. Holy, what a prize! Thanks for the newsy post and generous giveaway…can you believe I have yet to try a Schnibbles pattern? I know, I know! Must get busy.

  57. This is one of my favorite fabrics out now & would be so fun to win the kit. I love the way the Schnibbles quilts go together.

  58. Great job girls! The quilts are so pretty. This giveaway is awesome and if I won this would be my first experience with layer cakes. It looks like so much fun.

  59. Love Carrie Nelson and her happy, bright, cheery, fun, feel good quilt patterns. Would love to be entered in this giveaway. Thank you for sharing.

    Have a super great sewing day.

  60. These quilts are beautiful. I would love to make any one of them. I have not done a Schnibbles yet. Looks like it's time for my to jump on the bandwagon. 🙂 Thank you for this wonderful give-away. Take care and God bless, Cory

  61. I had been thinking about getting Schnibbles times two and now this post has made up my mind. LOVE the use of layer cakes. As a new quilter they are a bit more forgiving than charm squares.
    Karen T

  62. Oh so beautiful!!! Just love the quilt. Love the layer cake patterns. Schnibble times two may just be for me.

  63. It is always fun to see the parade over A Quilting Life. I have not been able to join the bandwagon but I love the quilts and the Joy Luck pattern is so neat. Thanks for a chance in the giveaway.

  64. Oh my goodness! I love those Schnibbles patterns!!!

    I am dropping by from V & Co! Love your blog!!!

    Crafting by Candlelight

  65. This is a great giveaway. I love all of Carrie's patterns and would really enjoy doing the new McGuffey's quilt.

  66. I would love to be entered in the giveaway. My favorite designer and fabric from French General, what more could a girl ask for? Thanks for the chance and I really, really hope I win but whoever is lucky enough to win, a great prize for them.

  67. Beautiful finishes for the people who entered quilts! And what a wonderful giveaway. I haven't done a Schnibbles quilt yet as I just recently heard about them. Thanks for the chance to win the kit!

  68. I love that Lumiere quilt. I've made one with Rural Jardin and have plans for a Rouennieres quilt. French General fabrics are perfect for my sister.

  69. Great job on those Layer Cake Schnibbles, Ladies! I really admire the turquoise and aqua backgrounds on the two. Gets me thinking…

    And I would love to win that kit!

  70. Carrie, thank you so much for sharing! I think my favorite story from your world is the story of Rosy Rosie! I love Goldies!

  71. Would enjoy making the McGuffy kit as my first Schnibbles! V and Company sent me over to your blog though I visit Jolly Jabber every week anyway. mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  72. I am a big, big fan of Carrie Nelson and would be absolutely thrilled to win this prize. Thanks for an awesome giveaway – really enjoy your blog with all the guest blogs.

  73. I'm glad V and Co. sent me here. I didn't even know what a Schnibbles was until now. FUN! I actually have a layer cake awaiting my attention…
    Great give away too, thanks.

  74. oh my goodness what a fantastic sounding kit. I've never done a Schnibbles before and this would be the perfect way to start!

    So exciting!

  75. Ooh! Me! Me Me! My hand is raised so far up in the air for this giveaway. I've recently hopped on the Schnibbles bandwagon and bought four of the patterns. I'm trying to clear my work list so I can start making them. What a fantastic giveaway!

  76. These quilts you show are beautiful. I'd love to win this giveaway. I just found your website thanks to V & Co sending me over here from their giveaway! Thanks for offering these giveaways.

  77. Carrie is always such a hoot! Thanks for the chance to win – I love schnibbles and love the concept of the times two book.

  78. I would LOVE to win the Lumiere de McGuffey quilt kit and the signed copy of Schnibbles Times Two. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!!!

  79. Love your shop!! Top favorite for sure, must order more soon! Vanessa Christenson sent me to the blog, would love to win!!!

  80. I would dearly love to win the kit so I could make my first Schnibbles
    quilt. Also I would love to have the signed book! I too am visiting here from V and Co. but I read your blog regularly to find out what's happening. Very gratefully yours.

  81. What a great giveaway. I had never heard of your concept of patterns using the layer cakes. A great idea and I'll definitely be checking out your books. The quilt on the front of Spice of Life Quilts is so beautiful!

  82. What a great giveaway. Miss Rosie pattern and French General fabric… it couldn't be better!!

  83. Ooh, choose me, choose me. I would happily give the fabric a new home. I'll frame the book with the signature, too. 😉

  84. I'm new to the quilting world and absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Schnibbles Times Two. Enjoyed seeing the contest entries here. Can't wait to try a Schnibbles pattern, just can't decide which one to try first. Decisions, decisions …

  85. I've always wanted to make a Schnibbles quilt, but I just haven't made it that far down my list. Maybe this could be the motivation I've been waiting for.

  86. I love the Schnibbles patterns and would love to win the give-away! I once took a class with Carrie here in Indiana and loved every minute of it. She is a hoot!!!!

  87. Today was Jo Club day at the quilt shop I drive to over an hour away. I took in FOUR Schnibbles today for show and share. I keep hoping they catch the bug as they loved all of them. One of the quilts was Joy Luck….the first time they had a glimpse of that wonderful pattern sent them buzzing!
    I'd sure would love to win, make it and spread the word more!!

  88. I enjoy reading your blog – always interesting & informative! Thanks for the generous giveaway!

    Lori – Oregon

  89. all the quilts are so pretty >.< would love to try out lumiere de mcguffey. thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  90. I love the idea of using larger prints in the Schnibbles quilts! Layer cakes are so much fun too! Thanks to you for a chance to win and to V&O company for sending me over here :o).

  91. I absolutely LOVE everything that Carrie does!! Hurray for all of her talent and her new line of fabric coming!! Can't wait to get my hands on that Joy Luck pattern.

  92. Love the design, and the colors in the McGuffey!! I've never done a Schnibbles, but would really like to try one!

  93. I am a new quilter and quickly becoming an addict. I heard that happens. 🙂 I am dropping in to say hello and tell you V and Co sent me. But I will be back! 🙂

  94. What a great giveaway. One of my favorite pattern designers, some of my new fave fabrics and a great interview with a lady with a great sense of humor. Fun all around!

  95. Oh, Yes! Lumiere de Noel is one of my favorite fabric line!!! And together with Schnibbles, that´s perfect!!!!

    Enjoy your day!

  96. Love that quilt and a kit would be great! But what I really want to say is … just how fabulous is your new line of fabric??!!!! Absolutely love it … great colors and patterns … can't wait to see what quilts you come up with it.

  97. Wow so many comments but understandably for such a gorgeous quilt kit. Thanks for the opportunity. It would be a great 50th birthday pressie if I was so lucky.

  98. I would love to win this quilt. Learned of your sight from V & Co.
    Love your designs. Again thanks for a chance to win.

  99. Hi there
    I just love the quilt and would love to win the draw – it will look beautiful, the colours are gorgeous. I'm posting a comment as Carrie suggested in the hope that your offer will extend to New Zealand – I'm from Wellington.
    Here's hoping

  100. The more I see of Schnibbles the more I like them! The Lumiere quilt is beautiful! I have had to put a few on my wishlist! Thanks for the chance to win! Lovely giveaway.

  101. I have just discovered Carrie Nelson and these fabulous quilts while browsing from France. I would love to win this generous give away and these gorgeous "French inspired" fabrics!

  102. I have such a long list of Schnibbles patterns I want to make and this is right up there. Having the kit would be wonderful! Thank you for the chance.

  103. I just stumbled across scnibbles tonight how awesome are they! I have not been able to find where to purchase a pattern here in Australia yet. Please put me in the draw to win this fantasic prize id love to make one of these quilts.

  104. I would sooo love to win this giveaway – you see I just need to make this quilt; I've fallen in love with it and I do so hope it can be mine. So I hope very much that the quilt fairies will pull out my name!

  105. I love seeing the quilts made up – I have a couple of Schnibbles patterns and lots of big ideas (don't we all!). Thanks for chance to win this great prize!

  106. I'm in love with the Schnibbles Times Two book — making the pattern Plan C right now, and I can't wait to try all the rest.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  107. Oh My! Thanks for the chance to win! I've made up a few schnibbles patterns and would love to make a "ginormous" one! Especially a RED one!!

  108. Iam just starting quilting and love it — have made several for grandchildren — love your blog and store – would love to win the quilt —

  109. I love my Schnibbles book and the McGuffey with a "star" in the middle was brilliant. I love the French General lines too. I too would like to win. Keep up the good work, please.

  110. So glad to know that there is a new book coming from Carrie…love the quilts that she designs! Thanks for the giveaway.

  111. i love the Joy Luck quilt – and i really liked the book (Amy Tan) and movie, too

    i don't expect to win, but my word verification is dinglymm, and i couldn't pass up a chance to type that once or twice

  112. I'm with dianne (and not just because she's my mom) – I like my word verification, too – it's zingi

    I'd love to win – love, Love, LOVE Schnibbles!!!

  113. Love the quilt, fabric and definitely the word Schnibbles…great word and a wonderful giveaway!
    I do follow your blog, and V& Co. sent me over this way too.

  114. I love schnibbles quilts. They're the perfect size to take with you and hand sew. Or, if you machine sew, they're the right size to get something done when you feel like you're not accomplishing anything of late.

  115. The quilt is beautiful! I have been quilting for 15 years but took several years off to complete my degree. I would love to restart my quilting with this project!

  116. I've never seen a Carrie Nelson quilt that I didn't "love" — think how exciting it would be to actually win fabric to make one!

  117. Hola! Bellísimo ese patrón y gracias por darnos la chance de participar para obtener una copia! Me encantan los schnibbles pero son sólo para habitantes de EEUU y yo vivo en Argentina! Es una verdadera pena! Gracias a Ud! Saludos!

  118. In reading Carrie Nelson's blog this morning she mentioned to come on over and enter your giveaway. Being a lover of all things Carrie Nelson I hurried on over for a chance to win. Please enter me!!! PS it was also a good reminder/excuse to drop in to see what you are up to. Love the quilts!

  119. I Just made my first Schnibbles and can see many more in my future. Great finishes everyone!

  120. I've been loving the Schnibbles patterns and I'd really like to make up that kit…and receiving the book would be such a treat! Thanks for the contest!

  121. I have been admiring that quilt for quite a long time. It is on my 'to quilt' list. I would love winning the kit. Pat

  122. I have been searching all my LQS and they are all sold out of Schnibbles Times Two AND Spice of Life Quilts (so depressing for me, but great new for Carrie!), so this is perfect timing! Besides, if I win this one it will be signed by Carrie, how fun is that? Then I just need to locate a Spice of Life Quilts and I'll be all set!!! I also adore the quilt kit your giving away. Thanks so much to both the wonderful FQS and to Carrie and Rosie for a chance to have this awesome Schnibbles treasure. I'm really keeping my fingers and toes crossed on this one. **Ahem…just a little side note here, our wedding anniversay is the 24th of this month…42 years to the only man I ever dated! just thought I'd mention it, LOL** Hey, a girl needs all the help she can get, right? All the same, "Good Luck to Everyone".

  123. I surfed over from V&Co. I love Schnibbles!! It gives me great joy to take a little bit and make a beautiful quilt!

  124. I LOVE LOVE LOVE schnibbles and Miss Rosie! I actually emailed Carrie Nelson a month or so ago about when Joy Luck quilt pattern was going to be released, as I saw it on her website and knew I had to make it. I ordered it from FQShop as soon as it was available. I am a relatively new quilter and would really appreciate having the quilt kit.

  125. I love that fabric and your schnibble patterns are so fun. I can even get them done and I feel so accomplished.

  126. I love the idea of "huge" geese..and the colors in this kit are great…aren't you glad Lissa did pester you? what a lovely result!! Thanks for the chance to win the kit!!

  127. Would love the chance to win this wonderful giveaway. Miss Rosie's patterns are the best. The Schnibbles patterns are so fun to make. Thanks for the chance to win. Karen M

  128. Such beautiful quilts. They are all so pretty.

    What a wonderful giveaway. I would love to win that quilt kit and the book too.

  129. I found out about your giveaway over at Rosie's place. I'd love to be entered for the kit. All the quilts pictured are just beautiful.

  130. I so admire the Schnibbles quilts and would love to win this kit and especially the book. What a great offer. Laura

  131. Carrie is such a gracious and giving lady. What a clever idea to make a small quilt from charms and a larger one from cakes with all these delightful patterns. I just received my copy of Schnibbles Times Two and the biggest problem is deciding which quilt to make first – right now I am leaning toward Hot Cross!

  132. I made the giveaway kit from a workshop I took, and it turned out beautiful! – used the Jan Patek' – Harmony line. Would love the chance to win this kit and book!

    Deb A

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    Deb A

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