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Your Dear Santa Letters!

“‘Code word is: ‘Santa’s got a brand new bag.'”

I have to start these posts with Elf quotes. Have to.

We’ve been having a blast reading all of your letters to Santa! They’re in all languages, and they use all sorts of persuasive tactics. From flattery & rhyming couplets…to bribery, wheeling ‘n dealing, the occasional threat. Someone “elfed” herself (go Jeanneke!)…and someone got “modus vivendi” in their poem (Kleiosbelly, your vocabulary rocks). But all in good fun! 🙂

So here is the full list of everyone who blogged their letter to Santa!
Up next, the list of comments to Santa — then, of course, the lucky “good girls” who’ll get their wish!

  1. Tammy J
  2. Beth 
  3. Carol 
  4. SheilaC 
  5. Rose.W. 
  6. Jen 
  7. Cara 
  8. Joyce 
  9. Call Me Crazy 
  10. Meg
  11. Michelle 
  12. Fiesta
  13. Jewel 
  14. Angela
  15. Sophia Aster (Lisa)
  16. JillQuilts
  17. Jan 
  18. Katie Favara 
  19. Emily 
  20. Camille (the Thimbleblossoms lady)
  21. KatesBlog
  22. Bruinbr
  23. Zarina
  24. Linda B
  25. The Last Yard
  26. Marianne Ogg
  27. Julia
  28. Bagira
  29. Alda
  30. Blue is Bleu 
  31. Karen 
  32. Kathie 
  33. RobQuilts
  34. Cindy 
  35. Dawn Owens 
  36. Quilt Hollow
  37. Caroline in NH 
  38. Meredith 
  39. Cindy 
  40. Jessica Christensen 
  41. PunkiePie
  42. KansasCityGypsy 
  43. Lisa D.
  44. Sarah
  45. Ana Salom 
  46. Sandy 
  47. Chris@Cats on my Quilts
  48. Stephanie 
  49. Alicia 
  50. Dianne
  51. Victòria 
  52. Kimland 
  53. Kristine Hanson 
  54. Laurie – A Yankee Quilter
  55. Casey
  56. Amanda
  57. Rachel 
  58. Eleanor
  59. Love 2 Quilt
  60. Thearica
  61. Vickie E
  62. Heather
  63. Kalleigh Hathaway
  64. Mandi 
  65. Leanne
  66. Shar
  67. Stacey
  68. Kim West
  69. Sew Primitive Karen
  70. Tricia Anne
  71. Carolyn
  72. Judith 
  73. Lara
  74. Sherri H 
  75. Kelly O.
  76. Sinta Renee
  77. Four O’Clock Quilt Company
  78. Patchwork Penguin
  79. Chelsea
  80. Melissa C. 
  81. Simone de Klerk
  82. Allyson
  83. Jungle Wife 
  84. Tracy
  85. Kaye Prince
  86. Lois Grebowski
  87. Gretchen
  88. Craft-Crazed
  89. Tracey 
  90. Melanie 
  91. Darlene
  92. Doodlebug Gail 
  93. Tacey
  94. Lizzie
  95. Dandelion Quilts 
  96. Robyn
  97. Michelle 
  98. Joan 
  99. Mary on Lake Pulaski
  100. Amy
  101. Marcie Koch
  102. Robyn’s Nest
  103. Jodie
  104. Lauren Colless
  105. Leigh
  106. Khris
  107. Quilter going Bananas
  108. Polly
  109. Infinity Quilter
  110. Kate in Stitches 
  111. Jeanette
  112. Vicki
  113. Angela (the Moda Home Mom)
  114. Sue (I Purr-Furr to Craft)
  115. Rachel 
  116. Sara
  117. Teresa C
  118. Narelle 
  119. Jessica 
  120. Debra @ Life is a Stitch
  121. Wendy
  122. Sharrieboberry 
  123. Megan
  124. AnnieO
  125. Kim (Kim’s Big Quilting Adventure) 
  126. Lissa Jane 
  127. Handmade by Mai 
  128. Catherine 
  129. Micki 
  130. Katie B. 
  131. Gene Black 
  132. Tamera 
  133. Nancy 
  134. Ohh Betsy 
  135. Simone
  136. Pat
  137. Beth 
  138. Michelle
  139. Tonya’s Sewing Room 
  140. Jo
  141. CieAngel
  142. Paulette
  143. CBear
  144. Pieceful Afternoon
  145. Diana / QF Quiltbuffy 
  146. Dawn 
  147. Margie 
  148. Kate Spain (the Verna lady)
  149. Heidi
  150. Pamela
  151. Conny’s Quilts
  152. Danielle
  153. Kathleen
  154. Amy (Park City Girl)
  155. Rory
  156. Quilt or Dye
  157. What Comes Next?
  158. Amber 
  159. Kersten
  160. Jen of ReannaLily Designs
  161. Kelli
  162. Sian
  163. Kim Sherrod
  164. Debi
  165. Crystal Hendrix
  166. Sara
  167. Luv 2 Kreate
  168. Silversmith
  169. Kirsten and Tracy
  170. Lisa
  171. Anne Ida
  172. Trish
  173. Kelly @ Charming Chatter 
  174. Elbosquede Sara
  175. Brenda
  176. Andrea
  177. Greg
  178. Crafty Mama
  179. Chris from NJ
  180. Nana Barb
  181. Lise
  182. Jen in NY
  183. Bethany
  184. RC
  185. Dianne
  186. Jenny
  187. A.
  188. Melanie
  189. Brooke
  190. An Encourager 
  191. KR McCord
  192. Pokey 
  193. Barbie 
  194. Sharon (Stitches on Mars) 
  195. Bobbi
  196. Tong 
  197. CJ 
  198. Jenna Designs 
  199. Becki
  200. Priscilla 
  201. Mab
  202. Ingaredstoka 
  203. Liz Schaffner
  204. Patchhuhn 
  205. Edith
  206. Kwiltmakr
  207. NuggleMe
  208. And Sew On
  209. Miss Tiffany Renee 
  210. Em’s Scrapbag
  211. Jane’s Fabrics and Quilts
  212. Amy
  213. Tanya 
  214. Marianne
  215. Barb
  216. Doris
  217. Blueberry Blues
  218. Satu 
  219. QuilterMom2 
  220. Nedra
  221. Jeanneke
  222. Ariane
  223. Lisa
  224. Linda
  225. Leigh  
  226. Madame Samm 
  227. Jennifer
  228. Abby
  229. Kleiosbelly
  230. Kim D.
  231. Nanann
  232. Kim B.
  233. Thimbelina
  234. Valerie 
  235. Vesuviusmama
  236. Karen
  237. Meg99
  238. Quiltin Cntrygrl
  239. SewFunbyMonique
  240. EmileeHope
  241. Amanda


  1. My lucky nuber is 14 – so since that's my number on Santa's list, hopefully he'll send some treats to me!

    I've had fun reading all the other lists. But I have a few more things I NEED now 🙂

  2. I am so glad you made that list. I posted a comment on the 14th that isn't there like it should be, so I re-posted it today. Maybe that was the computers way of helping me? Or more likely just an odd fluke.

  3. Come on Mr. Random Number Generator!!…Pick me at number 60!.. 🙂

    I have been reading some of these letters and I think CBear is gonna be in trouuuubleeeeee…hehe!…psssttt…Get me one too!!

  4. This has been so much fun… thanks so much for organising it and for putting all the links in order too! Brilliant! Merry Christmas xx

  5. It is so much fun reading everyones letters. There are some really creative ones there. Even if nothing else it has brought some humour 🙂

  6. Oh no I am number 13 I hope it is a lucky one for me. I am happy that I subscribe to so many that I have gotten to see a lot of the letters… so much fun! Thanks for doing this for us it is a blast!

  7. no 32,, oh wish I was 32 again!
    this has been fun and some of the letters are so creative…and many sincere. Looking forward to seeing who has their wishes granted:) Thanks for the opportunity and found a few new blogs to read and be inspired by as well.

  8. Dear Santa: I know it has been many, many years since I wrote you a letter and I almost forgot how but it is coming back to me. I have been very, very good this year. The Fat Quarter Shop has so many wonderful things. They have a beautiful collection called Blush Charm Pack – Basic Grey that is just beautiful. I don't think it is available yet so I will go with my second choice which is the "More Pink & Chocolate Quilt Kit".

    I promise to be good in 2010. If you need any other ideas on what to bring me I have a whole list of fabric and patterns you can pick from.


  9. O et moi je peux déposer un souhait ? est ce que je suis au bon endroit ? j'espere qu'il ne sera pas trop tard , je souhaite en premier lieu la santé à toutes mes amies du net , et du temps pour faire et partager notre passion , et si je peux ganner des tissus du fils et pleins d'autres choses .. père noel je suis preneuse

  10. Looks like I'll be busy this weekend reading Santa lists! Thanks for posting all of them–I've had fun reading so far!

  11. Oooops, I couldn't decide what to talk about with Santa and missed him before take-off!! 🙁

    I am a reader of the LA Quilter blog and found my way here to your store and blog. I so enjoy my visits. My problem is trying to decide what I would like to order. 🙂 I will take care of that soon.

    My wishes to all of you at the Fat Quarter Shop, to have a very Merry Christmas! Also, I would like to leave you with a compliment. I love how you detail your patterns. It will be so helpful when I order, to know what the fabric needs are, in detail. Good job!!


  12. I have set aside my night to visit all these blogs, I think my list of blogs to follow is going to get much larger, Wishing all of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New year.

  13. Dear Santa, I know I am writing late but could not resist.This year has been a hectic one. My husband lost his job in Jan. and is still looking. My youngest daughter was in a terrible car accident and moved home during her medical treatment and can not work yet. Though we have little we took in a homeless young man and my hubby taught him how to drive. He is also unemployed.So with all this I have not been able to buy fabric for any projects.I would love to have some modas aster manor linen portico and matching fabrics to do some projects or blue and pink florals to do Jenny of elephantz "blue roses" project this coming year. God Bless

  14. Oh man! I joined in the fun last week, and obviously forgot to link my letter to your blog. Rats! Oh well… this happens a lot in my busy life!! lol

    My Dearest Santa…
    How I've missed you and Clausette (hug the Dear for me, please, and tell her I faithfully wear the red velvet apron she made me; the glistening snow balls dangling from the hem are a kick)!

    No need for sugarplums to dance in my head when I have magical memories of my last visit. Ahhhh…the snow, the chorus of elves singing all my Christmas favorites, the village that always twinkles like a night packed with stars… I'll have you send your sleigh again, soon; I promise.

    I still thrive on baking batches and batches of cinnamon rolls for you all; it makes me laugh remembering how the stacks of them tottered as you whisked up the chimney!!!

    Awakening on Christmas morning is still as fun as ever! You always know what I want! OK, that was a joke, since I send you a letter every year with my list! Christmas humor, you know!!! HO HO HO!

    Anyhoo, Santa Dear, you know how much practice I need quilting (yes, still having a bit of trouble cutting off points). That means… PLEASE SEND ME FABRICS! Since this letter is very, very late, I have some elves who can help this year, over at I am going to go hightech on you now, so don't roll over (it's painful watching you try to get up, ya know), just order from them and they'll ship them to you, so that you can drop them by on Christmas Eve when you pick up the hot, gooey cinnamon rolls….

    MY LIST: :)…..