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Winner: Leap Day Giveaway!

In last week’s Leap Day blog post, we gave ya’ll a few hilariously written, rhyming clues and all you had to do was guess where the prize fabric was from! Now, we know you’re all incredibly anxious to see if you guessed correctly, and even more excited to see if you were one of our three lucky winners! So without any further delay…the answer to our Leap Day riddle was…
That’s right! If you guessed that these lovely, fun fabrics were made by Lecien Fabrics in Japan, then you were correct and now have a chance to win one of these great bundles!
 {1.} MRZ
“Japan! beautiful fabric!”
{2.} Tong
“Those bundles of yummies look like they are from Lecien, Japan!”
{3.} Izzy
“Japan! Would love to win some of these!
Thank you so much!”
To claim your prize please email stephanie[at]fatquartershop[dot]com with your full shipping address. Thank you so much to everyone who participated! We hope you had as much fun as we did!