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We have arrived! Fall Quilt Market 2012!

We made it! We have arrived in Houston and are ready for Fall International Quilt Market! Over the next few days we will be surrounded by gorgeous new collections, taking photos to share, giving away some Quilt Market exclusive prizes and  keeping you updated every step of the way. It will be a busy weekend, but we simply can’t wait!

Remember, you can follow along with every moment of Fall Quilt Market. We will provide constant updates through Twitter, posting photos of the new collections on Flickr, Facebook and Instagram (@fatquartershop) and posting exclusive videos on our YouTube channel. Follow along for the full Market experience; it will be like you are right there with us!

We are settling in before a crazy few days, but first let’s have a little fun. We packed up our things and headed off to Market, but let’s see if you can guess whose luggage is whose!

Leave a comment on this post matching the staff names to the luggage letters for a chance to win a prize from our Sample Spree loot! We promise to get some great bundles at Sample Spree, so you won’t want to miss out! Check back tomorrow for our recap of Schoolhouse and Sample Spree!


  1. Okay, Kevin is F, Kimberly is I, Cheryl is H, Debbie is G, Chelsey is E, Jocelyn is B, Sarah is D, Megan is A and Codi is C! Have fun, all of you!

  2. This is going to be totally and completely wrong, but here's my guess:
    A – Debbie
    B – Megan
    C – Cheryl
    D – Kevin
    E – Kimberly
    F – Chelsey
    G – Codi
    H – Jocelyn
    I – Sarah

    Have fun!

  3. Alright, I'll give it a whirl! Have fun in Houston!


    Hope I got at least one right! 🙂
    Sandy A

  4. Sarah C
    Jocelyn A
    Chelsey B
    Megan F
    Debbie G
    Codi D
    Cheryl H
    Kimberly E
    Kevin I

    Nothing like wild guesses. Can't wait to see the answer! Have fun at market.

  5. I always enjoy your posts from market!! Have fun and show us all the latest! Not a clue about the luggage, but here it goes:

    A Codi
    B Debbie
    C Cheryl
    D Kevin
    E Kimberly
    F Megan
    G Chelsey
    H Sarah
    I Jpcelyn

  6. Oh how I wish I could be at Quilt Market. Hopefully some day.

    My guesses would be:

    Sarah A
    Jocelyn E
    Chelsey G
    Debbie I
    Cheryl H
    Kimberly C
    Kevin F
    Megan B
    Codi D

  7. This was fun!
    Sarah – I
    Jocelyn – D
    Chelsey – A
    Debbie – C
    Cheryle – H
    Kimberly – F
    Kevin – G
    Megan – B
    Codi – E
    lisamcgriff (at) hotmail (dot) com

  8. Sarah B
    Jocelyn A
    Chelsea H
    Debbie G
    Cheryl I
    Kinberly C
    Kevin D
    Megan E
    Codi F
    My best guess – didn't see any names on the luggage – have fun, looking forward to the updates

  9. Kimberly C
    Kevin D
    Chelsey I
    Sarah H
    Jocelyn G
    Debbie B
    Cheryl A
    Megan E
    Codi F

    Plan to see you next weekend…so looking forward to the Festival classes and shopping !!!!!

  10. Are you kidding me?….
    A Jocelyn B Megan C Cheryl D Kevin E Kimberly F Codi G Chelsey H Debbie I Sarah

    Am I close?!:) LOL Have a good time. Will look forward to the pics!

  11. Glad you're all there safely and now you're ready for some fun.

    Guessing luggage is next to impossible, but here's my guess:
    Sarah G
    Jocelyn A
    Chelsey D
    Debbie H
    Cheryl I
    Kimberly B
    Kevin F
    Megan E
    Codi C

  12. A- Jocelyn
    B- Debbie
    C- Kimberly
    F- Chelsey
    G- Megan

    have fun! (hope I get some right)

  13. Hope none of you take offense! It's a fun way to identify. Can't wait to see the correct answers!

    A Chelsey
    B Jocelyn
    C Kimberly
    D Kevin
    E Debbie
    F Codi
    G Cheryl
    H Sarah
    I Megan

  14. Kevin – H
    Kimberly – E
    Debbie – F
    Chelsey – B
    Sarah – A
    Jocelyn – I
    Megan – C
    Codi – D
    Cheryl – G

    Ha! Ha! I have no idea!

  15. Thanks for the chance to win. I think they are in order.
    A- Sarah. B- Jocelyn C-Chelsey. D-Deb E-Cherly. F- Kimberly. G-Kevin H-Megan. I-Codi

  16. Love hearing And seeing market posts! Enjoy!
    Totally guessing….
    Sarah – H
    Jocelyn – A
    Chelsey – F
    Debbie – E
    Cheryl – I
    Kimberly – C
    Kevin – D
    Megan – G
    Codi – B

  17. A- Debbie
    B- Sarah
    C- Kimberly
    D- Kevin
    E- Cheryl
    F- Megan
    G- Codi
    H- Chelsey
    I- Jocelyn

    This will be fun to see the "reveal"!
    btheisen58 (at) gmail (dot) com

  18. Here's my guess. I hope I get at least one right!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  19. Sarah – F, Jocelyn – H, Chelsey – I, Megan – C, Codi – B, Debbie – A, Cheryl – E, Kimberly – G, Kevin – D
    Hope you have a lot of fun!

  20. A Jocelyn B Chelsey C Debbie D Kevin E Megan F Sarah G Codi H Kimberly I Cheryl. Mostly wild guesses!!

  21. This was much harder than the shoes – of course, I did terribly at that one, too. Here goes:

    Sarah – A
    Jocelyn – B
    Chelsey – C
    Megan – E
    Debbie – D
    Codi – I
    Cheryl – G
    Kimberly – H
    Kevin – F

  22. Sarah – G
    Jocelyn – B
    Chelsey – F
    Megan – A
    Debbie – C
    Codi – E
    Cheryl – D
    Kimberly – I
    Kevin – H

    Maybe. haha.


    A – Debbie
    B – Sarah
    C – Kimberly
    D – Megan
    E – Jocelyn
    F – Cheryl
    G – Chelsey
    H – Codi
    I – Kevin

  24. What would I know… but I love to guess!

  25. This is TOUGH – how about a prize for who gets the most correct – because only the bag handlers are going to know for sure!
    A Cheryl
    B Codi
    C Kimberly
    D Debbie
    E Megan
    F Sarah
    G Jocelyn
    H Chelsey
    I Kevin

  26. Just another wild guess from another FQS fan
    A- Chelsey
    Hope all of you had a great time. Love the market posts.

  27. Seems impossible that anyone will get these matched correctly but here are my feeble guesses:

    Sarah A
    Jocelyn B
    Chelsey G
    Megan E
    Debbie C
    Codi F
    Cheryl I
    Kimberly H
    Kevin D