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Vicky’s Tale of Good Cheer

There is always that one dear friend in life who always fills you with warmth and love every time you meet. Reading this piece about Vicky McGee’s friend Jane made me think of mine, and for that I’m thankful! Doesn’t Jane just look like a lot of fun?? Enjoy this last tale of Good Cheer for FQS’s Good Cheer Giveaway ’08!


I’m thankful for a lot of things this year, but especially for my friend, Jane Vaughn. Jane is an awesome lady. We have a lot of fun together going on adventures. Because I’m “geographically challenged,” she has become a great co-pilot. Jane can figure out when I’m driving in the wrong direction, and knows where all the legal U-turns are located! I dare say there’s a single freeway in Southern California that we haven’t been lost on at one time or another!

Jane has been such an inspiration to me on quilting things. She has the most wonderful sense of color, knows how to help me out of quilty pickles, and isn’t afraid to tell me very diplomatically that what I’m making is ugly. We are total opposites on the kind of fabric we like, but she’s introduced brights into my life, and I actually catch her buying florals every now and again. And she always finds the neatest notions!

Jane has hauled me to the emergency room, and then made me laugh out loud with her take on the vomit bag! She’s smuggled food into the hospital when I swore I was starving. She listened to my drug-induced babbling about Yellow Brick Road patterns, and never mentioned it once – except to everyone we know! LOL!

We have a gift bag that has been passed back and forth between us for a few years now. Jane’s birthday is Christmas week, and then she’ll have custody of it for a few months. Such a silly little thing, but we always smile when the bag comes out!

Jane and her sweet DH are such wonderful folks. I am so thankful that they are my friends. I love you, Jane!

Vicky McGee
L.A. Quilter

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