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Sally’s Tale of Good Cheer

How many times have you opened up the paper and felt so moved, you had to act? (Or, if you’re like me, you watch Good Morning America and fight back tears every morning)! This is Sally’s story of good cheer, being thankful for the ability to give to people she has never even met.


I am thankful for the opportunity to help a family of ten — a grandmother, uncle, mom, dad and six children who have fallen on hard times. The family was featured on a news segment involving what the economy has done to people who have lost their jobs but are willing and ready to work.

I contacted the journalist, who called me from New York and gave me the particulars. I am no longer working but could surely share what I had, and our five children and four grandbabies were taken care of by Fall for Christmas. What better way to share than to give the same to those who would not see presents under their tree.

The dad has been out of work for many months, and unemployment just covers the mortgage. I was told that they fill the kids up on rice and noodles. The youngest is just six weeks old. They were featured in the quick clip — five blue-eyed giggly blondes and the newborn.

I had inquired about their needs, and they included formula, hats, mittens and coats! No toys?! I will surely be blessed over and over by the opportunity to share rather than receive, and if I were a little mouse I would crouch in the corner, under their tree, to see that just a small token of friendship went a very long way!

Merry Christmas and thank you for this opportunity,
Sally Caldwell