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Sunflowers for Ukraine

Another angle of the Sunflower Cross Stitch Pattern on a bitty basket that can be done to honor the Ukraine

Bright blue and yellow sunflowers are symbols we have come to know and identify with the incredible spirit of the Ukrainian people. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, the need to hold up these symbols and recognize what is happening is stronger than ever.

If you’ve been keeping up with current events lately, like us, you’re probably wondering what you can do to help those in the Ukraine. Quilters and cross stitchers are innately generous and ready to serve. We join others in lending support and donating where we can help. And we know that donations are needed to support the people of Ukraine in this time of need and uncertainty. ⁠For more details read on below.

Sunflower Cross Stitch Pattern on a bitty basket that can be done to honor the Ukraine

Stitch & Donate

One of our new cross stitch patterns from the Petite Stitches series that we released this week is a sunflower design. It’s a sign of peace and strength. The world needs both right now. We invite you to stitch and share this pattern to show your support for Ukraine. When you download the free pattern, please make a donation to the charity of your choice that is helping Ukrainians affected by the war. To find charities aiding in the crisis, this list is a good place to start

Quilters Stand for Ukraine

Ukraine Fundraiser Quilt Block

Our quilty friend, Pat Sloan, designed this star block to raise funds for UNICEF, helping children and families in Ukraine. Visit this page to learn more.

Others Helping Ukraine

Several designers have created or shared blocks to raise funds and awareness for Ukraine.

If you know of other quilters or stitchers working to help the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, please drop them in the comments below. And together let’s use our powers as makers to show that love will always be greater than hate.

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  1. What are the color names/numbers in the Thatched, Spotted, Grunge lines that are closest to the official Ukraine Flag? It will be so much easier to order without guessing…for those of us who don’t have color charts or live near multiple brick and mortar opportunities. Thanks so much!

      1. Going to reply to Susan as well, but we are working to get that together and will reply once we have all of them figured out. 🙂

    1. Susan, I just replied to Mary below but wanted to let you know that we are working on getting you this list ASAP. Thank you for your patience. 🙂

      1. Oh thank you so much! I have so many ideas and really am making great use of my scrap stash for sunflowers; but, there just isn’t enough solid-look in the blue yardage I have in particular. So I had thought, “Well I will just order what I need.” Well that is easier said than done if you want something at least close enough to be respectful of the true Ukraine Flag colors. Your help is much appreciated.

    2. Hi again Susan and Mary! I have your answers about the fabrics best for honoring Ukraine’s flag:
      Royal 30150-300
      Chiffon 30150-15
      Sunflower 30150-281
      Royal 48626-96
      Maize 48626-28
      Regatta 1660-37
      Royal 1660-54
      Lemon 1660-13
      Buttercup 1660-14
      And if you’re interested or anyone else is:
      30’s Yellow
      Hope this helps! 🙂

      1. Marissa, I appreciate your taking the time to get us a refence list…it really helps. As it happens, I have the Bella numbers that correspond with the names you listed. With your permission I will share those here:

        Azure 9900-395 Sunflower 9900-221
        Regatta 9900 -305 Lemon 9900-131
        Lapis 9900-396 30’s Yellow 9900-23
        Royal 9900-19 Buttercup 9900-51

        1. ‘Sorry folks, I did have those color codes in 2 tidy columns. Tech transfer didn’t like my method. But since all Quilty Crafter persons are problem solvers, I am sure that you can visualize the separation. The corresponding numbers are still correct. 😏

  2. I am grateful that Fat Quarter Shop donates to so many charities and gives a list of reputable donation sites. I am proud to shop from this online store and I have made donations for Ukraine and just did again as support for the Sunflower pattern. Pat Sloan deserves a great deal of gratitude as she was one of the first to design a block to help get money to the wonderful people of Ukraine.

  3. Thank you Kimberly and Kevin for sharing the information so that we may help the people of Ukraine 🇺🇦 in some small way.
    Do you know if there is an organization that will (eventually) accept handmade quilts for the Ukrainian people? maybe when they are able to start rebuilding their lives after this horrible war is over. I think it would be a wonderful show of love 💗 if Quilters from around the world would make a quilt using one of the lovely free sunflower patterns to one day hand over to Ukrainian family.

    1. Debbie, if we hear of anything we will share it, but according to another commenter (Aileen) Pat Sloan is working on something like you’ve described. If that happens we will be sure to update with information. Thank you!

        1. Debbie,
          Claudia Pfeil in Krefeld/Germany is collecting quilt blocks for quilts to be donated to Ukrainian refugee children once they have arrived in safe countries and beginning to settle in their new life. Please find details on Instagram #piecingforpeace

  4. Quilted Twins is also raising funds – they are over $94,000 as of this morning, with daily updates as to where the funds are being spent to help the refugees who arrive into Poland from Ukraine. I read their blog everyday as it gives me hope for all those who have lost their homes while the war continues…

  5. The quilted twins are also supporting Ukraine . One twin runs the shop in Florida , the other one lives in Poland . She is on the ground buying things that are needed over there. She shows the things she is buying , it’s amazing .

    1. Thank you for sharing this Aileen, the more our community can share the better!

  6. I just read Debbys comment . Pat Sloan is working on a program to get quilts to the people of Ukraine . She is just getting it organized for now.

    1. Hi again Aileen, I have commented to let her know that and if things get figured out we will be sure to update the post with that information or add it here in the comments. Thank you for sharing!

  7. I am so glad you share this info so we can help in some way. I have made a donation thru Unicef and hope to do so again. Quilters are caring people and we can really make a difference. Maybe if we make a blue and yellow block we could display it on our front porches to show we care.

    1. Marguerite, that’s a very sweet and wonderful idea. Anything we do to show our support I’m sure is appreciated.

  8. Have the fabric choices been posted yet? I would also love to get an idea of exactly what to get. That would be very helpful. And yes, my maiden name is Ukrainian! I would love to sew this project! Thank you in advance.

    1. They were added in a comment above, but they’re:
      GRUNGE – Royal 30150-300, Chiffon 30150-15, Sunflower 30150-281
      THATCHED – Royal 48626-96, Maize 48626-28
      SPOTTED – Regatta 1660-37, Royal 1660-54, Lemon 1660-13, Buttercup 1660-14
      BELLA SOLIDS – Azure, Regatta, Lapis, Royal, Sunflower, Lemon, 30’s Yellow, Yellow, Buttercup
      Hope that helps 🙂