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The QuiltCon 2020 Recap

Welcome, Quilters! We’ve spent the last few days QuiltCon 2020 and we want to share with you just a few of the hundreds of quilts we saw. We were proud to sponsor this amazing experience that celebrates creativity, beauty and innovation in quilting.

Staff Favorites

Our staffers enjoyed all the QuiltCon festivities and had the hard task of choosing their favorite quilts. Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite too!

Kimberly’s favorite quilt is Sakura Breeze by Lorena Uriarte. The quilt is full of beautiful pink fabrics that caught Kimberly’s eye quickly! Lorena designed her quilt to mimic Japanese Cherry Blossom blooms blowing in the breeze.

Who Needs Words to Tell a Story: A Day in the Life of a Quilter is Lilly’s favorite quilt! The story, created by the Tulsa Modern Quilt Guild, is told through emoji characters and just puts a smile on your face!

FQS Staffer Kate loved Texture, Travel, and Happiness: Life Experiences and the Responsibilities of Dreams by Victoria Findlay Wolfe. This one caught Kate’s eye most because of its striking balance of color and its symmetrical design. The fabric is also too gorgeous to ignore.

FQS Staffer Krystal loves Cadence by Marah E. Light for its reverse on typical quilting practices. The quilt is made with the solid fabric pieced and the patterned fabric as the background. How beautiful!

FQS Staffer Cheryl’s favorite quilt is Bright Lights Big City by Victoria Findlay Wolfe. Cheryl just loves the positivity radiating from this quilt!

FQS Staffer Sarah enjoyed My Happy Place by Megan Byrne. Sarah particularly loves how geometrical the quilt is and how well the colors coordinate with the style.

FQS Staffer Nova loves Like A Girl – a group effort from Lorna Constantini and the Niagara Modern Quilt Guild – for its positive message and impressive lettering.

Angel enjoyed Nine Patch Variation by Rebecca S. Loren. The quilt began as a traditional nine-patch block but was transformed into something more abstract!

FQS Staffer Ashley chose Stockholm by Robert Lowe as her favorite of the weekend due to its 3D nature. This quilt really stands out.

FQS Staffer Katie loved the Melting Ice quilts by Karen Maple. This quilt came about after Karen took a trip to Antarctica and witnessed icebergs in nature. Katie chose this as her favorite for its impressive Foundation Paper Piecing and monochromatic color scheme.

QuiltCon’s Modern Quilts

We captured photos of some of the most modern and impressive quilts we ran across! Modern quilts push the boundaries of traditional quilt design, construction and technique. It’s sew inspiring to see quilts made in new, inventive ways.

Mini Maze is by Sarah Ruiz. This amazing mini quilt was almost aptly named A-MAZE-ING according to Sarah! We would agree.

Reflections of Love by Shirley Ziegler is an excellent representation of both modern quilting and minimalism! The quilt represents stained glass windows and will be given to Shirley’s daughter as a wedding gift.

Whirlwind is by Heidi M. Grohs and is representative of her life as of late. The colors represent joy and happiness and the negative space represents speed and movement!

Fun and Colorful Quilts

Tequila Sunrise is by Daisy Dodge. The ombre effect in this quilt is just mesmerizing not to mention its striking color palette.

For the Love of Squircles is by Marla Varner! The quilt was recognized for its excellent quilting work and applique. Marla created a block each day for an entire year to put this beauty together.


Fat Quarter Shop is proud to support quilting through our sponsorship of QuiltCon2020. You can see more of our QuiltCon 2020 adventures on Facebook and on Instagram with the hashtags #fqsfun and #QuiltCon2020.

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QuiltCon was presented by The Modern Quilt Guild! If you’d like to more information on next year’s conference, check it out here.

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Of all the quilts shown in this post, my favorite is Sakura Breeze by Lorena Uriarte. I love the pink and grays and I have always loved cherry blossom quilts. Thanks for keeping us posted on all the quilts this past weeks. Some very interesting quilts, maybe not my style, but for sure beautiful in their own way. Thanks again for all the pics and the inspiration you share !

  2. Although they are all gorgeous, Like A Girl, Cadence and Mini Maze are my 3 top choices. Perfect for me … Thank you so much for sharing them … Time to get out of the doldrums and back to stitching!!

  3. Too difficult to select a favorite. They are all noteworthy and beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Stockholm is an amazing quilt, but how could I pick one favorite from all these imaginative quilts! And thank you for sponsoring to keep these wonderful shows going.

  5. Can You Get Inside by Isabel Munoz from Spain was my fave! The geometric design was mesmerizing from both close and afar. I couldn’t get away from it. It looked like a computer designed photograph.

    1. I am looking for patterns from long arm quilters for the Pitter Patter valentine table topper from the sew sampler box. My topper is pieced but have no idea has how to quilt it. Any idea would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Wilma

  6. My Happy Place catches my eye for the precision and neatness of the quilt. It is bright and modern, which is not my usual style. I am a county/traditional gal,but I just love studying this quilt. Even the quilting stitch patterns are interesting and eye catching.

  7. I loved the quilt Lily chose! But I also loved the one Kimberly chose! Modern quilts are just interesting to look at and enjoy.

  8. All of these quilt are marvelous. I cannot pick a favorite.
    I love to imagine the dedication and precise concentration put into
    each of these masterpieces!!

  9. I loved a day in the life, but all of these are amazing and I always adore anything that Victoria Findlay Wolfe does.

  10. All the quilts are amazing.

    My favorite is For the Love of Squircles. I have always loved color and am totally drawn to the solid, bright, vibrant colors of this quilt.