Cotton + Steel Bernina 350 SE giveaway Fat Quarter Shop

Win a Cotton + Steel Bernina 350 SE from Fat Quarter Shop! #thatsmybernina

This giveaway is now closed!  Congratulations to our winner, Sandy E. O.!  She has been contacted and notified.  Thank you so much for joining us, and we hope to have more amazing giveaways like this one in the future!

Hey quilters!  We are having a huge “The Price is Right” moment right now.  You are totally going to love it.  Please visualize Bob Barker saying this next part.  “We are entering the hottest time of the summer, and there’s no better way to beat the heat than to stay inside and sew… on your brand new BERNINA SEWING MACHIIIIINE!”

that's my bernina

That’s right, the fantastic folks at Bernina have given us THE hottest sewing machine of the year, a SPECIAL EDITION Cotton + Steel Bernina 350SE, to give to one of you awesome quilters!  If you have never sewn on a Bernina before, get thee to your nearest Bernina dealer and try one out.  Berninas are made to last and last and last. They are built like tanks – very beautiful, multi-functional, Swiss-engineered tanks.  Click here for the full list of features and accessories of the B350.

Hello Lovely Bernina 350 SE
The “Hello Lovely” B350SE designed by Cotton + Steel

But this one, you guys, is not just a B350, this is a B350SE, designed by the remarkable women of Cotton + Steel.  They have created two Special Edition faceplate designs, and the one we are giving away is “Hello Lovely”.  It is embossed with two lovebirds in a garden of flowers, brightly colored in blues, yellows and pinks.  This machine has a MSRP of $1,899!!  We are very much tempted to keep this for ourselves, but it just wouldn’t be right!  (And it would be hard to justify that to Bernina…)

"Hello Lovely" Bernina 350 SE faceplate
Close up of the “Hello Lovely” B 350 SE faceplate

Watch our video to see a little bit more about this wonderful machine that we are GIVING AWAY.

So… is this your Bernina???

This giveaway is now closed!  Congratulations to our winner, Sandy E. O.!  She has been contacted and notified.

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No purchase necessary to enter.  Commenting on this blog post does not count as an entry.  Fat Quarter Shop employees, Bernina employees and bloggers paid or compensated by Fat Quarter Shop are not eligible to enter this giveaway.  If you do not have or do not wish to use your social media accounts to enter, you may email one entry to giveaway ::at:: fatquartershop ::dot:: com with e-mail subject title “Bernina Giveaway”.


      1. I agree. You shouldn’t have to subscribe to sites to receive an entry. I don’t Instagram, Twitter or anything else; nor do I have a desire to. I want to quilt, not become a techno geek.

          1. Carol it’s a pretty easy thing to enter you don’t have to do all of the stuff it just gives you the option to do a few things to enter up to 8 times. But you can just do one if you want!! Just saying, I’d love to win this machine always heard great things about Bernona’s ❤️❤️

      1. would love another Bernina machine. I don’t Instagram…not even sure how too and don’t really want to. I already follow all the site you guys ask for so doesn’t make any difference.

        1. Hi Dayna, if you already follow us on all the other sites, go ahead and check off those entries. Following us counts, regardless of whether it was before or after the giveaway started

    1. Hoops are Fun to Jump through!!! ….:) … they were harmless and gives access to more sewing stuff without bothering us … I would LOVE to win this beautiful sewing machine… I have two Bernina’s but need this one too … 🙂

    2. This would be a beautiful machine to have to travel with & to take to quilt club!

    3. I agree; what a beauty! I only have a regular sewing machine (actually borrowed from my mother). Oh, how I would LOVE a REAL machine to quilt on! Not in the budget, I have been out of work since April, 2016. While I now have time to use up all that material I collected for 15+ years, I can’t afford a machine. Winning this would be a dream come true. Who could look at that beauty and not smile, every day!

  1. I would live to have a sweet Bernina machine I have a 930 which is 30+ years old and still sewing.

    1. I, too, am still sewing on my Bernina 930, which my husband purchased for me when our daughter was 5; she’s almost 37! It was then I realized my sewing frustrations had been a result of an inferior machine. Since I’ve just begun quilting, I need this new machine! My birthday is July 26– wouldn’t this be a grand birthday gift?!?

  2. Would love to have this beautiful machine in my sewing room with its cheerful face.

  3. I’ve heard such wonderful things about Bernina sewing machines. And I just love the design on this machine. Im keeping everything crossed for this competition….I’m even crossing my fat quarters lol. Thanks for the chance to enter. I saw your YouTube video and came straight over.

  4. I dont know how to regram anything, I dont tweet and I dont have Pintrest I love your shop Im always shopping here and want to win your Bernina !!!!!

  5. This would be a dream come true to win. I have been quilting on the same machine that my husband bought me 40 years ago. I have friends that own Bernina’s and they swear by them. Just not in my retirement budget to buy one now.

  6. My dream would come true to have this beautiful sewing machine and a beautiful sewing room❤️

  7. I love the Bernina that I have now, but I ecstatic if I could have the Cotton & Steel model. I an loving their material more everyday.

  8. This was my favorite of the two special edition machines. Whoever wins it is so lucky. Thanks to Bernina and you for hosting the giveaway.

  9. I have heard nothing but good things about Bernini machines. I would love to find out how nice they are for myself.

  10. I’m so sorry to inform everyone but….”THAT’S MYYYY BERNINA!!!!!”

  11. I am fighting my machine constantly. A new machine would be so great . I would be able to finally finish my stack of quilts.

  12. I have looked at this very machine so many times online! I love it!!! Here’s hoping.

  13. I would LOVE to win this beautiful machine. Thanks for the opportunity to win it. 😊

  14. My Bernina 910 is showing signs of being at or near the end of its life. I would love to win this machine. Berninas rock!

  15. I have a Bernina that is over 30years old still sews like a dream! Would love this new cheerful one.

  16. Who wouldn’t love to have this machine? ME…thank you for the opportunity to win this fabulous Bernina.

  17. This is such an awesome giveaway. I wish we could all win but,we can’t. Good luck to everyone.

  18. I love any sewing machine as long as it’s a Bernina! My mother has one, and I sew on one!😃 This featured machine would be an awesome addition!

  19. I’ve wanted a Bernina machine for a long time, I have a Bernina serger and love it.

  20. Oh my! I would so love love to have a chance at this beautiful machine….it would be so loved and used….

  21. I would love to win this the one i have was bought in 1979,and does not work as well is it once did.

  22. I watch your videos all the time I would love a new sewing machine I have machine but A Bernita what a dream it would be to own one. I love making quilts for my family and my friends. I also make them for friends who are sick and need something that make them feel better, and smile.

  23. Thank you sponsoring this amazing give away. It would be exciting if I could give this to my granddaughter. She sews on my Bernina when she visits.

  24. I would consider myself very blessed to own this machine. Thank you and happy for whomever win…could it be me!

  25. That bright machine would brighten up the day.!!! How can one be sad when sewing with that machine!!!

  26. I have an old Bernini. 1030 and it still sew really well. Would love a nice new one

  27. It would make my year to win this beautiful Bernina machine! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  28. I NEED this machine. My newest machine is a lightweight Kenmore, about 20 years old! Thanks for the drawing!

  29. What a great little machine…..especially for taking to class or on a cruise class. Would love to win this one….I have a cruise planned for September….this would be PERFECT!!!

  30. I would like a new machine.My machine is very old it does not do any of fantasy stitches..I would be nice to be able to do some of the new stitches.
    I Would love to receive your new machine Thank you.

  31. Wow! What a beautiful machine to make clothes and quilts for my grandchildren!

  32. Would love to win this fabulous machine. Mine is on it’s lasts legs. Please pick me😊

  33. The Cotton & Steel Bernina 350SE i colorful and beautiful just like the cotton & Steel fabrics. I would love to win this machine to give to my daughter who wants to learn to sew garments.

  34. Would love to win this great machine. I currently sew on a Bernina 930 which I love.

  35. So much fun to have a chance at winning this beautiful machine! Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. YES please! This is MY Bernina! A real Bernina. My husband bought me a Bernina Bernette years ago for a Christmas/Birthday gift. I loved it, but my dog ran between it and my dining table where I was sewing, got caught in the cord and it came crashing down so hard on the tile floor that it almost shattered. After having a taste of a Bernina product, I have been wanting one since.

  37. how wonderful of Bernina and FQS to offer this to us International gals too! thanks so much for the chance….and I’ve been able to link up with social media on links I hadn’t been on before! *fingers crossed*

  38. I would love to upgrade to this beauty! Thanks for the opportunity to put my name in the hat for a new Bernina Cotton and Steel 350SE machine!

  39. what a fabulously fun giveaway – thanks Bernina USA and Fat Quarter Shop – that’s MY Bernina !!

  40. What a beautiful machine! I love Berninas. I sew on an old 1530. Bought her brand new.

  41. I have not sewn or quilted in 5 weeks as I am carin for my father who is on hospice right now at home, but he asked me yesterday if I was making my mother butterflies for when she gets cold at night. I said do you mean a quilt daddy? He gave me a look like I was out of my simple mind, and said yes of course and butterflies. So the first quilt I will make when I get in my sewing room will be a quilt for my mother with butterflies, for my daddy. Bernina makes THE best machines. Period.

  42. I would absolutely love this sewing machine…so nice…Thank You for the nice giveaway!

      1. Also, emailing a friend to refer is a way to enter…you have a blog, so you must have email.

  43. This is a wonderful giveaway. Thanks Bernina USA and Fat Quarter Shop. I would love to win this. I have a B750 QE which I love, but it’s too heavy to carry to classes and etc. The 350 SE would be perfect!!!!

  44. Something I’ll never be able to afford. Click my heels, dreams sometimes do come true.

  45. I would love a newer Bernina machine. My original 830 Record purchased in the 1980s is still in use. The precision in unmatched, as the old advertising states: Nothing sews like a Bernina….nothing.

  46. This is a wonderful machine to win. I’ve always sewed on a Bernina. Thanks for the opportunity!

  47. I would love to win this. I’m in desperate need of a sewing machine. It would be awesome to win.

  48. Whoever wins will be a very lucky person! Hopes it me, wpold love to have a Bernina! They are the most awesome machines!

  49. Would love to win this Bernina. Quilting is my passion. Thanks for the opportunity!

  50. A lovely sewing machine ! I would love to receive one like this, designing little dresses for dolls (Les cheries de Corolle); but living in France, I’m not sure I can hope and dream about it …

  51. Bernina’s are a great sewing machine and I would love to own one, however after trying to enter this contest in the hopes of winning was just too much. Makes you wonder if they really are trying to give one away or just getting hits on their blog site….shame.

  52. This would be sew much better than the lil’ 10 stitch brother that i’m teaching my two “lil’ quilters”(13 yr old granddaughters)to make quilt tops with. Fantabulous giveaway. Lotsaluck to everyone!!! #ThatsMyBernina

  53. Never in my life have I owned anything as beautiful as this! I use a simple little hand me down machine, how I would love to own something so sophisticated!!

  54. Would love this machine to replace my non working (too expensive to fix)Viking machine.

  55. Would love this machine. I have a Nova Bernina that I purchased in 1980. Still going strong. I love sewing quilts and much more. This would be a dream come true.

  56. What a fun look for the Bernina machine. I would love to win that. That’s MY Bernina! Good luck everyone.

  57. I have a refurbished Bernina which has done me well, but would love a new one.

  58. Would love to have this wonderful machine, I have heard a lot about Bernina and how wonderful if I got to win one 🙂

  59. I would love to win this! I need a small machine to travel with us in our RV for home ec classes.

  60. I would love to win this fabulous machine! I’m a lifelong Bernina user.

  61. I would love to have a new sewing machine. I’ve had mine since HS, grad in 1974!☺️

  62. This is pure inspiration!I know it would inspire me to take bigger leaps in the quilting arena!

  63. I would love to win this machine. I love my Bernina and would use it for retreats and for teaching my grandchildren how to sew.

  64. Just a heads up, the Bernina Instagram entry would not allow me to type “That’s MY Bernina!” in the box. I clicked enter anyway since I follow them.

  65. Got five entries in! I want a Bernina sooo bad…and, I am already a Cotton + Steel girl. I have a stockpile…I just can’t cut into it yet, LOL

  66. That’s my Bernina! Or at least I would love it to be, thank you for the chance and good luck to everyone! Have a great weekend.

  67. That’s MY Bernina! I really do have a B350 Patchwork Edition and I ❤❤❤ it! If I win this one I would give it to my 84 year old mom…the reason I love sewing and quilting!

  68. Thank you for the opportunity to enter chances to win the awesome new Bernina sewing machine

  69. That’s MY Bernina! I’ve already cleared a space for it! It is so cheery and cute. Everyone will be so jealous of it’s beauty and performance, of course. Thank you for this opportunity!

  70. That’s MY Bernina! I have a Kenmore from 1975, which still works, but it’s time to move into this century! This would be the perfect machine, and the number of stitches! Endless possibilities. I have been taking my quilts to a long arm quilter, with this I could do my own. Please, oh please, won’t you be mine?

  71. I am needing a new machine and my first choice is Bernina. I would love to say, “That’s MY Bernina!”

  72. Would love to win this Bernina. I see so many quilters sew with their Bernina and are very pleased with it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  73. This would be great to take your my sewing group to make charity quilts on!

  74. What a cute sewing machine my Grand Daughters would love sewing on this one and make pretty things!!!

  75. I would love to win this machine as I am a quilter as well as a sewer of all my families clothes and do cloth doll making so this Bernina would get plenty of use and I always wanted one as I heard their the best sewing machine to have.

  76. This is too funny just saw this machine today at my local quilt shop along with about 10 others. WOW!! What a machine (machines)

  77. When my mom was alive and I would show her her bank statements, she would always ask if she had enough money for a sewing machine. She always wanted a Bernina, but never got one. Now when I think “Bernina”, I just remember how my mom always wanted one

  78. I would love to win this. The day of the give away is my birthday. What a great present this would be

  79. My birthday is the end of the month on the 28th and this would be a fantastic surprise. I hope I win, thanks for the chance.

  80. I would love to have such a great machine. My current machine is only 35 years old.

  81. Wow, I’d LOVE to win this. My sewing buddies, Cathi, Karla, and Annette all use and totally love their Berninas.

  82. Love this machine….Love the bright colors….it would definitely brighten up my sewing room….I bet I would even sew better:) Would love to win the new Bernina!!

  83. I do not have a sewing machine as i have to borrow a friends
    It would be nice to own my own

  84. I would ❤️Love to wine this! It is time to replace my 1949 Pfaff! I would love to have this Bernina with all the lovely stitches. It would be so awesome to applique with.

  85. Beautiful machine! I would love to have this displayed in my sewing room and have always wanted a Bernina.

  86. Would love this sewing machine! Wanting to upgrade from a beginner quilter.

  87. You can’t beat a Bernina. My dream is to own one. My Mom had one all her life.

  88. One great looking machine from the best sewing machine maker there is. Love my 750QE!!!!

  89. I sew on a circa 1970 Bernini. You are right that they last forever. This new one would be amazing to win.

  90. I am teaching my daughter to sew she doesn’t have a sewing machine. This would be a wonderful gift for her.

  91. I would really love to win this machine! It would be a dream come true to own Bernina with Cotton & Steel logo. I love their fabrics and made my Millifiore with Cotton and Steel fabrics. Thank you for the entry.

  92. I’m using my machine from 1986 still working though, a Bernina would be so lovely. I’m looking forward to winning.

  93. I could not find if this is international or not, so if it isn’t shipped overseas, and I won, can this be given to a friend up North? Bernina is the best, and this giveaway is the most generous of all.

  94. I would love to win this so I can start making clothes for my 5-1/2 month old twins!!!!

  95. I have wanted a Bernina for awhile now – this giveaway looks fabulous. Fingers crossed in winning 🙂

  96. I’m sewing on a old singer. She is very simple. I would love to own a machine like this one!!!

  97. I’m so excited for this opportunity! I have a quilt too my grandmother started years ago, my mom asked me to finish! I love continuing on the journey my grandmother started;-)

  98. I have never sewn on a Bernina and it would be so wonderful to take it to sew community quilts once a month.

  99. So much fun! Great design and smart art works. Who wouldn’t want a Happy Bernina Sewing Machine like: “That’s MY Bernina”

  100. I would love to win this beautiful workhorse, as I would never be able to afford one unless I work 3 full-time jobs.

  101. I would love to win this machine. It looks beautiful and would be wonderful to sew and create with.

  102. Would love to get the new Bernina. Still using my workhorse 930 and 1300 serger.

  103. What a wonder machine, that was a great video. I really love the color splash, make your want to be creative all the time. It is so pretty you could even place it on a coffee table as a piece of art. The winner will be very happy.

  104. I sure would Love to win this, sew bright and cherry. Makes me smile just looking at it. I have an old brother, got it Xmas of 1969, very simple but still sews like a dream. would love to “update” to this wonderful machine. have everything crossed in hopes to win. Thank you.

  105. I share with 547 friends on Facebook! Couldn’t find another way to do it Do I still get ten extra entries?? I jumped through all the hoops and That’s MY Bernina!!…I hope!

  106. That’s MY Bernina! I want to win this Bernina! Thank you for this opportunity!! Sew Happy!!!

  107. Oh I have an old Bernina and I need a new one so badly…so I hope this one will be mine !!

  108. I would love to own this Special Edition Bernina.
    “That’s MY Bernina”. What a beauty she is.

  109. when I got my first job many years ago a Bernina was the first big ticket item I saved for… now nearly 30 years later I have only ever had Bernina reliable and smooth and powerful… and beautiful quality and long lasting, in an age of throw away…that’s my Bernina 🙂
    @fatquartershop #berninausa

  110. That’s ANNA’S Bernina!!! Seriously, I’m absolutely “TWITTERPATED” over it!!!

    1. Hi Makenna, it may be that your browser has an adblocker or javascript blocker that needs to allow Rafflecopter scripts to run to process your entries. If that does not work, you can email giveaways :: at :: fatquartershop :: dot :: com with subject title “Bernina Giveaway” for 1 entry

  111. It would be amazing to have this wonderful beautiful sewing machine. I could see me making all these beautiful things with it. And I just had my first grand daughter June 30th and I would love to sew her some lovely dresses with the machine

  112. Thank you for the chance to win this amazing machine. Just what I would love to have to allow me to start quilting again.
    Good luck to everyone who enters and thank you Bernina and Cotton and Steel too.

  113. I did a few of the tasks, but it says 0 entries anyway. It’s nice to offer the giveaway. It’s not nice to go through all the steps and get no entries.

    1. Hi Kathy, sorry that you are having trouble. It may be that your browser has an adblocker or javascript blocker that needs to allow the Rafflecopter scripts to run, to process your entries. If that does not work, you may email giveaways :: at :: fatquartershop :: dot :: com with subject title “Bernina Giveaway” for 1 entry.

  114. This is a beautiful machine. I would love to own this for my sewing room, to sew more beautiful quits for kids

  115. This is a beautiful machine. I would be able to quilt more Quilts for kids, that are in the hospital. Thanks for having the give away! Keeping my fingers and toes cross that I can win this

  116. This is a beautiful sewing machine… I have my fingers crossed that you pick me!!!!

  117. My friends have bernina’s and always say what a wonderful machine it is. I am saving my pennies toward a Bernina but this is a fun way to achieve one. Thank you for the opportunity.

  118. OH, I can see all the beautiful projects I could sew on this Bernina sewing machine. Thanks for the chance to win this stunning machine. I hope I win. A girl has to dream sometimes.

  119. I’ve sewn on a Bernina Activa 125S since around 2005 with nary a problem. I’ve sewn dozens of quilts, purses, wall hangings, tote bags and purses. I’ve hemmed jeans and slacks and replaced zippers. In the past yr I thought I needed to upgrade and bought a Juki. After playing with the tension, almost daily, I sold it and am back using my Activa. I’d love to own the Cotton and Steel Bernina. Thanks Bernina.

  120. I would absolutely love this machine. I have wanted a machine that does so much more than mine and this looks like it does it all. Thank you.

  121. Love the fat quarter website and flash sales! Thanks for the great you tube posts as well! Really enjoy your programs!

  122. I sure hope I got my entry in….I’m a big fan of Fat Quarter Shop & just recently subscribed to the monthly quilt Box & looking so forward for my first box to arrive! That’s my Bernina!!! (I hope)

  123. Oh goodness!!! It would be awesome to win this machine! Thank you for the opportunity!

  124. That’s MY Bernina! Shes is a beauty! Lovely she is at that. I would sew on her everyday!!! I love Bernina sewing machines!

  125. Just to let everyone know “THATS MY BERNINA” lol good luck everyone and thank you so much @fatquartersop for the wonderful giveaway! Fingers crossed 🤞

  126. I would so love to win! After 15 years of quilting, I am still using my first and only sewing machine, and it is currently in the shop for repairs since it got stuck in reverse sewing my daughter’s 4-H project.

  127. This would be amazing! My wife has an older, base-model Brother and loves quilting so much that this would be a perfect machine for her!

  128. Sure would like to,win this for my daughter-in -law. I love my Bernina and would love to give her one. She uses an old machine I got for her at an yard sale

  129. Beautiful Bernina! Thanks for the chance to win this special edition!!

  130. My she is lovely. I would love to make a quilt on her, constructed of Cotton + Steel fabrics, of course! I hope she becomes mine!

  131. Beautiful machine and how crazy would it be to win it! Thanks for the chance

  132. My daughter & I have been “drooling” over this Cotton & Steel Bernina since we first saw the photos of it! Oh, my, if only……….
    Thank you.

  133. What a beautiful machine! Thank you to Bernina & The Fat Quarter Shop for offering it! Good luck, everyone!

  134. Wow what an amazing give away thank you so much. I would love to have this machine!

  135. I’ve been looking for a small machine to take to quilting classes. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  136. What a sweet giveaway! Just love those colors on it and all the fun options! Who wouldn’t want to drive this?!?

  137. It wouldn’t let me add “That’s MY Bernina” after following BerninaUSA on Instagram but I can still hope that it will be MY Bernina from one of the other enteries! Thanks for the giveaway and a change to win!

  138. This is a wonderful machine, I would love to win it. My bernina is old, still works great, but this one would be great to take to classes and sew ins. Thanks for the chance to win.

  139. That’s MY Bernina!

    I have a Bernina 930 Record that I dearly love! But I would love to have one with the computerized options. Thanks for the opportunity!

  140. That’s MY Bernina

    What a generous offer of an incredible machine.
    Best wishes to all that entered.

  141. That’s MY Bernina! Would love to win this lovely machine. Love the pretty front! 🙂 Thanks for the chance.

  142. My sewing machine is so old. I would love to have a computerized machine – especially a Bernina! I might be able to get more quilting done…

  143. That’s MY Bernina!!! I have been using a Pfaff 1475CD for the past 20some years. The computer board just went out for the third time, so it is time for a new machine. What a sweet blessing it would be to win this Cotton & Steel Bernina 350SE! Wahoo!!! Horray!!!

  144. A Bernina Special Edition designed by Cotton & Steel – what a treat that would be! My 1080 is still going strong, but I would love to pass it down to my daughter!!!!

  145. That’s my Bernina I sure hope so my husband bought me a $50 sewing machine and it quit on me I’ve never owned one of these beautiful machines but just can’t imagine how precious it would be to make quilts on that machine thank you for the chance to win it…

  146. I love Bernina sewing machines. The best out there. Would love to have a new one.

  147. fabulous summer giveaway and what a cheerful machine! Pick me! Pick me!

  148. I would love to share this lovely machine with my granddaughters who are new sewers

  149. What quality! What things a machine can do! I wuld love to win the new Bernina machine!

  150. I’d LOVE this beauty! I absolutely love Bernina sewing machines! What a wonderful edition this would be to my sewing room!

  151. It took a bit as links are active and iPad makes it a pain if links aren’t worth the effort.
    That’s MY Bernia as follower FLORIDAGLD

  152. It has been a dream of mine to own a Bernina, but 1. No Bernina stores anywhere near where I live and 2. funds. This is such a beautiful machine and very different looking to boot- one can only hope to win such a prize

  153. Unable to enter the blogger setting is not allowing to enter the giveaway. The display does not stop move. The sewing machine is beautiful. But this must be a bad joke. Not nice with this is the first time I have seen this sewing. Wish I could enter but can’t. DISAPPOINTED.

    1. Hi Inez, you may have a javascript blocker or adblocker that is not allowing “Rafflecopter” scripts to run, but if that does not fix the issue, you can email giveaways :: at :: fatquartershop :: dot :: com with subject title “Bernina Giveaway” for 1 entry

  154. Completed all the entries. I hope to win this beautiful sewing machine since my machine died on me few months ago.

  155. What a treat that would be! I’ve had 4 back surgeries, two car accidents, hit on my bicycle, & more…. on disability & low income … This machine will be. heaven sent…Love Fat Quarter Shop. In our 115 degree weather, I’m definitely staying indoors…

    Thank you for this opportuniy!!

    Happy Quiltingi

  156. So happy that you carry every available precut that any quilter could ever ask for!

  157. As I am evacuated from Williams Lake wildfire situation and uncertain about what Mother Nature has in store for us I am entering in case I don’t have a machine or a home to go to.

  158. I love my Bernina, but would love another one to bring to retreats! Thanks Bernina for such a great giveaway!

  159. this machine looks great and would love to give it a run. Good luck to whomever is the lucky one, also would like to be the one.

  160. “That’s My Bernina” – I don’t have one, but have always been interested!! Thanks for the chance!

  161. My Viking is “totally out of date” and a 1975 model. I would love a Bernina. Lot’s of gals in my quilt guild recommend them!

  162. What a lovely giveaway — thank you! I would love to be able to say “That’s MY Bernina” because that’s such a cute-looking machine with that Cotton & Steel design.

  163. Soooooo pretty! My current machine will be very jealous with this gorgeous girl sharing the room. Please let me tell “that’s MY Bernina”!

  164. Just bought a Cotton and Steel jelly roll and would love to christen this Bernina with my gorgeous fabric!

  165. If the entry says 0/8, does that mean all the entries are accepted? Dah, I feel kinda dumb for asking but what the hey. By the way Bernina’s really rock!

    1. Hi Debby, the first number is how many entries you have completed. If you are clicking through on the entry options through the box, and are still coming up with 0, you may have a javascript blocker or adblocker that needs to allow “rafflecopter” to run, to accept your entries. If that does not work, you can still email giveaways :: at :: fatquartershop :: dot :: com with subject title “Bernina Giveaway” for 1 entry.

  166. I love my beloved Bernina 831 that I bought with babysitting money and my wages from my after school job at the Dairy Queen in 1975 but who wouldn’t love a brand new one! That’s MY Bernina! Thanks for an awesome giveaway. 🙂

  167. Oh my goodness, this is such a dreamy machine, I can’t imagine the thrill of owning this Bernina. Thank you for the opportunity

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    1. Hi Linda, the box at the bottom of this blog post is where you will see options to enter the giveaway. The options are things such as “Visit the Fat Quarter Shop Facebook page”, but you must click through that box in order for the entries to count.

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    I entered 5 days ago and completed all the entries and I came back tonight to find that my entry didn’t go through, I had to reenter again… I hope this won’t mess up my chances on winning 🙁

    1. HI Tanya! There is a number at the top of the Rafflecopter box that tells you how many entries you have, i.e. “5/8”. When you complete the entries doesn’t affect your chances.

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    1. Hi Julie, there is an option listed to email giveaways :: at :: fatquartershop ::dot:: com with subject line “Bernina Giveaway” and that will count as one entry.

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