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Swiss Chocolate by Amanda + Giveaway!

Today we have a special guest all the way from North Carolina. Designer of Swiss Chocolate, Amanda Murphy is here to gossip a little about her new line. Be careful as you read on though… your mouth just might start salivating… Well, here she is…
I’m so pleased to introduce you to “Swiss Chocolate”, my second line of quilting fabrics for Robert Kaufman.  You can already find it here at the Fat Quarter Shop! The inspiration for this line comes from the delicate scroll-work motifs on confectioner’s packaging…

And the drizzled swirls of fudge that adorn the candies themselves…

Of course, a delicious box of chocolate always comes bound with a ribbon, also perfect for binding a quilt!

It is always fun to play with scale. This is my version of an oriental rug (chocolate, of course) gone wild, scaled so you can see more of the fabric:

There are 8 patterns in this line, in two color stories. “Espresso” – the original color palette for this line showcases creams and brown, accented with rich reds and salmons, which are favorites of mine.

I also developed an alternative palette of tans and blues, called “Mocha”. It is especially fun to play with this family on a dark background, like the one on the middle left! Really makes those blues pop!

The designs on the middle row work with either color story. There will be six Swiss Chocolate quilts coming out in magazines over the next few months and they are all very different; some are in the Espresso Color Story, and some are in Mocha, but they can be used interchangeably if you prefer one color story to the other. I really enjoyed juxtaposing the traditional feel of the prints themselves and the light and dark fabrics in modern quilt designs. I’m so excited that Fat Quarter Shop will be kitting many of these! (They’re also kitting a quilt from my Ambrosia line for Quilts and More.) One of my favorite parts of being a textile designer is seeing the creative things people do with my fabric, so if you make something fantastic out of “Swiss Chocolate” please hop on over to my website and or blog and share – I’d love to see your creations!

Back to working on quilts for my next collection, “Veranda”, which will debut at Spring Market. Thanks for inviting me to guest-blog on one of my favorite sites!


Ok, now I’ll give you a second to wipe the drool off your lip.. (although there might be more in about 2 seconds) because it’s time for a giveaway!  Today we are going to tease you with two fat quarter bundles.. that is one Espresso and one Mocha Swiss Chocolate bundle.  Drooling again yet?  I know I could definitely go for a scrumptious Swiss Chocolate candy bar right about now….

To enter leave a comment on this post telling me which bundle you would ideally receive and what you would make out of it.  This contest will close Wednesday January 12th @ midnight CST.


  1. They are both so gorgeous I would hardly know what to pick, but I do love the blues in the Mocha bundle!

  2. I would definitely pick the Swiss Chocolate because I love the reds! But the blue is gorgeous, too! I would make a quilt for a friend of mine; this colorway looks just like her–very classy!

  3. I would love the Mocha… I <3 blues and browns – and it would probably be made into a wall hanging or throw blanket for my bedroom. It would be perfect with my wood tones and robin's egg blue walls… <3 it! Thank you for another FAB giveaway!!

  4. I would love to have the chocolate colored! I would make a table runner, potholders, and an apron out of these beautiful fabrics!

  5. Oh, as I am swiss I definitely would love some swiss chocolate. Especially the mocha one, lov brown and blue together. I probably would make a quilt to snugle under!
    Thanks so much!

  6. I would love the mocha bundle because those colors match my living room! I can see a pillow or two, wall hangings, or just a great couch quilt! Thanks!

  7. Both bundles look great! I'd have to make something for my sister out of the "Chocolate" palette, she loves pink and brown. Mocha would maybe be something for my son, not that he needs another blanket!

  8. Ooooooh, beautiful! I think I would like the "Chocolate" because I prefer the browns and reds, but Mocha is pretty too! I would make something like a Kitchen Window to look like a box of chocolates. 🙂

  9. Fabric and chocolate my two favourite things…has to be chocolate if I win please. I would probably use it for table topper or wall hanging.

  10. I love the Swiss Mocha.. The viewing of this caused me to gain 5 lbs. today (that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it). I would love to create dresser scarves and all the table toppers for my bedroom.

  11. They're both gorgeous! I would be thrilled to win either one.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the quilts made with this collection.

  12. Both are beautiful. I think I like the Mocha better due to the beautiful tones in the blues and the browns. I love a bright, light blue matched with a solid khaki.

  13. If I were to win, I would probably choose the Espresso/Chocolate bundle over the Mocha bundle. I'd love to create a quilt for a special little girl.

  14. It's hard to pick, but I would go for Mocha, since I have blue and brown in my living room. I'd probably make a wall hanging or table runner.

  15. I'd love to win the chocolate set, those browns and pinks are just yummy! I'm in the process of planning a quilt for my daughter an they'd fit in perfectly 🙂

  16. Gorgeous work! I'd love the chocolate – perfect for a "big girl" quilt for my quickly growing toddler! Thanks for the preview and the chance to win!

  17. Oh my gosh, beautiful! I love the Chocolate with the brown and salmon tones. I think it would be ideal for some mens dresser valets…

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  18. So pretty! As I was scrolling down the post admiring the pink/brown combo I was hoping the browns would also be paired with blue. I'd love to make some quilted pillows for my bedroom. They'd be perfect!

  19. Oh man!! Choices, choices. I think in the end I would go with the Mocha, or no, wait…yes, the Mocha! They are both so beautiful! I have several fat quarter friendly patterns I'd love to make and these fabrics are so elegant looking!

  20. Chocolate and fabric what more could a girl want!!! Love the colors of the Mocha group! I think I would make a wonderful table runner or maybe a pretty mini quilt out of this wonderful fabric!

  21. I would like the Chocolate for my new kitchen accesories, towels, curtains, & runners or placemats, but the Mocha for my bedroom where I would do a quilt and accents.

    If I HAD to choose, it would be Chocolate.

  22. I love the Espresso. This fabric is just DELISH! I think I would make a wall hanging out of it so I can look at it all the time. Wouldn't want to hide it. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Expresso~ reminds me of Valentine's day chocolates and I need Valentine's day decorations!~ wall hanging, table topper etc. Thank you for the fun! Now I'm off to have a piece of chocolate! 🙁

  24. Ah, yes, I "DO" chocolate…in any size, shape or form.

    I would love to "DO" Swiss Chocolate in a tablerunner, placemats and coasters to match.

    That'll "DO" it.

  25. I would love the have Chocolate. I am not sure what I would make, but I would have to get more to do a large enough quilt to cuddle under 🙂

  26. I LOVE the mocha fabric line. Wow those flowers are gorgeous and it would compliment the colors in my kitchen perfectly. I would make curtains for my kitchen windows, a table runner and placemats, and hot pad holders!!!
    Beautiful! I can see it now! 😀

  27. I think I'd choose the creamy chocolate espresso, because I love the reds, but blue is so nice also! I'd make a valentine's table runner.

  28. I would absolutely love the Swiss Chocolate. Drat it all…I had sworn off buying anymore fabric until I used what I had. Now, it looks like I'll be shopping again…unless I win!

  29. What a great opportunity… I would LOVE to try the Swiss Chocolate!! These colors are amazing, bright and bold.. a real attention getter!I would create a beautiful wall hanging for our main hall area… Where everyone could enjoy!!

  30. I love the Swiss Chocolate! I would make some placemats and matching table topper. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome and yummy giveaway!!

  31. Espresso! What a lovely collection, and a great inspiration, chocolate!

    Thanks for the chance to win, pick me, pick me!

    marcijdebetaz (at) hotmail {dotcom}

  32. oh wow, they are both gorgeous! I would love the Swiss Chocolate bundle. I would totally use that for home dec. I see pillows in my living room with that line!!

  33. I love them both, but Swiss with the reds and browns are my favorite. What to do, a table quilt (not just a runner) yumm

  34. Espresso for me, please. These are my sister's colors and she has a summer birthday. I can see some lovely mug rugs she could call her own after I served tea and cookies for a special birthday celebration.

  35. I would love love LOVE the Mocha, and I would use it to make a log cabin quilt for my future mother-in-law. The colors would match her living room decor perfectly!

  36. I like them both. But I like the one with the red colorway the most. I would make myself a quilt to keep. Thanks for the chance.

  37. Both are gorgeous, but the Espresso really reaches out to me. I'd make a throw to wrap myself up in. I've found that shades of brown have become my favorite and this is just about perfect!

  38. OOOHHHH Pretty!!! I like the swiss choclate!!! I might make throw quilt or platmat and apron and table runner? It will look good in my kitchen!

  39. You must be thrilled seeing your design on fabric, it is just beautiful!
    I would love the original, chocolate and reds, and would make an amazing wallhanging for the wall in my livingroom.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win, and stay blessed!

  40. I'm blown away! I'm Expresso for sure! Darker the better! To win a bundle would be awesome! My mind is reeling with all the wonderful things I would make with it. For starters I would have to say a quilt that showcases the larger prints…from the scraps some mug rugs for my coffee drinking friends gifts throughout the year.
    If ever a win…this is the one I hope for.

  41. Mocha! yummy! I would make a quilt out of it. And then I would drag it aroung everywhere. The fabric is luxurious!

  42. Mocha, but only because I have a ton of pink FQs in my stash. They are both lovely and rich just like choclate 🙂

  43. The Mocha because my daughter loves blues and browns. I'd make her a table runner and place mats for her new home when she gets married later this year.

  44. Sooooo pretty! I would choose espresso because the blues in my house are aqua so the pinks and reds would be better with my house. What a thrill it will be for whoever wins this giveaway! I would use those gorgeous prints in the bed size floral applique quilt I am starting. They would be perfect!!

  45. Tough decision….uuuuh…I think the "chocolate" with the brown and pink tones. My daughter would love a cute bag or quilt from it!

    Thanks for the chance to win ! 🙂

  46. Oh espresso definitely but I wouldn't mind mocha either. If I received either one, I would do something completely out of the oridnary and make something just for ME!!! I don't do that nearly enough. Love love love the new designs!

  47. I love the reds in the original Chocolate, but they are both amazing (you can send me either!). I think it would be great made into a sampler quilt.

  48. I really like the Chocolate line. I've been eyeing those pink flowers for awhile now. I'd make baby bibs with the fat quarters.

  49. OMGosh, drool is spot on, I love this range. The Mocha is lovely but I would have to choose the Espresso Chocolate and I would love to make a quilt for my dining table.. Chocolate on the table, perfect..

  50. Mocha for me, please! I love blue, and of couse chocolate, so this is my cup of tea (or rather mocha, I suppose!) Wouldn't they make a great baby quilt?

  51. They are both beautiful, but I am leaning towards the Expresso line! I would love to make a quilt with these yummy colors that remind me of a box of chocolates!

  52. I would love to have either of them, but my favorite is the chocolate. It would make a gorgeous quilt!

  53. Yum! I love both, but would have to go with the Chocolate one! Those rich colors would be perfect for a dining set of placemats, runner and naptkins 🙂

  54. Oh I didn't know about this stunning line… LOVE the big beautiful patterns and colours!
    The REDs and BROWNs are stunning and would be my choice.

    I'd have to make a quilt of course :p
    A very full, rich colourful magical quilt… yep drooooollll *grin*

    Thanks heaps for the chance 🙂

  55. What a gorgeous collection! I would probably choose the blue line (although it is a really tough choice) as I think it would look amazing as a girl's stripwork or patchwork skirt! A great way to combine all those prints.

  56. OH, how sweet this is.

    The Swiss Chocolate is surely calling my name.

    I'd make quilty things for my kitchen out of it if I win…accessorize some mocha brown dish towels with the blues, make some pot holders, table runner, and napkins accents out of the scraps that might be left at this point…



  57. between the two I'd probably go with the Swiss.I love reds and pinks and dark browns together. As to what I'd make…so many options for those colors. More than likely I'd go with a lap quilt to snuggle under while I read.

  58. Both are beautiful but I would have to pick the Chocolate. I love the Reds and Salmons combined with the cream and browns! Beaufiful color combinations. I would make pot holders and table runner. I like small projects that give me a completed project quicker 😉

  59. They are both gorgeous. I think I would like the Mocha one because it is a little different. I would start a small hexagon quilt them.
    Lynette, Brisbane

  60. I love the Swiss Chocolate red and brown combination. I would probably make a quilt with it. Thanks for the beautiful giveaway.

  61. I would love the Espresso bundle of the Swiss Chocolate. I would make a lovely little quilt. Maybe from a schnibbles pattern

  62. So I would love to have either of them…. I need to make new chair covers for the rocking chairs in each of my childrens rooms. Oh pleas let me win because I'm not picky!!!! 😉

  63. I have a friend who loves blue, and believe me everything is blue, I could make her some place matts and introduce some creamy chocolate colors. So mocha blues it is.

  64. Although I am partial to the red, I would pick the one with blue: "Mocha," as it would match the living room decor that is needing a blanket for the back of the couch.

  65. I love both, but the tans and blues most!….. and should like to make a nice tablecloth. Invite all my quiltfriends for a high tea with mocha muffins when it's finished and tell them all about my 'mocha' quiltproject!

  66. The swiss chocolate catches my eye. I want to make blue accessories for the kitchen, pot holders, placemats, oven gloves etc…those colours look perfect!

  67. I think I would have to chose the Swish Chocolate Expresso – I am thinking great valentines day containers…not sure what yet but WOW would that be great!

  68. Well…I would LOVE the Swiss Chocolate! I am a chocolate fan anyways…but I'd be making a carry bag for my new laptop! Oh some coordinating accessories to go along with it too!

  69. What a generous giveaway! I would choose the mocha bundle & make a quilt. I just began quilting and would love to have such beautiful fabrics to work with!

  70. Mocha Swiss Chocolate bundle with the blues and browns is lovely and would use it (probably have to add) with one of Amanda's new patterns — or maybe just wait and see what FQS kits up! Thanks for the interview and giveaway.

  71. I definitely love the "Mocha" version to use to make a quilted table centerpiece. That color story is just gorgeous. I love the "Chocolate" version of your Swiss Chocolate Collection a lot too, but I'm really a big blue with tan fan!

  72. I love both color ways!!!! of the two I believe I would use the mocha for a quilt to go on a wicker sofa to go on my NEW front porch my husband is building! I'm sure that this fabric will end up in my stash one way or another!

  73. I like the swiss chocolate. It reminds me of fresh dipped chocolate strawberries.
    I would make purses out of the beautiful material.
    gmp lmp 52 at frontier net dot net

  74. I'd be thrilled with either. I'd make somethign for my living room in the Espersso and somethign for my bedroom in Mocha. I love the warmth in the espresso one, but in my room I love cool and calm. I am thinkign wall hangings, or foot of the bed throw/couch throw just for the legs!

  75. Love both of these bundles, how to pick. If I have to pick one it would be the Swiss Chocolate but won't be sad if I won either one. I would love to make some new things for my kitchen – table runner etc. Thanks for the chance to win.

  76. I love chocolate! Mocha looks pretty yummy too, but the reds in the chocolate have me sold! I would make a lap quilt to snuggle up with next to the fireplace. 🙂

  77. I love them both…but if I had to choose I would pick the Mocha. And table runners and totes and purses would be made. Oh what fun it would be!
    Connie F

  78. Would totally take the swiss chocolate and make a lovely quilt to snuggle under while watching tv. The colours would be fabulous in our living room!

  79. Wonderful fabrics! I would have to pick the Mocha because I love the blue with the brown. I love pink, so this was a really hard one to decide! I've seen more of the pink/chocolate combination in fabrics lately, so the other is different & fun to me!

    Sandy A

  80. Although I am personally drawn to the Chocolate colorway my daughter is a big fan of the tan, blue, brown colorway and I need to make her a quilt so I will go with Mocha!

  81. Oh, the Swiss Chocolate would be made into a beautiful lap quilt that I could drape over my brown leather chair in my livingroom. Thanks very much.

  82. Drooling over both colorways but I will choose espresso. What to make? A totebag, a stripey ruffle skirt for a granddaughter, a quilt for my son…the list goes on. Too many ideas, not enough time to sew.

  83. The Mocha is divine – those are the colors in my bedroom and I would love to make a 'runner' or small quilt to drape over the large steamer trunk I have in there – and incorporate any scraps into some pillows.

  84. I love this Swiss Chocolate bundle with the blue tones. It is just lovely and really pops. I would use these fat quarter bundles for a snazzy bag or for a bright and cheery table runner. No matter what you use these bundles for it will be great.

  85. Definitely chocolate!!! I would make some sort of gifts out of it. Perhaps little bags or book covers, if I won. I am reading a book called The Gift. It's about creativity and says creativity is a gift. It also says something's only a gift if it's then passed on and given to others. So, if I won, I would feel compelled to keep the gift moving and give it again to someone who needs a real pick me up…or maybe a give away on my blog… Thanks for the opportunity.

  86. Swiss Chocolate is lovely. I have a quilt in mind but I'm thinking place mats and napkins would be beautiful on my table. Thanks for the giveaway.

  87. It's hard to choose…but if I must I think it would be Swiss Chocolate. I would make a lovely quilt with it. Thanks!

  88. My choice would be Espresso, I love the brown and pink. I'd make a big girl quilt with the fabrics. It would be perfect for my granddaughter.

  89. I really like them both, however I'd choose the Mocha right now, I love the blues and browns. If I won it I'd buy more of it and make a quilt for one of my girls.

  90. They are both beautiful & I'm sure I'd work either into a quilt. But, if I have to choose, I'd go with the Mocha colorway

  91. Lovely fabric and a tough choice to make. Ideally I'd love to have both of them but if I have to chose I'd want Mocha. But both are equally lovely.
    Lotta in Sweden

  92. I love the swiss chocolate by Moda! It's Absolutely gorgeous. That brown/pink/red colorway would look fantastic for a quilt for my bedroom. Thanks for hosting another fabulous giveaway, you're the best!

  93. MMMMMMMM Chocolate! They are both BEAUTIFUL! I would be happy with either. The blue would sure be pretty in my living room though. Lap quilt would be in order for in there! 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!

  94. Espresso chcolate, please…not only would it make a georgous wallhanging for my mother's new apartment, but I could enjoy the Swiss Chocolate without guilt or calories

  95. The Espresso Chocolate really has me drooling. Love the reds and salmons together. The designs and colours would make a lovely lap quilt for my living room. Thanks for the chance to win.

  96. What a tough choice. I think my husband would like the new upholstered headboard for our bed a bit more if we went with the mocha 😉 Thanks!

  97. Now I'm craving chocolate!
    I'd love to have the chocolate bundle. The pink and brown combo is divine! I'd love to make a couple of handbags with it.

  98. I got to get chocolate right now! 😉
    I would use the Mocha line to make a cuddly quilt. I would spend the evenings under it and drink hot chocolate and watch my favourite films.

    Best wishes

  99. Delicious! I would definitely choose the chocolate/espresso one! Those reds really make it pop! I would love to make a quilt for my mom or maybe a runner and matching placemats! Thanks for the giveaway!

    bruinbr at gmail dot com

  100. What a good start of 2011!
    I like Espresso best and I am sure a new quilt for my new bed would be perfect in thse colours.
    Thanks for giving us the chance to win such adorable fabrics.

  101. I would love the mocha the most, though both are lovely. Blues and browns are my living room colors, and I'd love to make a quilt to hang on one of my bare walls. 🙂

  102. I like both colorways. With the mocha I would design and make a table cloth for my breakfast table.And with the Espresso I would make my daughter and her partner a quilt for their bed to go in their new house they're building this year.

  103. I LOVE both of the colourways… I would not make anything out of them… I would want to eat them!!lol.. I would love to make a special bag to hide my chocolate stash from the family….


  104. I would love either colorway, but I like the richness of the original chocolate colorway. Thanks for the giveaway!

  105. The mocha chocolate would be perfect for my new handbag. I am going to make something for myself for a change. Thank you so much for sharing. I must make a cup of hot cocoa now.

  106. I am a chocaholic and love the Swiss Mocha color way. I think I will make the quilt pattern called Chocolate Bars from the beautiful line. Thanks
    Shawn from MI

  107. Definitely feeling the Mocha… I adore blues and browns. I would make a few bags out of these!

  108. I would choose the Mocha! It would make a beautiful throw over my "chocolate" colored couch. Thanks for a chance at a great giveaway!

  109. I LOVE both but I especially like the "Mocha" bundle. They would make up beautlfully into a little baby boy quilt. I could wrap my sweet in sweets!!! A table runner would be gorgeous too. What a way to dress the table for dessert!! Hello to the North Carolina designer!! We live in J-ville.

  110. That is a real tough choice but I would pick the Red one. The colors would go perfect in my kitchen, I see a nice table runner!

  111. To be honest, I would love either bundle…the colors are absolutely lovely. I would make a slew of mug rugs for my mom and her co-workers…then everyone would not match but go together heeheehee….

  112. I love brown and pink together, but in the Swiss Chocolate line, I am drawn to the blue fabrics. They are both beautiful and adaptable to not only quilts, but clothing, bags, home decor. This one is a real winner!

  113. Both would be a great addition to anyone's fabric collection. I like to call my fabric collections, they are like little bits of art to me.
    As far as what I would do, the chocolate would be a quilt for my SIL. The Mocha, baby quilt for my newest Grand Niece, Paisley.
    Good luck to everyone, but, I hope you call my name.

  114. I have just revamped my living room and the Choclate matches PERFECT!!! I would love to make a throw quilt out of this to accent the room! BEAUTIFUL!!!

  115. What beautiful fabrics. I would love to have either of these groups but I think the Espresso Swiss Chocolate would be my first choice. I love the reds and salmon colors with the browns. I think I'd use these to either make a purse or even table runner. A quilt made from these fabrics would be just beautiful.

  116. I need to make some new placemats for my dining room table, so while I love them both, the Mocha goes better with the colors in the room. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win these!

  117. Ohhhh!!! These are both soooo beautiful. But I could see the Swiss Chocolate Mocha as a beautiful handbag with matching wallet and coin purse!!

    This is just gorgeous! You are so talented!

  118. I can't choose! So many possibilities with both! How about this… If I'm lucky enough to be picked, I'll take second choice. I'll get something I love either way! I would LOVE to have a quilt out of this on my bed!!!

  119. Definately drooling…. :o) I would love to have the espresso bundle. The reds,pinks and browns are so great. I like the Mocha colours aswell :o) Dont know what to make of them, but it must be something to show off the wonderful fabrics.

  120. I think they are both wonderful, but I guess the one with more browns and creams would be great for a wallhanging I'd like to make for my sister. Thanks for the chance to win!

  121. I love the Chocolate color story! Fabulous! It would make an awesome quilt, I can't wait to see the ideas coming in magazines soon!

  122. I would love the chocolate color way, it is truly beautiful! Can't wait to buy some and make a quilt for my bedroom!

  123. I would love the Chocolate, what an awesome set of fabrics. I would make a nice wall hanging for my newly painted living room.

  124. OMG, this line is divine, truly and I would love to win either bundle, but really, really love the Espresso. I would first make a quilt (not sure pattern yet) and then possibly a Bow Tucks Tote handbag. The combinations are endless and the line is perfect for mid-winter and Valentines!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  125. I would love to win the Espresso fat quarter bundle. What great colors! I would make a quilt for my daughter from this wonderful line.

  126. I'm partial to blue so Mocha would be my choice but they are both wonderful. My first thought was "manly" so I think I'd make a quilt for my husband from this line. Can't wait to see the quilts Amanda designs using these fabrics.

  127. I really like the Chocolate line of Swiss Chocolate. The colors would go great in my kitchen of reds, silver and brown. Beautiful fabric line.

  128. Both colorways are brilliant … but I think I would have a chance to actually KEEP a quilt in Swiss Chocolate because my two adult daughters are adverse to anything pink!

  129. Drool, drool!!! Those are fabulous. I love the salmon color and would love a table topper made out of it. I'd also love a skirt made out of those fabrics.

  130. I am drooling… chocolate does that to me. How ingenious to model fabric after chocolate! I am in love with the espresso (although both are amazing). I would spend days hoarding the gorgeous fabric before being brave enough to dig in BUT when I finally did, I would make two small snuggle blankets for my daughters. Blankets they could carry around & show off!

  131. Amanda Murphy, I like your style. Both colourways are wonderful. My choice would be Espresso – those FQ's would make a great table topper for a very long dining table, inspired by your idea of using an oriental rug as inspiration. I have my fingers crossed….

  132. I think the expresso bundle would make a lovely Valentine's Chocolate quilt. Thankyou for the opportunity to win!

  133. The Chocolate colorway would make a great springy throw for my SIL who is facing some health challenges right now. She needs some cheerful, cozy color to chase away the winter blahs!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  134. You are right about the drool factor! I'm drawn to the Espresso colorway. A lovely Valentine wallhanging would be perfect from those fabs. Maybe an applecore runner too!

  135. I would LOVE to win the Chocolate bundle. What would I make with it? A quilt I designed last year and called "Chocolates for Christmas"

  136. I think it was meant to be…red and chocolate brown are my favorite colors! How wonderful would it be to make an Apron and matching table runner out of the Espresso Swiss Chocolate? It think baking in these decadent fabrics would be fabulous! Thanks for giving me the chance to Win :o)

  137. I would love to win the mocha bundle! I can see a very beautiful baby quilt for a special little boy that will be coming into this world in a few months. I know he would love it!!!

  138. I would love to create a Shadow box quilt from the espresso fat quarter bundle… I would snuggle under it while sipping my morning coffee….. yummy

  139. MOCHA!! I make all kinds of baby stuff (diapees and wipees, bottle warmers, carrier covers, paci clips….)and ya know, you can put a girl in blue but you CAN'T put a boy in pink! 😉 These colors are b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!!!!!

  140. I love the Swiss Chocolate especially, because I would make large napkins out of the fat quarters for a very lovely dinner with friends celebrating St. Valentine's Day. My china is a Lenox white so the napkins would really spruce up the table – along with a centerpiece of roses, of course.

  141. I love them both but the Expresso is my fav, and that is odd for me because I am a blue girl. But I would make a lap quilt for a friend of mine. Thanks!!

  142. oOOoOOoOoooH! Pick me! Pick me!!!

    I think the mocha color family would look fabulous as a throw on my sister's new couch….

    Thanks for the chance to win such yummy fabrics!

  143. I love both color ways but I would especially love the Chocolate to make a table runner and placemats. I can also see a quilt for my bed with pillow shams.

  144. I fell in love with this collection when I first saw it – very difficult to choose the color way but I think Mocha would make a gorgeous table runner!

  145. OH MY GOSH!!! I am in love! These are so rich and beautiful. I love them both but would probably pick the chocolate and definitely would make a quilt with it. Seeing these made my day!!!!

  146. Well, if I was forced to choose, I guess Mocha. If I won the Mocha fat quarter I would probably make placemats and potholders since the colors match my kitchen and dining room. If I won the Chocolate, then I would probably make a lap quilt for my daughters room since her room is pink.

  147. Love the Mocha! I would make a lap quilt! Thanks for a chance to win a great fabric line…now I want a mocha latte!

  148. I love the Mocha blues and browns, and like most everyone else, I would would probably work on place mats and table runners. They just scream at you to make something that has to do with food. yum yum 😉

  149. Oh this fabric is gorgeous!! I love both lines, but I think I like the pink/brown one slightly more. I started a pink and brown sampler quilt a while back (UFO)and these prints would fit right in with the others.

  150. Oooohhh…what an AWESOME giveaway! I would LOVE the mocha colors. I would make some adorable throw pillows for the living room, maybe some matching chair cushion covers, or a lap quilt for the couch!!!

    Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!!!

  151. Wow what gorgeous designs! This fabric just speaks to me!!!! I love the Swiss Chocolate and can see a beautiful
    quilt featuring some of the larger prints…I would love to win this fabulous giveaway…. Thank you for sharing!

  152. Blue has always been my favorite color, but I love both the Mocha and Espresso. If I could only win one, it would be the Espresso, but then I'd have to buy the other one! I can see beautiful handbags and diaper bags in my future! Thank You and God Bless!

  153. OOHHHH sooo pretty! 😉 I would LOVE the chocolate version, the browns, reds and creamy beiges match my den perfectly! (Its the exact colors of my rug). And honestly, looking at the pictures on the blog gave me my inspriation. I'd make a "square in a square" or "boxed in" throw for snuggling, with a fleece backing for extra warmth because that room gets COLD!

  154. OOHHHH sooo pretty! 😉 I would LOVE the chocolate version, the browns, reds and creamy beiges match my den perfectly! (Its the exact colors of my rug). And honestly, looking at the pictures on the blog gave me my inspriation. I'd make a "square in a square" or "boxed in" throw for snuggling, with a fleece backing for extra warmth because that room gets COLD!

  155. I love them both but would choose the Swiss Chocolate to make some pillows out of – for my sister!

  156. I love this line, especially the Chocolate/espresso. Pink/Brown is my Favorite color scheme right now. I think a patch quilt would show off the fabric's prints and make a delicious quilt, that you could curl up with. Love it, hope to win!!!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  157. what cool designs! So yummy for a project for valentines. Love the swiss chocolate. I am salvating already. YOu can fix my chocolate craving. becky

  158. I love the Expresso Swiss Chocolate! Yum, yum, yum!!! It reminds me of chocolate covered cherries. I would probably make a Turning Twenty quilt to keep the pieces of fabric large. All the better to drool over them! Thanks for the chance to win.

  159. The Mocha is drop-dead gorgeous! and I would make either a quilt, table topper, table runner, and/or placemats! Thanks for the chance!

  160. Love the swiss chocolate! It is screaming valentines day for a wall hanging or table runner. It is so yummy! becky

  161. OH MY!! The Swiss Chocolate is gorgeous. I just joined a sew along this would make the purse I am going to me sewing absolutely beautiful.

  162. I love both lines, they're beautiful, but have a slight preference for blue, so Mocha would be my favorite. I would have to make a quilt for myself since I love this line of fabric so much!

  163. mmm. what a difficult choice … I'd love the espresso because it looks more cohesive to me …

    … but I'd have to say mocha – I don't have any dusky or near-primary blues in my stash at all and it's a new year's intention to make friends with them!

  164. You're right, that is a collection to drool over. I love the name, the colors and the designs. So creative. I would choose Espresso, but either would be nice to work with. I'd probably make a lapquilt.

  165. The names are enough to make me want them, and the designs are gorgeous. I would love the chance to win Swiss Chocolate in the give away and I would make a quilt out of it, who wouldn't want to be covered in Swiss chocolate. Thank you for the chance to win these lovely fabric.

  166. Boy, that's a tough choice…I guess Mocha since the blues may play well with some others I'm collecting for a quilt I'm planning for my son!

  167. oh i love the original swiss chocolate. the reds and browns look so good together. i do love the mocha one too but if i had to pick it would be the red. it would be a great addition to a quilt for my living room. the colors are perfect for it.

  168. Who doesn't love chocolate? Such beautiful fabric. It would be a great compliment to my kitchen theme of chocolate and coffee. I'm envisioning pot holders, a cushion for the entry bench, a few pillows for our dinner booth, and possibly some curtains.

  169. I think I would like the Chocolate one the best. The colors are just lovely.

    Sheila G

  170. I'd love to win the Swiss Mocha. I had planned to make some pot holders and oven mitts for gifts for Christmas, and totally didn't get them made this year. So I'd use the Swiss Mocha for a set for my son-in-law who loves to cook. The colors are fabulous in both colorways. Thanks for the opportunity.

  171. The mocha palette is my favorite. It would be perfect for a great little lap quilt to cuddle under while I'm watching tv or hand-sewing. Thanks for the give-away!

  172. The Espresso color story, definitely – I'm in the process of redoing my dining room in EXACTLY those colors! I'd start with placemats and napkins, then probably order more fabric and make a tablecloth quilt!

  173. I love, love, love the Espresso…I would make a beautiful quilt with a pattern that I just purchased…this would be just the right fabric to make with my new pattern…

  174. i'd love the espresso… or maybe the mocha… I'd be thrilled with either one really!

    I'd make a quilt with them of course.

  175. Both colorways are luscious, tho I would choose Espresso. I'd love to build a medallion quilt with these fabrics, adding borders as the quilt develops–though I'd definitely do some planning before I began cutting!
    Thanks very much.

  176. I would go for the Espresso and I would actually make it into something for my in-laws! Their 30 year anniversary is coming up…

  177. I would love the Mocha one. I am having a slight obsession with blue at the moment. I think if I had them I would make a sewing machine cover and possibly a snuggle quilt…because I'm pretty small I might be able to do both ^_^

  178. Espresso please, I love the colors and the designs. I can see a skirt, curtains, pillows, hmmmm a purse and of course a beautiful quilt, maybe made in the pickle dish variation. Beautiful, beautiful collection.

  179. Drip! drip! that's the drool dripping off my chin! I'd love the Mocha fat quarters as I can see a great purse!

  180. Amanda, WOW! how creative are you. What a great career. It must be so much fun, being able to design fabric. The Swiss Chocolate is beautiful, I just had my livingroom repainted and bought new furnture, the red, brown and butterscotch are the colors I used. I've been looking for fabric and this is perfect for a wsllhanging, table runner, maybe a lap quilt. Thank you for the great chance to win. 🙂

  181. If I could win I would take either but if I had to choose it would be Mocha. I have a new nephew and a few friends are having babies and I know that they would love to receive some bibs and a blanket or two…so I would actually make it into something that I could give to someone else..


    Shannon Margaret Brott
    shannon (dot) margaret (dot) brott (at) Gmail (dot) com

  182. Oh, they are both divine and if I HAD to choose, I would choose Mocha – love the blues and browns. If I won, I may hold on to it until my month in the bee that I'm in. Thanks for the chance!

    bailey_burwell05 at hotmail dot com

  183. I would love the Mocha please, I would make it into a beautiful purse for me. I always make things for others and I never have any of my work here..

  184. I would love the Espresso bundle. I would use it to make a baby blanket for a friend who is expecting in July. This will also be my first quilt to make, so I'm hoping to make it extra special for my friend.

  185. I would make a purse out of a pattern that I altered to use 8-9 fat quarters. I'd use the Swiss Chocolate Expresso fabric. This fabric is so rich like my favorite cherry chocolate ice cream.

  186. I love both of the color combinations but the tan and blue one would make a nice tablerunner for my parent's kitchen. Thanks for the opportunity to win such nice fabrics.
    Warmest regards,

  187. Swiss choclate would be my pick. I would love to make pillows or a quilt maybe both to go in my living room. My goal is to have red and brown accents with brown leather furniture.

  188. Gorgeous fabric line!!! I have to admit – I think I love the Espresso colorway the most!! I've been wanting to make myself (for once! LOL) a chocolate and pink quilt for over a year now – and this fabric would be awesome in the quilt!!

  189. Hi – this line of fabric is absolutely gorgeous. I would make a lap quilt in Mocha for my mother. Her favorite color is blue and she has chocolate every day! she gets cold in her house because my father is frugal with the heat. The al quilt in your fabric would be perfect.

  190. I love both, but would love the Expresso colourway as I just found out that I'm going to a gramma to a little girl, due in June!

  191. Yummy – I would love the red bundle which reminds me of chocolate with the red filling (have no idea what its call – been a while i have shopped for chocolates).

  192. I would love the Espesso! It would make a great accent color to my "in the process of being re-done" sewing room….maybe a mini quilt or runners….or both!

  193. I would find it hard to pick one from the other, but I guess it would be Esspresso, I see beautiful coffee with raspberry centred chocolates, in a quilt, finally, for just me!Any left over fabric would be a beautiful bag. Thankyou.

  194. What gorgeous fabrics in both colorways! I think I would pick the Espresso group and make a quilt for my bedroom….those colors would work beautifully!

  195. Wow they are both gorgeous! I would make tablerunner/topper and placemats with the Expresso and pillows for my bed with the Mocha.
    Love them both…thanks for the chance to win.

  196. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE FABRIC and this FABRIC IS BEAUTIFUL! I love the mocha, and I would make fabulous pillows, which I have been addicted to making for a week and can't get enough 🙂 Fat quaters are the perfect size too!

  197. I do like both collections, but I believe that I would choose the Swiss Chocolate. Either way, I would incorporate the material into a tote bag (or two) to be used in shopping. This way I would not have to use plastic bags AND I would be able to "show off" these lovely colors to everyone I meet (and on a daily basis).

  198. Prior to December 10, when I lost my mother, I would have requested the Mocha bundle for a new cover for her nursing home bed. Since we lost mom, our family is now looking forward to a new baby. My youngest sister is going to be a Grandmother herself. The baby will be here any day now. A coverlet for her bed would be wonderful from the Expresso bundle and the patterns and colors could also grow up with her for use in her dorm room in a few years. Creating family memories is what life is all about. My mother quilted for many years and this would continue her legacy.

  199. I love the mocha colorway…… and it matches perfectly with my bedroom decor, so I would make new throw pillows for my bed.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win! 🙂

  200. The ideal bundle for me to receive will be the "Swiss Chocolate" one. Most likely I will use it for a quilt. Afterall, winter is here and it doesn't hurt to have another quilt in the house to keep everybody warm.

  201. I just love the Mocha Swiss Chocolate. A very dear friend in my life (she is like a mother to me) has been put into a care center and is now pretty much confined to a wheelchair. These are her favorite colors and I would love to make her a lap quilt out of them and then deliver the quilt to California in person as I haven't seen her in year. I would just love to suprise her. Thanks for creating such a wonderful line of fabric and the colors are just wonderful.

  202. OMG I love that fabric! Please pick me. It is so yummy you could eat it…Now I know why you called it that. I love both but I think I would go for "Expresso" that's the first one isn't it? I have so many bag patterns from Xmas that I think I would have to make a bag from it> It looks too nice to cut up. Love Love.. Pls Pls PLs Pick me.

  203. I love the Espresso fabrics!! If I had it I would make a lap quilt that I would use when I'm curled up in my favorite chair, reading a good book, drinking an espresso and eating chocolates!!!

  204. Oh the Expresso is yummy…I could taste chocolate looking at it. I would have to make a wall hanging or table runner with them. Mmmm.

  205. They are both lovely, but I would prefer the Mocha because of the lovely blues. And I would probably make a nice lap quilt and back it with a cuddly blue minkee I have. Thanks for the chance to dream..
    Warm regards from Seoul

  206. You're going to make us choose? LOL…ok I'll choose the mocha, and would make a quilt from it if I was lucky enough to win…fingers crossed!

  207. I think I would like the Mocha better, but both of them are so beautiful. I would make a lap sized quilt and use a simple pattern to showcase the fabrics.

  208. I love the espresso and I have been eyeing the Paper Lanterns pattern by Cosy Quilt Designs…It would really show off the Espresso fabrics wonderfully!

  209. Hello. I can see the Espresso Swiss Chocolate bundle for a great tote bag – just too gorgeous not to show off all over town. This is a wonderful collection in both colorways.

  210. Both are gorgeous! I would love to win some of the Espresso palette 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win… Sorry, I have to leave you now… I am running to the kitchen to get some chocolate! 😉

  211. I have found the fabric I have been looking/waiting for. I like the blues. Its masculine enough I can use it for decorating my masterbed room. I see a beautiful king sized quilt with matching pillow cases, a runner for my dressers maybe curtains. I cant wait till payday! Thanks sooo much!

  212. I love the espresso color scheme with the delicious pinks and browns. I would make a gorgeous table runner for valentines day.

    Thanks for the change to win. 😉

  213. I LOVE both bundles!!! I suppose, though,if I had to pick one it would be the expresso…love the rasberry color with the brown! I'm participating in the postage stamp quiltalong with PSIQuilt.would love to use it for that!!!

  214. Both colors are just so pretty. I love them both but if I had to pick I guess I would pick espresso and if I was lucky enough to win I would make a beautiful throw for my mom or sister.

  215. Oh, I think I would have to choose the "Swiss Chocolate" (this was done with the 'eenie meenie, minei, mo selection process, very scientific). I don't know exactly what I would make but I'm sure it would be something beautiful…probably a table runners, toppers as we are in the midst of a remodel and I really need some. Thanks for the chance.

  216. How delicious the two stories are. If I were lucky enough to recieve the mocha collection I'd surely make a junior quilt for my 2 year old son's bed as a reward for all his great work with potty training ! Each time he successfully goes to the potty he gets a teeny tiny bit of chocolate……. How wonderful it would be to present him with a gorgeous quilt in these stunning little boy colours as a reminder of the great job he has done over the past 6 months for years to come(and pass it on). It's terrific that the design is based on confectionary too…… Very appropriate !

  217. This line is SO PERFECT for my future daughter-in-law!! I've been looking for the the right combination of sophisticated fabric design and color palette, hoping to make a quilt that would reflect this wonderful young woman. Eureka!!. Wow, either line would work, but the Mocha would probably be best. Anyway, thanks for featuring this beautiful new line! -bookmimi, from Fullerton, CA

  218. I love the Expresso. I would love to make a tablecloth for my kitchen table with matching chair covers. Thanks for the giveaway. Beautiful fabric range.

  219. I would love the mocha bundle – I would make a wall hanging for my quilting room with it… the colors match perfectly!

  220. Either bundle would be great – the blue's for a boy, the pink's for a girl, they would make stunning baby blankets for my future grandkiddies!

  221. Oh, I'd totally take that Espresso bundle off your hands. As for what I would make… I'm determined that this will be my year for handmade gifts, so I'd do a place mat and table runner set.

    Now, whether not I hang on to them or give them away once they're done… That might be up for debate, since that fabric is so yummy!

  222. I think both are beautiful, however, I would chose the Mocha. As I usually pick reds I feel it is time to be different! I would like to use this fabric for tablerunners, napkins, and breadwarmers – would make a great gift for someone special!

  223. I love the Espresso and would probably make a series of pillows out of them for my dark brown leather couch, I think the colors would really pop on that background!

  224. I would love to have the Swiss Chocolate bundle to make a table runner for my dining room. I think it would be perfect for fall/winter!

  225. It's really hard to chooose between the two! I think I'd do the Espresso and make a quilt to hang on my wall for Valentines day. To me chocolate is the perfect Valentine's gift!

  226. Both are SO beautiful but the Mocha Swiss Chocolate would be perfect for my close guy friend who just started a new job this week half way across America. I have been trying to find the perfect color story for a housewarming lap quilt for him and the Mocha is just perfect! Thanks 🙂

  227. I'd love to win the Espresso colorway because my mom is all girl and loves pink – I'd make her a tablecloth or placemats.

  228. I would make purses for all my girlfriends for valentines day. Because all my friends are watching their weight and this would be like a no calorie chocolate indulgence. I think the pinks and chocolate lines is gorgeous and seems very rich, Thank goodness its not fattening. G

  229. Amanda's fabrics are beautiful! I would chose the Mocha line because it would go great in my bedroom. I would make a wall hanging and some new pillows to match. Thanks for the chance to win these lovely fabrics.

  230. Espresso! I would look forward to lining baskets with the fabric, then filling them with all things chocolate to give to my friends; but of course save enough to make a pot holder for myself!

  231. I love them both! I would definitely work these into a quilt. A quilt made for cozying up next to a fireplace and making s'mores. Or for snuggling under while occupied by a great book and some hot chocolate.

    Now I know how I want to spend my evening…

    Thanks for hosting this!

  232. Both look great and I will probably add them to my stash anyway… but if I had to choose, I would start with Mocha Swiss Chocolate and make a "big boy" quilt for my 4 year old. That crib quilt just doesn't cover him anymore!

  233. I have been drooling over this collection the last few times I perused I love both colorstories, but would have to pick the mocha. We are currently painting our bedroom and the colors are spot on with this bundle. I would use the fabric for all my accent pieces-pillows, a throw, side table runners, framed pieces. Thanks for the interview and the giveaway!


  234. I would choose the mocha group. The blue is the perfect match for my guest bedroom. I would make a scrappy bed quilt with all these yummy colors!

  235. Since I am planning a quilt for one of the beds for a local women's safe house, I think the blue bundle would be perfect! Calming and comforting…lovely.

  236. I need to make a quilt for my niece and the Mocha color scheme will be perfect for her. She turning 11 and her taste is changing from "little girl" patterns to more sophisticated. This fabric is fun and playful with a modern, mature feel. I know she will LOVE it.

  237. I would love the chance to win either Swiss Chocolate fat quarter bundle. My daughter would like me to make her a quilt for her 25th birthday.
    Roslyn from Australia

  238. Definitely the Espresso for me. The chocolates and reds would go beautifully in the living room – cushions and table runner I think. Then again, maybe a new bag for me!

  239. Espresso all the way – it is gorgeous. It seems a popular choice but I would definitely make a table runner and matching coasters and I am desperate for some new pot holders.

  240. I would love the espresso collection and I would make purses for my girlfriends for Valentines day. It would be great to give calorie free chocolate to my friends that are watching their weight. Gabriella in Fairport

  241. This kind of swiss chocolate works with my diet. I love the Espresso colour way. I would make a quilt – haven't made one for so long (years) and this year I have given myself the time to make one.
    Thanks for the chance.

    Susan W (UK)

  242. I think I would love to work with the pink and mocha colorway. (I love the blue too). I have a pattern that would work perfectly for a quilt that I raffled off as a fundraiser for the Susan G Komen 3 Day walk that I particiapted in last year. The pink colorway would be perfect for another breast cancer quilt! Barb

  243. How nice of you to have these fat quarter bundles available. I like the chocolate version, but I do always ice my cakes and cupcakes with my very favorite, MOCHA.

  244. I just love them both so I'm not bothered either way I just want to win one of them please. Thanks for doing this – you are a true treasure.
    Patti xxx

  245. Wauw, they are great. This time I must say that both collarschema's are apealing to me.
    I love the red and the brown but also the bleucolours.

    Mmmmmm…. making a decission. Then I think I go for ….. espresso.

    Oh, what I would make with it…. I have some lovely red cross stich, that I would like to make a quilt with.

    For the bleu colour scheme I would make some sticheries in mostly bleu tones. The stitchery will be drawings of typical old dutch things. A windmill, a farmer boy and girl, going milking, etc.

    Writing this to you I am asking myself if I made the right choise…

    No, if I have to choose it wil still be the espresso version.

  246. I love the richness of the Espresso colorway! If I had some of this gorgeous fabric, I'd like to make myself a tote bag. And maybe something for my new niece, maybe…

  247. I would love the Swiss Chocolate bundle. I could see a cute purse made from it or a lovely table runner. Not sure what to make first. Thanks for the chance to win!

  248. I have to choose the Espresso! I would love to make a lap quilt for my 95 year old Grandma. She is my heart and this color scheme and fabric expresses that so well.
    Thanks for the gorgeous fabric and fun.

  249. My fav is the Mocha set, which I'd used for a lap quilt and pillow for the couch 🙂 Then I could watch out the window at all this snow falling, and laugh. Oh, and coffee, chocolate, and a good book are nearby!

  250. I would choose the Espresso Colorway and make a lap quilt for myself. Thank you for sharing this beautiful fabric with us. Take care and God bless, Cory

  251. They are both gorgeous! If I was forced to select one, I would go with Espresso!

    Ann in NC

  252. I'd choose the Mocha — I love the combination of brown and blue! I would make a beautiful apron, hot pads, bordered towels…the list could go on and on. It would look so pretty in my yellow and white kitchen.

  253. I'd choose the Mocha — I love the combination of brown and blue! I would make a beautiful apron, hot pads, bordered towels…the list could go on and on. It would look so pretty in my yellow and white kitchen.

  254. I would love the Espresso! I am not sure that I could cut into it, though. But, I think I would make some bags and do some applique with it. It's too cute to cut up too small.

  255. I would have to pick the Espresso, it's lovely. I would make several quilts for The Gracie Jane Project that I run.

  256. I love the Mocha. On page 6 of the McCall's "America Loves Scrap Quilts" Winter 2010/2011 edition there is a Chocolate & Cream quilt that would look stunning using these fabrics.

  257. I like the blues in the mocha colorway best (although i do love the rich dark brown in the espresso one!). With a name like that, I would have to use it to make new oven mitts to use for baking chocolate goodies!

  258. It's so hard to decide between them they are both so gorgeous. If I had to choose I guess I'd choose the Mocha one and I'd make a quilt =)

    Thanks for the giveaway

    Ly (

  259. I love the espresso colorway and am sure I could find one of my trusty Atkinson patterns to make good use of the fat quarters!

  260. I really, really love the the Mocha collection. I would absolutely love to make a new quilt for my bedroom with those colors! (The blues and browns are just perfect.)

  261. I would like the "expresso" fabric bundle. I can see a table cloth draped across my table the colors would match my colors great!!

  262. Espresso, please. Why? Because I love coffee and brown and red, which are the colors in the master bedroom. I desperately need to make a duvet cover.

  263. I would love the espresso bunch! I love the reds and browns. I would make a new hexagon throw quilt for my first new home in Colorado that I'm moving into next summer!

  264. It's so hard to choose. I love the color scheme of the Espresso Swiss Chocolate but blue is my favorite color. I think I'd have to go with the Mocha Swiss Chocolate. If I won I'd probably make myself a nice quilt. I don't sew for myself often and just recently I was thinking that would be a nice thing to do for myself.

  265. I really like the mocha one. It would be perfect for a lap quilt for my gramma.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  266. OH WOW!! Both colorways are so beautiful it is hard to choose which one I would pick!

    But I think I would go with Mocha for the blues as my hubby is a graduate of UNC and loves his color blue!!! and this colorway would be perfect for a comforter in our bedroom!!!

  267. I'd love to win the Expresso bundle–I love the salmons and reds too! I'd make a big throw qyult to cover my (very in need of replacing) couch.