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Fat Quarterly Fabric Pack

Fat Quarterly Fabric Pack, what is this you say?  Fat Quaterly has started a new fun way to look at fabrics. Every 2 weeks one of their team members will create a new and unique Fat Quarter Bundle.  Last week Kate created the kick-off bundle….

The bundle includes Ty Pennington’s Impressions, Patty Young’s Sanctuary, a Garden Pindot, Kona Solids and a Bella Solid.. anywho, I think it’s pretty fabulous. And what’s even more fabulous… FQS is exclusively selling her bundle! Go check it out!


  1. Nice collection! You know, it would be so cool if FQS had some sort of interactive way of building your own bundles. I would mix and match all day long!

  2. Great idea! This way YOU can do the matching for us. I wouldn't want to select my own and then be disappointed to find that some just didn't match the way they appeared to on the computer screen! Thank you!

  3. what a cool idea! and it makes it easy for us to create fun projects. The hard work is done for us. You all have the fun of seeing all the fabrics and can have so much fun playing with all the possibilities. you all keep our creative juices flowing.

  4. I love this idea! I'm one of those people who is terrified to mix different lines of fabric out of fear that they won't "match". I know better, really I do, but I can't seem to break away from using one line per quilt.