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Sushi Rolls from Lecien Fabrics

If you haven’t seen or tried them yet, we’ve got some fun stuff to show you today! We mentioned them briefly during our last stint at Fall Market, but they’ve been lurking discreetly in the shadows of Fat Quarter Shop until today. We’re showing them off to the whole quilting world — with giveaways to boot!

Sushi Rolls are the cutest pre-cut additions to the Lecien Fabrics family, and out of this variety of six, every quilter is sure to find a necessary addition to her fabric stash. Whether it be a basic, floral, or cutesy (kawaii) print, think Sushi Rolls! (Did I just make you hungry? Sorry!) What’s more, you can click to view different sides of the roll, so you’ll know exactly what’s included!

These Sushi Rolls contain 100% cotton fabric strips 2 7/8″ wide, great for smaller-pieced quilt and sewing projects. Blue and Red Minny Muu Sushi Rolls feature itty bitty children’s prints — think sailors, teddy bears, polka dots, daisies — baby quilts worldwide rejoice!

Le Petit Jardin Sushi Roll features a wide range of little floral prints in yellows, browns, blues, pinks, and creams, as well as dots and checks. It’s sophisticated vintage in bright, fun hues! (See that top image up there!) If you’ve got a fetish for Lecien floral collections, like Mrs. March Antique Rose and Antique Flower Collection, this is the roll for you!

And finally, Lecien gives us three “Quilter’s Basic” Sushi Rolls — Primitive Quilter’s Basic, Bright Quilter’s Basic, and Prairie Quilter’s Basic. They all use the same ditsy flowers, checks, and dotted swirl prints, but in three different colorways. Simply look around to find the one that suits your taste.

Now for the fun part — we’ve got some lovely personal news at Fat Quarter Shop to share! Comment with a guess as to what it is, and we’ll pick three random winners on Monday, March 2, to receive a Sushi Roll of their choice! Good luck, and happy Friday!

(P.S. I don’t know why they are that size, Chooky Blue — you’d have to ask them! LOL)


  1. I think most folks are going to guess that someone’s expecting a new baby! πŸ˜€ Also, what a great idea…sushi rolls! Now I want sushi for lunch. Mmmmm.

  2. Ditto on the baby comment… I was @ Disneyland on Monday, and I could swear there was something in the water, because there were a LOT of preggo women walking around the parks. It just seems to be that time… I heard something about how people tend to have babies during economic recessions, so that could explain it.

  3. Another guess for a new baby on the way. πŸ™‚ BTW, I just rec’d my first ever FQS order and I was floored with the quality of how my order was packed, the envelope the receipt was in. Thank you so much – I love FQS and will be back shopping again very soon! πŸ™‚

  4. Yes, yes… new sibling for Emma. Though it could be you are coming out with your own fabric line? I’m thinking you gals at FQS would probably know exactly what quilters would want to see next… since you sell so many great fabric lines…AND sushi rolls!

  5. New car! I vote for a new car.. Heh the baby comment is overrated!! Although a baby for the new car would be nice too!
    Just a guess πŸ˜‰

  6. I would think the best personal news would be a new baby on the way. I know that expecting my very first grandchild is the best thing for me, so I guess everyone should have a new baby to love.

  7. I realize it’s not original, but that’s the first thing I thought, so I’ll go with new baby as well…

    Love (love!) the new sushi rolls… I need one (or two or three!) for my stash!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  8. Well, my guess first thought was a new baby, but then I thought …. hmmmm, maybe an up coming wedding because you used the word ‘lovely’ to describe the news. I can’t wait to hear what it is!!!

  9. Ooooh!! though I am not alone in my ‘hunch’…the first thing that came to mind is a new little pea in the pod. Are you?!?! We want to know! C’mon, the suspense is awful!!

  10. I’m gonna guess the obvious as well. There must be a baby on the way! Thank you for the opportunity to win a Sushi Roll. They look like fun.

  11. What could be more personally lovely than a baby? Yep, that’s my guess! Just like most of the other 64 commenters who came before me! LOL!

  12. Hi!
    Maybe the Sushi Rolls are 2 7/8 to make sure that you can make 2.5″ HSTs without a fancy ruler? (And trim down the roll for squares) Just a guess…
    But I’m not that good in guessing…so I’d joing the million others and I’d say there’s probably a new sibling for Emma on his/her way…?
    Have a great weekend,

  13. Considering "personal news" I would think it would be baby as well, However how about a spin on this "TWINS" wouldn't Emma have fun!! Congrats if this is the case, if it isn't boy we all think there should be!!! hehe. LOVEEEEE the sushi oh my gosh, just think they can be use to make have square. At least it seems all my Classes&BOM lately need 2 7/8. I am happy that they will be at Fat Quarter Shop!!!

  14. MMMMM….. Sushi made my most favorite way… in fabric! Love them! I bet the good news is a new baby brother or sister for Emma is on the way. What else could it possibly be??

  15. yup I was going to guess a new baby too! What CUTE sushi rolls!!! Are you going to do egg rolls next? maybe cinnamin rolls? Tootsie rolls? are you inspried yet???

  16. Well, I am answering as soon as this came thru my computer, but see I might be a tad late….my first guess would be of course the pitter patter of little feet, a baby?? Yes….. so maybe a new puppy too??? LOL!!!

    My guess also for why the size of Sushi rolls – so you can cut them up and and make half square triangles??? This would give us half the work of cutting done.

  17. I guess my thought was the same as everyone else’s… Emma is going to get a new baby sibling!

    And I love these sushi rolls. I think the Bright Quilter’s Basic is my favorite.

  18. hmmm, could be a new baby! but, it could also be a new house, or an engagement…maybe your adding a member to your team at Fat Quarter Shop, or designing your own fabric??? All of it is so exciting, I can’t wait to find out!

  19. I think I'm disqualified from 'guessing' (!) ;o)
    – but could it be that the Lecien Sushi rolls are 2 7/8" wide – because the yardage is 'packaged' by the meter? . . . & maybe this measurement works best with dividing a meter? . . . Just a thought!
    xo, Bren

  20. I see so many have commented before me and are guessing what first came to mind.. a new baby. BUT, personal could mean more.. an engagement, a special birthday, anniversary, or even a relocation..Can’t wait to hear the news.. I love jelly rolls, I am sure there will be place to stack a few pieces of shushi!!

  21. I guess I am the @ 81st customer to guess it's a 'baby on the way'?? My second guess is that FQS is expanding?? BTW, L-O-V-E teh website…& L-O-V-E Lecien fabrics too!

  22. Well, I haven’t been reading long, so I don’t know much about who runs this blog. Since everyone else has guessed a baby, how about a vacation coming up?!

    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  23. I was thinking Emma would love to be a big sister…could that be the news? By the way, Lecien has always been one of my favorites, would love to win any of those yummy sushi rolls!

  24. I’m guessing that Emma has a new brother or sister on the way or perhaps both.
    Unless your are expanding your business or there is a marriage, retirement or some other happy occasion coming up.
    Whatever it is I love your site, your fabrics, and all the helpful information and service you provide along with the recipes.

  25. I think you are giving Emma a new brother or sister! What could be more exciting that adding a new little one to your stash?

  26. A new baby/employee is my guess. I’d LOVE to get my hands on some of those Sushi Rolls. My theory is that they’re cut that way so it’s easier for the mathaphobic among us to cut HSTs easier.

  27. Everyone has the same answer,(of course I do) so here’s the second guess. She won the lottery of one billion, so she will share to us???
    Sushi Rolls are wonderful! Especilly Quilter’s Basic will match well to other fabric.

  28. I just want you to know that I thought it was a new baby before I read any of the comments :)…Congrats, if that’s right…Katie

  29. Emma is going to be a big sister? But, that’s what everyone else seems to be quessing too.

    Or its time for Emma’s next birthday?

    ha ha it’s all about Emma, isn’t it?,

  30. My guess is a new baby… but everyone is thinking same… so maybe you are expanding the store because look how many comments you have already!

  31. My guess is …. a new baby on the way! I do like to follow the -crowd. πŸ˜‰
    The sushi rolls look gorgeous! Especially the Minny Muu – sweeeet!

  32. OHKAY…it’s Kitty…or maybe Emma’s new toy…my own children always thought the newest baby was brought just for THEM…but hugs and love for all happy personal news! and yes that Sushi with little blues sounds just right.

  33. Baby Jolly redux. (And if so, congratulations!)

    If you’re taking orders, can we get a brother for Emma? I have so many more boys to sew for than girls, and it will be great to see some of your fabulous quilting friends turn their creative mind to boy colours! (Clearly your lovely personal news is all about me!)

    I’m still not clear on sushi rolls (it’s just me, isn’t it?) Are these still width of fabric rolls, or are they shorter?)

  34. I’m also, guessing a new baby. that’s about as personal as you can get.I’m going to have a new grandbaby in October.

  35. My first thought was that Emma is going to be a big sister. That is what would certainly count as good news of a personal nature.

  36. Along with everyone else I guess a new baby… after all the bush fires & floods here in Australia its nice to hear about any good news

  37. I’m guessing that Emma is going to be a big sister! (Congratulations and what wonderful news if I’m right!)

  38. How about a new furbaby? It’s just a couple more legs with less labor pain.

    πŸ™‚ Whatever it is…Congrats!

  39. Ah… I’ll take a risk… a baby? LOL!
    Whatever the news is, congratulations from afar, I can sense happiness in the air! πŸ™‚

  40. I’d like to think I am more creative but I confess that a new life is on the way was my first thought…good luck to you whatever is on the way!

  41. Well, I immediately thought of a new baby (I made three baby quilts this weekend!) but looks like I am not the first…or the second!!

  42. Add me to the baby bandwagon, but perhaps on the back burner would be you designed a line of fabric. With either CONGRATS!!!!

  43. I’m thinking a new brother or sister is on the way!! Can’t think of lovelier news than that!]
    If so, Congrats!!

    Love these sushi rolls, so cute and perfect for HST with NO brain strain!!

  44. Everyone keeps saying a baby, so I’m going to guess that someone is getting married. Or maybe Emma just learned a new trick. Either way I could use some fabric sushi! Thanks.

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