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Susan Winget’s “Snow Show”

Susan Winget’s new winter line, Snow Show, displays snow in all its blustery beauty. Puffs of snow, sparkling snowflakes, and colorful knits adorn these prints in blues and lavenders, along with a cute little snowman named Sam! The Fat Quarter Shop has all her prints, along with bundles in two colorways, Aqua and Blue. Read about her inspiration, and see what it inspires you to create!

I am so excited to share a little about myself and the exciting new fabric line, Snow Show, that I have with Benartex, featured on the Fat Quarter Shop website. Quilting is a beautiful and spirited art form where I am from in North Carolina. We have beautiful quilts from my grandmother and mother-in-law in our home; they are precious family treasures! Quilts remind me of strong family ties always stitched together carefully with love, so I am always honored to see my own designs in these incredible creations!

Just a little about myself: my name is Susan Winget, and I am an artist from Charlotte, North Carolina. I have always loved art, and what started as painting small watercolor pieces for family and friends in my garage, has now turned into the design business that I am blessed to have today. With my studio of painters and designers, I have the great opportunity and joy of creating art for a wide range of products, from fabrics and dinnerware to calendars and stationery. I have been creating designs for fabrics for over 20 years now and each program has unique qualities. Some of my favorite programs produced by Benartex in the past are Kansas Song, Jolly Ol’ St. Nick and Gypsy Song.

I am inspired by so many things in my life from the joys of the farm my husband and I have with our many animals, to my three children that bless me everyday. Snow Show was inspired by my Sam Snowman collections that I have been painting for 15 years now. Sam, a delightful and curious snowman that embodies the joyful spirit and magic of the winter season, was named after my youngest son. I have so many warm memories of winter and the snow. Everyone bundles up to play outside with friends. We always have a crowd of children on the farm when it snows to sled, make snow angels, and then warm up inside as we gather together around the fire with mugs of hot chocolate. All of these dear memories and feelings about winter inspired the Snow Show program with its whimsical designs, playful snowflake flurries, and comforting warm woven patterns. You’ll even catch a glimpse of Sam the Snowman in this collection!

Snow Show is a wonderful and fun program, I hope you all enjoy using the fabric as much as I enjoyed designing it! If you enjoy this program, please be on the lookout for a new fabric line I am currently working on for Benartex. It has the same winter feel, and is a primitive holiday program with winter scenes and traditional Christmas decor. To see more of Sam the Snowman, visit our website that features Sam the Snowman products and calendars. Also, to learn more about this wonderful character, be sure to read our children’s book coming out soon with Harper Collins Publishers titled Sam the Snowman.

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Susan Winget