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Secret Santa by Diane Knott

We have not one, but two festive new collections by the talented Diane Knott in our store! Midnight Mischief for Halloween and Dear Santa for Christmas – which holiday strikes your fancy at the moment? Midnight Mischief has fun spooks and treats, and Dear Santa has Saint Nick on skates! Diane, the quilter behind the designs, talks about her holiday collections.

What a nice surprise I found in my email box! It was an invitation to write a blog for the Jolly Jabber about two of my fabric collections! I feel so honored to be asked to participate and to join all of the other designers who have been featured. Thank you, Fat Quarter Shop!

A bit of an introduction in case you haven’t seen any of my fabrics or other products….my name is Diane Knott and I’ve been working in the art licensing field as an artist and product designer for almost 10 years, and I design fabrics for Clothworks Textiles. Designing fabric is a dream-come-true for me because I’ve been sewing since I was just 10 years old. I remember sitting at my mother’s machine and making tons of mistakes, like not matching plaids and making my seams larger than 5/8″ and wondering why the clothes I was trying to make were all skewed! 🙂 But, through trial and error I became a quilter and learned to sew those accurate seams after all both on clothing and that all necessary 1/4″ quilting seam!

One of my collections that the Fat Quarter Shop has and which you’ll be seeing here is “Midnight Mischief”. I had so much fun painting this group. As I painted, I imagined it being a story to tell children on Halloween about how at midnight all of the pumpkins come to life, their vines becoming feet and arms so they can romp through the pumpkin patch dancing and making merry mischief by the light of the harvest moon! Fall is my favorite time of year and that made it all the more delightful for me to create these little characters that I hope will make lots of children happy when their moms sew up fanciful costumes and party decorations with the fabric.

“Dear Santa” made me smile when I was painting it – I wanted everyone else to smile too when they saw this chubby little guy. He doesn’t look like the traditional Santa because I wanted him to be more whimsical and jolly and I wanted to show him having fun at the North Pole on his days off! I hoped that everyone would see Santa as he might be when he wasn’t at work.

On my own days off when I’m not painting, I like to quilt and do needlework, beading, read, decoupage, travel and take pictures. I’ve also co-authored a book with my daughter, Holly Knott, called “Quilted Garden Delights” that has been published by C&T Publishing.

What I’d love more than anything is for someone to invent the 48 hour day. I’m always so happy to hear from people who have bought my fabrics and I want to say thank you! I hope that I’m always able to keep designing images that will continue to make your eyes and fingers happy as you sew them into special things for yourself. Blessings to stitchers everywhere.

Diane Knott
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  1. Both of these fabric collections are absolutely adorable. I love the story about the pumpkins coming to life! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I want to thank Jocelyn and The Fat Quarter Shop for inviting me to blog on Jolly Jabber! I’m thrilled to be in such great company with all of the other designers you’ve featured!
    Diane Knott ((HUGS))