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Starch Applique Method: How-To Video with Joanna Figueroa!

We hope you’ve been enjoying the series of videos featuring Kimberly and special guest Joanna Figueroa from Fig Tree Quilts that we’ve shared in past weeks. Today is the last in the series, and you’ll learn how to make an applique heart using the starch method! (Pssst! We’re going to celebrate all the video goodness Joanna shared with us with a special giveaway on the blog tomorrow, so keep an eye out!)
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  1. Thank you Joanne! Great tips and love the idea of using the silk thread. Never occurred to me! Appreciate all the tips.

  2. Joanne – you are the best!! I have read about the starch method and tried it, but it was a starchy mess! It was so nice to see you demonstrate exactly how it works. I love this method! Thank you for your inspiration.

  3. Great applique video. My favorite so far. I don't do or like applique . . . but I can't wait to try this method. Thanks.

  4. I'm a notion's girl. So my favorite video was Joanna's Favorite Notions & Quilting Tips. Thanks to this video, I see at least two more notions I must get and try. Thanks for the informative videos Joanna & FQS.

  5. I love this video. I never used the starch method but I will definitely try it. Your teaching was awesome and very informative. Thanks Joanne and Kimberly:)