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Recap & Giveaway! Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts

We hope you’ve enjoyed our recent series of videos featuring Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts. Joanna shared a wealth of information and inspiration with us – what a treat! She is a busy gal and we are so grateful she was able to film with us. It’s a rare opportunity to learn from one of quilting’s best and brightest!

Here is a listing of the series of the videos on our YouTube Channel. Please take a peek, and if you missed one or a few we invite you to enjoy them now!



To wrap up this wonderful series of videos, we’re hosting a giveaway!  While she was here filming, Joanna autographed eleven prizes for us: ten patterns and one Strawberry Fields Revisited Charm Pack. What sweet treats!

How to enter:

Eleven lucky winners will be selected at random from comments on this post. Simply leave a comment sharing which video topic was your favorite. The giveaway ends on Wednesday, April 20, 2016 at 8 a.m. CST, and the winners will be announced on this post by Friday, April 22nd, 2016. 

Giveaway is now closed – winners update:

Congratulations to our eleven winners! They’ve been notified via email, and we’ll be sending out goodies to:
Mary (Quiltin’ Grandma)
Mary on Lake Pulaski
Lisa Boyer
Rosemary B.
Jen Barnard
Sew Simply

Happy Quilting!


  1. After watching the applique video I think I'm going to try it myself! Thanks for all your great video tutorials!

  2. My favorite video was the intro to the Crossroads Quilt. I love to hear how designers come up with their ideas for quilts. Thanks for the chance to win. I love Fig Tree fabrics.

  3. My favorite tutorial was using the freezer paper method. Thank you for all of your tutorials. I know it is hard work, but you help so many people learn from them.

  4. I enjoyed the Starch Video. I used some Steam a seam in a project and it is way too stiff! Freezer paper doubled might just be the answer for me. Thanks for sharing!

  5. this is such a grand give a way thanks. i liked all the videos. but my favorite was the freezer paper applique. i have been gathering information on starting to learn machine applique.
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  6. I LOVED the tutorial on starch appliqué! I have used this method in the past and now have learned some new techniques along the way.
    I always get something out of the FQS tutorials~ thanks for sharing them with us.

  7. I liked the video discussing notions and quilting tips, especially for applique. This is something I hope to focus on and improve my skills in this year.

  8. My all time favourite video was the mini quilts trunk show. I am now soooo inspired to begin creating my very own collection of mini quilts. Thank you, Joanna and Kimberley, for a wonderful series of videos!
    carol at artlessfabrications dot com

  9. I enjoyed all of the tutorials. I love learning new ways to do things or sharpening existing skills. Thanks for the chance to win.

    Pam K.

  10. Loved the sac bag tutorial. I'm in the middle of making one right now. And I'll give you a HINT about the hardware on the bag. I wasn't finding what I wanted at a price I wanted. Sooooo…..I went to a church rummage sale & found some used purses for $1 each! I deconstructed them & now have plenty of hardware for my bag & future bags! Reduce, reuse, recycle!

  11. Cross Check Quilt-Easy Quilting Tutorial was my favorite! I am always looking for new patters. Thank you for the great video and this fabulous opportunity to win!

  12. I loved hearing about the Strawberry Fields Fabric Revisited. I think this is such a beautiful fabric collection and am looking forward to using it in my quilts. I wasn't quilting when the original collection came out so it was nice to hear the comparison 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    tunyosmond at yahoo dot com

  13. I enjoyed and also learned something with the starch applique video. Thanks for such great tutorials.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  14. I enjoyed watching all the tutorials' that Kimberly and Joanna have done. I love that mini quilt patterns and the strawberry fields fabric. Thank you

    Robin A.

  15. How to choose! Joanna is wonderful at explaining techniques and sharing tips! I like the starch method best…I have been reading about it, but seeing Joanna walk through all the steps was wonderful!

  16. I have enjoyed all the videos and learned something from each one but I believe my favourite was this last one about Joanne's favourite applique notions. In this one I learned her method of keeping her Baste It nozzle clear after use. An issue I battle. Also I found some quilters who truly like bent applique needles just as I do. I am so looking forward to purchasing some of Joanne's new wools in those loveable Figtree colours. Thanks for the giveaway opportunities.

  17. My favorite is Kimberly's Sac Bag Tutorial. I love making bags and this one is adorable!!

  18. I have to pick the Kimberly's Sac Bag because I just got the pattern last week. It will make it a breeze to put together now. Thanks!

  19. It was fun hearing about the tools and notions Joanna uses….we all have different ways we do things to get to the same result:) Over the years I have learned a lot of valuable tips from watching her:)

  20. My favorite episode was the freezer paper appliqué one. I have always needle turned my appliqué, but now I am anxious to try the freezer paper method. Joanna makes it look so simple. I have some patterns that have very small, intricate designs and this method should help the shapes come together nicely. Thank you, Joanna, and Fat Quarter Shop.

  21. I love the session on mini quilts. I always finish my quilts on my home sewing machine so mini quilts are a welcome treat to fmq instead of larger ones. Besides, I love to decorate with mini quilts, wether on a table if on the wall.

  22. My favorite was Strawberry Fields Fabrics – Revisited because I have some of the 'old' collection and love how Joanna shows how great they look with the 'new' collection.

  23. I enjoyed the tutorial on starch appliqué. I've always done fusible or a little needle turn. It's fun to have a new tool in my quilting "tool bag." Thank you.

  24. My favorite was the strawberry pincushion. I plan to make several an put them in a glass container for a summer centerpiece.
    Also I am making a ring strawberry pincushion for a gift.

  25. I loved all the videos, however, my favorite was the one for Kimberly's bag – I'm going to give it a try x
    Please please please choose me 🙂

  26. I enjoyed the How to make a Strawberry Pincushion video. Actually, I enjoyed them all 🙂 You both have great tips! Thank you for the sweet giveaway. I love Joanna's designs and fabrics.

  27. All the videos showed techniques and patterns that were inspiring to this quilter. I've enjoyed Joanna's fabric and patterns for a very long time. The best video for me was the discussion of notions. Thanks for a chance in the giveaway.

  28. The Favorite Notions and Tips video was my favorite, though I learned a lot from the freezer paper applique video too. Thanks for sharing them!

  29. I liked them all but especially the Strawberry Fields revisited and Joanna is just so darn cute about her notions.

  30. Thanks for the giveaway! I've been watching the tutorials, but haven't had time to start this quilt…of course I've got so many other projects already going on! 🙂 Thanks again for all of you hard work on this!

  31. I liked the favorite notions video. Joanna seems like such a nice and genuine person. I only recently started buying her fabrics because I was stuck on aqua colors for years, but I am madly in love with her palette now. Thank you for the giveaway.

  32. Joanna's videos were so informative and inspiring. I loved the strawberry pincushion video and want to try to make one myself with some of her beautiful fabrics.

  33. Starch Applique Method: How-To Video with Joanna Figueroa!
    I haven't tried this method and it looks far more simple, than the turning method!

  34. I posted it yesterday that I loved the FQS and Joanna's video on How to Applique a Heart. I love it when I learn new things and get confirmation that others do something the same as me! I also liked seeing what notions were her favorites as well as when FQS does it for other designers. Thanks for all you do!

  35. I love all of the videos but the starch tips for appliqué was so fun to watch and makes me want to run to my sewing room right now!!!
    Thank you for sharing your passion 🙂

  36. I really like learning what notions are used by a professional designer and quilter. I also enjoyed the video about Kimberly's Sac bag, and I'm waiting for my fabric to arrive in the mail so I can make my own! Thanks for all of the videos.

  37. Like many others, I enjoyed the notions video, but I also especially liked the mini quilt and the sac bag tutorial because those are things I haven't made and would like to try. Initially, what drew me in was the block tutorial, but the others have all been good.

  38. Just watched the starch method applique video and loved it! I've only ever done traditional needle turn, but now I'm looking forward to trying this starch method. Love the pinkeep video as well… and, who could resist those minis! 🙂

  39. I LOVE that big fat juicy strawberry and would vote for that first! My 2nd favorite was the favorite notions because I seen the cute bird block hanging up. I popped those small blocks in my Wishlist for the next time.

  40. I loved everything Joanna did in her videos. She's so sweet and down to earth and is such a pleasure! And you, too, Kimberly. I love all the videos you do because you make it look so easy! I learned to quilt using your videos. Thank you so much!

  41. So hard to choose. I love everything Joanna designs. My favorite videos were the notions, sack bag, and applique methods.

  42. Have to say I loved every one of them and will go back and check again on some…but the best for me was the applique that I watched this morning from yesterday. Many great tips and always learn something new ….best of all, just watching what Joanna and Kimberly were working on was great…..Thanks, Gail

  43. I love the freezer paper applique. I use freezer paper for English Paper Piecing. I love your heart applique video. I always learn to learn how people get the best results for them. I will definitely try making hearts with freezer paper and starch. Thank you so very for this video.

  44. I enjoyed the favorite notions and tips – always looking for helpful info and new gadgets. Especially love the "Little House Glass Head Pins with Tin" — too cute!

  45. I enjoyed the videos on making the strawberry pincushion and how to applique using the starch method. Great step-by-step videos. Thank you for a chance to win some fun goodies! :o)

  46. I enjoyed them all. Joanna is wonderful in front of the camera – just like Kimberly! My favorite video would be the Crosscheck Quilt one. It is a pattern that I would never have thought to even consider making because it looks way too hard – till it was broken down in the video. Wonderful tutorial! Thank you also for this giveaway chance!

  47. I loved the video on notions! Not only did she tell us what she liked, but why she chose it and how she used it. Very helpful!

  48. How exciting! Love Fig Tree!!! The strawberry pincushion video was my favorite! Thank you for hosting such a great giveaway!!!

  49. I loved Joanna Figueroa's Favorite Notions and Quilting Tips. I am always interested in the tips and tools that are used by the quilt professionals that I so admire. Thank you, Joanna!

  50. I love Joanna's tip video. No matter how much you know, you can learn something new every time you watch a video. I'm hooked anyways. It calms me to watch you guys do your videos. Crazy but true! 🙂 Thank you for everything you guy's do. I have learned to quilt from just watching your videos. Started Feb 2015 and haven't stopped since!

  51. I can't decide which one I liked more, the Kimberly Sac video or the freezer paper applique video. I am really getting into applique on my quilts and I am getting into making bags. Keep making more videos, I really enjoy learning anything about quilting!

  52. I liked them all, but I enjoyed seeing the minis, and I liked the notion video. I love that she uses normal stuff! Lol! I love FQS videos. Thanks for all the free patterns.

  53. Wonderful series of videos. They were very informative. I really love looking at the Strawberry Fields fabrics. My favorite video is Strawberry pincushion.

  54. I've recently added tote bags to my sewing repertoire and enjoyed the Sac Bag video. There's new info for my knowledge bank and some ideas for incorporating this bag into other patterns I've already made! What a great pattern for beautiful fabrics!

  55. Enjoyed watching the applique method. Nice to see someone else who ties the knots the same way I do.

  56. My favorite was Joanna's favorite notions…I'm always interested to see what works best for others…I may just "need" something new! Thanks for the giveaway!

  57. I love the bag tutorial (video). Have never done a bag and would love to try. Lovely. Thanks for the opportunity. Fernie

  58. I truly enjoyed watching the discussion of mini quilts, and especially enjoyed seeing all of Joanna's minis. Thanks for all of the videos!

  59. My mom always had a step pin cushion so i loved seeing how its done. Im going to make o e for myself and surprise my mo. With one as well!

  60. This is really hard since Joanna is such a great guest with Kimberly. I always enjoy their videos and learn something from each one of them. I guess my favorite would be the CrossCheck quilt. Something that looked difficult was really so easy to do that I ordered the pattern immediately and have it on my work table. Also loved the mini trunk show. Thanks for the give away!

  61. I loved the Kimberly's Sac Bag Tutorial. I can't wait to make one of those for myself and some for my friends! They are darling! Thank you for sharing all the videos. Joanna is incredibly talented.

  62. I loved the Kimberly's Sac Bag Tutorial. I can't wait to make one of those for myself and some for my friends! They are darling! Thank you for sharing all the videos. Joanna is incredibly talented.

  63. Awesome giveway, my favorite designer 🙂 I have loved watching them all but to choose one I'll say Kimberly Sac's Bag Tutorial since I'm such a sucker for bag patterns and making bags.

  64. I loved the Crossroads intro video. I love getting to see and here designers. Makes me feel like I know them a little better. And I have GOT to make that quilt. I love it.

  65. Joanna's favorite notions and quilting tips eould be my fav if I had to pick! Enjoyed them all!

  66. I loved the video on the notions and tools but I loved, loved the starch applique. I have been wanting to try applique but nervous about doing it. This video helps to break it down and understand the process more. I so enjoy watching you both. The videos are so helpful, thank you.

  67. I really liked the Mini Quilt discussion video. I love making mini quilts and really enjoyed seeing Joanna's. I think there were a few patterns I will be looking for in the near future!

  68. I love them all! I love getting to know Joanna! She is a lovely person. Its always fun having the opportunity to hear the perspective of a designer that you love. Every video was informative and I loved each and every one. I am now addicted to everything Fig Tree Quilts! I want everything she makes! I am so Happy to be part of the quilt a long. I love the fabrics that came in the kit. I have to have more before they are gone! Thank you Kimberly for this video series with Joanna. They are among my favorites you have produced, and you do the best videos.

  69. I love the one comparing the two collections of strawberry fields. When the first collection came out I was not born as a quilter yet????

  70. My absolute favorite was the mini quilts discussion. Definitely prompted a multi-pattern purchase this month & another coming in May!! Anything Joanna does is golden!!

  71. Just loved all the different videos, had a wonderful morning watching and listening to them all!..My fav is on applique, since it is something I have been fearful of trying, but after watching the video and seeing Joanna's fav tools for applique, I have decided that NOW is the time to begin! Learning new techniques and honing my skills is very uplifting for me and hope to pass on my love of all things quilted to my grandchildren. Thank you for the wonderful videos!

  72. I liked how to make a strawberry pin cushion. Everyone needs a strawberry pin cushion. I love working with Fig Tree fabrics!

  73. Joanna's favorite tools video was great. I love knowing what an expert likes and that these are things I can own too, if not her talent!

  74. I truly enjoyed How To Applique A Heart Using The Starch Method. I am new to sewing and I really liked learning how to use freezer paper for applique.
    (ForMomCrochet on IG)

  75. I truly enjoyed How To Applique A Heart Using The Starch Method. I am new to sewing and I really liked learning how to use freezer paper for applique.
    (ForMomCrochet on IG)

  76. PINCUSHIONS! I have so many but I love them! and the Strawberry pincushion will soon join my others. Thanks!

  77. All of the videos were interesting. Since I've quilted for many years, the notions, applique, and bag making videos just confirmed what I already know. My favorite was the Crosscheck Quilt. Joanna made it so simple. I don't have many of her patterns but, after seeing this video, I will be more likely to buy her patterns knowing how simple she explains the process. Great videos. Patty McDonald

  78. I am finally stepping oh so timidly into Applique, so I have to say, I found that tutorial the very best. I feel less anxious about the whole process, and how to keep it looking nice and not SLOPPY 😀
    I love all of the videos. I watch them sometimes more than once bc I watch on my treadmill, well, while I am treadmilling heehee
    Thank you for all the great stuff you share

  79. I think it is a wonderful resource for relatively isolated people like me who do all their learning from the Internet. I particularly enjoyed the one where she talked about her favourite notions.

  80. I've thoroughly enjoyed the videos! The patterns are gorgeous and loved that her favorite tools were simple and few. Talented and gorgeous patterns and fabric. Thank you so much for doing these videos!

  81. Definitely "the one with the notions"! I love both notions and quilting tips! You never know when you can use them on a new project 🙂

  82. just love the Strawberry Field Fabric revisited far I have made two quilts with it and two waiting to be done :). so I dearly hope I win something. you guys are the best!

  83. I loved the miniature one. I started quilting with miniatures and just love them! Thanks! My daughter is making her first quilt and bought all her fabrics from you. Speedy delivery and she is so thrilled!

  84. I enjoyed the How to Applique a Heart Using the Starch Method video, as well as the Strawberry pin cushion video. Excellent methods and very helpful to learn new techniques.

  85. I loved the video on Joanna's favorite notions. Liked the info on it on starch and the suggestion on what size needles to use. I also enjoyed watching the strawberry pincushion video. Next I look forward to watching the starch applique one.

  86. I definitely liked the video of the freezer paper and starch appliqué. I think it will be very helpful.

  87. I liked the starch appliqué video the best, but learned something from each one I watched. Thank you for the videos and the chance to win.

  88. My fav video is How to Applique a Heart Using the Starch Method. I've tried this a few times before but I learned a lot from her video…thank you!!

  89. I really liked the mini quilt video. I have recently been obsessed with the mini's and I am looking forward to making a few of them!!

  90. Oh this is zo great. Video's with Joanna! I am a fan of her style, almost since I started quilting.I would go nuts if I win something! I love her new line and use it to pimp a new sewing basket. Now I am working on a blockbook to go with the basket.

  91. Oh this is zo great. Video's with Joanna! I am a fan of her style, almost since I started quilting.I would go nuts if I win something! I love her new line and use it to pimp a new sewing basket. Now I am working on a blockbook to go with the basket.

  92. I found the video on the notions and quilting tips very helpful. Thank you for all the videos, and the Give-away chance.

  93. I loved watching the applique tools tutorial…cant wait to start using this method…thanks for a chance in the giveaway.

  94. Oh My! I LOVED the mini quilt discussion! I don't have room for many big quilts, but can try lots of different patterns in mini size. Thanks for the chance to win!

  95. I have two favorite videos–The Strawberry Shortcake pincushion(as I only have one pincushion and it's never where I need it to be) and her favorite notions and quilting tips was my second favorite one. Have to find a hemostat! poladydwd(at)yahoo(dot)com

  96. The mini quilt discussion was my favorite. Love the little quilts, but haven't made one yet. May just have to sneak one in sometime!

    Sandy A

  97. Joanna you do such great tutorials! I just watched the starch appliqué tutorial. When you started mentioning YLI silk thread I got all excited cause my husband and I worked for them just after getting married in 1990 ????. I used to run the big winding machines and make smaller spools of many of the products. Good times!

  98. I love Joanna and all her quilts and fabric. I enjoyed seeing and hearing about her favorite notions.

    vail neal

  99. I love the Sac bag video. I love bags, period 😉 This one is quick and easy and I saved it in my Vids. I have a nice charm pack I want to use. Thanks!

  100. Hi Kimberley & Joanna,

    thank you for your video series. I love the Kimberley Sac and I am raiding my stash for appropriate vintage materials. I had never thought of using haemostats to stuff items, or for turning small tube.

    Thanks again,


  101. All the videos were interesting. I particularly liked the spray starch appliqué method.

  102. I would love to win one of the prizes. My favorite video was the one where Joanna Figueroa shared her quilting tips and favorite notions. They were all very fun and informative to watch. Thanks!

  103. I loved the applique starch method video. I've never tried this and it seems much easier than to needle turn everything. Thank you for the tips and instruction.

  104. I recently watched the tool video but they are all great! Thank you for the tutorials! It's so great to have all of this information available to learn from. Nice giveaway!

  105. I liked hearing about Joanna's favorite notions and tips. And I have several of the same notions in my sewing room, too!

  106. The sac bag tutorial is my favorite, I can't have enough knitting and hand sewing project bags! Thanks for the chance to win!

  107. All the video's had their interesting tips and points but I really enjoyed the tutorials on the Sac Bag and the Strawberry pincushion. I will probably go back and review them all again. Thanks!

  108. I love Joanna's new collection of fabrics as well as her older lines. My favorite video was of her introducing her new fabric. A close second is the strawberry pincushion tutorial.

  109. I thinks it's hard to choose just one video. I enjoyed the Mini Quilt, as I have 2 of her mini's ready to quilt at the moment. I also love hearing about her favorite notions and I now want to make her pincushions, too. Just love them all.

  110. I love Joanna'a creations and have been stalking, er, I mean, following her for many years now: I even have some of her very first line!! 🙂 i'm doing the Crossroads quilt along and am loving it. Thanks for your generous give-away! Keep up the good work! Hugs, H

  111. I enjoyed all of the series, but my favorite was the Strawberry Fields Revisited. I enjoyed hearing about and seeing the fabrics–almost like a walk through the quilt shop enjoying the fabric. It is one of my all time favorite fabric lines.

    Cathy J ♥

  112. I might be the one person that loves to Applique.
    But my favorite video was the 'Kimberly's Sac Bag Tutorial'. I will be making one of those bags…or several.
    You guys do a nice job with the video tutorials.

  113. I like the appliqué method one, since I don't know that much about appliqué. I also like hearing about favorite tools, there are so many so it's interesting which ones people like.

  114. Loved all the videos. Not sure which I liked the best as they were all very informative. I learned something from each.. The bag was awesome. I am also doing the Crossroad BOM.

  115. I loved all the videos! My favorite was the Cross-check quilt block video. Would love to win something from one of my favorite designers and my favorite online shop!

  116. All of the videos have been great!!! I just finished watching the favorite notions!!! Now I need to go shopping! ???? My first quilt was made using Joanna's craftsy class!!! I'm so happy to see these videos. Thanks for the giveaway !

  117. I always love to hear about "favorite" notions and it was especially surprising to hear that Joanna
    has only a few favorite rulers ….. and doesn't use a rotating mat. I love her fabrics..always so
    soft and gentle. diane motley @

  118. I liked two videos. The crossroads Quilt Along Tutorial and the one about Strawberry Fields revisited. I have the patterns from the Designer Mystery BOM and am trying to figure out what to get from the Strawberry Field Revisited..

  119. I really enjoy making mini quilts, so the Mini Quilt Discussion video was my favorite. It filled my head with lots more ideas!

  120. I enjoyed all of the tutorials. I love learning new ways to do things or sharpening existing skills. Love the tool tips and appliqué methods. Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway!!!

  121. I took a class with Joanna, when she came to Logan UT. I loved it and her patterns and the quilt that I made. I would love to win another one of her patterns. She is a wonderful quilter and fabric designer.

  122. Loved all the videos because I learned something from each one! However, I really enjoyed the mini quilt discussion. I love mini quilts and loved seeing all of Joanna's. Can't wait to make some with Fig Tree fabrics.

  123. I love your You Tube videos! The Crosscheck Quilt tutorial and the Crossroads Quilt Intro are my
    favorite. Thanks for the great tutorials and the fun giveaway!

  124. I got something out of each video, but I always like when quilters share their favorite notions, and that was my favorite. Thanks for a great giveaway opportunity!

  125. Hi! Your videos are so great! I made Kimberly's Sac Bag! Thank you for a chance to win one of those beautiful patterns and charms! x Teje

  126. I had never heard of the crossroads quilt along so I was interested In the first video- what a great cause and idea. Loved it!

  127. I love the notions and tips video. I am fairly new to sewing so any tips on notions are great for me. It helps me with planning and purchasing. Plus there is so much out there that I don't know about and these videos really help me learn. Thank you!!!


  128. I love them all but especially enjoyed seeing her favorite tools and tips. I will be trying a few new things. Thank you for the video series.

  129. I loved the KImberly bag. You were both so relaxed and seemed to really be having fun showing us how to make the bag. Plus it is an adorable bag! I also appreciated the applique video because I have just learned how to do that method and used it in the current quilt I am working on. Thanks to both of you for such fun and informative videos. K-

  130. The appliqué video was great, and I liked the idea of using silk thread. It is on my list of new things to try. Thanks for the great videos.

  131. Hello from Finland! I enjoyed all the videos, especially the mini quilt video. Thank you for giving so much inspiration and ideas.

  132. I liked the mini quilt discussion. I'm looking to practice my FMQ so this seems like an ideal way to finish practice pieces.

  133. Love them all, but if I have to name only one then it is Joanna Figueroa's Favorite Notions and Quilting Tips is my favorite video.

  134. The videos were all terrific. I especially liked to see Joanna's favorite notions. I am happily sewing the Crossroads project; just completed Twirl; and have started her Sherbet and Creams quilt along. I am deeply into Joanna right now. Thanks for the chance to win.

  135. I liked watching the tools video. Being self taught it's very informative getting others views on products. I love how her pincushion has such meaning to her, I'm the same way about things in my sewing room.

  136. Enjoyed all of the videos and learned so much. One of my
    favorites was the tools video – found several that are on my
    list – also the applique one – made it all look so easy..
    possibly can do as nice a job..
    Thanks for the chance.

  137. Picking a favorite is always difficult, but I'd have to say the Favorite Notions and Quilting Tips. Thanks for the opportunity!

  138. I loved Joanna's latest video where she described her favorite tools. I have already bought a Frixion pen and the Roxanne's glue, and am looking for her favorite needles. A close second was the Freezer Paper Applique video – going to try that method with my next applique project. Thanks for the giveaway! I confess Fig Tree fabrics are my absolute favorites!

  139. I love the way Joanna looks so at home in front of the camera. I came away from each part, learning something new or new to me. I'm envious that Janna makes it all look so easy. I could spend the night watching all the wonderful FQS YouTube videos, thank you! ;-> Toni Anne

  140. All the videos were SUPER! Loved the Favorite Notions one, and the Freezer Applique one!!

    Thank you for the Sharing…and for chance to win your Give-a-way as well! 😀

  141. I enjoyed the Strawberry pincushion tutorial. It looks like it can be done in a short amount of time and be easy to do! I'm going to need to try this pattern!

  142. I like the appliqué video. Joanna is a great teacher and shows us exactly how she does it. I love it when she shows us her favorite tools and notions. I'm trying to grow my appliqué skills even more, so this is great! I really want Joanna's Painted Ladies pattern, too.

  143. My favorite video is Joanna's How-To Starch Applique Method. It was fun to watch. Thanks for sharing your tips and favorite notions. I will try making a knot near the eye of needle when using YLI thread.

  144. I too like pincushions, we seamstresses can never have enough for any project. Strawberries the spring and summer fruit. Looking forward to sweet delicious in the months ahead.

  145. I watched and enjoyed everyone of them. I always enjoy learning about sewing and quilting tool. Also, enjoyed learning about the applique. Love your blog!!

  146. I loved watching all of the videos. I enjoyed seeing Joanna's favorite tools and seeing if there were any "must haves" that I needed. But I think my favorite was the little hand bag video. It looked like it would be a quick and fun project to make, especially using precuts. Thanks for the opportunity to win a sweet prize.

  147. I always love the tutorial videos that Fat Quarter Shop posts! I would love to get one of the patterns, I'm finally feeling confident in my quilting abilities!

  148. I enjoyed the starch applique video. I use freezer paper but totally do needleturn applique, so I learned a different method of applying appliques. Thanks!

  149. I love the yummy strawberry pincushion tutorial:) I would love to make one or a basket full and it is so cute when Joanna has a little bit of trouble for the cameras and makes all of us feel better about our attempting these fun little patterns…love , love it!!

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