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Sew Sampler September 2019 Box Reveal

The September Sew Sampler box is ‘pretty in pink’ this month and we are blushing with excitement to finally share it with you! Once again we teamed up with our friends at Martingale to bring you this sweet box. Let’s unwrap it together…

Think Pink Dessert Roll for Moda Fabrics

This exclusive Dessert Roll gets us flushed with excitement! 10 fabrics are thoughtfully selected from various collections from Moda Fabrics. They make up a pleasing palette of pink, and the 5″ x WOF size will work for many different projects, including the Straight & Arrow bonus pattern from Susan Ache’s new book, Quilt by Color!

Check out our assortment of Color Cuts here.

Just Bobbin’ Along Bobbin Case by It’s Sew Emma
Sew Sampler members received this item FIRST!

Contain yourself – this bobbin case is too cute for words! Keep your bobbins neat, tidy and snug in the Just Bobbin’ Along Bobbin Case by It’s Sew Emma.

This plastic case holds 28 standard size bobbins with a pink foam insert and is embellished with a sewing-inspired quote.

Dritz Thread Cutter Caddy by Dritz

The Thread Cutter Caddy will hold your tiniest notions in the cutest way! This sweet basket has two magnetic ends for easy pin and needle storage, while the inside is perfect for holding clips, thimbles and buttons. It also has a thread cutter on the handle which is great for cutting apart chain piecing. This little tool is mini but mighty!

Straight & Arrow Quilt Pattern by Susan Ache Exclusively for Sew Sampler

The Quilt by Color Book by Susan Ache aims to bust your scrappy stash with quilts that look perfectly planned. Straight & Arrow is an exclusive bonus pattern that maximizes a monochromatic palette with a beautiful design to create angled arrows and full flowers.

Use the Think Pink Dessert Roll to make the cover quilt exactly as shown!

Goodness Grows Stay Rooted Block #6 by Sew Sampler

This year, we invite you to let goodness bloom and flourish in your heart, block by block! Our Goodness Grows Sew Sampler quilt was designed by Corey Yoder of Coriander Quilts, and it is an exquisite garden of beautiful flowers and fruits. With each block, we hope to leave you sew inspired to make good things happen in your heart and surroundings, to cultivate your own personal garden of good.

A limited number of Quilt Kits and coordinating Applique Thread Sets are available now. Watch the Goodness Grows Block #6 Tutorial.


  1. I wish a list of fabrics in the package had been listed as I’ll need more to complete the project I’m working on (backing, border and binding) and have no idea what they’re called.

  2. Unfortunately, the September box was a disappoint. I don’t feel like the value is there to purchase the box monthly.
    The bobbin box was ok, but I already have several. The plastic basket is something I would never use and it would end up in a drawer.
    I guess I’d rather just purchase fabric. I do love the fabric in the September box.

    I have unsubscribed from the monthly box for now and might try it again at a later date

  3. I love all of the boxes. Special thanks to the person (I can’t remember her name) who puts this all together.

    1. This was my second month, and I have to agree that it was pretty shy on value. The fabric roll is 1.38 yard so makes it over $14/yard. The bobbin box, cute…but I already have several, each dedicated to a particular machine. The tiny cutting thingy basket…cute, useless. Pattern is okay but how do we get anything to coordinate for borders, binding, etc. I have searched the website and there are no individual fabrics listed for the Color Cut collection…or at least, I couldn’t find any. I’ll hold on one more month, but 3 months is my cutoff. The post office really did a number on the box! Crushed!

    2. Love the September box. Only wish it contained a small spool of pink thread to match the fabric contained in the Sew Sampler Box

      1. I agree. I think a little spool of pink Aurifil thread ($3.98) would have made the box feel less skimpy. But there were other boxes that more than made up for it, so I guess every now and then we will get a box with a little less.

  4. I like everything in this box. My only complaint is the piece of cardboard that wraps the dessert roll states that there are 12 fabrics included but we only got ten. Does that mean they opened them and took out 2 fabrics from each one? I feel like we were duped. The picture above even shows it. I think we should have received the full 12 pieces!

    1. Totally agree!!! What the heck is that all about!? I personally don’t read the little card, but when the actual package says 12… You would think that is what we would have gotten.

      You are the forth person I’ve responded too…I REALLY hope FQS reads everyone’s comments and changes how they have been doing these boxes the last couple months.

  5. Thank you FQS for a pretty box. Loved the fabrics and both patterns were gorgeous!I really needed that bobbin case and it was on my wishlist! As always, yall are wonderful.

  6. I love the opportunity to have the quilt shop “experience” without leaving home. And I have always wanted a bobbin box, but stall at the cost of them. The pin keeper is cute, and my machine is metal, so I can let it defy gravity and hang out!
    All of the material picked since I started with subscribing has tickled me as it’s not my normal, so I’ve been enjoying trying some different color ways. Thank you.

  7. I loved what I got this month, but it does seem like there were fewer items than normal. The pattern is really pretty. The fabric serves it well!

  8. I love pink and will use it in a project soon. The bobbin box and sew caddy were so sweet. I can put all to use. Thank you.

  9. All the items were awesome, just felt as though the value wasn’t there. September was a skimpy value.

  10. I love my quilt box thank you. I definitely think it is well thought out. I get a little upset at some of the box reviewers who complain and then go on your live commenting to everyone like they are someone important. Sorry that upset me I love you and you would never do that to this person. Just keep up what your doing for those of who love you and the fat quarter shop.

  11. I am sorry. My reply was meant for Barbara Hahn Hermening’s post but it ended up under another comment. I apologize.

  12. The color palette of fabric was wonderful. Sadly I can’t use the bobbin box, I have a Bernina and the bobbins are too big. But…when I encounter pieces I can’t use or already have, I use them as gifts for a quilter friend. I have saved one of the Sew Sampler boxes and fill it with any of the pieces from my Sew Sampler boxes that I can’t use. So come Christmas, my shopping for her will be done!

  13. I don’t think there was value in this box. I know you can’t make everyone happy each month, but the only thing I really liked was the fabric and the continuing pattern for Corey Yoder. I guess by letting you know our likes and dislikes it can help you put together future boxes… Thanks!

  14. I don’t think this box was up to your usual level. The fabric and pattern are okay. Someone complained about not finding a coordinating fabric to complete the project. I’m fine with that. I don’t want my projects looking like a hundred other projects anyway. The bobbin box is useless to me as my Bernina bobbins are much too large for that. And the little basket cutter thing is going into my donate box. All in all the box is a bit disappointing but then that’s just my opinion.

    1. Jackie, Agree…the box was not up to FQS usual level…light in terms of value. Have gotten the boxes for about 2-years and rarely if ever feel that way, Sometimes not my taste but the surprise and stretching ourselves is why we get the Sew Sampler boxes in the first place.

      LOVED both patterns but the rest was just meeeh…

  15. Kudos for an awesome Sew Sampler Box again this month! I washed and pressed the fabrics today and am ready to sew the sweet pattern. I appreciate this little surprise every month and always look forward to what is inside. You always send the latest fabrics, notions and patterns. Hugs to you all at Fat Quarter Shop 🙂
    Thank You xxoo

  16. I still haven’t received mine which is a bummer now that I know what’s in it. Not sure that I will continue much longer

    1. Nancy, are you in Canada? I’m waiting still too!! I live in Ontario…every month it takes longer and longer to get my box. So frustrating when I see posts and videos of others who have theirs.
      I get we have customs BUT….my order sat in “your item has shipped” for a week!!! Not moving from the actual FQS warehouse. Considering this box costs over $50 CAN…I am very disappointed and feel that as subscribers on good faith should be receiving what has been the status quo

      I don’t know if there are new people running this but something has gone very wrong with the selection of items in the boxes and with their shipping.

  17. Another terrific box! Love the fabrics and the pattern is extra nice. My bobbins fit in the box and I really like it. I’ve always used scissors to cut my chain piecing apart so I’m looking forward to trying the cute cutter/container/pin magnet. A really sweet box and a good value.

    For those of you with complaints, feel free to unsubscribe and make someone on the wait list happy.

  18. I actually really liked this one. The fabric and pattern are so sweet! I needed a bobbin case, and when I saw the thread cutter on the livestream, I added it to my Christmas list. This is my third box, and it’s the first where I can see myself using all of it. Thank you!

  19. Totally agree with comments about this months box The thread caddy is useless, the bobbin holder is of minimal use. I am getting tired of only getting pink material. Try a little harder next month.

  20. I realize that some of you might have been sewing for awhile, but there are some of us that are just getting started and need some of the notions that you might not really want. I do not have a bobbin case and I was glad to get it. The fabric was great and I loved the color. I realize in a perfect world getting everything for the quilt would be great, but the cost of the box would go up.If it seems like I am ranting am not. I just want you to realize that the items in the box you do not care about; others do. If there are things in the box that you do not particularly care for, give them to beginner sewer. They will appreciate it.

    1. I agree, and have a suggestion for FQS: I’ve been thinking for a least a year or so that FQS should consider having 2 boxes….one for folks who have been subscribing for a long time or who are experienced quilters, and another for those just starting the subscription, or joining the hobby. This way, products could be more focused on the needs/wants of a broader group of subscribers. It seems to me the fabric, thread, BOM, and new-to-market notions could be the same in both boxes. But, maybe 1 of the items per box, like bobbin storage (of which there have been at least 3 since the beginning), rotary cutters, clips, straight pins and other “staples” could be swapped out for blades, needles, glues, starch, etc. in the long-timer/experienced subscriber box. I share my unwanted items with my MIL and a friend of my daughter who is just getting started. I’m happy to do this, but in all honesty, as I find myself gifting more and more of the monthly items, the box becomes a bit less exciting for me. Anyway, just an idea….

  21. Loved the pattern and material, the notions were fun. Skimpy box compared to a other months. One more notion, spool of thread or a few buttons, really anything would have made it a great box.

  22. Last 2 month were not my favorites. One more try I think before I cancel. It used to be the newest latest greatest. Now it looks like leftovers that you can’t purchase the finishing kits for anymore.

  23. I was pleased with the September box. Pink is my favorite color so am happy with the fabric. The thread cutter is super cute and I have already used it for chain piecing. My only complaint is that I would have liked a spool of pink thread. Adding a spool of thread would have been a great addition to the box and made it feel more complete.

    1. I’m with you, the last 2 boxes were not at all what the boxes have been like in the past, now this box(still waiting for mine to actually arrive) has only 3 items!!??

      One more try and then sadly, I’m cancelling

  24. This box was one of my favorites. I look to your boxes for inspiration and that’s exactly what this month delivered. While there may have been fewer items I truly loved the fabric, pattern and Bobbin case! The value is in the ability to inspire me to want to mirror one of your projects. Keep up the great work!

  25. Have not even received my box yet!! For some ridiculous reason it takes 2 weeks to ship to Canada. Also, from what I see this box is not that great, I was disappointed with the last two boxes also.

    FQS PLEASE go back to how you use to put the boxes together, they were always so amazing and useful.

  26. This box was my least favorite of all that I have had in over a year. I hope this isn’t going to be a trend as I will end up canceling. I, like many posters on here did not see the value in this box. The fabric is pretty but not enough of it. I was hoping we would have gotten one of those Pillow Talk kits. Oh well..

  27. I am anxiously waiting for my Sew Sample Box. At least most of you received yours. I live in Ontario and from reading the comments above, I am not alone. Maybe tomorrow.
    I look forward to opening the box.
    I can use everything I saw in the reveal.
    The little basket would have come in handy when I was chain piecing my last quilt.
    I love getting my SEW Sample Box every month.
    Thank you!

    1. I live in BC and just received mine today…I think the mailman was amused as I ran out to meet him with a big gleeful smile on my face when I saw the box in his hands.

      I’ve only been receiving the boxes for a few months so I’m relatively happy so far- I’m sure there will be months that don’t excite me so much, but that’s the chance you take on a sampler box.

  28. Just received my first box and am basically delighted with it. I am an experienced sewer and quilter and have lots of stuff but can see using the little basket when I take things upstairs to do handwork at night. I have ordered the solid for the quilt – from another source, unfortunately as it wasn’t available in yardage from FQS. I am late to the other quilt blocks and don’t know if I will go back and purchase the rest of the patterns. It is disappointing that the wrapper says 12 and we only got 10 strips…

  29. I commented last month that the past two months were disappointing and not worth the cost. This month was even more disappointing and I will cancel. I love the concept of getting a surprise package every month, but truly, there has definitely been a decline in items sent with the fabric. Seriously, that little basket???

  30. I loved all of the cool things in the sew sample box. I’m already using the little basket it’s very handy. Always use the bobbin holder and neat patters and fabric. I away enjoy the boxes I guess you can’t please everyone.

  31. The fabric was lovely, but it seems more peach than pink to me. It reminds me of a year or two ago when we got a Pantone color charm pack that was described as pink but seemed like a strange orange color to me. When I see the word “pink” I think it should be the pink family range like the bobbin case was.

  32. Thanks for the great box! I’d rather get a few things of good value than a lot of items of no value such as bandaids, stickers and such. I have been wanting the basket as I do a lot of chain piecing and the scissors hurt my thumb! You can ‘t please all the people all the time but you have certainly pleased me 95% of the time for 2 1/2 years. And I am looking forward to many more years of getting the little aqua box full of valuable goodies.

  33. Great box and I agree if you don’t like the subscription, cancel. I waited to get in the list and I’m glad to receive everything in the box as a beginner

  34. I loved the fabric and the bobbin box.. but I do think that a lot of us agree it was a little skimpy. The items in it are nice though.

  35. This is my third time receiving the Sew Sampler box. I can honestly say, I’m loving it. The bobbin case is awesome and the little cutter works well. Fabric is pretty too. I can’t wait to make the wall hanging. For the price, I think it’s well worth it. I’ve checked into other boxes and feel they are over priced and some give things that don’t even pertain to sewing.
    Happy sewing y’all!! 😊

  36. Some boxes are so so. I really liked what was included in this months. I’m not sure of what value the little tote is however.

  37. I love the thread cutter (I have several)
    and use it every time I chain piece. I love that it’s magnetic as well.
    Thank you for the boxes! I love them all!

  38. June, July, September 2019, the predominant colours were peach and pink in each box. With so many fantastic designers and colours I was really hoping for something different. Maybe next month.

  39. I was excited for the September box. Since fall begins in September, I was expecting pretty fall fabrics. I was shocked to see pink! It is okay, but seems like that would have been an April or May fabric. I was surprised that there were so few items in the box too! Hope the next few months are related to the corresponding seasons.

  40. I liked the fabric, a different color of pink. I will use the bobbin case. The little thread cutter basket, was disappointing,and useless, attempts to have thread cleanly cut through was mission impossible. My larger thread cutter with blade replacement remains queen.

  41. Even after 3+ years of subscribing, I still get excited to receive my Sew Sampler box! I loved the little thread cutter basket! It was on my wish list, so I was pleased to receive one in my box. I do a lot of English Paper Piecing on the go and this is a wonderful little notion to travel with on a plane, in the car or when you are sitting on the sidelines watching your grandchildren at soccer practice. I always gift any items I can not use or are duplicates. The fabric is lovely and I am enjoying Corey Yoder’s monthly block pattern. Let’s not forget about the exclusive coupons in each box! I have used them several times which has stretched my quilting budget! It did seem a little “light” this month and a spool of thread to match our fabric would have been perfect! However, there have been many boxes that were overflowing in value which balances everything out.

  42. Thank you for everything! Each month it’s a birthday gift for me! So sorry for all the negativity. It would be impossible to make hundreds of people happy every month. I am glad to be a member!!

  43. Hi there,

    I have not received my box to date. It is usually late as I live in Australia, but VERY late, even allowing for the extra travel, this month.

  44. I love getting the SSBox each month. I have to agree with other comments though – the last 2-3 months have been on the skimpier side. They didn’t seem as thought out and have less value that what we have grown used to. Even the Spooky Box was on the skimpier side, in my opinion. That said, I look forward to these every month! I get so excited when I see it in the mailbox. I’ll continue to subscribe as I usually am happy with the boxes each month. Thank you for all that you do FQS!

  45. Really enjoyed this month’s box, as usual — especially this month’s exclusive pattern. I’ve been quilting for less than a year, so I’m tickled to receive all manner of notions — even in this, my tenth Sew Sampler box. Like several others, I use a Bernina machine, so my bobbins don’t fit in the adorable bobbin box, but I’ll make good use of it to hold EPP threads.