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Sew Sampler Reveal September 2017

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Welcome to the Farmer’s Market where fruits, veggies and flowers await you in this month’s Sew Sampler Box. This box is blooming with gorgeous, fresh finds. This month’s retail value is over $52! Scroll on down and check out what we included this month. If you are not yet subscribed, be sure you do so you receive our October box!

September box reveal photo.

The Good Life Charm Pack by Bonnie & Camille for Moda Fabrics

Embrace ‘The Good Life’ with Bonnie & Camille in this stunning new collection that is filled with all things happy! The collection is blooming with sweet florals, hearts and cherries in bold, saturated colors.

View the entire collection here.

The Good Life Charm Pack

The Good Life Tin by Bonnie & Camille for Moda Fabrics

Your beautiful knick-knacks and notions deserve a setting as delightful as they are and The Good Life tin is just the thing! With a clear top and too-cute tin frame, it will put a smile on your face!

View the other Bonnie & Camille tins here.

The Good Life Tin

Matchbox Quilt Kit by Moda Fabrics

The Matchbox Quilts are here and we are in love! Each box includes a printed panel that includes all the pieces to make a 6″ finished block. The panel even includes binding and backing! Inside your box you will also find some batting and Cosmo floss so you can big-stitch quilt your block.

Matchboxes will vary.

You won’t be able to stop at just one, so we are offering them as a set of nine here.


Moda Matchbox photo

Quilt Popsocket Device Media Stand by Fat Quarter Shop
Sew Sampler Exclusive

PopSockets are fashionable accessories that help transform your mobile devices. PopSockets not only make terrific phone grips and phone stands, they also make holding tablets and e-readers more comfortable and secure. PopSockets offer a secure grip for texting or snapping the perfect selfie, and propping your phone up to catch up on the latest Fat Quarter Shop YouTube videos.

Just “pop” & expand whenever you need it!

Popsocket on phone

Learn about this item banner

Freshly Picked Tablerunner Pattern
Sew Sampler Exclusive

This exclusive pattern, Freshly Picked, cheerfully displays all the bright, sumptuous colors of sun-ripened strawberries, delicate chrysanthemums, juicy blueberries and luscious pears. It comes together quickly, leaving you with a perfect tablescape and ample time to prepare a farm fresh feast!

Finished size: 22 1/2″ x 54 1/2″

Freshly Picked Pattern Cover

Watch our block tutorial here banner

Want to make a quilt like ours banner

Freshly Picked Finishing Kit

Now you can make a quilt just like ours! Now offering a Freshly Picked Finishing Kit that includes your background, binding and backing. How easy is that?

Finishing Kit photo

Basket Block #6 Recipe Card Designed by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet

Sew along with us each month as we create these charming basket blocks featuring Confetti Cotton Solids by Riley Blake Designs! This pattern contains instructions to make 5 1/2″, 10 1/2″ and 15 1/2″ unfinished square blocks!

 Basket Block photo

We’re sew excited for the 2017 Basket Sew Sampler Quilt, and we can’t wait to show you all of the fun block designs that Lori Holt has come up with! We’ve even put together a 2017 Basket Blocks Sew Sampler Bundle for you to purchase so that you have everything ready to go when you get your Sew Sampler box and recipe card each month!

Sew Sampler Subscription Quilting Box: June 2017 - Basket Block Fat Quarter BundleWe’ve got more fun in store for you next month, so be sure you’re subscribed to the Sew Sampler Box to get in on all of the treats!

Watch our Sew Sampler reveal video for the September box to see all these goodies in action!


  1. I have posted before that I have been in this program since the beginning. This is the first time that nothing in the box excites me. It won’t stop me from continuing in the program. I guess I’m finally tired of these colors. Bonnie and Camille looks like Lori Holt looks like Olive’s Flower Market look like…
    I loved the colors of Blueberry Park for making toys and that fishing one was cute. It would be nice to get the lights from Blueberry park or other low volume fabrics. A collection of Batiks, dots, gingham, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, something besides navy, turq/mint, red, black, gray and table runners. I do have my own collections of these designers so maybe that’s why it didn’t appeal to me.
    Like I have said before no one will be happy every single time so just know I still love this club and look forward to next month.

    Thank you FQS

  2. I received my box last week and I too was not thrilled with most of what was in there. I look forward to getting it each month ( I have been getting them for almost a year) and was very disappointed with it this month. The fabric was ok, but everything else that was included in the box this month I did not like. I am hoping that the next few boxes are much better. With the holidays coming up it would be nice to get some holiday goodies.

  3. I liked the September box. I do however, understand the previous comments. I agree that it would be nice to see something different like Batiks or plaids or something. We all like bright cheery fabrics but wouldn’t a change be nice also? I loved the blue of August. I think it was August. I don’t think holiday fabric is a good idea as there are many different faiths in the quilt world, and some may be offended or put off. I suppose a way around that would be the four seasons. Not my interest but perhaps others would like that. Every month isn’t a home run but I’m sure most of us appreciate all the effort and planning that goes into our cherished boxes.

  4. I love getting the Sew Sampler Box in the mail every month. I understand it’s hard to please everybody. Some months are better than others. However, this September was the absolute least favorite month since I started my subscription. The quilt pattern was… meh. The Popsocket media stand was… I don’t even know what to say, I threw it in the trash. I really don’t even know what to say about the Matchbox Quilt kit either. Maybe other colors were better. I got the 1970’s green one and it was really ugly. Sorry. It went straight in the Goodwill donation box. The charm pack was very nice, even though I agree with above poster that it feels like several collections now kind of look the same. But it was still a nice charm pack, though it turned out to be an expensive one since it’s all I’m keeping from this month’s box. The tin was nice but I already had it. And it seemed strange to have an empty tin take up half the sampler box. But I am looking forward to October now. It can only go up from here. :-))

  5. I did enjoy my box this month. The phone grip is working really well and I put all my binder clips in my cheerful tin

  6. Wow, finally got on here to say I absolutely loved this months box! Loved everything in it! So interesting to read all of the other comments, I would never complain and just wanted to say thank you!

  7. I enjoyed my sampler box this month. I can never get enough Bonnie and
    Camille… and I loved the little tin. I never use the basket pattern, but I liked the pattern and the clips. I do enjoy getting them each month.

  8. Every month is like Christmas to me! I get so excited when I get home from work and see my box sitting on my desk. I absolutely love seeing the variations of products and fabric. I am aware that everyone will not like everything each month, but overall, the products and fabric are great and very useful!!

  9. I loved the box, I used the tin for my teeth floss next to my bed so it’s convenient. Love he little phone thing. The matchbox is nice and thefabric for tablerunner is nice but I do agree with previous comments about adding some changes to the fabric. Love your site.

    When I get something I already have or cannot use I put it in my “gift” cabinet for my quilting friends.

  10. The FQS has done it again. You are amazing! Love this month’s box! Love the phone grip. It’s nice to get these kinds of different “notions.” Never tire of Bonnie and Camille. I love how you can actually make a project with the fabric and pattern contents of the box. Usually, it only requires a bit of your own fabric. Thanks you FQS. Keep up the good work!

  11. This is my third box. I really enjoyed the charm squares. I actually used material from my late mother in law to make the tablerunner. I wouldn’t have picked these myself and they are a treat for me. Enjoyed the box. Dont know how you think up the boxes and you cant please everyone every time. 🙂

  12. Good to see I am not alone in being disappointed with this month’s block. I was going to take it along to my new sewing group to share with them as I had been raving about the box last month, think I’ll have to wait and see what next month brings.Sorry but I have nothing positive to say this month, Ditto on the negatives, roll on October!

  13. I wasn’t going to say anything until I read all the reviews and yep, they hit it on the nail!! The match box thing is cheap to say the least and really not worth $15.00. Beginners would benefit from it though. I hope we don’t get more of those. When the news came out about it being “farmer’s market” ladies were guessing it had to do with fruits and vegetables and after looking at the fabric – I didn’t get a “farmer’s market” vibe from it. The tin box is the only thing I really liked. Please do better next time – your boxes are affordable and enjoyable but just not this time. Sorry.

  14. I received my September box, the presentation was beautiful. Love everything that was included. The matchbox quilt is the perfect little project for my granddaughter and me to work on this weekend (thank you). I’ve been thinking about getting a phone Popscocket and boom, it arrived in the box. The tin and charm pack are darling and I will put them to good use.

  15. This was my first box and was a little disappointed did not care for the matchbox quilt looking forward to Octobers box

  16. I really don’t understand some of the comments. What, exactly, are you looking to receive in your $25 box??? You’re getting exclusive patterns, fabrics, notions, and things that would make cute gifts. Many of the items are brand new releases. Some folks will complain about anything. I thought this box had some great items in it. For those complaining about the Matchbox, contact Moda and complain to them. Sheesh.

  17. First off – I do love getting this box. I wasn’t as disappointed as others. For me there have been other boxes I liked less than this one. I’ve stated since the beginning it would be nice to vary the style of fabrics more often. Was surprised to hear lots didn’t like this months Bonnie & Camille as usually everyone loves any precut that has these colors in it. Especially when Snowbird was in the box (which I loved!) all said it was dull and not bright like the others. I will echo a few of the other ladies above it would be nice to get different lines. All are not pleased anyway. 🙂 I will keep with this for another month or two and if fabrics don’t change up will cancel.

  18. It is interesting to read others comments and yes, you cannot possibly please everyone. I’ve been receiving the boxes since the beginning and I am happy to try things I wouldn’t have noticed or purchased in the store. Since the matchboxes are a new Moda item it’s fun to get one to play with. I’m putting thread in my box and think the phone pop socket will be handy, also an item I’ve seen advertised lately and was curious about. Loved the the whole box!!!!!

  19. I agree. The box this month was okay, but nothing exciting. I have no use for table runners. The matchbox was fun, for about 30 minutes (and way overpriced by looking at the marked price). I had to cancel my subscription as it’s a bit too expensive if you don’t really get good swag in it. Hopefully, it’ll pick up next time. I’m could subscribe again in future after I look at a few more reveals.

  20. I liked everything in my new box. I put the phone knob on my Nook and it is so nice to read in bed now!

  21. This box is my favorite so far. The summer market theme was just the thing to cheer me up! I hate to see this great summer end. I’ve been in this subscription from the beginning.

  22. I have always been happy with my Sew Sampler box. Sometime more than others but I don’t always like everything I see in a quilt store. We all have our favorites. I have seen some of the other subscription boxes that cost alot more and think the Sew Sampler box is a great value. I would rather pay $24.95 than the $45+ for some of the other boxes. Keep up the “GREAT” job.

  23. For me, this was the best box ever!! I know that everyone cannot be pleased, and I have had those months, but I have absolutely loved this month. It made my day!!!

  24. Oh yeah, If any of you don’t like your Bonnie and Camille stuff, I would love to trade up. I really have no use for the wonderland from earlier this year, so let me know. I would love to get what you are not happy with!!

  25. This was the first box I received and I loved everything! I love the Bonnie and Camille fabric! Loved the storage box too! And the free patterns are great! Thx for putting together such a lovely box!

  26. It isn’t complaining to say you don’t like something. That is called feedback and that is the most reliable way of letting them know what we like and don’t like so future boxes can reflect that. I love getting the box every month. My family laughs at how excited I get from it. However, I found this month a little disappointing (as Christmas presents sometimes are. At least there were no socks in it.).
    I love the popsocket. This is something I never would have bought myself and I’m glad for it. The fabric was pretty but very familiar color scheme. The matchbox was odd. I gave mine to a friend who has said she wants to learn to quilt but doesn’t know where to start.

  27. I agree that some months are better than others. This one was okay, but still worth the price of the box. Not all boxes will be my favorites. I did find some gifts in this box (tin and phone grip). I have enough friends that quilt with varying tastes that I can always give to my friends or place in the quilting donation pile at my quilting retreat.

    I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see some holiday or seasonal items and projects.

    Thanks for the great kits, even if they are not all 100% to our liking. They are still a terrific idea and I look forward to them each and every month!

  28. SamD – Thank you for your words. I was giving feedback.

    That’s also what I did when FQS asked me/us to take a survey with regard to the sew sampler box contents. I just try to be honest with my feedback.