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Sew Sampler Reveal October 2017

We are back again for another Sew Sampler Box reveal! This month we got a little wild when creating this fun box for you! This month’s retail value is over $62! Scroll on down and check out what we included this month. If you are not yet subscribed, be sure you do so you receive our November box!


October Sew Sampler Box Reveal Photo

Mesa Valley Spirit Animal Fat Quarter Bundle by Tula Pink for Free Spirit Fabrics

Get a glimpse of the secret, hidden depths of Mother Nature’s wild side! Spirit Animal by Tula Pink draws its essence from creatures easily missed by the naked eye, infused with vivid, electric colors.

View the entire collection here.

Mesa Valley Fat Quarter Bundle

Everything Mary Zip Around Sewing Kit by Everything Mary

The Everything Mary Zip Around Sewing Kit is the perfect little kit to throw in your bag for travel. It comes in a beautiful grey polka-dot print with pink zipper, and is made of durable microfiber material. It’s perfect for those last minute travel sewing emergencies.

The kit contains 18 items including assorted threads, scissors, seam ripper, seam guide, measuring tape and more!

View Everything Mary products here.

Bitty Buddy
Fat Quarter Shop Exclusive

This is the perfect storage for your trimmings and snippets. Lightweight and collapsible, packs easily for your classes or use at home in your sewing room.

View more items from The Gypsy Quilter here.

Poke-a-Dots Sticky Thimbles by Jillily Studio

Poke-A-Dots are little sticky thimbles that you can place on your fingertip. Position them anywhere you need them so you don’t get poked. They not only protect your finger, but  they are grippy so they help you to pull your needle through the tough spots.

Great for hand sewing binding, attaching a button, hand-applique & embroidery.

Includes 24 dots in a cute round tin.

Mesa Valley Quilt Pattern
Sew Sampler Exclusive

Venture to the West to find the inspiration for Mesa Valley. Like its namesake, the blocks in this quilt may look simple, but layers of color create an eye-catching dimensional formation.

Finished size: 60 1/2″ x 71″


Mesa Valley Finishing Kit

Now you can make a quilt just like ours! Now offering a Mesa Valley Finishing Kit that includes your background and binding. How easy is that?

Basket Block #7 Recipe Card Designed by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet

Sew along with us each month as we create these charming basket blocks featuring Confetti Cotton Solids by Riley Blake Designs! This pattern contains instructions to make 5 1/2″, 10 1/2″ and 15 1/2″ unfinished square blocks!


We’re sew excited for the 2017 Basket Sew Sampler Quilt, and we can’t wait to show you all of the fun block designs that Lori Holt has come up with! We’ve even put together a 2017 Basket Blocks Sew Sampler Bundle for you to purchase so that you have everything ready to go when you get your Sew Sampler box and recipe card each month!

Sew Sampler Subscription Quilting Box: June 2017 - Basket Block Fat Quarter BundleWe’ve got more fun in store for you next month, so be sure you’re subscribed to the Sew Sampler Box to get in on all of the treats!


  1. This was definitely the worst box so far. The value of the box was so over inflated. The sewing kit and blue stand up caddy are both available at the dollar store minus the logo. The stick on finger pads were also just another low cost filler. The fabric was not cute and unfortunately not a fall or Christmas theme which would have been really nice at this time of the year. I value the box at the price of the fabric alone. This started as such a nice sampler club but has really, steadily, gone down hill.

    1. I agree with you. I finally cancelled my subscription this month 🙁 I have so much fabric that is not my taste and, in fact, ugly (sorry designer) that I don’t think I’ll ever use them. I also have enough little containers to last me a lifetime. The little dots don’t work worth a darn. I enjoyed the prospect of getting a surprise each month but like you say, they’ve gone downhill lately.

      1. I totally agree and this was the last box for me. I have fabric from these sew sampler boxes that I have NO idea what I will do with them.

    2. It seems like the boxes for the previous year had a lot more good quality stuff.
      I cancelled my subscription after this one. Seems like the stuff that comes in is getting cheaper and cheaper with time. I used to love the boxes. Oh well…..
      It was a good run, I got lots of good things from previous boxes, some amazing fabrics, but I think it’s time for me to let go now.
      I will still continue supporting the store as I love moda fabrics, I just won’t be getting boxes anymore.
      Maybe a Moda fabric box with patterns would go well.

    3. The comments show that, as in everything, our tastes in fabrics and in sewing tools differ! I have enjoyed every box and certainly don’t expect that each will be tailored to my taste. There are things in each box that I probably won’t use, or already have; however, I can pass those on to someone who will appreciate them or even place those few items on my guild’s “free table”. The variety of fabrics challenges me to work out of my usual comfort zone.

      1. This exactly!
        I like these boxes because of the fact that I will get fabrics that I wouldn’t normally tend to go for or even look twice at. And there’s always a pattern that is great inspiration for how to tie all these fabrics together.

  2. I enjoyed this box. When I first saw the fabric, I thought what am I going to do with this. But the included pattern shows a good use. I liked the travel kit as it’s something that I can easily pack. So I disagree that this is a poor kit. Differ tastes and different needs

  3. I loved the box..minus the fabric, but that’s just a personal taste issue. I’m not a fan of the modern or artsy prints, but some are. 😊 I loved everything else in the box. And I’m sure I’ll find a use for the fabric too. I always think of ways to use the fabrics I have to make quilts for babies in the NICU or for Project Linus or many other charities. The scissors in the sewing kit are great and just in time for my old pair to wear out. I’m not always in love with everything in the box, but overall, I love it!

  4. again – this month I was definitely disappointed (2nd month in a row). Most of what was in the box was nothing that I would ever use. I am debating on waiting out the next 2 months to decide if I will continue with this club. I may cancel before then. I joined almost a year ago and the boxes had been fairly good up until last months and this months boxes. In the other ones, I would maybe only find 1 or 2 things that I maybe wasn’t all the keen on, but everything else was pretty good. After last months box, I truly did not believe that it would be another let down this month, especially with the way this months box was so hyped up to be a great box. Too much useless stuff in it this time. I do understand that not everyone will like everything all the time – but 2 months in a row that the boxes were duds. I have liked most of the other things in past months, but it is disappointing when you get a box and like nothing in it several months in a row.

  5. I enjoyed the box this month and like the pattern. It reminds me of my time living in the southwest. Tula Pink fabric is bold and beautiful – and often sells out before I have a chance to order, so this was a great treat! I like that this fabric was different (not floral) and a bit younger and fun. The sticky dots will be great for paper piecing and hand quilting. This was a good box for me.

  6. I am also disappointed with the October box, as I was hoping for something seasonal. I agree that the fillers are just that, and for the most part are things I will never use. I’m sticking with my subscription through the end of the year, hoping they improve.

  7. I found this months box to be fine and dandy. In every box there are things that I would not use or need. However, I have a young friend who is new to sewing and I share those items with her. She is delighted to receive them as she is on a tight budget and isn’t able to purchase the useful things I share with her.

  8. I enjoy getting fabric that is not “my style” occasionally. Even if I do not like the project, I like enhancing my stash with prints I would not order or pick up at my LQS. This month, I immediately thought of making small pouches for Christmas gifts with the FQ’s.

    1. That’s a great idea, thanks! The fabric isn’t my taste, but it’s good quality and will make fun bags for my younger group.

  9. I love the box this months and all months. Thank you for giving all you give to us. Thanks, Janet

  10. I loved everything in my Box! Especially the Tula Pink fabric. The patterns are wonderful and if you shop in your local quilt stores you will find that the value of the products is a real deal! Keep up the great job. I have enjoyed every box!! This is a great way to try new products that I might not even know exist.

  11. I love this box! Tula Pink fabric is hard to find without it costing a fortune. I may or may not use the pattern but I like having the option. The Bitty Buddy is overkill in size for my needs but it now saves me from having to make one. The way only downside for me is it was missing some sort of Halloween theme.

    1. Amy, I’m right there with you on most comments!
      I do have a good friend who recently moved to Colorado and the pattern is ‘her’ so will add it to my list! I’m actually thankful there wasn’t any Halloween fabric because with the October box arriving late in October, after 10/20, I wouldn’t have time to whip up anything for Halloween, maybe some others can, but not me! I loved the box, thank you FQS.

  12. I think the October box is wonderful, much better than September, this one has many things I can use or give away at the Senior Citizens, they always appreciate my leftovers.

  13. I loved this box! I thought it was one of the best yet. I’ve been wanting one of the pop out bins since I saw one at my LQS. The poke a dots are very handy and the sewing kit went right into my travel bag. Tula Pink is not my favorite but the included pattern is perfect for the fabric and I do like the otter and the colors. I don’t compare prices with the dollar store, I compare them with my LQS and they are fair.

  14. I love this box. I was thrilled with the Tula Pink fabric. I have started a grab bag box for my quilting friends with the items I dont need. Love getting surprised!

  15. The October box was not one of my favorites but I am so happy that we finally got Fat Quarters. The fabric is really not my taste, but I am glad to have it in my stash and will eventually use it. I think it is great that you have now put together finishing kits to purchase if you chose to make the included pattern, but the pattern for this fabric was not at all my taste – which is fine because I am sure some others will love it. I understand that i won’t love each monthly box as equally and would still like to receive more thread in future boxes instead of some of the cheaper fill in items that we have received. The price of the box is a value.

  16. I too was disappointed in this box. The fabric was not my taste so I gave it to a friend. I would rather receive a nice fabric assortment, thread or pattern than the small inexpensive items. Two or three quality items instead of many cheaper items. I normally enjoy most items but this was my least favorite box in over a year.

  17. I really enjoyed this month. Tula pink is fun and love her fabric. This for me is a real nice box cause all that I got I can use. Liked it soooo much I ordered one for my sister in law. We’re geting together and having a fun day making a Tula pink quilt. Love love it. Still enjoy the boxes every month. Can’t please everybody on each month but got to admit it’s fun looking forward getting a surprise every month. Love it keep up the good work.

  18. I thought this was the best box yet and am definitely glad to have my subscription. Good job!!

  19. Everyone in my quilting group told me how great these boxes are so I subscribed. So far I’ve been disappointed. I keep looking in the October box for the pattern, but it is just not there. So not only are there many things I can not use, the pattern is missing. I hope they get better as I really look forward to receiving the box every month.

    1. Hi Terri, i’m so sorry to hear that the pattern is missing from your box. I have notified our service department and they will send you a copy ASAP. Thanks for letting us know!

  20. I loved the box and will use everything in it. I also liked the fat quarters. . Cant wait for my box each month. Love love it.

  21. The fabric this month is not one that I would ever purchase for myself, but I will gladly add just about anything to my stash. Quite happy with the larger precut size – makes “stash material” even more useful, since it has greater flexibility.
    The sewing kit is great – large enough to be easily found (I have SO MANY little tins or pouches that I can never find after the first time I take them somewhere), compact enough to be portable (perhaps not in pocket or wallet, but in tote bag or suitcase), and I love that the needles are in a needle tube rather than stuck into a card or just in the threads. (Also happy about the tape measure – another item I tend to lose a lot.)
    The Bitty Buddy works as a portable trash can – which is just what I needed. I all too often leave huge piles of thread/fabric snippets around which I can’t quite get all the pieces picked up when I’m done.
    The sticky thimbles are great! They stick to your finger well without leaving residue, and seem to work quite well. Made handbinding much easier.
    I’ve seen a number of complaints about the extras this month – but actually this is the first month where all the extras appealed to me.
    I’ve been subscribed for less than a year, but this may be my favorite box thus far.

  22. I was not a fan of this month’s Nic. I think time to quit has come. I have asked over and over for reproductions, mostly all modern fabrics are what you get. Also the cheap sewing kit did it for me. As many choices as far as threads and notions that could be included it’s pretty disappointing what is coming each month.

  23. I really liked everything this month. I really wanted some of the items and never got them like the collapsable bin and the sewing kit. I am very happy with it. One of my favorite and I have got all the boxes from the beginning. My grandmother made and quilted hundreds of quilts, everyone got a wedding quilt, baby quilt and more. She would have loved to see the fabric we have today, she used whatever she had or could afford, she just loved making quilts! It is a treat that love to get every month.

  24. I was really excited to get the fat quarters this month and can truly use the little trash bin in my area. This was a great box for my taste and I’m excited about the value in it.

    Sometimes the things you think are not your style create the most amazing projects!

    1. I agree Rhonda! I wouldn’t know what to do with this fabric, but the pattern fits it perfectly!

  25. This is the third box I have received and I do look forward to getting each one. I’m not a real experienced quilter.
    The projects are small and I can learn from the patterns and fabrics. They give me experience and to me that’s worth the surprise gift in the mail each month. Who doesn’t like a tiffany blue box once a month

  26. I have to agree – I was disappointed with this box. Friends had done this last year and enjoyed it. The fabric is nice, but I would have liked something seasonal. The sewing kit was very cheap looking.
    All in all, I will continue this year but probably won’t re-subscribe. Thank you for the opportunity.

  27. I am new to the quilting world. I have enjoyed the box and contents. I have tried two more expensive monthly subscriptions. I was very disappointed in them. Their customer service was zero! No person to person contact. No tutorials or help with projects. Every time I have contacted the Fat Quarter customer service they have been kind and willing to help. I enjoy the fast turn around on purchases. Fat Quarters you are okay with me. Thank you

  28. I LOVE my boxes each month. I only wish they would send prettier fabric. Thanks for the surprises. Would love some holiday prints though.

  29. This is the 3rd box that I’ve gotten and have loved the fabric in all three. I have to agree that it would be nice to have more thread included but otherwise I’m fine with what I’ve received. I have so many projects for larger size quilts that I’m thinking about reducing the size of the blocks in this month’s pattern- another option for this quilt and some of the past projects too!

  30. This is my first month for doing these boxes. I am in need of fabric, so I wanted to jump in when the FQ’s were given as a clue. I may not be a fan of Modern, but the fabric isn’t that bad and the pattern is a great help on what to do with it. I’m not a fan of the finger pads, they never work. I did like the pop up for scraps. The sewing kit is a bit on the cheaper side, I will agree. I haven’t tried the scissors yet to see if they are sharp.
    I am debating on the next box as I am wanting something for the Holidays. 🙂

    Fat Quarter shop is one of my favorites and I have won a gift certificate twice now. When I have a problem they are quick to fix it. I do love their stuff and will keep shopping there regardless of the having the Mystery box or not 🙂

  31. I thoroughly enjoyed my October box. This was my 11th box since I purchased the subscription for my birthday. I have loved the fabrics, the notions, and all the patterns. I am new to quilting. Thank you for your choices every month.

  32. I loved this box, and especially like fat quarters. The travel sewing kit will be a great Christmas present for my daughter. The dots will go to my other daughter that hand quilts. I think the value was great as living where one has to pay exchange on the money to US funds sometimes the boxes don’t quite equal the money it costs me every month. Good job, Kimberley.

  33. I don’t always love every item in every box, but it is a SAMPLER box. It’s like a box of chocolates, I don’t like every piece, but they are all CHOCOLATE!!!!!
    I would enjoy some seasonal fabrics as some others have stated. That said, I enjoy receiving my box and appreciate the effort that goes into making them.

  34. My first box and I was also disappointed. Would rather spend the $$ on things I truly want or need and not end up with cheap notions. Maybe for the new or inexperienced quilter who perhaps don’t have those items or maybe not know their style in quilting it would be worthwhile. Afraid I’ll cancel.

  35. I agree with what seems to be the majority-this months box was just a bust!
    I signed up when the second year started, as I had just recently found FQ Shop. The examples on the website inspired me to sign up. There have been good items and woefully aweful ones!
    Stretching and challenging myself is great, but the fabric this month was just too far out of the mainstream. It’s a very particular taste for that one, too particular to include in this box. I was so looking forward to this month since the clue was referring to the most fabric ever included in a Sew Sampler. I opened the box and my face fell, I closed the box and just put it away. I was really surprised it wasn’t something seasonal.
    I love the idea, I have enjoyed the idea of receiving a little gift to myself each month. I did, however; cancel my subscription. I just can’t afford $30 for a whole box of unusable items. I’d rather simply place a regular order for what I know I want.
    FQ Shop has otherwise been great to work with.

    1. I agree – I love the surprise of the box each month and it usually was a great deal for the $30 we spend. I was excited to try new things each month, but the past few months, most of what was in there is nothing that I would keep. I don’t have the money to just give away most of what is in my sampler box each month. I agree that I love FQS and will continue to order from them, I just can’t see continuing to spend $30 each month to just give away or donate the items(which has been a lot lately)I don’t want or like. I do agree that everyone’s taste is different and not everyone will like everything in every box, but in the past boxes, there may have only been a couple of things at most that I didn’t like but it has not turned into not liking most of the things in the past few boxes. I was going to wait for the next 2 boxes of the year and cancel in January but decided to cancel my subscription today.

  36. I love this box. Tula pink fabric was a treat for me. I love being surprised every month and the different fabrics helps build up your stash. You can’t please everyone, and I like to think outside the box, thus gives you a chance to try new things.

  37. I loved this box–the fabric, the pattern for the fabric, the pop-up basket, the finger pads, the sewing kit… This is my second year receiving the sampler box. Every month is Christmas! I didn’t like the underpants I got for Christmas when I was a little kid, but I needed them (according to my mother). The rest of the gifts that Christmas were great. I’m always able to use or share everything in the box. Thank you. Now I’m going to get started on that quilt.

  38. I loved this box! I love getting fat quarters! The last two boxes have been an upgrade to several previous boxes. No, I don’t always use everything in the box, so I keep a box filled with the things I don’t like or can’t use. They make cute little gifts for my quilting buddies.

  39. I enjoy the boxes each and every month. The fabrics push me out of my comfort zone and that’s a good thing.
    You’ll never hit everyone’s tastes every single time, that would be impossible, but I think your choices are great, whether my taste or not. Thank you!

  40. I so much love these boxes that I even don‘t mind the high shipping costs to Germany. The tools and notions are always very useful and new to me. The choice of colourful and bright fabrics is always great and I was particularly relieved not to find any Halloween or Christmas stuff! Thanks for that. Receiving these boxes every month is like having birthday every month. Thanks for preparing these lovely surprises🎁

  41. This is the 4th sampler box I have received and it is by far the best one I have gotten yet.

  42. While I was mildly disappointed that fabric was not seasonal or holiday themed, and the pattern was not something I was interested in, I loved everything else! This is the first box where I put everything away in its place right away. Usually, I have 1-3 things hanging out in the box for a while, while I decide what to do with it, where to keep it, or to whom to give it. Everything had a place right away! And yes, the little sewing kit was nice could be found cheaper, as well as a cheaper made pop-up catch-all. But, those are things I would never seek out or buy myself. This box is my little gift to myself every month, so I am really excited by everything in it, even if I donate a few things here and there. And since we do know the value of things, I keep track of the $ for tax time since I donate them to a non-profit. Win, win! Spreading the love of sewing, and getting a teeny tax deduction.

  43. This was my second Sew Sampler Box. I am thrilled. Love Tula Pink, and we don’t have it in the stores close by, so wonderful to get it in the box. I use the polka a dots, sewing kit, a,d snip it’s bag while hand binding. Everything together and so helpful. Thanks again for a great box. I liked last months so much I bought a Jolly Bar of the Good Life fabric to make a full sized quilt of the table runner pattern.

  44. I loved this box! This is my 8th box, and the fabric in this one is by far my favorite. It was nice to see some of the more modern fabric!! Please continue to include more of this type in the occasional future box. I really like receiving all different types of fabric–not just the kind I would normally buy. I especially like receiving fabric in colors that I don’t normally use.

  45. This is my favorite so far and I’ve really like the previous boxes. Its nice to get fabric that I wouldn’t buy and then figure out how to use it.

  46. This is my second sampler box I have received. Every box is a challenge, a new experience and something for just me. I feel special, and can’t wait to get started on making all the projects inside. I am an above intermediate quilter and find these boxes to be calming and relaxing projects. Just think of all the great gifts I will have for Christmas 2018 and not once did I leave my house to go shopping. Keep sending me my sample boxes, I don’t care what the material looks like, I will enjoy making each project. Love my sample boxes. I appreciate everything in the box. New projects each month.

  47. I really liked this box-loved the fabric and the pattern. Also enjoyed the travel sewing kit. Just like everyone else has said, anything I don’t think I can use I can share with another quilting friend. Looking forward to the next one!

  48. This was by far the best sampler box ever for me! Loved the fabrics, the notions and the pattern. So glad the contents weren’t Christmas or Fall fabrics. I’ve never purchased Tula Pink fabrics before – but now I’m a fan. Love the vibrant colors and the designs. Just beautiful.

  49. 😢😢😢😢 Myboxes take so long to arrive. Everyone has differing versions of what they expect. I just love getting my surprise box each month but they are taking longer every month. I have not yet received this months box so can’t comment on its contents yet. Please try to speed up my delivery. The first few only took days to arrive but noe I pay for the next month before getting the previous month. That is very disappointing.

  50. It is interesting that so many people were expecting holiday or seasonal fabric. FQS cannot possibly include a holiday fabric that would work for everyone. Yesterday I was in a local quilt shop, and when a visitor asked the owner if she was planning to dress up for Halloween, she responded with a lecture that boiled down to criticism of Halloween as a pagan holiday (she gave the history of All Saints Day and All Souls Day and explained how different it is, even from the Day of the Dead)! Which holiday do you want to celebrate? Even Thanksgiving would not work for international companies.

  51. I’m pleased with this month’s box overall. Absolutely LOVE the fabric! It’s not something I would tend to look for or even coordinate together but that’s the great thing about these boxes I think. It’s something new and different AND you give us a pattern as inspiration!
    I like the bitty buddy and it will come in handy in my sewing area. Yeah I’m sure if I looked I could find something similar for cheaper, but so what. This is handy and will be used, and it came to me, I didn’t have to go out looking for it.
    I was not impressed with the sewing kit though, but that’s just because that thread is awful and I would never use it, the kit itself is pretty and compact and could potentially be a gift.
    I’ve never used Sticky Thimbles but am excited to give these a try as I can’t use regular thimbles.

  52. Last months box was not a favorite, but in over a year, I have been happy with enough to keep subscribing for a while long, as I have been 85% happy I think. Happy about the Tula Pink, as I don’t have local access to it.
    I found in previous months that some of the “filler’ things were not the best quality…..sort of cheap, not worth their retail price, so I was a little disappointed . (The Moda block box was really overpriced. I would never buy one. I have forgotten which, as I gave away, but seam rippers were an example. To your credit, when I told you an item was missing from my box, you sent me a new one immediately. I enjoy the surprise factor

  53. The fabric is not to my taste. I like vintage fabric. Some of the notions are useful some not. Will continue until first of year then rethink the boxes. Like Moda Fabrics and can always use thread. Don’t care for the patterns.

  54. I really enjoyed everything in this box. Love, love the Tula Pink fabrics and the pattern. I already purchased some Grunge to use for the background. Sounds like we have varied tastes in fabric but I am very pleased with the variety that is selected each month.

  55. I love the FATQUARTERSHOP but must admit that the last two months boxes have not been my favorite, the fabrics in both boxes are not my taste…people have different tastes, I get that, however I wish I could say that the fabric was the only reason these last two boxes were not my favorite. In the past, FQS has done an excellent job on the “goodies” but I feel like the goodies, particularlythis time, were defiantly on the cheap side. This box might be a deal breaker for me…sorry FQS…I STILL love you guys!!😉

  56. It is always entertaining to see the comments on these boxes – there is never any middle ground, people either love it or hate it. I loved this month’s box. Tula Pink is my favorite fabric designer.

    I agree with the person who said that they should include more thread instead of some of the other extras. I wouldn’t mind thread every single month, or a new pack of sewing machine needles a few times a year.

    My least favorite box ever was the one last year that had the floss in it. The floss found a happy home with someone else.

    Sometimes there are fabrics I don’t especially care for, so I either give those to my sister or save them for practicing new techniques. It is easier for me to be adventurous with a new technique when the fabric is not so precious to me that I am scared to make mistakes.

  57. I absolutely love this months box. I get so excited every time they come in the mail. Great job Fat Quarter Shop.

  58. I love this box, esp the fabric. I love that it is not the usual flowery kind sent almost every month.

  59. I think this box should get you to think outside the box. Sometimes we get stuck in the same old rut. This box, I loved the tools and extras, and I think I am going to make this quilt. I seem to go for the same type of fabrics all the time, time to jump in with this box and make something out of my box! Keep up the good work Sew Sampler!

  60. I do not believe that this box was worth the money. I agree with other comments that it seemed cheap and very ordinary. I am disappointed to say the least.

  61. I’m going to have to agree with most of the comments on this month’s box. While I’m all for thinking “outside my comfort zone” when it comes to my favorite pastime, I don’t want to pay for fabric & patterns that I’m just NOT going to use. I’ve put together a box of all of the items that are either duplicates or triplicates and fabric & patterns I will never use for a friend who is new to quilting. I don’t think I’ll be renewing for next year. It was a great run, but as others have mentioned, the quality is definitely different now.

  62. It’s interesting to see how people summarize the comments here. I decided to tally those responses that were positive about the box (either loved it or love being challenged by it because it is out of their comfort zone) or negative (a couple of responses couldn’t be categorized. Out of 72 responses, 54 (or 75%) were positive and 18 (or 25%) were negative. Thus, based on the data, a sizeable majority were pleased. Keep up the good work, FQS!

    1. LOL. Thanks Wendy for taking the time to tally the comments. I was wondering the same myself. I don’t like posting negative reviews, but since I have been a subscriber since the very first box, I feel like my reviews are helpful to FQS (which I think do a fabulous job putting these boxes together) Understanding that you can’t please all the quilters all the time, I would hope FQS takes the reviews and uses the comments to get a good idea of what quilters are liking and not liking. I will remain a subscriber because I like the monthly surprise and the good boxes have far outweighed the “bad” boxes.

      1. You are very welcome, kmartin! I’m glad you enjoyed the statistical analysis 🙂 I appreciate your comment that honest feedback is helpful to FQS–if I were the business owner, I would definitely welcome constructive feedback!! Clearly, there are as many opinions as there are quilters 🙂 I would hope that everyone posting here would realize that we are a diverse group, with varied tastes. Some of the postings did not come across in the most constructive light. As someone who very much liked the fabric (and sewing kit, and pop-up bin, and pattern) in this shipment, I was taken aback by the suggestion that those of us who expressed satisfaction with this box were just trying to be nice. I absolutely LOVED this fabric. Had it been seasonal or reproduction, I would probably not have loved it as much. But I would have welcomed it, and found a use or other home for it. I would hope everyone in this forum would appreciate the point of these boxes–to spread our wings, and try things we would not otherwise try. If we only want exactly what we expect, then we should just buy that directly. Have a great weekend!!

  63. This was definitely the last box for me. I have been a member since the beginning and now it is just cheap junk, ugly fabric, always the same bright child like colors that I have no use for/ no one in my quilting circle even wants them.I notice that not even ONCE have they ever included a reproduction or primitive color pallet, why? because they are popular and they sell.Seems like they put the stuff they can’t sell into the box these days. Such a shame but this was HORRIBLE. The majority of nice comments are probably because people don’t want to be honest and hurt FQS feelings but most consumers are smart enough to know junk when they see it.

    1. OUCH. That was way harsh, Ty. How do you know the people claiming to love the box are really haters in disguise? That’s a pretty big assumption.

    2. I haven’t been a subscriber from the beginning, yet I have received fabric that I would consider to be of a primitive color palette*. That is certainly not my preference when it comes to fabric but I don’t need to bash FQS or those consumers that DO like it and don’t consider it junk just because it is not to their liking. Nor do I need to leave a false review so as to not hurt feelings. I think most of us here are quite capable of leaving honest and tactful reviews, however, as witnessed right here, there are always those that can’t.
      I’m no expert but I’m pretty certain Tula Pink, Lori Holt, and Karen Lewis Textiles are quite popular designers and sell quite well on their own lol!!

  64. I loved the October box. The Tula Pink fabric is right up my alley and I have family members who would beg to receive the quilt.
    I’m thankful it was not stuffed with seasonal fabric. There is enough of that in the stores. Who has time to make a seasonal quilt if you work full time and have a family? Maybe include it in July’s box.
    Each box has given me ideas for gifts and this one is no different. My 4 sisters will each receive something I discovered in my sampler boxes.
    I can’t wait to get my basket quilt finished!

  65. this was my first box. if not for the fabric I would have cried. the cheap junk was terrible. everyone give you a sewing set free, and that pop up thing my my would have enjoy the pattern better a least I could have made it match my sewing room. But I will try another month. If I don’t like it next month I’ll make my own box up to equal the amount that I paid them for their junk.

  66. I loved this box, and always love FABRIC in any form. This is not the norm for what I pick, but it’s pushing me out of my comfort zone and I am confident that one of the young people in my life will love this quilt. I always look forward to the notions as well. If I already own it, it’s always nice to put an extra in my “go to class” bag or share with a friend. I would remind other participants that this is a “mystery box”, surprise is a key element of that. I can’t wait for the box to arrive each month. Keep up the good work!