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Sew Sampler Reveal June 2018

It’s a ‘Block Party’ and you are invited! We are super excited to show you what we ‘whipped’ up in our June Sew Sampler box. It’s filled with all things sweet and best yet…ZERO calories! Let us dig right in and reveal its contents now.

If you are not currently a member of the Sew Sampler Subscription Box, we’d love for you to join our ‘neighborhood’. Check out our website for more details regarding this program here.

Vintage Holiday Charm Packs by Bonnie & Camille for Moda Fabrics

Who can pass up a beautiful set of charm squares, especially when they come adorned with metallics and as a set of two! This charming collection is their first holiday line and is dressed in their classic colors so it can be used year round. Sparkly ornaments, bows and berries are accented with sweet stripes, dots and ginghams, so feel free to mix and match prints for a look that makes you merry!

Check out the full collection here.

Cupcake Mix Recipe #4 by Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co.

This Cupcake Mix Recipe pad includes 44 sheets that yield four 1.5″ finished half-square triangles and four 1.5″ finished four squares. Two assembled Recipe cards make one 6″ finished block. Use with any Moda Charm Packs or 5″ square cuts of fabric.

Check out more Cake Mixes and Cupcake Mixes here.

Winterville Enamel Pin by Thimble Blossoms
Sew Sampler members received this item FIRST!

This sweet, little enamel pin was inspired by the Winterville quilt designed by Camille of Thimble Blossoms. In her signature colors with silver details, this pin is sure to add a touch of ‘home’ to your ever-growing pin collection.

Perfect for your inspiration boards, sewing bags, totes and gifts for your quilting friends!

Dimensions: 1 1/4″ x 1″

Check out our wide-variety of enamel pins here.

Clearview Artbin Case by Artbin

This translucent storage case will come in handy all around the house. Use it to store embellishments and small pieces of fabric, organized notions and de-clutter your workspace.

It makes the perfect storage solution for this month’s Cupcake Crossing Pattern!

Check out the other items we sell from ArtBin on our website here.

Cupcake Crossing Quilt Pattern by Fat Quarter Shop
Sew Sampler Exclusive

Clear the way for scrumptious cupcake quilt blocks! Sweeten up the Cupcake Mix Recipe Pad with a Charm Pack to craft this delicious 50″ square quilt. Batches of half-square triangles and four-patches are made in a snap with the help of the Cupcake Mix and the quilt comes together like a dream!

Barn Block Recipe #3 by Sew Sampler

Join us as we travel the countryside and make twelve unique and inspiring Barn Blocks! If you are sewing along with us, be sure to share your quilt with us on social media using the following hashtag:  #BARNBLOCKQUILT

Don’t wait to pick up a Barn Block Quilt Kit as well as a coordinating Aurifil Barn Block Thread Pack to get started!


  1. This sampler box has great items in it. I especially loved the pin and Vintage Holiday charms.

  2. Love this month box it’s amazing! The only item I don’t like so much is the plastic box would have loved a spool of Aurifil thread or other sewing item more.

  3. This box was great with new fabric, pattern and cute pin. I can always use a good storage bin, too, so I was pleased with all of it. However, I LOVE getting the matching thread as I have to order everything on line. So it’s always a treat to receive the thread too, thanks again for another great box!

  4. Very nice box this month! Loved the fabric, box, cupcake paper piecing, and pattern. Not a fan of pins.

  5. I really like the plastic box to hold the charm packs. Hopefully they will come out in different ones for all the precut sizes

  6. Was’t my favorite box by far, but its also understandable that it is hard to please everyone. I love FQS anyway and will continue to subscribe to the sew sampler.

  7. This by far is not my nicest box. A lot of the others have been much better. But you cannot please everyone.

  8. Liked all but the pin. It’s pretty but no use for it. What do others do with the pins?

    1. I have a rather large pin collection, Over 600 or so. This pin and other sewing pins have earned a strap of their own one my wall. They are small collectibles and I have them from all over the world. Now Quiting has taken its place as a priority in my collection.

  9. For the first time I loved everything in this box. My favorite box. More Bonnie & Camille. More Thimbleblossoms. Thank you FQB.

  10. I liked everything but the pin. Would have rather had some white charms to use with the pattern. I have been asking for a cupcake mix pattern to try. Glad it was a Xmas pattern. Maybe I’ll get it done by December!

  11. I liked the Charm Pks.and plastic storage box the best, I’m making the Barn blocks each month so I appreciate the pattern. Would it be too much to ask for thoseBinding Babies in my next box? they are so cute and useful.

  12. I love this month’s box. I have to admit that I don’t understand the cupcake patterns. Then I saw it was paper piecing. I have never done paper piecing so that would explain why I don’t understand the cupcake patterns.

    1. There is s great video that FQS did with Carrie Nelson who designed the mixes. Very easy to understand. No trimming down the triangles when you’re done. I love it!

  13. first one I didn’t like. Vintage doesn’t mean to me the colors that were included.

  14. There is literally nothing in this box that I would have purchased intentionally. I loved the April and May boxes, so will give it another few months to see how it goes.

  15. I’m honestly not a big fan of Christmas fabrics. I do buy them from time to time, but they tend to be in specific quantities for very specific projects; and living in a place where Christmas is the hottest time of year, I can guarantee one thing I will never make is a Christmas quilt. So this is not my favourite box. I realise this is a personal thing, but looking at all those little squares of Christmas fabric makes me feel helpless rather than inspired, ie, whatever am I going to do with this?

    Much happier to get the foundation papers. The plastic box is useful storage for leftover squares. Pattern doesn’t do anything for me (often the case), and the pin is completely wasted on me. A few pretty buttons or charms would have been much more useful.

  16. I didn’t like this box, but loved the last two, so I’ll keep subscribing. I am tired of those color fabrics, and thought the box didn’t have as many surprises as usual.

  17. Love the June box. It is definitely one of the best ones ever. I could do without the pin but everything else is great! Keep them coming FQS 🙂

  18. I absolutely loved the fabric, but personally felt that the pin and storage box were pretty useless to me. I felt like it was a pretty empty box for me this month, but I do have some cute ideas for this adorable Christmas fabric.

  19. Love love this month’s box! Everything is so useable and some are new items. Please keep up the good work and keep us in suspense each month. Thank-you!

  20. As always I love each and every box. For me it’s like opening up a Christmas present each and every month. We don’t have quilt shops over here so whatever I receive is always a blessing. Thank you Kimberly.

  21. Love the Sampler boxes. I stopped getting them for a few months and missed them so much, I subscribed again. I am so glad I did. I guess if you don’t want to be surprised with what is in the box, don’t subscribe. It is fun to see what is new and exciting that I normally wouldn’t get. Thank you

  22. I love the box. I love every box. Noway would I subscribe to a ‘mystery’ box every month and then complain about what was included. I don’t expect to be happy every month about every single thing included but I wouldn’t think of criticizing the content. Thank you FQS!

    1. i know what you mean pam…if i wanted to get only what i know i like, then i would order it directly… i would not get a mystery box…I love the mystery boxes for the surprise

    2. I agree!!! I like the surprise of it. I know I will not love, or even sometimes like, every item. But that’s just part of it. Something I don’t like may be loved by one of my sewing friends!

  23. Although I did like the fabric, I don’t feel it was a very good box. I have been on the fence for several months whether I wanted to continue receiving my sew sampler box. Unfortunately, June box was enough to confirm, I no longer wish to continue. The contents of the box have slowly gone down in value and items I want. I have begun to feel like the sew sampler box is a place for you to rid yourself of items you no longer want in your inventory. The one thing I could count on was the thread, which you chose not to include. I wonder how many would rather had the thread versus the pin.

    1. I would rather have the thread. I didn’t know what to do with the pin. It was too thick to use at my bulletin board. Love Aurifil thread though!

      I finally stuck it through another badge that I had hanging on my bulletin board.

      I love being surprised monthly. I especially enjoy getting useable tools.

  24. I enjoyed everything in my June box, but the pin. Would rather have something I can use to sew than that.

  25. This was not one of my more liked boxes, but I still didn’t hate these items. The pin was cute, although not something I would purchase myself, but definitely something I can gift to someone that does love quilting and pins. Love the fabric, the box will be useful, I’m interested in giving the foundation papers a try.
    I’ll still be a subscriber, one not favorite box isn’t going to change that lol!

  26. This was definitely my least favorite box. The only think I will probably use is the pin as I use them as push pins on my bulletin board at work.

  27. I loved the fabric holder box. and it was nice to have Christmas fabric! I am making the monthly barn blocks – always wanted to do that. But what’s with the pin? Someone mentioned gifting that item; I think I will do that too

  28. I was not thrilled with this box but understand you can’t please everyone all the time. I’m always looking for extra small rulers (2.5s are great). I’m also not a fan of the over-marketed aqua and orange-ish fabrics, so gave those away. Favorite item from what there was in the box was the square storage box. Again, just expressing my own taste — don’t hate me.

  29. didnt like the papers, christmas fabric , how about some civil war fabric. i have enough pink. ill give it another month also. love fqs tho !!

  30. l liked the modern Christmas fabric, cupcake mix papers, storage box and pattern. Am looking forward to trying the papers, as l’ve never seen them before. Have no use for a Christmas quilt, but will use the pattern and fabric and use it as a tablecloth for Christmas. l agree with everyone about the pin. Cute pin and follows the box theme, but l would have liked a charm pack of plain white fabric. Can’t wait to see July box.