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Sew Sampler December 2018 Box Reveal

Winter has blustered in and we are here to ‘keep you warm’ by revealing the contents of our December Sew Sampler Box. The soft color palette is sure to set the mood for this lovely time of year. If you’re not already signed up for this exciting membership, do so by visiting our website!

Woodland Rose Mini Origami Squares + Finishing Kit by Jera Brandvig for Lecien Fabrics

Butter soft yellows, greens and pinks are anchored with icy blues and poinsettia reds. The 2 1/2″ Mini Origami Squares are a bouquet of florals, paisleys, hearts and butterflies basking in sunshine. They are perfect for the Avondale Tote Bag, or to keep your stash warm!

With the Avondale Finishing Kit, you’ll have a sweet bag that will sparkle right on through the New Year!

Check out the full collection here.

Cherry Gingham Heart Snips by Quilting in the Rain by Jera Brandvig

Sewing = Love in our book! Wear your heart on your scissor handles with this set of Cherry Gingham Heart Snips by Jera. Small and sharp, these scissors are great for detailed handwork or simply snipping threads. With its adorable design, they also make a heartwarming gift for friends (though you may need to double up for yourself).

Check out the other colors Jera offers here.

50wt Aurifil Light Grey Turquoise Thread by Aurifil

This cool, blue thread will simply melt into your Woodland Rose fabrics from this month’s box. We have hand-selected Aurifil thread for its superior quality, which is ideal for piecing, quilting and more!

4.5″ Swiss Style Tweezers by Tula Pink Hardware

This iridescent Swiss style set of tweezers from Tula Pink Hardware is the best little helper in your sewing drawer, though you’ll always want to keep it out! Use the pointed tip for precision tasks, like pulling threads, or as a stiletto, then flip it over to grasp and maneuver buttons and other embellishments.

Sew Sampler members received this item first!

Avondale Tote Bag Pattern

Snowflakes melt away, but this one will stay forever! A beautiful star made from 2.5″ squares is set into a beautiful on-point block that we have turned into a classic tote bag. More 2.5″ squares make up the handles for a unique accent.

Finish at 16 1/2″ square, this bag will carry plenty of your holiday loot!

Barn Block Recipe #9 by Sew Sampler

Join us as we travel the countryside and make twelve unique and inspiring Barn Blocks! If you are sewing along with us, be sure to share your quilt with us on social media using the following hashtag:  #BARNBLOCKQUILT

Don’t wait to pick up a Barn Block Quilt Kit as well as a coordinating Aurifil Barn Block Thread Pack to get started!


  1. I really don’t understand what this box has to do with winter. I would have loved some winter fabrics or perhaps Valentine’s fabrics but the one you put is IMO totally ‘granny’ style and not really great. And with all the flowers in it and don’t see the winter connection. Can you please explain me how this has to do with winter? It’s really disappointing and neither like the tote bag pattern nor finishing kit. And btw adding only 2 mini charm packs is really not much fabric and at almost the same price as a whole normal charm pack you could have given this to us. I really hope you do better next time.

    1. I agree with you Hildy. I opened my box and was disappointed it had nothing to do with winter. This was more of a spring bix

  2. Of all the boxes i received this 2018 year, this December box is my favorite one. I have always liked Jera Brandvig’s blog, and her line of fabrics is pretty. I liked the bag pattern. It was different. I’m not a full time quilter. So this project is fun. I will like working on it. I have had a good experience with the boxes. It has been affordable and fun. Thanks. I appreciate all you do. Thanks to everyone that fills these boxes, too.

    1. I really liked this Dec. box. The tweezers was my favorite item this month. I use them to thread my sewing machine. My next favorite was the fabric and tote pattern, but I think I will change it a little, but I make totes and purses. This was a great box this month.

  3. Thank you Kimberly for the December box. I loved mine. It is always so fun to get the extras you put in. I loved the fabrics. Thank you and the staff at Fat Quarter Shop for all you do. May you and all your family have a Happy New Year.

  4. So happy with the tote would like to see more of them to and maybe some table runner patterns and mug rug patterns

    Thank you

  5. Hi! Happy holidays to you! I liked this box, but was a little confused by the theme. Maybe the marketing department should stop going for a “theme” & just give us projects. But on the whole, I do love the contents of my subscription boxes!

  6. Thanks for this box. The notions are great. I was looking for some sharp tweezers, and the pink slips are lovely. I also loved the soft colors of the fabric. This was one of my favorite boxes. Thanks again.

  7. Loved the box! Very pretty fabric. The colors are very soft and cool. Since the box also ships to other countries whose seasons are not the same as ours, I understand the concept of it not being completely “seasonal”.

  8. I haven’t received my box yet but from the box reveals it looks like a nice box. I’m glad to see some tools have been added and a little bit of something different to make. 😉

    Keep up the great work.

  9. Once again I am thrilled with the Sew Sampler. It has never disappointed in the value and the consideration of the wide variety of tastes. You do an incredible job and I just love my treats every month!

  10. I didn’t care for the fabric. I like brighter fabrics like sweetwater. Love sweetwater. Love getting the surprise every month.

  11. Was excited to get the box. My Christmas present to me. Love making totes so was extra special

  12. This was my first box (My daughter and son in law have me a year subscription for Christmas, Yay!). The fabrics are cute, my daughter thought they looked like picnic fabric more than winter.
    Not my style but I will make the table runner. I was happy with the amount of fabric and with the notions included. I just got off a 3 month Quilty Box subscription (Birthday present from daughter and SIL), which was more expensive but fabrics were more modern. I do want to say that I love the surprise and wow how hard it must be to make everyone happy. Thank you for creating these boxes, it gives us each a chance to work on things in and out of our comfort zone.

  13. I haven’t received my box yet; but I can’t wait to get all of the notions included! Love the scissors!

  14. This was my first box and I loved it… theme and all! Please do not be discouraged by the negative comments, I think you did a great job. Look forward to next month’s box!

  15. Loved this block! It was my favorite one all year. I made the tote for my daughter-in-law who is a teacher!! I’m sure she will love it! The only change I made was the handle. I used the blue fabric because I wanted the handle to be stronger! Please add more projects like this one!

  16. I LOVED ❤️ this months Sampler…esp the Tula Pink tweezers! They were on my wish list!

  17. This was my first box and I love it. I do have a question, however. Were there supposed to be 2 origami squares like the picture above shows or just one like I received? I just checked the box again and there is only 1 package. To make the bag, will I need to order a 2nd pack?

  18. I LOVED my Dec box. It will give me time to make a cute tote for Spring. Plus the colorful notions are a great addition along with my favorite Aurifil thread.🌼 💗🌸

    1. Katherine,

      Better let FQS you only got one, yes two came with my box! Happy Sewing! Happy New Year!

    2. Of you contact customer support, they will send your second pack free of charge. This happened to me once.

  19. Loved the box and can’t wait to make the tote bag…did not think I would ever have anything but fabric from Tula Pink love the tweezers.

  20. I have to agree that this one was a disappointment for me as well. I didn’t care for the fabrics or the tote pattern. On the fence about canceling 😏.

    1. I did cancel following this box. The fabric was poor quality. I would never have bought the fabric at a store. You could read through it.

  21. First of all this box had absolutely nothing to do with ‘warm and cozy ‘, it was my least favorite box in the history of the sampler… really stingy amount of fabric, not fond of this new trend of a ‘project ‘ . The couple notions were nice but mini charm packs, really? I just joined a 10 piece fq monthly club for the exact price to the penny as the sampler/ all new Moda releases. 24.95 +5$ shipping, if this small independent can afford to do that for us, fat quarter shop buying in huge bulk should be able to be a little more generous.

  22. I am perfectly happy with my box, thank you FQS. I have used the tweezers to grab a tiny broken part from my machine, so handy for many uses. I like the pattern and hope to make many of the totes. Tiny scissors, mine get misplaced at an alarming rate so can never have too many. Happy New Year, may your year be full of Blessings!

  23. Loved the December box, especially the tote bag project. Have always wanted to try and sew a tote so what a fun way to try this type of project out.Lve the project oriented boxes. I agree with an earlier review that placemats or mugs rugs would be nice to try one day.

  24. Thank you very much FQS for a lovely box for Dec. it matters not the season! I enjoy the smaller projects once in a while. The notions are lovely. Keep up the good work.

  25. I was disappointed with the quality of the fabric. This box had nothing to do with winter.

    1. the barn blocks are for a sampler quilt…very cute blocks that will look great when put together into a lap size quilt…

  26. Liked the box and I also look forward to the live stream. Thank you for all you do to stimulate us.

  27. I liked this box more than the last few that have come. The fabric is pretty and a nice change. Loved the tweezers, and who can’t use thread.

  28. I look forward to receiving your box monthly. This month was no exception. The kits challenge my sewing skills and take me out of my comfort zone. I have completed all of the barn blocks to date. Can’t wait until it’s a finished quilt. Keep up the great work. Happy New Year.

  29. I also was disappointed with this box. The fabric was not a high quality quilt shop fabric. It looked like spring instead of winter. Again, I will be giving away most of this box.

  30. This was my favorite box of the year! Loved the tweezers and the thread! Super love a different type of project. Everyone can’t love every color choice! I’ve been in since the first month and some fabric is my “color” and some is not, but I still love the thrill of monthly treats!

    1. I think we derseeve a winter box still and the small 2×2 are only 2.00 apiece r we getting our moneys worth??

    2. I think we deserve a winter box still and the small 2×2 are only 2.00 apiece r we getting our moneys worth??

  31. I loved the December box. The project is a new challenge for me that I hope to learn a new skill or two. The snips are so adorable. Love the thread and will try the suggested use above about using the tweezers for threading my machine and threading my yarn needle when crocheting. Thank you FQS for once again putting together a great box of surprises and cuteness.

  32. The December Sew Sampler was another delightful surprise. The quality and assortment of the items inside always add variety to my quilting supplies. Thank you to everyone who selects and prepares this little treasure!

  33. I received my December box and I love it. I subscribed to Sew Sampler since before the first box was distributed and I have NEVER been disappointed in the quality of items for the price paid. My personal choice of fabric is Moda but there are other companies that are starting out and I am assuming that FQS is helping these other designers. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you don’t like it, post it online in some quilting forum and sell it.

  34. Received my box and was surprised by the notions and fabric. Always a delight to get. As I have read some of the comments, I sit back and shake my head. This is Not A HAVE TO BUY! Remember this comes from different companies and I am sure there are a lot of boxes to be filled. Thank You, and I WILL ENJOY!

  35. As always, I loved my box. I was happy to have the tote bag project and hope you will occassionally put different ones in the change.

  36. I loved the fabric but do have to ask the question on the theme on winter? All tools were fun and useful. Loved the fabric. Maggie

  37. I was happily surprised by this box! It felt like opening a gift…everything wonderful! Appreciate pretty floral fabric in the dead of winter.

    A suggestion for a future box…I’d love to have the 6.5” ruler shown in the barn block photo. I collect them from different shops. Can’t have too many!

  38. This was not my favorite box, however I liked that it was different than a quilt pattern like usual. I loved the notions and will use them. The fabric was kinda meh, but that’s just personal preference. FQS can’t please everyone, how boring would it be if everyone liked the exact same thing and that was all we ever got???

  39. I absolutely love the December sew sampler box! I love everything the fabric is heavenly & the notions are top notch! Thank you!

  40. New to the club and this is my second box and so far I am really happy with what I received. Looking forward to the next one. Love these small projects which could be perfect to bring on a trip/vacation.

    Happy New Year to everyone!

  41. I liked this box not being winterish! I am already ready for spring. The pastels are lovely and I like that it is a bag not a quilt. I want to get winter/slash Christmas 2 months before Christmas so I can finish it for a present, thanks for the box

  42. I really liked this box of goodies. The tote bag pattern and fabrics are a terrific change of pace. I don’t believe we have ever been given a tote to make before. Different is always fun in my opinion. Great job Fat Quarter Shop!!

  43. I love my SEW SAMPLER boxes! It’s like getting a present for yourself every month. Thank you FQS

  44. Absolutely love this box of goodies. The fabric is gorgeous and I like both tools. I am thinking of making my 16 in squares into pillows. Just can’t decide.
    Great Value this time.

  45. As always I was very excited about this month’s Sew Sampler! Of all the totes I’ve made I don’t have one for myself, so this will be one I make for me. The tweezers are great! Little scissors – can’t ever have too many of them. I love getting my Sew Sampler box every month. You do a wonderful job putting them together and it makes me sad reading the criticism about them. You can’t possibly please everyone, but surely there is always something nice to say.

  46. My favorite box this year! I love Lecien fabric and Jeri’s designs and I’ve been asking for a bag for so long! Thanks for mixing it up and giving us something different!

  47. One of my favorites this block year. Thanks for getting CV us the bag pattern, would like to see more like this. Thanks and happy new year.

  48. I’m up to my knees in snow and so ready for Spring. The blue box of good stuff was just what I needed. I’m having fun making the tote. I love the little scissors as well as the Tula tweezers. Good job, FQS!

  49. I can’t wait to get mine. I appreciate the effort put into theses boxes. I am choosing to be surprised and have no preconceived ideas. So far I have learnt a lot as I’ve dived into each months project. Thanks FQS for amazing projects and value!

  50. I love it all, as per usual! The almost complete projects are great! The thought and care put into each months boxes are really appreciated. I love surprises and getting something out of my comfort zone. The boxes really have exposed me to a lot of fabrics, techniques and notions i would never have tried. Can’t say I’ve loved them all, but they have all been a learning experience that I’m glad you gave me! Keep up the good work!

  51. Another great box and great value. Always a fun surprise, and I start looking forward to the next box immediately after one arrives. Thanks for the creative contents, month after month. Not an easy task.

  52. I really liked this box. It was a complete project (no finishing kit needed). I can use this pattern with other mini-charms that I have. The fabric was a sort of retro ‘shabby chic’ design which was a nice change. There was enough fabric that if I add some beige from my stash, I can make a four-block table runner. Loved the Tula Pink tweezers!!

    But a suggestion for next years (April) boxes — I would skip the block of the month. I am currently making the Barn Blocks, but I don’t really want to make that time commitment to another BOM next year. For the $4.95 cost of the pattern, I’d rather just get a spool of thread.

    1. Hi Pat,

      So glad you enjoyed the box! The fabric, tote pattern and Tula tweezers have been a big hit! We plan to continue with a monthly block pattern in each box. Next year’s (April start) boxes will receive a completely different quilt block each month (and some other notions) for a sampler quilt custom-designed for the box.

  53. While this month’s fabric isn’t my taste, I do like the “project” concept of the recent boxes and hope this trend continues. I’m a fairly new quilter and the notions sent are always a treat since I’m still building my toolbox :). It is very hard to please everyone all the time and I knew when I signed up that some months would delight me more than others. Thank you for the effort put into creating these for us and I look forward to getting more – once I catch up on the last couple of projects we received :).

  54. I love everything about the December box, and to me, it feels very seasonally appropriate. Here in New England, at this time of year, we’re already hoping for spring. The combination of colors — the blues and whites that I always associate with January, along with spots of brilliant colors and motifs, e.g., butterflies — will help me make the transition from snow to spring! Great pattern (already made and in use 😄) and notions, too. Thank you! Love the Sew Sampler!

  55. One additional note: I subscribed recently and have been catching up on the Barn Blocks quilt. It’s gorgeous! I wouldn’t have thought that barn blocks/blacks, grays, and whites would make such a striking presentation. Can’t wait to see what you have planned for us after this quilt is complete.