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Sew Sampler Reveal December 2017

Bold stars emerge from our December Sew Sampler box this month as we have teamed up with guest designer, Kim Diehl! She gives a ‘star’ example of her signature scrappy style featuring her newest collection called Helping Hands. If you are not yet subscribed, be sure you do soon to receive our January box!

December Box Reveal

Star Twist Helping Hands Fat Eighth Bundle by Kim Diehl for Henry Glass Fabrics

Classic florals, brambles, stripes, stars and plaids from Kim Diehl make splendidly scrappy quilts. This set of fat eighths is a delightful addition for any stash, or perfect for our “waste not, want not” Star Twist pattern!

View the entire collection here.

Helping Hands Fabric

Quilter’s Planner MINI by Stephanie Palmer of Late Night Quilter

A small, elegant planner for when you’re on the go! This adorable 80-page booklet will fit perfectly inside your bag. Daily planning pages with to-do lists, appointments and shipping lists make this the perfect companion to the full-sized Quilter’s Planner.

Quilter's Planner Mini

4″ Thread Snips by Tacony

Make quick trims and repairs with a simple squeeze. These Thread Snips are made with carbon steel blades for long lasting performance. You can use them for cutting thread ends, unpicking seams and so much more! A very handy tool that does its job quickly and efficiently.

Color will vary, view all colors here.

Thread Snips

Mint Oh…Sew! Organized Stash ‘n Store by It’s Sew Emma

The brand new Stash ‘n Store is the perfect device to keep your sewing and crafting notions within reach and ready to go! Easily store marking tools, scissors, stilettos, rulers, even make-up brushes and small rotary cutters, in an easy-to-grab upright position. The silicone pockets are smooth and offer a sturdy grip.

Available in three colors, collect them all for your sewing room, vanity, and home office here.

Presencia 100% Cotton Thread by Presencia

Manufactured in Spain, Presencia Thread is made from 100% extra-long staple Egyptian cotton that’s grown in the Giza Valley, home of the highest-grade cotton on the market. While most threads are 2-ply, Presencia’s 3-ply construction makes this thread stronger, rounder and easier to thread through a needle.

Take a look at our assortment of Presencia thread here.

Star Twist Quilt Pattern designed exclusively by Kim Diehl
Sew Sampler Exclusive

Kim Diehl gives a “star” example of her signature scrappy style with her Star Twist mini quilt pattern! Made exclusively with Fat Eights (background and binding included), this mini quilt will light up your home with sweet patches and stars of rich color.

Finished size: 20 1/2″ x 20 1/2″

Basket Block #9 Recipe Card Designed by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet

Sew along with us each month as we create these charming basket blocks featuring Confetti Cotton Solids by Riley Blake Designs! This pattern contains instructions to make 5 1/2″, 10 1/2″ and 15 1/2″ unfinished square blocks!


We’re sew excited for the 2017 Basket Sew Sampler Quilt, and we can’t wait to show you all of the fun block designs that Lori Holt has come up with! We’ve even put together a 2017 Basket Blocks Sew Sampler Bundle for you to purchase so that you have everything ready to go when you get your Sew Sampler box and recipe card each month!

Sew Sampler Subscription Quilting Box: June 2017 - Basket Block Fat Quarter BundleWe’ve got more fun in store for you next month, so be sure you’re subscribed to the Sew Sampler Box to get in on all of the treats!


  1. I loved everything about my December Sew Sampler Box. I just learned that my future daughter inlaw wants to learn how to sew and try new projects with me. I have such cute sewing gadgets I’ve received from my subscription to help set her up with sewing kit of her own. Looking forward to next years quilt candy. Happy New Years to all of you at the Fat Quarter Shop.

  2. FINALLY, gorgeous fabric and a wonderful pattern by fabulous Kim Diehl. Now we’re talking!!! No offense to Lori Holt but sooo tired of child like brights and the same old, same old.

    1. I totally agree with you, Carol. I was about ready to quit. I am So tired of the same looking fabric, month after month.

  3. Loved it all! And always do. The fabric is beautiful. Thank you for all your work in putting these together. pam

  4. Loved my December box everything was great. Fabric wasn’t ,my color choice still the box was great

  5. I am not a member of this club but I must this pattern from Kim Diehl. Is this box something I can still get?

  6. Very pleased with this months sampler. Im going to use the fabric in another quilt Ive been saving fabrics for. BUT, I did not get any thread in my box. I did send you an email, but havent heard anything…..

  7. I always look forward to my Sew Sampler box. This month, tho , I was a little disappointed. The fabric was beautiful but fat eighths are not very usable. The only other thing in the box that is usually in my opinion is the mini planner. Hope next month is better.

    1. I really loved the gadget holder and put it to use with my snips, stencil, chopstick and some other misc go to items- loved it! Fabric is wonderful, haven’t yet had a chance to make to pattern but looks like it will be pretty. I am already a quilters planner member so will try to gift the nice little extra one. All in all – great box this month! Thanks for all your hard work putting these together.

  8. The Dec box is a winner for me. Love the Stash and Store, thread, snips and fabric. I don’t use planners but can re gift that to a busy organized person.

  9. Basically, I paid $30 for 10 fat eighths and a pattern! The rest of the contents are useless to me and will sit in my ‘junk drawer.’ This box made my decision to cancel my subscription. So upset that I didn’t make the cancellation sooner!

    1. I feel the exact way Denise!!! Boxes have been getting worse since they changed everything!!! Last year’s boxes were amazing!!!!

  10. Loved the December box! I just got new furniture and rug for my living room and the fabrics included match perfectly! It’ll make a nice wall hanging for there. Also loved the gadget holder! Put it to use immediately! Thx for always having such wonderful items in these boxes!

  11. Disappointed in this box…the fabric and pattern are cute, and glad i don’t have to buy another 4 yards of fabric if i actually want to make it. However, the stash’n’store just doesn’t seem practical (i’d rather have my small notions in a mug where they’re supported and won’t get knocked over) and the snips are dangerous…very sharp unprotected blades not at all good to have around cats or even myself.

  12. Hands down, BEST.BOX.EVER! Loved loved loved the fabric & the pattern. The Stash n Store was pretty & functional. You outdid yourselves! Thank you!

    1. I agree with Paula R. The snippets are dangerous. Why didn’t FQS include a safety cover for them?

  13. This was the make or break for me. Though I love the fabric and pattern in the boxes…it’s just not enough to warrant the money. Thanks for most of the past box surprises, however I am quitting. Have fun to those who are continuing in the new year 😀

    1. I’m quitting as well. 30.00+ dollars on micro fabric bundle & nothing else I will use, VERY disappointed with the recent boxes!!!!!

  14. I must say that I am a little disappointed in this box and it’s my first one. I had being watching reveals for almost a year and very much looked forward to treating myself to this subscription. The Stash and Store isn’t that great. The fabric seems more for fall and I don’t know that I’ll use the planner. The thread snips may be handy. I’ll give it a couple months and keep my fingers crossed for improvements.

  15. Just signed up and December is my first box. I love it! I prefer bright fabrics but will step outside my comfort zone and make a cute wall hanging with the fabric included. Can’t wait to try the new brand of thread. Put the stash and store next to my sewing machine and loaded it with small scissors, seam ripper, marking pen, its a perfect little gadget holder. Love the pattern and of course the Lori Holt design! Thanks, so happy I joined!

  16. This is my absolute favorite box. Have ordered 8 more stash and stores for grandchildren’s desks and my sewing spots. Now Pappy wants one! Love the fabric and the thread and and and ..well, you get it.

    Best one ever!!!

  17. I too was ready to cancel my subscription – however, I am a Kim Diehl fan and thread snips were on my wish list – so this box really was more my style. Not sure about the stash and store yet. Will maybe give it a couple of months.

  18. I feel the same as other commenters – I am disappointed with the box. Being from Canada the Sampler box is an expensive treat. The Tulla Pink box was AMAZING but this one doesn’t even come close. I thought for December, being Christmas, the box would be awesome but not so. Hoping for better in the new year. I will try another box or 2, fingers crossed!

  19. This was the make or break box for me. The Kim Diehl fabrics and pattern are great, but nothing else so I’ve cancelled. I’ve loved seeing those blue boxes every month in the mailbox, but feel there has been a change in the program.

  20. I started my subscription in May, so this was my 8th box and, to me, the most disappointing. I didn’t like the fabric colors, but everyone will never agree on the fabric. The pattern was okay. The Stash & Store is not something I would have ever purchased, so not sure if I will use it or not. I do not know anyone who keeps a paper planner anymore, that got tossed immediately into the Goodwill bag. You can never have enough thread, and this one is new to me. The snips were my favorite, the $4 item. I’m going to continue to subscribe – I’ve decided to give it a year. Plus I like the basket quilt, so I’ll continue until I get the rest of the cards to complete my quilt. Really hope they improve because I do look forward to getting them every month!

  21. I have been doing these boxes since the beginning. Each box has some things I really like and some I am not crazy about…but that’s ok. It’s the fun of trying different fabrics, items that I may not otherwise step outside of my comfort zone and do. Personally was glad for the traditional fabric this month..a change from the brights. I LOVE the stash and store! It keeps the items I use frequently close and upright…also keeps those items with sharp tips from knocking against each other causing them to become dull.

  22. Not my favorite box. Like others I feel the quality has gone down. Some items really don’t make sense, like a paper calendar. In this day and age I don’t know anyone who keeps a Calendar in their purse. I feel it was an “inexpensive “ item to “fill” the box. Am on the fence about continuing. Will decide after next month’s box.

  23. This month’s box was definitely a miss and not a hit for me. I am not crazy about the fabric pattern. The snips were the only thing I can actually use. I also feel like the quality of the boxes have gone down. I have been thinking about canceling my box for a couple of months now. I’m going to give it another month, maybe two before deciding whether I want to cancel it.

  24. This was my first box. I liked it. I just finished the quilt top. Love it❤️! I tried the thread it is very nice. I have no use for the calendar and found the cute holder tipped over often😿

  25. The thing I did like about this years boxes were the fat quarters. I prefer getting fat quarters over charm packs and rolie polies any day. Would have loved to have gotten Christmas fabrics but these were fine as they reminded me of Thimbleberries. I like it when a box has fabrics and matching thread. In the future I hope this happens more.

    My dream boxes (and I know it’s not possible because there are too many subscribers) would be geared to our individual tastes. Like for me it would be applique, embroidery, EPP items and patterns like Bunny Hill and Crabapple designs. The fabrics would be in colors and styles I prefer from a list I would have supplied. It would be cool to have received the Crayola thread box instead of fabrics. I could use that. Like I said, that’s a dream and I’m allowed to dream.

    Till then I’ll keep plugging along.

    1. I have to say I agree with you 100%. While I enjoy getting items to try that I wouldn’t have purchased myself or may not even be aware of, it would be nice if the box was a little more personalized. It would be nice if they were able to take some ideas from companies like birchbox (beauty items) where a subscriber selects what their preferences are. I tend to like more modern fabrics and patterns, although I do enjoy switching things up a bit.

  26. I love getting a box each mo, the Dec box was my 2nd box and I love the thread snipers. Can’t wait to make the star quilt. Such nice warm colors ❤️ them.
    Thank You

  27. So sorry I missed this one. I love Kim Diehl’s fabric and patterns. Looking forward to January’s Box!

  28. I like this months box. Past boxes were not ones that I liked but that goes with everything. I’m thrilled with the different colors. It was nice to get away from the brights. I was tired of that. Everything else I have un packed and it’s now being used. So great choices for me in terms of functionality.

  29. This is a nice selection. I really like the fabric, thread and the pattern. The only thing that’s not very useful is the planner. The choice of format for this kind of thing is very personal for most people, and I would frankly have preferred a nice blank notebook (which I would definitely have used).

  30. I agree with the people who weren’t entirely thrilled with the December box. The fabrics were rather dull, the snips can be purchased as a deal – 10 pairs for $5.00… Being that time of the year, I was hoping for something more festive, possibly related to Christmas? The box was boring but, the thread is gorgeous. This is my second box and I’m still riding the fence as to whether or not I’ll continue my subscription. I’ll get a couple of more boxes and reach my decision. Perhaps the new year will bring some inspiration!

  31. I love everything Kim Diehl, so for me this box was great! That said, I have enjoyed all of the boxes I have received. They only thing I haven’t enjoyed is how unhappy and critical people seem of them. All of the negativity is a downer.

    1. The December box is what made me decide to try the monthly program! I can’t believe all the negative comments. Am I the only one who loves anything quilting? If I don’t use the planner, so what, I will still love to have it in my possession!! I priced out the contents of this box, and we are getting a deal!! Don’t do the monthly program people if you are just going to be so negative!!! You are bringing the rest of us positive people down!!!!

  32. It’s so sad to see such negative comments. For the value it far exceeds what were paying for. We will never all agree on the contents but on the whole sew sampler boxes far exceed other boxes on the market.

    1. I cant believe people are so mean with their comments. Im sure a person can use the fabrics somewhere. They cant please everyone and looks like they want to give us a variety of goods.

    2. I so agree with you rachelle pare and Diane W. Too many of the comments here are so nasty. As a middle school teacher, if my students responded the way some of the people on the list have chosen to respond, they would definitely get a reminder from me for how to provide constructive feedback and how to politely disagree or express dissatisfaction.

      If the subscription service is no longer working for someone, just cancel. It is not necessary to question the business practices of FQS on this blog. FQS even sent a survey to us after the last box that raised such a storm of negativity. And based on the desires expressed in the blog for that box, FQS listened and responded. People wanted more reproduction fabric and thread. What was in this box? Reproduction fabric and thread!

      I would love to see on this blog what people are making with the fabric received in these boxes, or how they are using the tools. I am making a baby quilt using the Spirit Animal (Tula Pink), Farmer’s Daughter and Blueberry Park fabric. I purchased the Awesome Ocean quilt pattern and the quilt is coming along so cheerfully. I’d love to share a picture, but I’m not sure how to do that here.

      I’m looking forward to reading more from the good-natured people on this blog about how the items in these boxes are sparking your creativity!!

  33. I liked the Dec. Box . It must be difficult to please everyone. A lot of thought goes into these boxes

  34. LOVE this box! I am glad to have gotten away from some of the bright, modern fabric we have been seeing. But, all the fabric helps me step away from my usual comfort zone and try new things. Plus, it can all be made into gifts for others, who do not have the same taste as I do.

    I did donate the planner to the local quilting group I belong to, but I love everything else! So excited to see what is in store each month.

    I know it is hard to please everyone, but keep up the great work next year, Sewing Sampler team!

  35. I absolutely loved my December Sew Sampler Box! Thank you for creating surprises so thoughtfully. Let me also say that your Mystery Block of the Month is superb. Love the Fabrics. Love the blocks. Love the organization of the presentation. Instructions are clear and easy to follow giving me confidence as I grow in quilting. Just don’t make the font any smaller for listing cutting sizes! 😘 maybe I just need to update my glasses! Thank you to everyone at FQS!

  36. I find myself questioning the usefulness of the notion items in each Sew Sampler box, but then find later how handy they really are. I don’t think I would try them if they did not come in the box. The Stash and Store and thread snips are very useful and convenient. I am flexible with the many different types of fabric designs sent and enjoy working with fabrics that challenge my usual style. What can be disappointing is when notions are repeated (seam rippers, scissors, sewing needles) for ongoing subscribers or when an item appears to be overvalued in price. I felt that the quilt planner valued at approximately $12 was too much and would have preferred thread or buttons instead of simple paper book.

  37. I do not want to complain, with that said, I’ve cancelled my subscription. I tried it for 2 months, and would have much rather spent the $60.00 on fabrics that I enjoy, versus gifting 98% of it.

    I think they need to take into consideration that if a customer is doing this program, FQS focus should be on the most popular fabrics and threads their customers are using, since only serious sewist and quilters would even purchase such a program. I’ve heard this year has not compared to the first year, and it’s unfortunate because it’s really a cool idea, they just seem to fall short of putting what their customers are purchasing into it, and give them a true wow for their continued support.

    Furthermore, the coupon didn’t work for me when I purchased more of the fabric that was sent, the concept worked, they offered a FQ bundle although a small one, and I purchased several yards of the fabric and even more from the line and other lines … yet, the 20% or 30% off coupon didn’t apply, and I paid full price for everything. All is well, I’m moving on.

    For the customer service department, this shouldn’t be an after thought, but sharing amazing fabrics to those who regularly support your company by doing the program, this inspires one to purchase even more, try out fabrics they wouldn’t have normally purchased or knew about, and have a feeling of being blessed in the process. Your concept is great, it’s the items you are putting into those who continually support your company that stinks.

    If you want to offer the company give aways, that great too, but give them $50 of exceptional fabric and threads as it costs them $30 a month with shipping, and then throw in another $20-$30 in helpful or promotional things that could bring you more profits by creating a win-win. You may want to consider going back to your first years intentions because what I received was clearly more of a company out for profit then a goodie bag of wow for customers who are contributing $360 a year in just this program alone, which doesn’t even include their regular purchases, much-less the additional purchases from the fabrics or threads to inspire more sales. Otherwise, I would have continued the $30 a month as that is what it is with shipping. I was so excited about doing it, and now am so bummed about it. It was the one gift I was giving solely for me, and to me. All is well. I said my peace, and now moving on.

  38. Stacey,
    As someone who has been in the program since day one I appreciate your perspective. I don’t however agree with the customer service dept comment. For me that’s the problem, getting all these fabrics that aren’t my taste. None of my friends quilt or use fabric so for me it would be cool to fill out some sort of list as to what I prefer especially being in the program so long. I agree that too much of the stuff is their brand especially the patterns. Sending us so much It’s So Emma and FQS items takes away from trying new items out there which is what we wanted when we joined.

    I appreciate what you said and do not see it as complaining. It’s feedback.

  39. WOW! Lots of negative waves. I absolutely loved the box. Keep up the good work FQS. I have loved every box. My favorite was Elizabeth Hartmann and Kim Diehl. I couldn’t be more pleased. Happy New Year!!!

  40. I have been with the program since the beginning. Have enjoyed getting tools that I normally would not purchase. Some items I may not use too often but, I am willing to give them a try. So with that being said, I look forward to each box to see what I will get to try next. Overall I am very pleased with this program and will continue to indulge my “habit”. To me it’s like getting a little bit of Christmas through out the year.

  41. I love my box! This is the 3rd one I received and I can’t wait to open them and see the goodies that are in there. I set up the stash and store next to my machine and added scissors and pens, seam ripper all the items I want right at my fingers. Love the snips, sharp and work great. Love the fabric, I have that lined up on my counter as a to-do project, thought the colors were nice.
    Sorry to hear so many negative comments, maybe make the quilt and gift it to someone or gift the journal or another part of the box if you don’t enjoy it, I bet someone would! I look forward to it each month.

  42. I’m quitting as well. 30.00+ dollars on micro fabric bundle & nothing else I will use, also VERY disappointed with the recent boxes!!!!!

  43. Wow, so negative for a program I love! I was delighted with the box and the fabrics are different than my normal but I make things for all kinds of people. My favorite item was the notion by Its Sew Emma. Everyone in the house has gone by and put different items into it (thinking they where funny). Maybe that is why I liked it. It even holds up my heavy Tula scissors.

    Next, anytime you are in a monthly subscription you will find you might get different but the same items, such as seam rippers and needles. If you sew a lot you use those items and they dull over time, just like changing the sewing machine needle often. I don’t keep the dull seam ripper I throw it away. Then, I grab the next one.

    I have subscribed to multiple quilty boxes and have been delighted most months with everything in Sew Sampler boxes, not so much with some of the others. I started in the beginning and will continue for 2018 because it is fun and the products are great quality! Best value!

  44. Quilt Planner this month – Last month a card (etc) these are the things that make me sigh. I would never waste $10.00 on a planner when I could buy sewing notions, threads or even fat quarters. Please stick with everything that has to do with sewing. Even that little knob thingy you put on the back of your phone was a dud. On a better note, I love the fabrics and the sewing notions.

  45. Been with sew sampler since the first box and the past few months had been a bit boring. I kept looking into the December box for more!! Maybe I’ve been in this club for too long.

  46. Getting box since Aug/17 and have to admit I agree with Charity above (I would prefer more sewing items, less gimmicky but I am only one person out of many and my preferences cannot be considered alone), but I also admit that these boxes, esp December’s, have added several projects to my already long list of projects. I’ve already ordered/received two finishing kits & backing for October & November’s patterns.

    The best gift of all, was when my best friend (simple sewer not a quilter) was with me when I opened Dec box and 2 large orders of fabric/notions from FQS and said she might start quilting! She had no interest in it before and questioned every purchase I made.

    The point is if you can’t use it…share it, gift it…sell it. Talk to schools, retirement homes, church’s etc., or make the quilt and auction it off for charity. Use it to teach your kids or grandkids to quilt.

    If you are really having problems with the boxes, quit and buy items you do like separately. You can disagree, you don’t have to be disagreeable!

    For those that might want to buy the boxes, see the box content info on FQS like I did to decide, not these negative comments.