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Sew Sampler January 2020 Box Reveal

We have whipped up something pretty scrumptious in our Sew Sampler box this month! We packed a little bit of sweet and a lot of useful tools to get you organized and ready for the new year. Let’s dig in and unwrap it together.

Flour Garden Half Honey Bun by Linzee McCray for Moda Fabrics

This Flour Garden must come with a dash of sugar because it is so sweet! Designed by Linzee McCray for Moda Fabrics, these prints are an updated spin on a few favorite feedsack florals, and in 1 1/2″ Honey Bun strips, you get a pinch of all the bright blue and yellow hues.

Love the collection and want to see more? Check it out here.

Creative Grids Quilt Ruler 3.5″ x 6.5″

Much like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, this 3 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ ruler is not too big, not too small, but just right, especially for precuts like Honey Buns, Jelly Rolls and Charm Packs.

With the no-slip grips on the back, this ruler will make itself right at home on your cutting table!

The Quilting Journal by It’s Sew Emma
Sew Sampler members received this item FIRST!

It’s time to tidy up your sewing room and get your quilting affairs in order with The Quilting Journal! With sections for 50 projects, Block of the Months, Wish Lists and more, this journal will make sure you stay on track and on top of every single quilt top!

Gingham on the Go Project Bag by It’s Sew Emma
Sew Sampler Exclusive

Take some cottage comfort with wherever you go! This darling gingham mesh bag is the very picture of organization, functionality and cuteness. Designed for sewing-on-the-go, this sturdy bag will be your constant companion no matter where you are.

While this color and size may be exclusive to the Sew Sampler box, we are offering a three pack of Gingham-on-the-Go bags here.

Picture Window Quilt Pattern by Fat Quarter Shop
Sew Sampler Exclusive

The view is lovely from this Picture Window! Using just a few Honey Bun strips, you can easily build this lovely quilt with two block variations. Picture it in the Flour Garden Half Honey Bun included in this month’s box, or add a few more strips to make it a larger lap size!

Picture Window Finishing Kit
While supplies last

Do you want to make a quilt just like ours? If so, we have made it super EASY for you by offering you a custom ‘Finishing Kit’ which includes background, borders and binding needed to finish this quilt.

Finishing Kit includes:

  • 1.75 yards background – 9900-97
  • 0.625 yards cornerstones and binding – 23325-16

Order 1.33 yards separately for backing

Goodness Grows Stay Rooted Block #10 by Sew Sampler

This year, we invite you to let goodness bloom and flourish in your heart, block by block! Our Goodness Grows Sew Sampler quilt was designed by Corey Yoder of Coriander Quilts, and it is an exquisite garden of beautiful flowers and fruits. With each block, we hope to leave you sew inspired to make good things happen in your heart and surroundings, to cultivate your own personal garden of good.

A limited number of Quilt Kits and coordinating Applique Thread Sets are available now. Watch the Goodness Grows Block #10 Tutorial.

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    1. I to be honest was not thrilled with this box at all. I have so many rulers already, the bag was not that great, and the last thing I need is another quilt journal- I have two that I have a hard time keeping up to date as it is. I like the fabric roll – but it was so tiny… I hope next month is better.. sorry to be the dower here – was a big NO for me

      1. I was so looking forward to this month’s box since it was going to be my last one. I was extremely disappointed for the same reasons as Donna. I have a nice Quilt Planner. I have yet to use. The pouch was cheesy. I love jelly rolls but not skinny little strips. I’ve been receiving these for just shy of 2years. This was the most disappointing I have ever received. I will be calling to cancel my subscription, but not because of these reasons. I have left my job and will not have the excess funds to continue. Please notify some lucky person on the wait list.

  1. The January Sew Sampler box is one that I can get very excited with the entire contents. Thank you for ALL of the GOODIES!!

    1. I agree, a journal that only someone who does this for a living could use. I’d rather MAKE a gingham bag. Very cheesy. Cute fabric, but I love fabric, but nothing I can make a quilt from without buying more. Why would you require a bias tape make for one block? These boxes have less value every month and require more purchases. I’m making the goodness grows quilt which will require me to get two more boxes. I’m disappointed.

  2. I love everything in the box, I am a big fan of creative grid rulers and do not have this one. I am super excited about the planner journal and may have to buy another one or more lol. And you can never have too many honey buns or jelly rolls, well let’s be honest precuts, okay fabric. Both are cute patterns, I need to get the first three to complete my set. I think I will use my pouch for my big wonderclips.

    1. I was so excited to get this box unfortunately I found it very disappointing. More than what was in the box it was the odor of the box and it’s contents. I think it was from the zipper bag. I kept smelling is every time I walked past the counter when it was placed. Finally put it in the garage to air out. The contents of the box were disappointing but that could be due to a matter of taste. Hoping the boxes return to their previous quality.

  3. I was so excited about this months box. I got my subscription to help me gather notions and patterns. Everything in this box was on my wish list. Now to build up my skills so I can tackle this little quilt.

    1. Agree, I am beginning to believe the box is for newer quilters that may be building a stash and/or tools.

  4. I really liked the box! I’m so glad we received the quilting journal. I also liked the small ruler and the notions bag. Love the color! The fabric was ok. The only reason I didn’t like the fabric is the colors. That’s just me. Fat quarter shop can’t read minds to send everyone what they like! 😀 keep up the great work!

  5. Keep up the good work. I love this box along with all the boxes I’ve received so far. Nothing anyone can say would dissuade me from recommending your clubs of which I belong to two.

  6. Skimpy. Yes, that would be the correct word. Less than 3/4 of a yard of fabric. A plastic zippered bag. Mmmmmm. Nice ruler and journal though.

  7. I loved it all! One of 5th best boxes yet! Could we have some fall fabrics featured one month? It’s nice to make things for fall to have as party favors in September, October, and November parties and reunions.
    Alma Moates

  8. I loved everything I pulled out of this box. I probably have fifty WIPs right now to record in the planner. And was considering buying the planner the morning our box arrived! Thanks FatQuarterShop

  9. I love this box! Everything in it is sew useful! I’ve never used a quilt journal before and am already filling it up! Great box! Thanks FQS for a wonderful surprise!

  10. I loved this month’s box – one of my favorites so far. I really love the Flour Garden fabric line!

  11. I agree with the minority who did not like this box. It was uninspiring and a big let down compared to December’s box which had a lot of things I liked and will use.

    The half honey bun isn’t much fabric at all. I would prefer a jolly bar, 10″ squares or a half jelly roll to the honey bun.

    I have been with Sew Sampler for two years now and I am waiting to see what next years pattern will be as I do not like the Corey Yoder one (so I don’t count that item at all). If the pattern for the next year is a bust, I will probably cancel though I don’t want to, but I need to justify spending this month on essentially a grab bag.

  12. I loved this box! I couldn’t stop smiling as I pulled each thing out of the box. The quilting journal was such a surprise! I knew you work working on it, but I had no idea it was ready. Loved the ruler and the fabric and the zipper bag. You guys do an amazing job with this monthly box. Thank you FQS!

  13. Hi, Kimberly & Kevin and the FQS team! I loved this month’s Sew Sampler! I already have a quilt kit (Backyard Breeze pattern) that uses the Flour Garden fabric so I plan to use the mini honeybun to make a complimentary pillow. I will eventually use some of my stash to make the Picture Window lap quilt. I am always happy to receive Creative Grids rulers! The Quilting Journal is a perfect, simple way to track my quilty projects. Most of the quilting journals are just too much (for me). I want to spend my very limited free time working on quilting projects, not writing a book about them. The cute pouch will be perfect to store small notions.
    Thank you again!

  14. This is the second month in a row I have been severely disappointed in the sew sampler box. I know you can’t like them all, but I can honestly say there was nothing in this box I was excited about. I love creative grids rulers, but how many rulers do you really need? We just recieved one in November, now there was another in January? Maybe I’m in the minority, but I used to love the variety of notions. Now they seem to be repeating themselves.

  15. This was my first box and I really liked it. Waiting to see what the future months hold.

  16. I liked the Flour Garden fabric, but felt like we got the tiniest bit 1/2 of a honey bun?? I like the ruler. The bag is okay. I have a few project organizers so don’t care about that. And like someone above not a huge fan of the Corey Yoder blocks. But would have loved last years Barn Blocks but totally missed those.

    You can’t please everyone I realize.
    But do wish you sent more fabric.
    Also seriously wondered about the title of the box was so excited. Think I we were getting One of the new Farm theme fabric lines.

  17. I too am one of the apparently few who was underwhelmed by this box. I have been getting increasingly disappointed with each sampler. This is one that made me cancel my subscription. I cannot justify the almost $30 a month on this. I sincerely hope that whoever gets my slot will be among those who seem to love each and every box.

  18. This is only my 4th box but by far my favorite. It’s like my mind was read on what to put in the box! I LOVE everything inside. I have already filled out 5 projects in my new quilting journal. I’m also loving the creative grids rulers and will slowly transition to just them. Thank you Kimberly and staff for your hard work and excellent taste when putting our boxes together.

    1. I was also underwhelmed by this box. Very disappointed. The only thing from the box that I can envision using is the ruler.

  19. Love this fabric line. Springlike in a dreary January. Cute tote- always need a tote for anything like small rulers. Thanks.

  20. I loved everything in this box. Especially the ruler and the pattern for the quilt for the honey bun. Great Job!

  21. I loved this month’s box. Everything in it was nice to have. The pattern is a little different but it appears it comes together easily. The fabric is spot on. Thanks for the extras. I really thought this was a great month.

  22. I liked the pattern and the fabric in this box. I am disappointed that the honey bun isn’t larger. I would have liked to make a bigger version of the pattern without having to buy a bunch more fabric. I believe someone said skimpy? I agree. I’m always happy to get a new ruler. The bag and the journal are just meh to me

    1. I agree completely. The fabric is so pretty, just disappointed with the amount. The pattern and ruler are pretty awesome, too. This late in the month I already have two journals. The mesh bag meh.

  23. I loved the box especially the ruler as I refuse to pay what most stores charge and I now have a journal to record my information. Fabric is ok but not something I would have chosen. I do get excited though every month when the email arrives saying the box has shipped.

  24. this wasn’t my favorite box but all in all I enjoy getting them
    I sent a note this morning asking for the total yardage for the monthly Goodness quilt blocks. I finally have time to start them but would like to purchase enough fabric for all blocks.

  25. I loved this box, I was going to order the journal and I thought maybe we might get it in the sew sampler box (what a surprise). The fabric is lovely, can’t wait to make the project. Thanks again.

  26. I loved this box…. one of my favorites so far. I am always happy to get a new creative grid ruler, and the bag is adorable. Thanks!

  27. Love the box. I have been getting it for quite a while. I love the quality. Just remember we are only spending close to $30 a month. Always such a value.
    I appreciate the way my items are packaged. Best customer service ever!

  28. I believe there is less value in the boxes lately. I have been getting them since almost the start. I think I missed the first one, but as I have to convert then add postage to Australia I am unfortunately not getting value for money. I joined for the fabrics not available to me normally but may stop soon unless things change.

  29. What I forgot to add is the fact the boxes don’t arrive until after I have had to pay for the following months, some even take up to two months or longer to arrive.

  30. Loved the fabric and pattern. Ruler was also great. Would have preferred FQS included the binding and cornerstone fabric instead of the project bag (or in addition) in SSB. Been getting SSB for over a year now and some are great and some are not, we all have different taste, but I always look forward to getting it. Overall, great box. For me, discovering Fat Quarter Shop has been a blessing. So fun and prices are great!

  31. Very pretty fabric; rulers are always a nice addition too. I’d been thinking about getting a quilt planner + now I can actually give it a try since one was included in the box. Good month!

  32. Loved the box this month – Looking forward to making the Picture Window quilt. Always nice to get a ruler (they do wear out)and the project bag was nice. I loved the Quilt Journal, I’ve been looking for something simple to keep track of my projects and it was so Perfect – I ordered two more!!! You all do such a great job, thank you so much!!

  33. I am also one who likes more fabric in the boxes, but this month o get there was real value in the ruler, journal, and pattern as well. I would love to make this pattern in a variety of fabrics and it would be a great scrap buster pattern. I enjoy that FQS has started to provide options for larger versions of the projects as well. Thanks for another great box.

  34. Love everything in this box. Just passed my one year anniversary and still happy to be in the club. There have been months I am not crazy about one thing or another and other quilters are thrilled. All in all I love the FQS and all they do for us and for their generosity to the Make A Wish Foundation. Great company!! Thank you!!

  35. Been a member since day one. 99 % loved the boxes. This one was okay, not great and the previous 3 or 4 were disappointing. I think after a ling membership, there tends to be duplicates of things I got in a box or already had (my problem, not yours). I would prefer fewer items and more useful. Some of the things are just throwaways for me, or give to thrift shop. Never too much thread or rotary cutter BLADES. Fabric is usually great choices, rarely something I disliked, but often too similar in style to previous ones. I am seriously considering cancelling as budget is tight, but know I will regret it. Rather spend the $30 on things I really want though. Hope this is helpful to you

  36. I loved most of the box! Creative grids rulers are the bomb & i have already used it. The bag is cute for holding clutter & I am looking forward to filling out the quilt journal with projects. The farbic line is adorable & exactly what i was hoping for, just wish there was more of it. As others have said, skimpy on fabric. I love getting the box every month tho & look forward to what exciting things may be in the next one!

  37. I too am a little bit disappointed, been getting these almost from the beginning and I love getting the fabric. Any quilter I know can always use thread. I would love to see more things like a magazine or actual book we can use. Seems like I could just order what I want instead of things to get rid of. I may cancel and try another type of subscription.

  38. One of my favorite boxes. The fabric and pattern were one of the best I received. Keep up the great job.

  39. Disappointed again. Not much fabric, don’t need the journal, ruler OK, and the bag terrible – nothing special at all- looks like someone just grabbed an old piece of material, sewed up both sides, and put a zipper on it. I would never give this bag as a gift to someone. Why would it ever be included in a bag for quilters. Been a member for 6 month or so and do not feel that I am getting what I am paying for. I thought we would get everything we needed in the box to complete the kit, not have to spend another $50 to $100’s.

  40. I liked the box especially the fabric. I am a seasoned quilter – been quilting since the 80’s. I have managed a shop and taught a lot of classes. I find joy in getting the box. I have canceled a couple of times only to miss it so much. I have found so many tools I love and have made a number of things from the fabrics I don’t love because inevitably someone else in the family does. Keep them coming!

  41. I absolutely love everything in this box. I’ve used the ruler everyday! Keep up the great work!

  42. This was my first box & I am so happy I joined! I loved everything in the box & can’t wait for the next one!

  43. WOW. It must be difficult to put these boxes together and have something that pleases everyone – which is never going to happen. We all have different tastes. I’m one of the ones who was disappointed in January’s box. I do like the ruler, and fabric is never not welcomed to my stash. I could do without everything else in the box. I think it’s just me. Look how many others loved everything in the box. I just don’t think the value is there, for me. Another problem for me is every project suggested so far requires additional purchases. There hasn’t been a complete project in any box I have received yet, but to be fair, I’ve been a member for only a few months. I’m going to stay one more month before making a final decision. If I’m not crazy about next month’s box, I’ll give my spot to someone else and maybe get in line to try one of the other programs offered. Eventually, I’ll find my spot.

  44. This box was the nail in the coffin for my membership. I have tried justifying the cost of this but honestly the boxes have continued to deteriorate in value and despite receiving feedback your company continued to not make necessary changes. This box was yet another journal, the same thing you have sent year after year despite customers every year saying “we have enough of those” and would prefer pretty much anything else quilt related. Just like the random, cheap, zipper bag isn’t quilt or sewing related either. So I’m going to cut my losses and move on after two years. I called and canceled the day after receiving this box.

  45. I agree that box was skimpy. Fabric was okay but I don’t like anything less than 2.5 in size. Ruler was the only thing I will use…the rest I will get rid off.

  46. I loved everything in the Box. The ruler is a fine addition to what I already have and a good quality ruler. The fabric is gorgeous. I like both of the patterns. Not so sure about the little bag but I love the book and will certainly use it oh. I am so glad to be back on a subscription list for the sew sampler.

  47. I love everything I received, can’t just pick one item I like the most . You guys did awesome! Thankyou

  48. This is a FANTASTIC box this month!! the colors so fibrant, the new tools will be great, the pattern looks playful & fun…I can’t wait to get started…

  49. Not really impressed with this box. Honey buns are my least favorite pre-cut. With such a small amount of fabric I’d like to get a finishing kit included. The ruler was the only thing I really liked.

  50. The sampler box was great! I love everything in especially the beautiful fabric and pattern! Thank you! ❤️

  51. I had hoped that the January box would be an improvement over the last 5 months. However, I was very disappointed again! The fabric is nice, but just a little honey bun — I’d have to buy more to make the quilt. The zipper bag is nothing special and actually smells horribly. I’m giving this one more month before making a final decision.

  52. I’m already using the journal and new ruler. nice surprises to get this month. I’ll be using a different fabric for the pattern because my Layer Cake this month was the same fabric group so I want to use them together. Great box.

  53. While I agree with many others, you can’t please everyone. This was my third box and it has been the only one I have liked partly but like others they need to do better to justify my money as well. I have not done any of the projects but have used the fabric in other projects. So thanks for the heads up in having to buy more to complete one of their projects. I subscribe to a scrapbooking box and you sure get more than your moneys worth for less money. The mesh pouch abt 6.00 I gave to a granddaughter for her pencils, the journal they sell it for 14.95 and while cute I will never use and I can make my own, the fabric I loved and about 20.00 depending who sells it and the ruler 14.95 I love as well and will definateley use. So for me 29.95 plus tax and shipping for two items not worth it. Create a box that contains QUILTING OR SEWING items and not be chinsey. Threads, rulers, buttons, sewing machine needles, sewing tools and enough fabric to complete one of your projects not make me have to buy more when i realize I do not have enough to complete YOUR project. So like many of you, giving it one more try and then I will decide who else I can go with for quilting stuff.