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Sew Sampler December 2019 Box Reveal

Today we are revealing the contents of our ‘charming’ December Sew Sampler box! We brought in a very special designer to help us curate this heirloom box filled with family memories and traditions to help spark your creativity. Guest designer, Lori Holt of Riley Blake Designs is an iconic quilter and close friend of ours. She has packed this box with love and care and we hope you enjoy every bit of it!

Petite Vintage Happy 2 10″ Stacker by Lori Holt for Riley Blake Designs

It’s time to get happy with Lori Holt! This custom 20-piece 10″ stacker is sure to lift your spirits with darling floral, clothespin and ditsy prints, boosted by vintage bits and bobs, such as old sewing patterns and newsprint.

Bright reds, blues and yellows are rounded out by light pinks and mints that will make you smile. This combination is sure to warm your heart and home!

Love the collection and want to see more? Check it out here.

100% Cute Point Protectors by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet

The 100% Cute Point Protectors by Lori Holt will also 100% keep your scissors looking sharp! Made of durable soft rubber, these protectors come in two sizes to fit any pair of small scissors, awls or seam rippers and in cute colors to boot.

The re-usable container can also be used to store needles, pins and more!

Quick Press Seam Roller by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet
Sew Sampler members received this item FIRST!

Iron less and quilt more with the Quick Press Seam Roller by Lori Holt! It is the perfect tool to flatten seams and applique shapes when you are on the go.

Made of sturdy wood, this seam roller creates flat seams with just the slightest pressure so you can finish your project faster and heat-free.

Sweet Daisy Quilt Pattern by Lori Holt Exclusively for Sew Sampler Box

Everything’s coming up daisies with the Sweet Daisy Tablerunner by Lori Holt!

Use the exclusive 20-piece Vintage Happy 2 10″ stacker to create these cute daisies, finished with lovely bows. This tablerunner is completely pieced, no applique requried! With just a few blocks, you can finish this project in time to welcome Spring!

Sweet Daisy Finishing Kit
While supplies last

Do you want to make a quilt just like ours? If so, we have made it super EASY for you by offering you a custom ‘Finishing Kit’ which includes background, borders and binding needed to finish this quilt.

Finishing Kit includes:

  • 3/4 yard background – C6380-PINK
  • 2/3 yard borders – C9130-RED
  • 1/2 yard binding – C9144-DENIM

Order 1 2/3 yards separately for backing.

Goodness Grows Stay Rooted Block #9 by Sew Sampler

This year, we invite you to let goodness bloom and flourish in your heart, block by block! Our Goodness Grows Sew Sampler quilt was designed by Corey Yoder of Coriander Quilts, and it is an exquisite garden of beautiful flowers and fruits. With each block, we hope to leave you sew inspired to make good things happen in your heart and surroundings, to cultivate your own personal garden of good.

A limited number of Quilt Kits and coordinating Applique Thread Sets are available now. Watch the Goodness Grows Block #9 Tutorial.


    1. Loved the little seam rolled used it many times already. Been too busy to do the runner but it is on my to do list.

      1. Very disappointed in this box, this is the first month that I have not really liked anything in it.

    2. Hello
      I’m still waiting for my box. Hoping it will arrive later this week. I live in Australia so parcels take longer unfortunately.

      1. Lori Holt one of my favs. Cutest pattern, great silicone tops, on 3 pair of embroidery scissors already. Thank you.

          1. Liked the fabric but still would prefer a quilt pattern that is something other than a placemat, trivet or potholder, or table runner. Already had a seam roller but this one is bigger and nicer. Was thrilled about the silicone points but they do not seem to want to stay on my little scissors. The bigger size falls right off and the smaller size slowly pops off. So am still having mixed feelings on these boxes. This is my fourth one. I will continue a little longer and then decide.

    3. I didn’t care for the fabric, the point protectors…worst box yet. Decided this is my last box. I will save my money for items want not “surprise hope I can use it items”. Very very disappointed and honestly feel this one was less valuable than my cost.

    4. I was disappointing this one it didn’t seem to have much thought into it. I have been getting sense day one and I just don’t like the monthly pattern this go around and felt this box was a hodge lodge of “ get it out of the warehouse” items. Will continue to get but please no more hodge podge. I hope the 2020 quilt is a lot better than this one was.

  1. This was my first disappointment with the sew sampler. Never been into the vintage flour sack look, I don’t think I would use the point protectors, but the seam roller might be usable. All in all, one month that isn’t my style isn’t too bad.

  2. Not impressed. Sew Sampler needs to step up their game. It seems as if every 3rd or 4th box is good. That leave 8 or 9 boxes needing improvement.

  3. I am happy with this month’s box. I think the point protectors are a great idea. I will use them on my scissors to take to class with me. I have been wanting to try a seam roller. The fabric is very pretty and I look forward to making the table runner.

    1. I finally got my box! Apparently there was a postal catastrophe! I love the point protectors and the roller. Everything is NOT for everybody, but each box (and I have them all) has at least one treat to love and at least one treat to pass along! Happy New Year to my sampler creators! Thank you for the 2019 year of surprises and the 2020 fun that is ahead!

  4. Loved the box. These items are just right up my alley. (Southern term). I liked everything in it. Will probably purchase more of the fabric.

  5. After getting my box since the beginning I decided to cancel my subscription. Someone else can have my spot. I’ve been postponing canceling since last spring. Lately I haven’t enjoyed the fabric, patterns or items.

  6. The last few boxes I haven’t been completely excited about. It would be nice to have thread included with the projects. On the fence if I’m going to continue

      1. The fabrics, patterns and other items are not impressive, Although most items are cute, the value is not. I haven’t been impressed with last several boxes and think I can utilized my funds on other items. I have been going back and forth over canceling my subscription.

    1. I thought we got a seam presser not too long ago in another box. Although the items were cute just didn’t seem the value is there anymore. I am going back and forth about canceling my subscription as I haven’t been impressed with last several boxes.

  7. Loved this box. Anything Lori Holt fabric I love. Colors are pretty. Prob wo t use seam roller but i really likes this box better than last months.

  8. The box content was so la-la. A few things were nice but not all. Don’t think needle point protectors had a place in the box because this is suppose to be a quilters box.

  9. I was disappointed in this box. I didn’t feel the value was there. The point protectors are useless to me. I would rather have has some fabric for the border or binding or maybe some thread.

    1. My thoughts on the fabric in place of the point protector. Now we have to spend another $30.00 plus just to finish the runner. Not good in my opinion! I want abox of all items I completely finish the project.

  10. I am using the point protectors. I have not used the roller yet, so cannot give an opinion, I do have a similar tool that was used on wallpaper installation…the small print floral fabric is so similar to the other small print floral prints in other boxes. I guess those are favorites for many and that is why we see them in the boxes so often. I do like the 10 inch square allows for more versatility. Of course it would have been fun to have more in the box. Happy New Year everyone!

  11. I really like this month’s box I am a Lori Holt fan so it was so good to see her things in the box I have used a seam roller already and looking forward to using everything else

    1. Did not need another seam roller. Didn’t seem to have the value as other boxes. Pattern and fabric is cute.

  12. Not exactly the best box. I do like the seam roller , but that is about it. I will make the table runner and gift it to one of my sisters.

  13. Disappointed ….again. I really need to decide if I am going to continue. I will never use the point protectors. Didn’t care for the fabric either. The roller I will give a try. Ho-hum….

  14. I loved it. The point protectors will be used for scissors, knitting needles and sharp point of sewing needles. Seam roller is great. Lori’s fabric is pretty and I hope to make the runner within the next few months. Love all the patterns from Cory, am saving each one and will start them this summer.

  15. Loved the box. Why do some people have to be so negative about every thing? You can’t please everybody every time. I have a neither but there’s no need to complain the price is good in those are nice little gifts just to get away to someone to say hey I like you so here she is something. You did great.

  16. I was disappointed in this months box. I will use the seam roller, but the pattern, fabric and tip protectors were not for me. I loved last months box. Looking forward to seeing what is in next months box.

  17. I liked this box! While the fabric isn’t my usual style, it’s always nice to try something new and just because it isn’t in my wheelhouse, the quilt I make with it will be loved by someone! I liked the roller, have used a roller (mostly for paper piecing) for a while and a gal can never have too many tools. I appreciate the special code included, it’s always the first thing I look at when I open the box. I always enjoy getting the sew sampler box!

  18. This box was the bomb!! Loved it so much!! Cake layers is always a plus!! I’ve already used my seam roller, and I have to say that I’m totally impressed! I thought last month was an incredible box, but you’ve done it again!! Thanks so much! 😍😁

  19. I was REALLY disappointed in this box. Actually have not been thrilled with the last 4. Thought it was the most useless box I have received in the year and a half I have been receiving them.
    The roller I gave to grandkids to use for play doh or to use in their play kitchen. Point protectors? Who uses these really? Maybe they could be used on the ends of knitting needles to avoid losing your stitches. Expected a lot more value for the money. Not sure how much longer I will continue with this subscription box. First 12 boxes I loved!! Now ……not so much. Got 2 of my girlfriends to subscribe because they saw all the goodies I received and now they are not happy with the contents in the boxes they have gotten in the last 4 months.

  20. Sew Sampler Box is supposed to be a ”monthly subscription quilting box.” No matter how you spin it, point protectors are a knitting notion, and I certainly don’t have 12 small sharp quilting notions on which I could possibly use point protectors. Another disappointing box. My excitement in opening each new box is declining.

    1. I’ve been disappointed with theSew Sampler boxes for several months, and keep hoping they will get better… My thought is that if you multiply the monthly fee by 12 months – it’s a large investment when you cannot use most of the items. I gift a lot of items to quilter friends… but think I’d rather participate in the monthly fat quarter club.

    1. Whether or not I like the items in my boxes, I still look forward to the surprise every month. Do I have some of the items already? Of course, but it would be impossible for FQS to include something that is new to absolutely every subscriber. Are some of the fabric choices not my style? Yes, but again, they can’t hit everyone’s favorite style in every box. People who are complaining and disappointed have forgotten that this program is a surprise, and that’s the whole fun of it. Cancel if surprises aren’t your cup of tea, there are many on the waiting list who would love your spot.

      That being said, I love 10 out of 12 boxes in a year, haven’t missed a month since they started! Loved this one as well!

  21. This was my first Sew Sampler box, after a previous quiltBox subscription closed shop. I like a lot of the things in this box, especially the point protectors. They fit perfectly on my stiletto and my thread clipping scissors. I know I’ll use the seam roller.

    I’m not a huge fan of tiny print fabrics, but there are plenty of fabrics in the collection I that I like. Overall, I’m pleased and look forward to next month’s box.

    1. Very Disappointed in this Box as with many other sew sampler boxes. It was good at one time.
      I was expecting a box that had VINTAGE Items, NOT “maybe” Vintage Fabric But Something that Looked Vintage.
      The point protectors are useless. I have the Stash and Store that was in the August Box where I keep my snips and small scissors and my seam rippers. I don’t need anything for knitting needles or crochet hooks at least Not from my Quilt Box.
      That is why I canceled my subscription. Too many times I’ve been Disappointed.

  22. I was neutral about this box. I’m tired of pink blue and white projects but the fabric I don’t use goes to my granddaughters!

  23. Was not over excited about the December box. The Sew Sampler boxes have not been as good as they were two years ago! It’s as though you get a couple really good boxes during the year which you are excited about, the rest are just ok, nothing to get excited about.

  24. Loved the fabric. Hasn’t been that long since we got that size ruler. A little disappointed. No new products.

  25. I haven’t received my box yet either.
    I haven’t been able to track it. I called FQS and they are working on it.

  26. Thank you so much! I love this box!! Course I love anything Lori Holt! It was a HAPPY BOX!!

  27. It is a sweet vintage box and I will definitely do the project! The seam roller is a great tool and since I have a similar tool it will make a great gift for a friend who is taking up quilting. Love it and it will be difficult to top the November box.

  28. I loved everything about my December sew sampler box❣️ Thank you so much for the extras…made me feel very special. Happy New Year 🎊

  29. I was more than please in fact down right happy with all the contents of my December box. I love it. In fact I think this the first box that I have used everything in the box immediately. Thank you

  30. I loved everything in the box. If you price the items at any local quilt store you will find that you always get a great value in your sew sampler.

  31. I’m getting disillusioned by the Sew Sampler. It is getting skimpier by the month,
    The tips do not belong in a quilting box.
    Very disappointed.

  32. I was disappointed in this box and cancelled my subscription. I don’t feel like it was worth it for tools I already have. The fabric is cute.

  33. Extremely disappointed in this month’s box. Those point protectors are worthless on any and all of my scissors, regardless of size.

  34. For those of you saying you haven’t received your box, you really need to go ahead and call FQS. Don’t continue waiting.

  35. Can’t wait to get my box 🙂 Since I am at an APO address in Germany, I don’t seem to get it until after the first week of the next month.

  36. Loved November’s box but not the December box. I already have the roller and sure don’t need all those point covers. Only thing I plan to keep is the Goodness Grows pattern.

  37. I am not thrilled about the December box. This is my 4th box and the November box was the only box that I considered a GEM!!

  38. The fabric is nice and the table runner is cute but I will likely do something different with the fabric. I was disappointed with the point protectors as they are clearly a knitting accessory. So I kept an open mind and tried them on a seam ripper but even the smallest one would not stay on. The same with a pair of small pointy scissors. I am one not to complain and do usually love most items each month but the point protectors just are not a quilting accessory. Now the seam roller was my absolute favorite item. I do have two or three other kinds of seam rollers already and I do use them a lot. This seam roller is the best ever and puts all others to shame. It is so effortless to use and with barely any pressure whatsoever it flattens the seam down very well. I have to press pretty hard with all of the others and still don’t get the greatest results. But this one is so amazing. I just couldn’t believe it when I first tried it. Talking about it makes me want to go press some seams just to see the almost miraculous results. It is wonderful. 😊

  39. Like always i love it, i love the seam Roller👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼& The fabric👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Esp. I dont know that scissor covers will be useful to me, mine all hang but ill put them on them…im thinking they may get lost easily until clean up…so we’ll see but overall….LOVE MY BOX!

  40. Like always i love it, i love the seam Roller👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼& The fabric👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Esp. I dont know that scissor covers will be useful to me, mine all hang but ill put them on them…im thinking they may get lost easily until clean up…so we’ll see but overall….LOVE MY BOX!

  41. I liked the box, if I can’t use it, it will be regifted to someone. I can only imagine how hard it is to please everyone. I still think Kimberly and the staff are doing a great job.

  42. I’m fairly new to the Sampler box. This was my fourth box and I love it!!! I’m typically a 1800’s reproduction quilter but it’s fun to sew with some bright fabrics from time to time. The only fabric I passed on to a friend was the leafy type pattern and fabric in the October box. It’s still a bargain and so fun to get surprises each month. I’ve used all the small gadgets to date and find them all useful! Keep up the good work Kimberly and crew! Oh, and I forgot to mention the extra coupon savings are a treat!

  43. I love Lori Holt and she did not disappoint me. The pattern is sooooooooooooooo cute. I loved the box. Thank you

  44. I can use most of the box items. The flowery prints not so much. How about including the silicone pins we can iron over? There’s also an octagon quilt disc that looks like fun. Each octagon you quilt as you go.

  45. Love my December box! This is my 4th box and they have all been fun to open and explore the contents.

  46. Really liked this months box. Lori Holt is a favorite. The point protectors are a great idea and am going to see if my seam ripper point will fit inside. Love the scissors. They do fit. The Sweet Daisy pattern is cute but will need to make it bigger for a crib or throw size.
    Lori Holt is one of my favorite designers. I usually like Riley Blake just not this time. Love the colors, though. The seam roller is wonderful and have wanted one. The Goodness Grows series is fun. Thanks so much for this month’s box.

  47. I love the December box. Lori Holt is my favorite. I enjoyed all the items in the box and look forward to my box each month.

  48. I enjoyed the box this month. I will make the table runner for a gift. I also knit so I loved the point protectors. I have not tried the roller. I am using the projects from some of the recent boxes to start on gifts for next Christmas! Always good to get ahead. These boxes provide me with projects that I can easily make for gifts for family and friends. Thanks for another great box.

  49. I was sooo excited for a Lori Holt box! I love her fabric, patterns and tools. Will regift they needle protectors and would have loved some aurifil thread instead but happy with it all the same

  50. Though the pattern is darling….not a fan of the vintage fabrics!
    I’ll never have a need for so many point protectors….and the “seam roller” is nothing more than the roller my father used “forever ago” to roll wallpaper seams….only the handle is painted a pretty color!!
    I’ll probably hang in for 2 more months…. but any more boxes like this one….and I am out!!

  51. I am happy with the December box. I really liked the table runner pattern and fabric. A runner will be fun to make and I should be able to complete it quicker. I have already used the roller and will use it often. And the point protectors I will use for my knitting needles.

  52. Yes I love my box, Lori put a lot in this, thank you Lori, and I would love to see what baby prints would be like , just think about it. You heard it first here😁. Lori baby buggy’s little dogs kind of dick and Jane books. Happy New Year everybody at fat quarter shop and out at the farm.

  53. I felt the box was skimpy and the point protectors didn’t belong in it. Would really like to see more neutral fabrics in colors other than red/pink/turquoise retro prints. How about some batiks or tonals? How about a full stack of 10 inch squares so that they can be used for something besides the pattern you send. Where is the usual thread? How about a full jellyroll to use on a lap size quilt? And please…no more calendars or diaries. I’ve been a faithful follower since Box 2 and this was my biggest disappointment

  54. By far the most disappointing box to date. I’ve been on the fence about cancelling because the quality of the boxes has really declined over the last year with the except of three boxes. For the $300
    I invest in a years membership I could simply individually buy those items and still come out ahead.

  55. I think the material is beautiful.
    The roller is wonderful!! I was wanting one. Thanks
    The scissor tip covers– honestly, I’ll probably never use.
    Pattern looks cute.

  56. I really liked the fabric this month and I will use the tip protector as I am in need of one now. As for the seam roller, that is questionable. i’m hanging in there until I have all the patterns for the quilt than make a decision. I watch these box openings and find that I can buy the fabric and the other items are not that important to me. My biggest disappointment this year was the Holiday Box.

  57. Overall, I was happy with the box. I liked the fabric and purchased the finishing kit. I may switch things up a bit and make a pillow or two instead of the table runner. I was hoping that we would receive Lori’s new seam roller – yay! Glad to receive the latest Goodness Grows block pattern. The only miss for me was the point protectors; they will be passed on to a friend who knits. I would have preferred a complementary spool of Aurifil thread.

    Some thoughts – no shade or harm intended…

    Curating a monthly surprise box where all of the subscribers will love everything is impossible. The value is there in the fabric & monthly block pattern alone. The rest of the contents and exclusive discount code(s) are a bonus. For those who prefer to have control over what they receive for money spent, that is ok – just cancel the subscription.

    Some longtime subscribers have mentioned that the box used to have more items included; that may be true, but a lot has changed in the past 3 years. Postage rates have gone up and trade wars have resulted in price increases for many products. Most notions and fabrics are manufactured overseas. Just about everything costs more today. My budget certainly has been negatively impacted.

    The Sew Sampler subscription price has not increased.

  58. I’m glad it’s not just me. I am very disappointed in this box. I was expecting more for my Christmas present. I already own a “wallpaper seam roller”. I knit and the tip protectors don’t fit my needles.The fabric prints are not kitchen friendly. I don’t need a table runner in my laundry room. A spool of thread in every box would be Great! Not being offensive, just honest.

  59. I absolutely LOVED everything in this box! As for the “Point Protectors”, others just don’t understand that they have “sooo many other uses” than for knitting needles! They are great for the tips on sharp scissors, seam rippers, tweezers, etc… I love them! I used the seam roller and it has been a charm already on projects! The fabric was adorable. However, I adore all of Lori’s lines! Her pattern is too sweet! We are all unique..can’t please everyone all of the time… I’m very pleased 🙂 TY

  60. LOVE IT! Lori Holt is always a winner for me! LOVE her style and was so excited to know that she was going to be featured in this box!!! Thank you for the time and effort you put into these boxes–they are so fun!

  61. I lived the December box, I just wish I had known about the finishing kit. I did order the fabrics Individually to complete, but the for 20% off only gave me 10% off 😢😡

  62. I was so excited about my box this month
    Lori holt is my favorite. I have always loved her fabric
    I have been getting the boxes for one and a half years
    Everything in the box I can use
    I was hoping and wishing that one of my boxes would be lori holt
    Thank you fat quarter shop for giving me the best box ever
    No complaints here
    You’re not supposed to have every box be your favorite
    And I am OK with that
    This is a sweet surprise
    Press roller. Point protectors. Table runner pattern. And of course my favorite is the fabric
    Number 10 Satisfied customer here
    And I have three relatives that gets the box also

  63. Have not received my box either. Called and there was a label issue and now may not be enough to mail me one for Dec. But very nice and will work with me if they are short.

  64. I loved my Sew Sampler Box. I was very excited that it was Lori Holt items. I will use everything in my box❤️❤️❤️❤️

  65. My goodness, some of these comments are mean spirited. If you didn’t care for something, try to find a way to state that without ugliness. That being said I didn’t care for the knitting needle point protectors. Found it odd to have knitting items in my quilting box. The other items were wonderful. Have to make time to go through my box more slowly now that the holidays have gone.

  66. I did not care for most of the December Sew Sampler box. My tiny snipe and tweezers have a designated area in my sewing room and will be getting a new one soon, my parent and my MIL will be receiving these tip covers. Now as for all of the Lori Holt fabrics some people absolutely love her fabrics and others do not care for them, I am in the very neutral to starting to dislike them very much due to the over saturation of them in these beautiful boxes. I understand we are getting brand new items at times but some of them are things we have seen 2-3x in these boxes through the years which is why people are complaining. No one is trying to be ugly as someone accused them of being but stating facts they are tired of getting the same things over and over and an over abundance of one fabric line is just a little too much for some of us.

  67. I too was disappointed in the contents of the December box. I was hoping for a seasonal pattern as well as something in the Christmas fabric line? The roller was an OK item, but I felt the point protectors were just a ‘filler’ item. Would love to see more fabrics from the MODA line. Also some of the lovely batiks that are out there. And PLEASE more patterns that don’t take so long to complete. Perhaps more wall hangings? Some of us who quilt the projects by hand just don’t have the time to finish a quilt that is 60″ x 60″ before the projects start to ‘pile up’, much less the resources to send it out to be quilted professionally.

  68. I really liked this month’s box. I always appreciate the new coupon and how long it is good for. I can’t imagine the angst in planning these boxes months in advance. I have been getting these boxes since day one and look forward to receiving mine every month. Thank you Fat Quarter Shop for all the work that goes into these monthly boxes. I know you read and value every comment from us. Happy NEW Year to all!

  69. Love the box and all the “goodies” included in it. However, I am wondering if it might be hard for a beginner. Just ordered the kit to finish it. Very cute.

  70. Not your best “sample box” gathering! Pattern and fabric ok…but the rest! 😳

  71. I was going to say that I liked the pointers but they don’t fit on any of my scissors, will give them to my daughter who knits. Might use the coupon. Maybe I am just tired from the holidays but this month’s box was kind of ho hum for me.

  72. I’m fairly new to sew sampler so loved the seam roller, if I had gotten one in a previous box I wouldn’t be as excited. I liked the fabric, pattern was a bit girly for my taste not sure I will make. Point protectors are cute but I won’t use them so what’s the point! All in all an ok box to me! I’ve been receiving the box for 7 or 8 months and have only had one which disappointed me so I’m happy to stay subscribed!

  73. This month’s has been one of the better ones…..I like anything Lori Holt does and I plan on doing the runner…..hope I can get the finishing kit.
    Thank you for your hard work….don’t be discouraged by negative comments….you can’t please everyone and people have high expectations from you.

  74. I was so disappointed with this box. The only thing I would ever use is the goodness grows pattern. I’ve received the box for a year now, and I can honestly say this was the first major flop for me. I feel like the value continues to decrease every month. I love sew sampler and FQS, but this month really let me down.

  75. Don’t have my box yet, but not super excited for it after seeing what’s in it. Will wait and see.

  76. Along with so many others I was disappointed when I opened the December box. And I also agree with many others that the last few boxes have not been great. Point protectors, really? For me a few months of happy and bright fabrics are fine, but every month? Why not a few other styles? I will give the subscription one more month, but if I’m disappointed with January it will be my last.

  77. I have not received my Sew Sampler yet but have watched the reveals and expect to love it. I have never been disappointed, always a great value . I cant wait to see the fabric. I adore all things Lori Holt. Great job Sew Sampler. I am in Canada and on an island so it is always a day or two later than others.

  78. Whether or not I like the items in my boxes, I still look forward to the surprise every month. Do I have some of the items already? Of course, but it would be impossible for FQS to include something that is new to absolutely every subscriber. Are some of the fabric choices not my style? Yes, but again, they can’t hit everyone’s favorite style in every box. People who are complaining and disappointed have forgotten that this program is a surprise, and that’s the whole fun of it. Cancel if surprises aren’t your cup of tea, there are many on the waiting list who would love your spot.

    That being said, I love 10 out of 12 boxes in a year, haven’t missed a month since they started! Loved this one as well!

  79. Even though I have been quilting for years. The boxes give me items I have never used. Now I will try them all. Thank you. Giving me project out of my box. So I have to try new things. Thank you.

  80. I don’t have mine yet, last I saw it was in Chicago. I can’t wait to have the seam roller, I’ve been wanting one.

  81. I love this box. I love Lori Holy and Riley Blake. I love trying different fabric that I otherwise may not have purchased. I love the seam roller. I think these boxes are great for people new to quilting like me as I don’t have a lot of tools or gadgets. I love receiving the new products. I would love to see a wool sampler box with a mini wall or tabletop pattern for home deco. I’ve never used wool appliqué and would like to try it.

  82. I’m still waiting for my box (in Australia) however I’m looking forward to it. Each box is a treat with items that I may not have bought but will enhance my sewing world. As soon as I read 10″ stacker, I thought of making another quilt from the Perfect 10 book. I’m so looking forward to seeing the fabric. It may even be suitable for a project from the Perfect 5 book. The flower pattern will make a gorgeous pillow using my stash.

    I haven’t made any of the Goodness Grows blocks so today I’m going to check out all the patterns and make a decision on fabric choice – use stash or click.

    Sew Sampler Box is my monthly treat. I enjoy the special little items and being introduced to a new fabric line. Thank you FQS.

  83. Very disappointed in this box. not a fan of the fabric. Have been using a wallpaper seam roller for years that I purchased at the hardware store for pennies. The pointer protectors are fine on knitting needles and I have LOTS of those but have no need to put them on scissors.

  84. Very disappointed in this box. I do not believe I got my moneys worth at all. Seam roller, I have many for less money and the scissors cover I will never use as I would find them annoying of having to take off everytime I need my scissors. I did like the vintage material but not worth the money charged for this box. I am also a scrapbooker and I subscribe to another box for less money and you sure get your moneys worth everytime. These boxes need to improve for me. This is my second box and was not crazy about the first one either.No use for a magnet.Seriously! Third time will be my decision to keep or drop.

  85. Not in love with anything but the fabric and the seam roller.
    I am about done with my subscription, I think. Someone on the wait list may absolutely love this Monthly box.

  86. I loved everything in my box! This is one of my favorites! I can’t wait to make the table runner. I have already put the point protectors on my scissors and seam rippers. I have been a subscriber since the very beginning and I look forward to receiving my box every month. I might like some boxes more than the others, but I am always grateful that I get to take part in this program. Thanks so much for this subscription service and Happy New Year!!

  87. The December box was just ok. And who puts knitting notions in a sewing box. Not everyone knits, so a total waste. I signed up for quilting. Lil disappointing.

    1. Hi! Thanks for your feedback. We appreciate feedback and regularly send an email survey to all members so we can hear from them about each box. Please feel free to check for your survey and fill it out! The team takes it into consideration heavily.

  88. I have been receiving the Sew Sampler box since very close to the beginning. Since you are asking for our feedback, I don’t feel like I am complaining or being “mean spirited” by expressing my opinion. It is merely my own thoughts about this month’s box. Having said that, I am neutral about this box. I found the point protectors to be an odd item for a quilter’s subscription box, too. I already have a seam roller from a previous box, so this one will go in my notions bag I carry to classes and retreats. I would rather have items that will be consumed like thread, rotary blades, batting, trims, fabric, etc. I was hoping we would get an ornament kit or something holiday related this month that could be completed in a short time. I will probably use the pattern, but change it to two placemats instead or a tablerunner by adding some fabric from my stash. I love the coupon codes!

  89. looking forward to getting my box (an Aussie, so it take forever unfortunately, it is a distance thing), have seen the sneak peeks on FB and IG though (thanks to those that post), and it looks GREAT! Cant wait to get my box 🙂 Thanks FQS, fabulous subscription service, glad you post internationally :-)))

  90. Very disappointed. Scissor covers are really for knitting needles and seam roller is better used for wallpapering. It’ll be better next month because it couldn’t get worse!

  91. Third box for me. Loved the pattern and the fabrics. Was wondering about those protectors though and then VOILA!! – needed them for the 2 new seam rippers I just bought as they did not come with a cap on the end! AND I just lost my snipping scissors protector sleeve somewhere between here and my in-laws! So… 3 being used already. I tried out the roller last night on some mini blocks I am making and I was thrilled at how well it worked! Sad to see so many unhappy Subscribers but this is supposed to be a “surprise” box, and whatever you may not care for or be able to use, pass it forward to someone in your quilting circle or Guild and for fabrics, add to it and make something to donate to charity – it will make your heart swell – like the “green guy” in a cherished Christmas story!

  92. I like the roller, doubt I’ll use the point protectors as I don’t take my quilting outside my sewing room. Disappointed in fabric and pattern not my style at all. Would rather see more useful rulers like needed to make 8 point star, more threads, wool pressing pad would be fantastic. Will give one more month if items don’t improve will cancel membership, I was so excited to join as my sister had previously told me of all the great items she had gotten in the past.

    1. We appreciate feedback and regularly send an email survey to all members so we can hear from them about each box. Please feel free to check for your survey and fill it out! The team takes it into consideration heavily.

  93. Not impressed. Tried the point protectors on my scissors, they keep coming off! What’s the point in that? And it said cute, what? Really? Loved the seam roller, as I didn’t have one. Always happy for fabric and the block of the month. I’m loving the pattern for the table runner, but I little confused, that will be one huge table runner!!!! Or is it just me?
    Please add thread, rotary cutter refills, maybe another magnetic bowl for keeping needles, a small self healing mat. My kids get as excited as I do about seeing what’s in the box, and even they were like, is that it?

  94. I was disappointed in this box too. I am not a fan of reproduction fabrics and the fabrics this month really reminded me of that style. after last month, this was really a let down.
    I had 2 of the rollers and the tablerunner pattern is one I might use with another line of fabric.
    The block of the month pattern isn’t really my taste. I’m hoping the next year’s will be better!

  95. Haven’t received my box yet either, but I’m in Canada and with Christmas holidays I’m hoping it’ll arrive this week….

    1. Just received my box today.Love the fabric and the seam roller(even though I have one)the point protectors….we’ll see

  96. I was super excited as everyone was anticipating Lori Holt and I have been begging for something from her. Loved the fabric and pattern but overall the box was DISAPPOINTING!!! Actually I was insulted to receive knitting needle point covers. Lori Holt has so many other cute items. I am seriously considering quitting!

      1. Unfortunately, the package can’t be tracked if its shipped internationally… so we wait and see if it shows up. 🙂

  97. Not impressed with the knitting needle protectors and I knit!!!! Can’t imagine how disappointed others that will never use them feel! Fabric is lovely and I already have the seam press so I would have to say I’m disappointed this month. 🙁

  98. Darling fabric! Loved this month and I can’t wait to make this!! I really am enjoying all my boxes except for the diamond one ( I gave to a friend and she liked it)

  99. I didn’t receive this box something to do with payment at first I was disappointed but when I seen the contents, I was not upset. I got seam rollers and those are knitting needle covers, that’s why they don’t really stay on the scissors. Would’ve love the fabric. I still enjoy getting my boxes.

  100. I love this box. Think the table runner is darling. But you have caused a huge problem. Now, I want to do the Lori Holt Vintage Housewife quilt along and just can not afford it right now.

  101. Kimberly and the FQS staff,

    You are doing a wonderful job curating the monthly Sew Sampler Boxes. I am pleasantly surprised and joyful for each one. I felt really lucky when someone dropped out and I was next on the list. If in the future I opt out, it won’t be because I didn’t love the boxes, it will be because I want to try another one of your clubs. Thank you and much success in the coming year. You Rock!!!

  102. I’ve gotten four boxes total. This has been my favorite. Love the fabric. I don’t really see a need for the point protectors though. Just finished making the table runner.