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Sew Sampler Box October 2018 Sneak Peek!

Can you believe it’s already October? The start of a new month means you get to see a Sneak Peek inside our next box! We don’t want to be too BOLD but we know this box will be just your TYPE. This month we reveal to you our theme for the October Sew Sampler box.

If you are not yet subscribed, and want to join in on the fun, be sure to do so quickly because boxes ship out around October 20th!

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  1. Is this a play on words? It is October, so are you really saying type as in blood type? Is Dracula going to jump out of our box when we open it? I will have a wooden pencil ready.

  2. I LOVE IT !!!💕💕💕💕 I cait wait …..I hope sew sampler WOW’s us this month !!

  3. Hi could be Capsules Lower the Volume by Art Gallery Fabric and maybe a small felt ironing pad with deodoriser spray and grey thread!!

  4. If we subscribed for September, does that keep us subscribed for each month or do we have to resubscribe each month? Loved my September box.

    1. Donna, If you go to My Account at the top of the Fat Quarter site then on your left side you will see a menu, choose the third one down, My Clubs, BOM and Pre-Orders. That will tell you which of these you have active. These items auto subscribe each month for you if you see them showing as “Active”.

      1. Mine says active but I still get an email each month to pay. So I don’t know what would happen if you didn’t pay one month – if you are completely out or just for that month. I didn’t see where it would automatically send out my box. Maybe because I use PayPal……

        1. I had to send an email and ask to be put on automatic payments. I also use PayPal

        2. I pay through PayPal and get an email once a month reminding me to pay through PP. I have been a subscriber for almost two years now, so I am not sure if they have automatic PP withdrawals now. I do not mind the email to remind me to do it because I can deduct it from my budget…and I then knows exactly when I am getting my box! 😉

  5. I am also thinking Written Edition by AGF, and would lov that raspberry sparkly gadget holder!

  6. I’m thinking written edition bundle by agf….they did just do their HUGE bundle launch!

    Honestly tho, sew sampler hardly ever disappoints so I’m always super excited!!! 😍😊

  7. Looks like fun! I loved last month’s box! Someone stole it and FQ sent me a replacement box. Such great customer service going above and beyond my expectations. Thank you!

  8. This will be my first box and I’m so excited!!! I think with the clues I would say it’s black-and-white and read all over!!!

  9. Lots of good guesses. I’m hoping for improvement over the last 2 boxes. Really enjoyed this when I first started and am now thinking of canceling

  10. Memoranda Bundle by Tim Holtz for Free Spirit Fabrics? This is my guess…only thing I can think that would be “Bold & Type”…LOL. Make some very cute pouch purses 🙂 Always fun and different!

  11. Love to use fabric with light background with lettering, advertisements, graphs, I will be THRILLED to add some to my collection! Will check out the collections mentioned, what fun, am loving to hear the possibilities.

    Tam, think they offer a seasonal box, it sounds fun.

    1. I agree Donna! Would love some fabric with lettering. The September box was great because it included everything needed for the project. WTG FQS!!!!

      Tam, I ordered the Spooky Box for a ‘seasonal’ project and was not disappointed! Super cute pattern and fabric! I used some fabric from my stash to add more color. Can’t wait to finish it.

      Also, loving the UTUBE videos.

  12. Something with letters! Maybe something saying how thankful we are. Let’s remember Thanksgiving before Christmas.

  13. I’m very excited to see the October box. I can’t imagine what’s in it but I’m sure I’ll love it. 😁😁😁😁🦄🦄🦄

  14. I can’t imagine, but very excited. I love the sampler box each month, they have not disappointed me. Love the staff, they are excellent, they help you with any issue. Kimberly and her staff are rated a HIGH 10, keep up the great job. Thanks.

  15. I’m thinking the Memoranda fabric from Tim Holts as well. Super cute, I liked the September box and Spooky box as well. It’ll be exciting to see!

  16. I think it will be fabric with letters. Maybe some bold solids too. Loved my box last month ready for a great treat this month.

  17. Olá, seja o que for vou gostar porque é sempre uma surpresa, foi por isso julgo eu que entramos todas se não nós é que escolhiamos e encomendáva-mos a nosso gosto.Também gosto de tecido com letras de jornal!Vou ficar á espera!

  18. Oh yessss! Got my box today, this is the box I’ve been waiting for! Everything is much more modern and a nice change~! Thank you!

  19. Didn’t love this box. But every other month great. Don’t like the basic x. Had before from Quilty box and didn’t like at all. Just my opinion. Joined in March. Have liked every other bad so not really complaining. Can’t expect to like every one

  20. Not a big fan of this months box. There are other black and white collections I would have liked more. Even though you can’t always get your favorites, I’m still a big fan of the Sew Sampler box. Thank you FQS!

  21. Love this box! Something different-nice change! Never disappointed in the Sew Sampler. Thank you FQS!

  22. Its 10/21/18 my tracking just says package delayed.signed up for alert on shipping & nothing??? I guess they lost my box.

  23. Ok they found my box.I got it today.Frist im glad we got different color fabric 2nd i dont like the basi x x square to much wasted fabric for me .I going to keep getting box till dec to finish barn block quilt, then i switching to a different monthy box that has more verity in fabric colors.its been two years & still 9 out of 10 times same color that i dont use.

  24. I am more of a floral person; I would have never bought that jelly roll…however, for some reason, I really like it! Like everything in the box!
    thank you.

  25. Love October’s box
    The jelly roll. I always wanted to buy but never did. Now I know how to use it. Thanks the fabric letters are so helpful I nirmslkgbuse different color post notes. I love the fabric letters

  26. This was my frist box and I love. Plan to make the wall hanging that was included. So glad I joined🙂

  27. I love this box! The fabric is terrific, and the sleeve is great, too! I love this palette, and it’s much more my style that the aqua and pink we’ve seen. Great!

  28. This was my first box, and I was not really happy with it. I will try 1 more and make a decision after that. Hopefully, the November box will be better for me.

  29. This is my 2nd box and I’m happy with everything! I already have the BasicX but I’ve never used it. Now I have a project for it and I’ll share the one from the box! Thanks FQS!

  30. I received my October box and was thrilled with it! The fabric is something I will use in a future project I have planned. Was so happy to get that fabric sleeve! I just finished a fall quilt hanging that I will use it on. Thanks FQS for the thoughtful items you put together in these boxes!

  31. I like the fabric a great deal. I hesitate to use the pattern and template, since I dislike wasting I wrong about that? I might use the very odd labels on small zipper bags, would not ever put them on a quilt! Fabric sleeve,interesting, may use, or gift.