October Sew Sampler Box Sneak Peek

Sew Sampler Box October 2017 Sneak Peek!

Sew Sampler October Sneak Peek - Header

It’s October, and our box is literally busting at the seams with fun new TREATS! It’s time to give you a glimpse into our wickedly awesome October box.

Sew Sampler October Sneak Peek - Quarters

No TRICKS here, we are treating you to the biggest precut we’ve ever included in the Sew Sampler box!Sew Sampler October Sneak Peek - Banner

If you are not yet subscribed, and want to join in on the fun, be sure to do so quickly because boxes ship out on October 20th!


  1. Oh yeah!!! A fat quarter!!!! I’m so excited, I cannot wait. I hope I get mine next weekend. Can’t wait, can’t wait, CAN’T WAIT!!!

  2. YAY !!!! Fat quarter bundle. Oh my goodness. I’m way to excited, but it also says the biggest precut that they ever offered , can it be more fabric then the bee Lori box…..what ever it is, I can’t wait , October box is gonna be fabulous !!! Again….I’m sew happy to be part of sew sampler , I love it sew much!!!

  3. I love the Sew Sampler box and can’t wait to see this one!! Fat Quarters that are wicked…perfect for October!

  4. I truly love the idea of fat quarters. that would be great. maybe something halloweenish?

  5. I’m really hoping that this is a really nice box this month, because the pasted 2 boxes i was not very impressed with.this box will decide it I continue to keep getting or not. My fingers are crossed that the boxes start looking like the boxes from 2016 when the boxes were full of nice things. That’s why I joined after watching all of the 2016 unboxing videos.

  6. My birthday is Oct 25, and my disabled grandson Ollie’s 7th birthday is next week, he and I both need some sewing inspiration after a hard month. Since I am not a huge fan of spider webs or creepy witches for Halloween,and Ollie cant see or understand the costumes, I am hoping my sampler box has some useful and cute fabric or notions to create fun projects this month that may turn into something fun for Ollie to touch. October be nice to us! At least much better than last months items.

    1. i said if the next couple boxes are not better I am opting out. I have been really disappointed. I don’t need anymore tin cans are containers and junk. I would rather have fabric and patterns or notions that are very useful. Though I really hope these are not Halloween fabrics. I am not really a theme fabric kind of girl. I will just donate them if they are though and just opt out. Save some money each month I guess. I loved getting these. But they have gotten kind of silly.

    1. Karen have you thought of making a fidget quilt for your grandson? I saw a man sewing video recently on them, they look really interesting. Just google fidget quilt.

    2. I agree that the boxes have been yuck, How many seam rippers do I need? And a thing to hold my phone? I don’t have a cell phone!

  7. Love my boxes. I’m always sew excited to see what fabric is in there. Love the idea of the fat quarter bundle. Thanks

    1. Karen have you thought of making a fidget quilt for your grandson? I saw a man sewing video recently on them, they look really interesting. Just google fidget quilt.

      1. Kim Gilbert, I have made him a fidget blanket with what I know he could respond too. Satin type fabric he liked to have me rub on his cheek . I also sewed on a piece of braided yarn that he touched and tryed to pull on. He cant do much of pulling or zipping so it was hard figuring out things for my grandson. I did make a puffed pocket stuffed with polyfill. That was his favorite i think. Hes so limited on what he can do with one or feeling textural things. He doesnt see or understand most things in his ” world”. Todays been a tough day..hes been sleeping on and off most of the day so far ( new meds/ post brain surgery) are hard right now so I am sewing a few minutes on a small scrappy table runner and checking a weeks worth of email and seeing if anyone here has exciting comments on this months box. I really need to do chores here right now but I need a few minutes of ” me time”..hard to find encouragement sometimes.

  8. WooHoo a FQ bundle!! Just love that you’ve started carrying the “finishing bundles” for the Sew Sampler projects!

  9. This will be my first Sew Sampler Box. I’m pretty stoked to be honest. I’m wondering if it will be a Fat Quarter bundle of Trick or Treat fabric?

  10. I had been debating on signing up. This convinced me to try the box. 😉 Now I am waiting impatiently like everyone else. lol

  11. Really hope to not see Halloween fabric, but I can’t wait to see whether this next box will be as marvelous as the June 2017 box, as well as all the 2016 boxes! Looking forward to the October box!!!

  12. I’m really hoping it’s farmers daughter line or biscuits and gravy line, one can wish sometimes wishes come true lol

  13. I just love getting my Sew Sampler boxes! I’m pretty excited about the possibility of receiving fat quarters in the October box. Can’t wait to see what’s inside!!!

  14. If they are FatQuaters I hope they are not the crazy Halloween ones….I don’t do Halloween and they would be sitting there doing nothing….but if they are Halloween FatQuarters I hope they will be the ones that can be used for any and everything besides Halloween

  15. Has anyone received the, “request for payment” email from Cathy yet? I haven’t, and usually get it on 17th or 18th of the month.

  16. Why does it say awaiting moderation is thiis must be why I don’t see i post i write last week

  17. So glad I subscribed to the Sew Sampler monthly box, the suspense really lives up to the excitement of what’s in the box, I love the monthly sneak peeks, although I never guess, the surprise is wonderful whe I take one amazing treat after another out of the box 📦. Thank you FQS for such fantastic savings.

  18. Signed up and received my first box today! I love everything in it!! I’m already looking forward to the next box!!! 🙂

  19. Looking forward to my box have enjoyed my boxes. I live n Australia and not all the treats are available Where i live.

  20. Fat Quarters!! I sure hope it’s Halloween!!! Love Halloween, favorite holiday! Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll be awesome. I’ve never been disappointed with a box. If I get something I can’t use I put it aside for a friend I know that will.

  21. So hoping for Farmer’s Daughter!!! I just love that line. Not too crazy for Halloween fabric, we have so much from prior years. wait and see…

  22. So hoping for Farmer’s Daughter,I just love that line! Have plenty of Halloween already from previous years. Wait and see!

  23. I can’t wait! My sister and I are both beginning quilters and so look forward to our surprise boxes each month. We wait until both of us receive the boxes in the mail, and then we open them together, one piece at a time. We look at each item and talk about how to use it before we move on to the next one. We make the fun last as long as possible! We LOVE FQS! Awesome!

  24. I’m very excited about getting this months box. I just started recieving in July, and with the exception of September, I’ve been on the fence about keeping the subscription. I really hope October’s will be full of fun stuff.

  25. I don’t mean to sound rude, everyone who complains or is so disappointed with the contents, just think how hard it must be to try and please everyone, every month! I know I have received items I already own, but guess what? Those things go to someone who doesn’t have them! This year I am putting items in a basket as a Christmas gift for someone who recently started sewing. And, hey, if you don’t like something, I’ll gladly give you my address and you can send them to me! I will even pay the shipping 😊Happy Sampling ❤

    1. Why do all my comments say awaiting moderation i tried posting at 10:56 am & it is now 8:33 pm are u afraid of all the new comments from lady’s months box just asking cause it’s my 3 time trying to comment with no luck

      1. HI Tina! I’m sorry about the wait, I am not sure why they are not posting automatically for you, but all your comments are definitely showing up now! It might be a server issue.

        1. Hi! My name is not Tina, it’s Kay. Thought you might have sent this email to the wrong person. 😳☺️

  26. Just got my box Wow I just completed the basket block so cute. love how there is a mixture of things to use and things to make great job FQS

  27. Just received my box. Love it!! I have been receiving the boxes for 3 months now. I have found a treasure in each one. Love that they include fabric with so many other treasures.

  28. I was excited to start on my sampler boxes, Started in August and was hoping for some fun quilting tool or templates. I think I may cancel mine next month. Love pattern and material, but would like tools.. I know you cant please every one.

  29. I really don’t understand all of the complaints about the boxes, I have been getting them for over a year and I love them all. Sure sometimes I already have a tool they send, or don’t care for one they send, but I just share those with someone who would like them. As far as getting your money worth, just search the items you receive, I haven’t received one box that I could have gotten everything in it for less then they charge for this subscription. No, they can’t please everyone all the time but they do their best and if you aren’t happy, stop your subscription.

  30. I received my box today and was very pleased with the items. Its my birthday week( the 25th) and this box was a gift from my hubby to celebrate my birthday…so, I have decided instead of being disappointed in the monthly box ( because it may not be to my liking) that its our choice to embrace the thought behind why we have the opportunity to subscribe as we do. Sure I cant financially afford the boxes . I honestly cant with so many thingsand outside expenses associated with caregiving our disabled grandson now. But its not about that for me each month. Its about subscribing to fat quarter boxes AND knowing something good will come in the mail each month when maybe harder days come with grandson Ollies medical uncertainties right now. Thank you Kimberly of FQS for gifting me a special week of sewing treasures this week..

  31. Received my box today and I am so pleased. I agree with some of the comments and it must be very hard to please everyone but you have done a great job with me so far. A few items I haven’t used but the others are great. I love everything in this months box!

  32. I just received my October 2017 box, and OMG it has a load of really great items, especially 8, count them 8 Fat Quarters, and a great mix of patterns. I started receiving these boxes August, I kept forgetting to subscribe; and I’m so glad I remember by July. I opened the box in such anticipation and excitement and was not disappointed. Love, Love, Love the October and all the boxes I have received, great items.

  33. I too just received my Oct box. LOVED IT. Well, all but one thing. I know, you can’t please everyone. the Poke-A-Dots Sticky thimbles…I like them; however, there wasn’t hardly any in the tin. Seriously, there should have been more. OR perhaps a different packaging, just a small little paper packaging??? I paid for the tin, not the sticky thimbles. Heavens, they were 10.50. The sewing kit was only 9.99 and it had tons inside of it! I would have never ever paid 10.50 for those sticky things.

  34. Feedback not complaints.

    They ask for our feedback every month when they ask “tell us what you think”.

    1. Dear Realeysmom….as someone that works in the marketing industry, Poke A Dots should consider revamping their packaging. The sticky thimbles are a super product; however you are paying for the “tin” and not the item. A simpler packaging would more than likely increase sales and be more cost efficient in the long run.

      Otherwise, I have thoroughly enjoyed everything I have received. And can’t wait to open the package.

  35. Hi Nancy Jo,

    Me too, I worked for Fabricland which is now Joann’s years ago.

    I agree with your comment.

    I don’t agree with the people who say we are complaining when we state how we feel which in reality makes them complainers too.

    I have been getting Sew Sampler since the very first box and don’t plan to quit.
    I also don’t plan to quit giving my feedback. Can’t wait for next month’s box.

  36. Is there some where that people post quilts or other things that they have made using the fabric of supply that they reciv e from sew sampler box?if so would someone please share where.thanks in advance