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Sew Sampler Box November 2019 Sneak Peek!

This month’s Sew Sampler box will make you feel like royalty as the beautiful Autumn season comes to an end. Who’s ready to RULE?

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  1. Hmm, this is s tricky one. It’s got to be something Creative Grids, maybe the Perfect 5 or the 60 degree one? I’m always surprised at the magical things that end up fitting in the box.

      1. You will love them I’ve been getting mine for a little over a year never disappointed ♥️♥️♥️

      1. If it is not. I highly recommend you purchase book and ruler. It is well written and awesome ruler. I am making the Perfect 5 sew a long. Each block I ask would I do a whole quilt with this block…..,yes !

    1. I’m so exited. I look forward to my boxes each month. There are so many tool I’ve used from these boxes and I’ve always wanted to make a block of the month quilt and now I am.

    2. I thinking, well I am hoping that it is Lori Holts Autumn Love Fabric. I love anything Lori holt does, so I am really exited. As far as the rule…hmmm I could use a really good ruler.

    3. Looks like something Creative Grids. Cannot wait. Must use my phone..laptop needs repair. So I am behind on everything!

  2. It’s going to be something good with a new Grid showing and a pattern to use with the new Grid. How exciting

    1. I’ve loved all the boxes I’ve received, and I’m guessing Harvest Road from the color scheme and the perfect 5 ruler…

      1. I think the creative grid mini diamond for Royalty part of clue.Love the surprise element.

  3. That ruler is a dead ringer for the perfect 5 ruler! Even though I already have one, I’d love a spare! I’m also thinking charm packs to go with it. And “royalty”? I’m guessing Laundry Basket Quilts Royal Blue.

    1. Looking at people’s suggestions, the royal moda mix best matches the colors. Definitely guessing the perfect 5ruler as well.

      1. It might be a ruler or a diamond template. It could also be something that is not yet on the site. Whatever it is it will be nice and we get it first. We already Rule.😇

  4. I just bought the perfect 5 ruler to go with the book I had ordered awhile ago from FQS so I’m hoping its a different ruler but I’m guessing its not since they have the perfect 5 quilt a long going on but that’s my luck lol,,,I love my boxes anyway

    1. Harvest riad charm packs! Not just one but 2 packs. Love the colors and patterns. Perfect 5 ruler by Its Sew Emma. Beautiful Blue auriful thread. Not sure exactly of the functionality of the magnet sewing machine minder. Need more info about that. Thanks again FQS.

  5. I am guessing a creative grids ruler, and some pre cut Christmas fabric. A quilters journal the new thread cutter ring.

  6. Harvest Road by Lella Boutique based on the colour scheme. I wonder what the ruler will be?

    1. The perfect five ruler? I don’t care. I always love my box that I get every month. Just so excited. Can’t wait to get it. I know it will be awesome!!

  7. Maybe King’s Dash with some fabric from Ruby Star Society? or Golden rod with fabric from One Canoe….It sure looks like a perfect 5 ruler, but it’s never that easy. Looking forward to seeing how wrong I am 🙂

  8. In a perfect world my guess is Royal Blue by Laundry Basket Quilts for Andover Fabrics and Creative Grids Perfect 5 ruler?

    1. Wheeee! I want to “Rule” my sewing kingdom. >I hope it’s the creative grids perfect 5 ruler!! 🙂

  9. Happy Friday, everyone!

    It is fun to read everyone’s guesses!

    Fabric: Harvest Road (Lella Boutique) or the Royal Moda Mix curated by FQS which includes several Harvest Road patterns. Notions: A new FQS designed Creative Grids ruler or the CG navy cutting mat and lastly, the QuickPress Seam Roller by Lori Holt (check out the green and blue packaging). Thank you, FQS team for putting together another little box of quilty goodness for us! 😊

  10. I’m SEW Happy for anything! I can’t have too many rulers. I love love the SS Boxes. Christmas came early! Just received the Jolly Box today it was awesome!

    1. I received my Jolly Box yesterday, too! I love everything!

      Another awesome job by Kimberly & Kevin and the FQS team! Thank you!

  11. If we receive harvest road or the royal Moda mix and the perfect 5 ruler I will be over the top ecstatic! That would be absolutely perfect!!!! All these clues and ideas are awesome and I’m now excited and anxiously awaiting. This would be my kind of box and interest 👍

    1. Ok. Anyone receive their sew sampler yet? Just curious – has anyone been right? Bahahahaha. I don’t evernseem to know when mine is coming? Only clue i seem to get is when my bank account has been deducted that it’s on it’s way. Which it has been deducted. So hopefully soon. But not today

  12. I’m seeing that people have already received their jolly boxes,I have been waiting for it to come out as I received the email for the Spooky box after it was already sold out and now I have missed the jolly box as I haven’t seen an email for it yet and I love both boxes last year so was looking forward to them again this year,,,,I’m so sad lol

    1. Same here. I checked the site twice a day all October. I didn’t see anything unti!
      Until it was sold out. Sucks

      1. Join the Facebook page for the sew sampler swap, someone always posts there when these boxes are up for sale. Much more reliable then the emails.

  13. I am hoping for the 5″ ruler. Could it be the Royal Blue collection in a charm pack. Anything I receive is fantastic. Kimberly and the staff do a wonderful job keeping us guessing. Keep up the great job. I loved the Jolly Box.

  14. I’m thinking some beautiful fabric with gold highlights. I’d love it as I always love everything you include in the sew sampler boxes. It’s such a great value to.

    1. Agree about last 2 boxes (I am international customer and when you add exchange and shipping they were VERY Expensive). Hopefully this one is MUCH better or maybe I will cancel.

  15. Can’t wait for my box to get here.i hope it’s the new 5″ grid ruler. Even though I have one already I have 2 homes and don’t haul things from MI to FL.

  16. If its the perfect 5 I’m going to do a flip! So sad I missed the Jolly Box, it wasn’t up 24 hours and sold out. boo

  17. It looks like we’re getting some kind of ruler….and I hope the fabric will be “Harvest Road” by Lella Boutique. Fingers crossed!!

  18. I hope it’s the perfect 5 ruler, which I haven’t ordered yet even though I have both 5 & 10 books and the 10 ruler. Anything will be awesome I’m sure. Royal blue by LBQ would be my guess – such a pretty line!

  19. Whatever it is it will be great! Have loved every one of my boxes and I share with my friends.

  20. Usually, a designer is announced in the sneak peek… maybe I’m not seeing correctly. Royalty rules and is often designated with Purple. The design above reminds me of a Creative Grid ruler. So! Whatever it IS, will be wonderful. I love the surprises each time.

  21. Every time I have guessed I have been way off. Also disappointed about the Jolly box. Never saw an email. Was looking forward to it. Loved my Halloween box. Love all the other boxes I have gotten.

  22. Must be a ruler. Maybe some gold thread? Some majestic snow fabric, or royal blue? A nativity pattern, or wise men pattern! Magi gold, frankincense, and Myrrh. Ornaments fabric?

  23. Thinking perhaps a Creative Grid Ruler and possibly by the “color” that was shown…maybe the line by “Lella?” Either way…I know it’s always something awesome! 🙂

  24. I received my 1st box last month and I love the Kona fabric calendar with 12 free PDF quilt downloads. Off to a good start.

    1. Its got to be the New Tula Pink fabric “Homemade”.
      The ruler is part of her new collection.

  25. Maybe some quilting pins (sewing machine, bobbins etc), Lori Holt fat quarters, beautiful buttons, triangles in a roll.

    I love my first Jolly box, thanks

  26. It appears that there is no longer a waitlist for the Sew Sampler subscription! For those waiting for a slot to open: run, do not walk – sign up now!

  27. I am never disappointed in what the boxes reveal. For the end of fall, maybe royal blue fabric, golden thread, a 5″ grid ruler and a pattern for a table runner? Thanks so much for all you do!

  28. I absolutely loved the last 2 boxes. Hard to believe anyone would see them as duds. I just ordered the finishing kit for the banana leaf quilt. I’ve been getting these SS boxes since mid 2017. Since then, only 2 boxes I didn’t love, (mostly the pattern (, but was still a great deal filled with lots of beautiful fabric and plenty of other things to please. Sitting on pins and needles waiting for this months box.

  29. I hope it’s a Creative Grids ruler! I am trying to build my supply of different sixes! I can’t wait to get my November box. I loved the Jolly Box for sure!

  30. I think a big clue is that the ruler shows 5″x5″. I bet it’s charm packs! I think probably Harvest Road.

  31. I’m hoping for a ruler holder. I am fairly new at quilting and don’t have a ruler stand yet. I used last box’s fat eights fabric and used the apple crisp pattern (the one from few boxes ago) to quilt my son a quilt. Turned out really well, worked out perfect, since the apple crisp pattern required fat eights too. I didn’t care for the banana leaves pattern…..

  32. Hmmm, how about Autumn Love Riley Blake by Lori Holt & the perfect five square ruler. I love my suprises. This will be my 3rd box.

    1. I’ve done similar. I didn’t care for the farm to market wall hanging previously but just made a beautiful tote bag with the material and the star pattern. I also used the material and pattern for the Avondale? Tote bag to make a pillow for my sewing chair. I love my Sew Sampler regardless of whether or not I like everything in it each month, though I usually do. I find a use for it all.

  33. I would love the perfect 5 ruler. Not sure if it would be in the box with so many doing the perfect 5 sew along. Just my thought. I love my monthly sew sampler box!

  34. when is this coming out as I have yet to receive an email about this month’s sampler box. Looking back its normally about this time of month.

  35. Our e-mail may be delayed due to FQS’s transition to their new, upgraded website. They are still working through issues and functions that are not working properly. I work in IT…this is a major undertaking!

    We just need to be patient. At least we know we will be getting a new Sew Sampler Box soon! 😊

  36. It just occurred to me, maybe it is ruler work to see together the quilt. One of those fancy attachments…….that would be cool and we would be ruling.

  37. This is my 1st box and I’m so excited! My sister in law started getting them a year ago. They are a gift from her daughter. I finally just signed up myself. Looking forward to getting new ideas and making new friends

  38. I received my box today (I’m in Austin). I will not spoil the surprise to all of you; however, some of you are very good guessers or maybe deducers is more apt.

    I am very happy with the box and hope you all are as well.

  39. It’s my first Sew Sampler Box and I received it this morning. I was anxiously waiting for it and I love it. Super nice quality items. Thanks!

  40. Thank you, Sara and Janice H. for not sharing the contents of this month’s Sew Sampler! Glad that you are both happy with the contents.

    I am in Virginia; my box is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow!! I cannot wait!! 😊

  41. I just got my box. I was surprised that it came so fast!!!!! I absolutely love every bit of it! The —- is fantastic and the —–, oh my the ——-! And everything else in the box was terrific!!!!! I’m just jumping for joy!

  42. Best box ever! I am so thrilled with everything in the November box. I’ve had my eye on this fabric line to make a quilt for the hubby. Thank you FQS!

  43. Harvest riad charm packs! Not just one but 2 packs. Love the colors and patterns. Perfect 5 ruler by Its Sew Emma. Beautiful Blue auriful thread. Not sure exactly of the functionality of the magnet sewing machine minder. Need more info about that. Thanks again FQS.

  44. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! the past couple of boxes have been so so for me but this one is my jam. I’m so excited for this project. Beautiful choice. Way to go FQS!!! Thank you!!! Now off to my Janome 😃

  45. I received my Sew Sampler Box today! I love everything! Thank you FQS for listening to us regarding what we would love to receive in the box. The dark gray blue color is gorgeous!

    Thank you, Kimberly and Kevin & FQS crew!!! 😊

  46. So happy to receive this month’s Sew Sampler Box. Fabric is my favorite line released this year, and I’m delighted with the pattern, too. Thanks for everything in the box!

  47. Got my first box. For me it is so so. While I like the Perfect 5 ruler and the two Harvest Road charm packs I was expecting a little more for the money.Not sure what the magnet minder is about and I hope one small roll of thread is enough to do this quilt after the holidays. Anyone know what the Magnet Minder is about? Is it just that, a Magnet? However, I will give it another months try.

    1. Carol, I haven’t received my box yet. Did you look up the cost of each item? Usually, the box items if purchased individually are more than what we paid for the box. I have always found them good value for what we pay…and I pay in Canadian dollars!