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Sew Sampler Box June 2021 Sneak Peek!

Unfortunately, we do not have an update on the delay of your May Sew Sampler box. Rest assured that we are tracking the missing item daily and we will get it sent out to you as soon as possible. Until then, we wanted to give you something else to look forward to, the June box! Today we are giving you a Sneak Peek from the photoshoot. This quilt is stunning and we know you’re going to love it.

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The Sew Sampler Box is at capacity and we are not accepting any new memberships at this time. You may join the waiting list to be notified when openings become available.

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  1. I love the Christmas holidays the best, so many possibilities, so many things to make: tree skirts, stockings, calendars with special things inside, ornaments, and the list goes on……

  2. Foundation paper? Triangles On a Roll? Flying Geese, Square in a Square? What ever it is, IT WILL BE WONDERFUL!!!

  3. I’m terrible at guessing, but really good at being excited—no matter whether the boxes come on time or late, they are so much fun

    1. I love your response! “really good at being excited” Me too! I will enjoy being excited alongside you!

  4. I’m hoping for Strawberries and Rhubarb fabric. Quilt looks like it will be great no matter the fabric.

  5. It’s hard to pick a favorite… who doesn’t love holidays!!
    But the carrot table runner looks fun, so I’m picking Easter.

    1. Maybe a Bear Claw or Ohio Star block in some gorgeous summer fabric line. (I really have no idea. Wishful thinking on my part.)

  6. Christmas is my favorite holiday- it was always a special day spent with family- great memories! Pat has done it again- I love her books

  7. Fantastic! Thanks so much Kimberly and FQS Team! We all love surprises, and without a doubt the quilt projects in our Sampler boxes will be beautiful! Roxy in Hudson, WI

  8. All I see is a turquoise square. 🙀. What am I missing! Just looking forward to getting the box.

    1. Well, I must be missing it, too!! Don’t know where they’re all getting these ideas 🙂 haha

      1. I clicked on the finishing kit and got a link to Eric Charles hungry caterpillar 🐛?

        1. What link did you use? I clicked on the finishing kit link from the email but there was nothing except the “coming soon finishing kit”. Nothing about the fabric line, fabric company, creator and certainly nothing to indicate it’s that caterpillar line.

  9. I only see the turquoise square over a quilt as well. I see nothing resembling Christmas. I must be missing something as well.

  10. It will be wonderful whatever it is and whenever it ships. Thanks so much for keeping us in the loop. Any box is worth the wait.

    1. I think Christmas comments may pertain to another part of the blog—Pat Sloan’s holiday book tour.

  11. It looks like there are many square in a square blocks. I can use the practice on those! Will it be for a holiday or are you just showing Pat Sloan’s book too? I like Easter best because of all the pastels and knowing spring and warmer weather is right around the corner.

  12. I’m thinking Spring Chicken or Sophie….
    (And the Pat Sloan Holiday book is an entirely separate post on the blog 😉)

  13. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Although we should give our thanks everyday, this day brings family and friends together and share what they are thankful for.

  14. Love my Sew Sampler!!!!! As far as being late. NO PROBLEM! THINGS HAPPEN! I’m behind on my projects anyways so not a big deal. Lol. Thank you for all that you all do.

  15. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, because it’s not so commercial more family oriented!

  16. The quilt patterns looks like it will be beautiful. Love the triple lined border..what a great idea….Frames it in a fun way. Always love blocks on point. Can’t wait to see the fabric.

  17. Can’t wait! I know I will LOVE it! But, please don’t worry about something you have no control over. You all do the best you can, always! I have been impressed and I love Fat Quarter Shop.

  18. Has to be Christmas love everything about it. Love that twisted inner border it would be great on so many quilts, love that this comp. is open to international so many aren’t lately.I do understand but it is still always disappointing.

  19. I’m so excited to start another Sew Sampler box project. I have had my Starflower quilt finished for a few weeks now. Thanks FQS!

  20. I’m confused! I’m seeing a green square with the faintest design of a quilt behind it. ??

  21. Cottage Bleu, by any chance? Has a fair amount of turquoise in it. Love that line, and already planning to make two of Robin Pickens’ quilt patterns… but certainly wouldn’t object to a third 😊. Whatever it is, I can guarantee I’ll enjoy it. As for the May box, well, I’m sure nobody will be happier than FQS when all of the industry’s shipping delays are behind us!

  22. I’m hoping for more foundation or triangle on a roll projects… never did them until I subscribed and now I am hooked!

  23. I have never guessed correctly once, but am always excited about getting the monthly “treat”! The anticipation for the delayed May box is about killing me! LOL!!

  24. The June Sneak Peek I believe is the Barn Dance Quilt….it looks really fun to make. Can’t wait!!

  25. Oh WOW! Looks like it will be fun. I am always happy with all the fun goodies in Sew Sampler. Thank you FQS 😊

  26. I can barely see the quilt but am guessing it will be something great in the newer lines of fabric. I haven’t missed the May box since I’m behind on other projects. It will be fun to have two boxes this month but what if the May boxes never arrive? Will we be refunded?

  27. So pretty, looks like holiday one with red white blue with pretty print or Christmas red and green , maybe Lella Boutique. Triangle paper with appliqué

  28. Cant wait to see my first sampler boxes , hoping they come before my Birthday end month !!

  29. Oh, I do see a quilt in the back ground It is beautiful and the garden gate makes it so beautiful. |And looks like some square in a square. Im excited and it will be so fun.

  30. I can just barely see its partially like a a sq in a sq. Maybe Snowed In by Heather Peterson?

  31. If I open the box and see Garden Life by Tilda Fabrics – someone may find me laying by the side of the road by my mailbox! I will pass out from my excitement. But no matter what is in that box I will be happy!

  32. Love the Box. I actually make these projects. Many are gifts from Grandma to one of my 9 Grandchildren. I try to complete each project before the next box arrives. Thank goodness for the delay. !

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