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Sew Sampler Box July 2021 Sneak Peek + NEW Limited Edition Box!

Shipping Update (7/21/21):

Hello Everyone, We wanted to give you a heads up regarding your July 2021 Sew Sampler box, which we sent an email about. One of our vendors is having significant shipping delays, so all July boxes will be delayed.

You will not be billed until we are ready to ship out the boxes. We estimate that the boxes will not be ready to ship out until late July to early August.

We apologize for the delays. Please know that this is completely out of our hands, and we have been working with our vendors to get items as quickly as possible! Manufacturing and shipping have been a major challenge for most companies throughout 2020. Things have gotten worse recently and are affecting shipments in 2021. We thank you for your patience as we work through these hurdles!

**Please note – the above notice was emailed to Sew Sampler box members. If you do not receive email updates from Fat Quarter Shop and would like to be notified by email of shipping delays, please contact Customer Service at to be added to the email list for this club. Thank you!

We hope everyone had a safe and relaxing 4th of July! We are here to ‘spark’ your curiosity about the upcoming July Sew Sampler box! It’s time to give you a glimpse of what’s to come and it’s a BIG one! Each July Sew Sampler box will come with one of our favorite sewing notions….an Olfa Endurance 45mm blade! This has been a customer favorite for some time now and it packs quite the value (over $13 each).

Now, who’s excited about this box?

If you are not yet subscribed, and want to join, do so very soon because membership is now OPEN!

Last week we announced the launch of our latest Limited Edition Box, The Liberty Box! This patriotic box is packed full of new, exclusive never-before-seen items you won’t want to miss. Quantities are limited so pre-order your box today. They will ship end of the month. Learn more here.

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  1. Christmas Morning by Lella Boutique? Fingers crossed for some Christmas in July!

    1. Will love the blade, but some Christmas morning would be great! Let’s keep wishing

    1. Hi B. Lee, we appreciate your patience! We are working with our vendors to ensure we have all the best items in our Sew Sampler Boxes. As of now, we do not have an official send-out date due to a delayed supply chain. When the June box is ready for shipment you will receive an email from FQS.

      I hope this helped!

      1. I can’t believe the Liberty Box hasn’t sold out, yet! The limited Edition boxes are always amazing!! So excited for this year’s!!

  2. Can definitely use the Olfa endurance blade. Maybe some Christmas fabric for Christmas in July.

  3. I’m definitely thinking Christmas Morning by Lella Boutique. It’s such a beautiful line, in my opinion. We can’t have enough blades for our rotary cutters, and the Olfa endurance blades are the absolute best!

  4. It says “spark” our curiosity…… I’m not sure about Christmas Fabric?? I’d say Love Spark – since love notes fabric is coming soon?????

  5. Love them all. Good things come to those who wait. Love getting new blades. Thank you!

  6. This looks exciting for the month of July! I always get excited when my box comes!

  7. There is fabric on the FQS website called “Spark by Melody Miller for Ruby Star Society” so maybe that is what we will get!! Excited for the rotary blade also!!

  8. Could be Curiouser & Curiouser by Tula Pink. LOVE, LOVE the rotary blade!!!!

  9. Love my endurance blades…can’t wait to get another one! It’s great that we’re getting a sneak peek of the July box and we just received May and are still waiting on June. It’s so unfortunate that shipping issues have caused you so many problems.

    1. On July 9 we started billing and shipping the June box. It’s on it’s way now. We don’t anticipate any delays with the July box at this time.

  10. Thank you all once again! We know the June box will be well worth the wait. Thank you for the wonderful fabrics and pattern in the May box! And now Liberty too!!! Yay. You guys are still the best.

  11. I love the Endurance blade by Olfa! Thanks for giving a new one I can’t think of what else will be in it except maybe some sparkly fabric? Thanks for all the work and support

  12. A quilter can never have to many blades. I LOVE it. The red makes me think that it is going to be Christmas related. I too hope it is Christmas Morning. I LOVE that collection. Thank you FQS for all that you do for us. I appreciate you!!!!

  13. mayhap something to do with Spark by Ruby Star Society? love the endurance blade, they are so worth spending extra for.

  14. I really need a new blade. The endurance one will be a big blessing. I hope it gets here before august.

  15. And it is about time for me to change blades, isn’t the timing just wonderful.Awesome…

    1. I agree that it is Christmas Morning by Lella Boutique. I love getting my box every month (or whenever after manufacturing delays). It always feels like Christmas morning when I was a child.

  16. Sew Sampler boxes keep getting better and better! Just when I thought they couldn’t beat last month, they do it again! Sew excited! Can’t wait!!

  17. Can’t wait to try the new blade. I am still working on my maple leave quilt. Will show it when I get done. Love the fabric!!

  18. I haven’t tried the Endurance blade, so I’m looking forward to that item. I didn’t purchase the Liberty Box because I found it hard to spend $50 without having some idea of the box contents.

  19. I love it when the sew sampler box contains something that I have to keep rebuying.

  20. Love those blades– only ones I buy now. I’m hoping it’s Spark Metallic from Ruby Star!

  21. I love endurance blades and I’m hoping we get two boxes in one month

  22. This is so awesome! Love these blades!! Looking forward to seeing what else is in store for us. Thank you Fat Quarter Shop!!

  23. Well July is here, what do you want them to do? Skip July while we wait for June? I’m glad you’re not running this rude.

  24. I love the blade and I’m wondering if the fabric is something sparkly or related to 4th of July. Maybe it’s Cozy Christmas sparkle fabric? Anyway I can’t wait to find out

  25. I really like the endurance blade. Curious about the rest, but the sneak peek brings a smile.

  26. I don’t think it will be Christmas because there is a special Christmas box you can buy later. FQS hasn’t included Christmas in the past. Spark would be great! I’m cool with waiting – I’m about four projects behind anyway. I love getting the SSB, even if I can’t use everything!

  27. You know – that gray and white stripe looks a lot like Sherri and Chelsee Happy Days, which would be great!

  28. I would’ve never tried an Endurance blade if it wasn’t for the Sew Sampler box… & now I will never use any other blade! Thank you 😉

  29. The June box is billing today so it will ship soon. We don’t anticipate any delays on the July box at this point 🙂

  30. I think it’s Christmas Morning by Lella Boutique! The stripe matches! I will love it if it is!!

  31. I want to turn my finished Lori Holt cross stitch into a little quilt to display it but I can’t find a site to help me, like a tutorial. This is probably not the site to ask, but can you help me?

  32. Loved my May box. It was worth the wait. Like Christmas morning. Thanks FQS for such great surprises.

  33. Yipppeeee! A new blade! And something sparkly! Maybe!
    I am seeing a lot of comments about Christmas but I don’t remember ever getting Christmas fabric since I started, about 3 years ago. May be a first though. Whatever it is, I’ll be happy to see it.

  34. wondering about Lori Holt “Stitch” fabric line. It is released in July. Christmas Morning isn’t released until August. Either would be nice. Sooooo disappointed in July box. I have written, and begged them for over 6 months to please do Kitty Korn. July is a big, big bomb for me. I did like the heat resistant item. Hope you enjoy your June box. Hopefully the July box will be full of a spark of excitement.

    1. Hi Jan, I am sorry to hear you are unhappy with your box and we appreciate your feedback. I suggest you take the survey provided after you have received your box or reach out to our customer service team via email or phone. I hope you have a great day!

  35. The June box was terrific!! I liked all the items and now I am looking forward to the July box with all its fun quilting goodies. Great job FQS! 🙂