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Sew Sampler Box January 2022 Sneak Peek!

January Sneak Peek Header

Shipping Updates:

Rest assured we are working hard to release the November and December Sew Sampler boxes to you as quickly as possible. As always, the following information is subject to change but we have high hopes.

You will not be billed until we are ready to ship out the boxes. We are currently estimating that:

  • The November box could ship by the end of January.
  • The December box will not be ready to ship out until mid-February.
  • The January box will be delayed but unsure dates at this time. 

We apologize for the delays. Please know that this is completely out of our hands and we have been working with our vendors to get items as quickly as possible! Manufacturing and shipping have been a major challenge for most companies since 2020, and continue to affect shipments now.

Stay tuned for updates and we thank you for your support and patience! 

Happy New Year everyone!!! A spoiler of the January box would be a great way to kick off the year. Please enjoy an exclusive Sneak Peek of our quilt photo shoot. Isn’t she lovely? We just had to be a little dramatic and remove all the color from this photo. Don’t want to give away too much! 
Any ideas on what fabric collection is featured? 

Black and White Close Up Photo

If you are not yet subscribed and want to join, do so very SOON as our membership is close to being at capacity.

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  1. Beautiful Day by Corey Yoder or maybe One Fine Day by Bonnie & Camille. Thanks for the Sneak Peak and update on the boxes.

  2. So exciting! I’m missing my boxes😢 It’s like Christmas every month ❤️ Now I’ll have more to look forward to❤️ Can’t wait!!!!

  3. I can wait for any month! I miss the boxes myself! Understand nothing can be done, nobody’s fault! Love you guys and willing to wait!

  4. Thanks for the updates. I’ve been trying to catch up while we’re on a “lull”. Always excited for my boxes. Y’all are awesome 😍🤩🥰

  5. It’s beautiful day by Corey Yoder. I love this fabric. Great choice Kimberly and well worth the wait.

  6. I’m sure everyone has guessed the collection by now, Beautiful Day! Love it! I’m using this time between Sew Sampler boxes to get some UFOs completed. When my next box comes, I’ll be ready. I can’t remember what the November and December hints were! 🤪

  7. The boxes are always a treat no matter when they arrive. Thank you for the update and staying positive during these crazy times.

  8. I know you are doing your best in these challenging times. Getting my little blue box every month has always been a highlight each month. This delay makes me appreciate you all the more and how much I look forward to all my little treats each month.

  9. It’s going to be a good day in the neighborhood when those boxes finally arrive. Can’t wait.

  10. When the Sew Sampler membership opened again, I debated about joining up. After getting the Liberty Box with all the nice fabric and notions in it, I decided to try the monthly club. I can’t wait until the December box finally comes and the January box sounds incredible, especially if the fabric is from Beautiful Day which reminds me of the Shine on fabric that was used in the quilt kit that was featured in the Bonnie and Camille Quilt Bee book. You do such a great job at FQS that I know I won’t be disappointed.

  11. I agree with Marcia – trying to play catch up during the “lull” knowing it will not last forever. Making the best use of my time but always thinking about what will be in those exciting little blue boxes! HAHAHAHA!!! I think the Jan. will be Beautiful Day as well. Always love whatever comes.

  12. What if you don’t want the November or Dec box whats the point now . I want to keep sew sampler but don’t want boxes that should of been here months ago, and yes I know its because of supplier issues, but the boxes could of been ship without and sent in another box..

    1. What do you mean by “what’s the point”? These aren’t necessarily month specific. If there is a Holiday print then just use it for next year. So you would rather “have” received a box that wasn’t complete than wait for all the contents? It wouldn’t be cost effective for them to ship out an incomplete box and then have to turn around and ship out the late items. You say you understand about the supply issue but I really don’t think you do. Or you don’t want to. You can always cancel your subscription if you aren’t happy.

  13. I have missed my little blue boxes so much, it’s a present for me once a month. Hope to see one in the mail box soon. I know you are working hard for all of us I just want to say thank you. Dara Gillespie

  14. I can’t wait until that blue box appears in my mailbox! It is always a wonderful treat.

  15. I’m very excited for January box. I think everyone is right about Beautiful Day by Corey Yoder! Can’t wait for November and December boxes. I appreciate all you do. Thanks so much.

  16. Happy New Year Kimberly, Kevin and the FQS employees. Thank you for the update on the SS boxes. I understand things are out of your hands and you are doing the best you can. Thank you for all you do.

  17. Thank you for keeping us updated. So looking forward to the boxes—especially during the winter to beat the doldrums

  18. Thank you for the update on the shipping delays for the November & December 2021 Sew Sampler Boxes. I appreciate you and your staff for all your efforts during this issue. I will wait patiently for the shipments to arrive. Oh, I love the sneak peak for the January 2022 Sew Sampler Box! I hope that you, your family and staff have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Looking forward to your 2022 Stitch & Sew projects!

  19. Thank you for the updates! I have plenty of FQS projects to keep me busy until the boxes are ready to ship. I never can guess what the hint is, so I’ll just leave that to the others who are good at guessing. They are usually right. I love my little boxes when they arrive. They are so fun to open and see what’s inside.

  20. I can’t wait for ALL the boxes that are behind! I just hope they don’t all arrive on the same day…my mail carrier will be overwhelmed!!! LOL!!!

  21. Thanks for the good sneaks. I don’t mind waiting as long as I have some idea about what the fabric will be. I think it is the anticipation that makes it fun! And let’s be honest… I still have several projects from last year’s boxes to keep me busy.

  22. Beautiful Day is my guess! Looking forward to receiving the boxes when they are available. Thank you Fat Quarter Shop for your diligence in keeping subscribers updated.

  23. Thanks for the update. I really enjoy these box’s. Each time, I get something I would have never purchased because I didn’t know the need..