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Sew Sampler Box January 2020 Sneak Peek!

It takes a bit of ‘flour’ to whip up something deliciously sweet! No we didn’t actually include flour in your January box but it is the only hint we are giving you this month. Any ideas? Comment on this blog and let us know.

If you are not yet subscribed, and want to join, currently our membership is at capacity but we have started a waitlist for Sew Sampler Box. Sign up to be notified if space in this club becomes available.

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    1. Agree. So excited if we get this collection. I just love the colors and the background in the picture is the same teal as in the collection

  1. I’m guessing, Flour Garden by Linzee McGray, and I’m also hoping for the cute, bendable fuzzy stick duster to be included.

  2. I’m not sure but I have only received 2 monthly boxes so far and I loved them both so I’m sure I’m gonna love this months box as well.

  3. I say it is Flour Garden. I ordered and just got the Prairie Queen quilt kit and the fabric is beautiful. I love the blue and teal colors.

  4. I hope it us flour garden! That is on my wish list!
    Of course, I am still waiting for my December box! They said it is on its way…likely stuck at Canadian customs!
    Sure wish International boxes could be sent earlier!

    1. I agree it would be wonderful to get ours around the same time everyone else is :-). Would you post when you get yours on the reveal page and I’ll do the same?

      1. Jenn, January 10….still waiting, but I did get my Vintage Christmas book today, sent at same time, so there is hope that the sew sampler box isn’t too far behind!

    2. January 9, still waiting for December box 😟
      Can boxes not be mailed earlier for international al customers?
      Not only are we never surprised, usually finishing kits are gone!

  5. Im so excited! This will be my first box!! I was thrilled to get my notice that spots opened up. Yay! Flour Sacks or Flour Garden are both lovely collections. I’ll be happy no matter what!

  6. Maybe Summer Sweet or Canning Day if you’re pulling from the ‘coming soon’ choices?….and thinking about the deliciously sweet part…
    maybe just wishful thinking….

  7. Hi Sherrie, Still haven’t gotten December’s box either. Resisting the urge the check to see what is in the box. Love my surprises !

  8. Do you have the new fabric that is infused with the smell of chocolate or brownies?
    Hmm….I am really excited to find out soon.

  9. Do you have the new fabric that is infused with the smell of chocolate or brownies?
    Hmm….I am really excited to find out soon.

    1. Oh my gosh, Teresa! Chocolate scented chocolate – that would be too perfect!! A calorie free treat! 😊

      I agree with everyone who thinks (hopes) that this month’s fabric will be Flour Garden. I look forward to receiving my little box of quilty box goodness every month! Happy mail! 🎁

  10. I believe it is Flour Garden by Linzee McCray or some of the vintage fabric or vintage kitchen pattern by Lori Holt. Either of these beautiful fabrics would make me happy happy happy. Lol. I can’t wait for the January box.

    1. I’m guessing flour sack collection, but then, that might be too obvious! Looking forward to whatever it is!

  11. I’m a brand new subscriber so I really don’t have clue but I’m guessing something to do with bread or cookies?

  12. I too am hoping it’s the Flour Garden fabric. I’m absolutely in love with that line. Can’t wait for my January box!

  13. I think …. Flour Garden by Linzie What a beautiful color coordinated group of fabrics. Hope so ! Been looking at the 1/2 yard bundle group.

  14. I just want you at FQS to know, I have tried other monthly boxes but yours not only is a great price but there is always something I love. Keep up the good work. Been doing it since the 1st box!!!!

  15. I’m thinking it’s Pounce Powder and a quilting stencil. But I sure would settle for Flower Garden fabric.

  16. My guess is quilters flour. Sweet low volume white collection and January is known for white sales. Makes sense to me, and I would LOVE it!

  17. Flower Fabric. I hope there is more in this box than what has been in the last two boxes. The last two where very disappointing.

  18. Or maybe flower sugar by lecien fabrics. Since the clue says you need “flour” to whip up something “sweet.” Whatever is in my blue box – I’m sure I’ll love it.

  19. My guess and I’m really hoping for me and my sisters flour sack 💖 whatever it is I will love it. FQS you always do an amazing job job and I love each and every box! Thank you so much!

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