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Sew Sampler Box January 2019 Sneak Peek!

The start of a New Year means it’s time to give you a ‘sneak peek’ inside a new box! We have to admit we are pretty proud of our January Sew Sampler Box. This box includes a ‘gem’ that has not even been released to the pubic yet! You may have even seen it posted all over social media featured by some big name sewing celebrities!
How ‘sharp’ are you, do you think you know what we included? We’d love to hear what you think, comment on this blog and let us know.

If you are not yet subscribed, and want to join in on the fun, be sure to do so quickly because boxes ship out around January 20th!

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    1. Ruby cutter. Pins and scissors and rotary blades. Maybe different shape rotary blades

      1. It has been quite awhile since we received a seam ripper, and my last one is getting dull. Would not mind a new one thrown in there…especially a red one. A red seam ripper would make me less sad when I need to “unsew” something!

    2. Robin, I am new to this and I don’t quit understand what this sneak peek is.How do I sign up and is there a charge? Can you please give me some understanding. thanks

  1. Someone please correct the typo in paragraph #1, line #3, first word. Thinking you meant it to read public.

    1. Hhaahahaa I didn’t notice it until you pointed it out, but it’s making me giggle too.

  2. Oh, I really hope it is the Ruby Anniversary 45mm Rotary cutter!!
    It has not released yet. Fingers crossed for this month!

  3. I would LOVE the Ruby anniversary cutter! I don’t care what anybody says-you can never have too many rotary cutters 🙂

    1. When my friend was new to quilting she would read the supply list for a class to make she had everything. Besudes fabric, the list alwaysbincluded supplies, such as pins, rotary cutter, etc. She didn’t realize she could “re-use” her rotary cutter. So she bought a new one for every project. She had about 15 before someone clued her in.

  4. Ahhh I just purchased the limited edition store and stash, hoping for the Ruby rotary cutter. Fingers crossed. Whatever it turns out to be I’m positive it will be awesome!!

  5. I am hoping for the anniversary ruby red OLFA limited edition rotary cutter but really am happy for whatever comes in the box.

  6. How exciting! I hope it is the new Olaf ruby red rotary cutter!🥳
    I can’t wait to receive my box and start sewing!
    Thank you Fat Quarter Shop!!

  7. Is it the Ruby rotary cutter, sew and store, or is it the Ruby Aurifil?

    Thanks for the laugh with the typo mentioned by Arrowhead Gramma.

  8. Why is everyone going crazy over the anniversary cutter? I don’t get it. Is it mostly because it’s a limited addition or is there something special about it?

  9. Oh wow it’s the Rubyoltfa rotary cutter. I saw Eleanor Burns using the way she got. Oh how lucky am I

  10. Hoping and crossing my fingers it’s the ruby Olfa. I dont need another cutter, but I’ve been lusting after that one.

  11. Ruby gem fabric precuts and sharp needles are my guess. I have been very wrong every month, but this time maybe I am a bit closer…

  12. I never get these hints. I always have to read other people’s comments and then I get it. LOL. Doesn’t matter. I always enjoy getting my Sew Sampler box. It’s a gift to me every month. Thank you Fat Quarter Shop!

  13. This one is pretty obvious but I’m hoping for more things “ruby” like the stash n store!!

  14. Wow… the Olfa would be fantastic. I was just thinking during a marathon cutting session this afternoon that, as MargeW said, you can’t have too many cutters. But… this will be my third Sew Subscription box, and I’ve been elated with the first two (and the Jolly Box, too), so I’m sure whatever is planned will be fabulous.

    1. Their fabrics won’t be released until this summer, so maybe it IS something from their line !

  15. Me too hoping it is the Olfa Ruby 40th anniversary rotary cutter.. wow that would be fantastic! Whatever it is. FQS has never disappointed.

  16. Oh the Ruby Olfa rotary cutter would be fabulous! I would love to add that to my growing collection of colors! ❤️

  17. I hope it’s not another rotary cutter…there is NOTHING sore niesal about a red rotary cutter.please be more creative.

  18. We already got two rotary cutters in the last six months. How many rotary cutters does one need?

    1. I have bout a dozen. Many times a new cutter cost the same as a blade at some quilt shops so why not buy the cutter?

    2. I agree with you. I have gotten a pink one and a blue one. I don’t even like Olfa cutters because of arthritis in my right hand I have trouble opening and closing the blades.

    3. Just one more. My guitar playing friend uses this excuse to buy a new guitar. LOL

  19. . This box includes a ‘gem’ that has not even been released to the pubic yet!

    This is hilarious! Thanks for the giggle Fat Quarter blog writer. LOL

  20. I’ll really enjoy what ever it is…even though garnet is the January birth stone…rubies are nice too!

  21. Oh I hope it’s not another rotary cutter!! We received 2 this past year and I have more than I can possibly use. I’d love me some ruby fabric however.

  22. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but I just looked job the Ruby cutter. I don’t get the big deal about it. It’s just another color rotary cutter. We just got a pink one.
    My opinion only, which I always say counts for nothing.

  23. OOoh I don’t really have a clue since this will be my first box but, I cannot wait to get it!!! I’m so excited & it can’t get here fast enough 🙂

  24. Ugh! I hope it’s not another rotary cutter. I already have 2 and don’t need another just because it’s a different color. I hope it’s something else.

  25. If it’s the Ruby rotary cutter @18.98 retail that doesn’t leave much for the rest of the box unless fq shop is really splurging on us this month

  26. Personally I would love the Ruby rotary cutter…I’ve been waiting for it to come out to buy it anyway. I have several rotary cutters but I enjoy having more than one. Whatever is in the Sew Sampler I know it will be lovely. December’s Sew Sampler was FABULOUS!! Loved every little thing in there!

  27. Everyone seems pretty set on the Ruby cutter, which would be nice, but I’m going against the grain and guessing the new “So Ruby” fabric line, which I saw in my local shop and thought was darling. Red and white fabric makes sense to me for Valentines!

  28. I’ll hope you’re right, Brooke. Having already received 2 rotary cutters in Sew Sampler boxes in the past few months, I’d prefer something else. Looking forward to it!!

  29. Oh goodness, now I cannot wait for my box!!! I am a red girl all the way!! I sure do hope it’s that Ruby rotary cutter by Olfa…..will be over the moon!!! I am usually so darn happy anyway, but that would really put me over the edge!!

  30. Ask any of my friends and I’ll tell you my favorite color is red. So I will be excited whatever it is

  31. Celebrating 40 years of OLFA! The rotary cutter revolutionized quilting! Would love to have a Ruby 40th Anniversary OLFA! Perfect! Fill the box up FQS! A great start for the NEW YEAR!

  32. It has to be the new Ruby Star Society. The group of designers that left Cotton + Steel. Fat quarter pack?

  33. lots of fun guess on what the special item is… I am liking all of them. the ruby red rotary cutter, the red fabric line, pins and needles- how about even a lovely seam ripper?

  34. Red Olaf cutter (fingers crossed that it’s 60mm), fabric from Ruby Star Society, a cute pattern for a zippered pouch, a couple of cool zippers & a pack of schmetz Chrome microtex needles. Pretty please? With sugar on top!

  35. I’m seeing everyone is so excited about this rotary cutter. I’m curious if it has some special feature. I must say, I’ve only received boxes for about 6 months but have already gotten 2 rotary cutter so I’m hopeful it is a different tool.

    1. Me too. I have lots of rotary cutters and don’t really need another. Hopefully something different.

  36. The box really isn’t about it’s contents! It’s about returning us to our childhood waiting with anticipation for our SURPRISE!!! Thank you Fat Quarters for helping me to ANTICIPATE………

  37. I have seen new colors for rotary cutters…Ruby red is a great color for people born in January…

  38. I would love getting a ruby cutter or anything else ruby, it is such a beautiful color. Will enjoy it all.

  39. Ruby Red 40th Anniversary 45mm Rotary Cutter, Ruby Star Society fabric (formerly Cotton & Steel), and gem-tipped needles?

  40. I immediately thought it was going to be some of the new line from the fabulous ladies at Ruby Star Society, but not sure after reading everyone’s comments. Now I am really excited to see what is in the box.

  41. I would get it is a sneak peek fabric bundle from Ruby Star Society. But the cutter would be nice too.

  42. Ok, my guesses that it might be ruby red cutter YAYYYY, Handmade thread Gem, yayyyy (thinking hand binding) best press spray star gem setgift bag? Mini gem…fabric? I don’t know but there are some guesses. I know I always love what ever you all put together!! So I’m sure it will be A GEM OF A BOX LIKE ALWAYS💎🔻♦️

  43. This is exciting < could it be a pair of scissors ?? Red pins ?? I guess we will have to wait and see !!

  44. Well, that marketing tool worked well. I had never even considered getting one of those sampler boxes! But, I just Subscribed! 🙂

  45. I’m new to the Sew Sampler box this will be my first my guess would be Ruby material to make something for Valentines day?????????????

  46. Love the surprises in the boxes every month, my guess is Blake Riley fabric “Ruby” .

  47. I am wondering if it is the “Gemstone” fabric collection for Whistler Studios for Windham Fabrics! Oh, the suspense!

  48. When my box comes, I tell my husband it is like a Bark Box for the dog. I then get excited and pant.

  49. My very first box! I’m really pumped! It’ll give me one more excuse to hide out in the sewing room, like I really need one.

  50. The new Ruby rotary cutter celebrating their 40th anniversary. One was given to Eleanor Burns at the last Quilt Market. She shared it with her followers.

  51. Okay, I was starting to think it might be fabric from Ruby Star Society, since that hasn’t been released yet. But the word “sharp” caught my eye. I’m going back to my original guess of the Ruby Olfa Cutter, and I’m perfectly okay with that!

  52. Every time I play this game at home I agree with the majority and we end up wrong, lol. I’m thinking outside the sew sampler box this time… Little Snippets (they’re sharp aren’t they? and not released yet, unlike the red olfa cutter) and the fabric has some ruby in it…

  53. I agree with some of the comments- Ruby rotary cutter. I also think it will be Ruby red and white fabrics.

  54. I received my box today and I LOVE everything in it. This is a great box! The finishing fabric is not in yet but I signed up to be notified when it is. Enjoy everyone! Thank you Kim for another wonderful box.

    1. Janice, where did you find it on the site to be notified? I searched and couldn’t find the finishing kit. Is it a kit, or just the yardage?

  55. Well i can say this is the frist time in almost 2 years that i liked everthing in the box.& glad that i got another rotary cutter since i think mine fell in trash can & i did know it till after trash went. I guess im gonna pay closer attention to that from now on.

  56. Thank you for the January 2019 sampler box! The Ruby 40th anniversary Olaf rotary cutter is the top prize. My next favorite is the hummingbird needle threader with cutter. So cute! The Sew Mate wall hanging patter and fabric are fabulous. The note pad is great and I can not forget the spool charm. And barn block pattern. THANK YOU for a great box. Just like Christmas all over again!

  57. Well color me happy! Since people have already leaked spoilers, let me say that’s the prettiest rotary cutter I’ve ever seen. Like a metallic, candy apple red sports car. I love it! I have rotary cutters everywhere so I always have one within reach no matter what room I’m in. I also LOVE the fabric and the pattern. Very sweet. Thank you FQS!

  58. It’s lovely!!! I can’t wait to complete this project. I hope everyone likes it as much as I do! Thank you!!! 🥰🧵

  59. I absolutely LOVE LOVE this box!! I can’t wait to open everything up and pour over it all!!

  60. This box is incredible! I cant say enough about it. It’s just a perfect balance of fabric, patterns,and notions! Thank you FQS

  61. I was sure hoping mine was in The mail today….probably customs officers enjoying my goodies! Excited to fondle my first surprise (well I guess not a big surprise anymore)!