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Sew Sampler Box February 2021 Sneak Peek!

What is your favorite color? Perhaps it’s Bermuda or maybe it’s French Blue. You actually don’t have to pick because we have included them ALL inside your February Sew Sampler Box!

Get ready to experience a wide spectrum of colors that’s sure to spark your imagination and ignite your creativity.

If you are not yet subscribed, and want to join, currently our membership is at capacity but we have started a waitlist for Sew Sampler Box. Sign up to be notified if space in this club becomes available.

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  1. I *think* (🤣) it looks like the Moda panel. I bought one panel for masks and bags, and I just bought the kit with another panel to make a wall hanging😂😂. It’ll be interesting to see what the project is.

  2. Oh boy! Nothing like fun in a little aqua box each month. Excited to see what the project is.

  3. I don’t understand…why would I want a panel of Moda colors??? A precut with the colors I could understand.

  4. Those are moda bella solid colors. So a moda panel or maybe a charm pack of solid colors. I would love either.

    1. I totally agree, I’m not sure what I wound do with the panel. I’m just not attracted to it.

  5. Oh, I hope it’s the panel! I was getting ready to order that for my sewing room wall. Now I’ll need to wait and see!!

  6. I’m in the “hope it’s not the panel” group…’ll be my second box and I’m still trying to figure out how to use a honey bun….and the panel from the Cupid Box….had high hopes for these boxes….

    1. I’m working on the Cupid wall hanging from the Cupid Box….directions are included 💕

    1. I know directions are there but I’m not loving it….upside down bows and hearts…. I’ll use it some other way.

  7. Awesome!! I “sew” wanted this fabric… I cannot wait to see what the project is!!

  8. I have been looking at that panel. I hope that is what we are getting. I do not always do THE project in the box but it often gives me ideas to do other projects. I really look forward to the arrival every month.

  9. I am a 1st time Sew Sampler subscriber and was extremely excited to receive and open my first box a few weeks ago. Thank you FQS for all the great items.
    I’m really looking forward to getting the panel. I nearly bought one last week at my local quilt shop.

    1. We don’t get seasonal items in the Sew Sampler Box because the Fat quarter shop has a dedicated box for those selections that they supply every year. You’re notified by email when they are available. they areThe Jolly, Cupid,Spooky and Liberty boxes.

  10. I’m in the “I hope it’s not this panel” camp – what the heck would I do with that? I don’t follow particular designers or fabric lines, so I don’t see that this would do me much good. A precut bundle, on the other hand, would be lovely 🙂

    1. Me too. It’s the first fabric promoted by FQS that I just do not like. I can’t think of anything at all that I would want to make with it.

  11. Woo hoo! I actually “guessed” this one! I’m so excited—but I have to say, the January box is going to be a hard one to beat! Can’t wait for it to show up in my mailbox!

  12. Oh I love this sneak peek❣️I ordered this but want it for reference when choosing my Bella Solids. Sometimes it is hard to match colors online. Now I will have 2… an extra to sew into one of the cool projects they have been posting on Instagram. Yay💁‍♀️🧵❤️

    1. Suzanne – I heard someone say that because this panel is digitally printed, it is NOT an exact match to the regularly printed fabrics. You’ll need to get a swatch card for exact matches. 😞

      1. Exactly. That’s the problem. It’s not a match and will not help you pick a solid to match a fabric. Ugh

  13. I wanted one of those panels, but hesitated to buy one because I have sew many projects going on. But since one may be sent to me, I will have to start that one too! LOL

  14. I don’t understand the attraction or purpose of the color panel but am eager to receive my 2nd Sew Sampler box.

  15. I’m always happy with my monthly blue box of goodies! When I know it’s coming I can’t wait for the mailman! Woohooo!!!

  16. I hope it’s the Moda color panel. Love all your Sew Sampler boxes, great value and wonderful items.

  17. I’m hoping it’s the Bella solids. You can never have too many solids to compliment all of the pretty patterned fabrics.

    1. I love getting new notions. If there is no pattern I’m ok with that. I need to catch up on projects.

  18. I really dislike the obvious teaser. I’ll “guess” the moda panel. lol Half the fun is the surprise.

  19. I love having a Current Panel for the year! It’s wonderful when you want to select a color to match up to your projects!

  20. My guess would be something to do with the Art Theory collection. It has all of the colors, and the Moda panel is the perfect teaser for it. Either way, I would love it! It’s all about the surprise! 🥰

  21. Yippee! It looks like it’s the panel I was going to purchase!
    So excited! Love your boxes!

  22. I love that teal box each month! If I can’t use the fabric or notions, I gift them to someone else – or stash them until inspiration strikes. I have not wished for the Moda panel, but if it is in the box, I’ll put it on the back of a quilt or make a bag from it.

  23. I think I may have just bought a 1/2 yd. of this or colors very similar. I am going to attach it to a canvas and place a picture my son did when he was a child on top of it. Should look fantastic.

  24. I hope it’s the panel. I appreciate all the hard work FQS does to curate the boxes. There is a page called Sew Sampler Swap if people wanted to sell their box. You can’t make everyone happy, but y’all ALWAYS make me happy. If I didn’t love it I could unsub, so no, I love my fancy surprise every month! FQS rocks!

    1. Where is this page? I just started in January and was not too excited about that box and I have no interest in a moda colors panel as I already have one. It would make me more inclined to stay in the subscriptions if there’s a place to sell or swap items.

  25. My guess is a fabric bundle with Moda Basic blues and greens, and My Favorite Color is Moda yardage, plus an awesome pattern to go with!
    Although that would be great, I really would like something from Corey Yoder’s new line, Spring Brook!

    1. Spring brook is another one of Corey Yoder knocking it’s out of the park! Gorgeous line with beautiful colors. No way we could have too much spring brook 🥰

  26. I have made the last three projects from my boxes. Love them! Hopefully it is the panel with a fun project for it. What a wonderful decoration for our sewing spaces!

  27. I just received the panel because I bought one not knowing, my wife now wants one for her paint/art area…so problem solved. I hope I never order the wrong shade again with this to compare by focus fabrics to