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Sew Sampler Box February 2020 Sneak Peek!

Ready to take a trip to a ‘bucket list destination’ that can only be reached by boat (or in this case box)? We’ve got lots of friends joining us this month as we dive deep into the unknown. Comment on this blog and let us know.

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    1. Did u know there are no cars on Mackinac Island. There are horses and buggies, bicycles or snowmobiles in the winter. It’s a great place to go. And awesome to have a fabric line dedicated to our Island. I love my sew sampler. Thank you FQS for the opportunity to have a special gift for me or someone I love each month.

        1. I have never been to Mackinac Island but it was my first guess. Hope it is right but I will love everything that comes in my box.

          1. Yes they do. Had the wonderful chance to ride in the ambulance. Crashed my mountain bike.

      1. The seaside pattern from line is a beautiful quilt easy 9 patch but the horizontal fabric in the line separates the blocks and adds interest .

    1. I’m so excited! This will be my first box! I’ve the Mackinac fabrics…gorgeous! I’m hoping they’re in my box!

  1. Mackinac Island, I live in Michigan that has Mackinac Island, such a beautiful place. Love the fabric!

  2. I love the new mackinac island fabric. I haven’t gotten any yet. our local store just got theirs in. it is so pretty. I can’t wait to see what is in with it.

  3. Looking forward to the surprises. I use everything I get in the sampler. Haven’t started the Goodness Grows patterns, but I think I will. Still learning how to read quilt patterns. Any tips?

  4. Mackinac Island would be fantastic! I got the FQ bundle to make a large-sized quilt, and every fabric in the collection is stunning. Would love to make a smaller companion project, too! In any case, I have found something to love about every Sew Sampler box I’ve received, and I’ve learned so much from trying new techniques, working with a wide range of fabric types, and making different things — pillows, bags, etc.

    1. I also just got a fat quarter bundle of the Mackinac Island fabric. I sure do hope the Sew Sampler is a Mackinac Island project!🤞

    2. Mary, it helps me to read through the entire pattern first, and then take one step at a time. Watch for the little black arrows that tell you which direction to press. The pattern will tell you how big each block needs to be. Square your blocks, watch your quarter inch, and voila! You will have a beautiful project!

  5. How disappointed will we be if Mackinac Island isn’t the fabric destination?! It’s gorgeous. Touched every bolt yesterday at my LQS. As always, I can’t wait to see what’s in the box!

  6. I love everything in the sew sampler boxes! It’s like a treat to myself every month. This Grammy sew looks forward to it. Thanks FQS and all your very special staff!! Beth

    1. Brenda you will love the box. I have gadgets from the box that I would have never known existed. It’s like your birthday every month.

    2. This will be my first box too! We went to Mackinac this past June and stayed at the Grand Hotel which was at the top of my bucket list. We live in AZ so I can’t tell you how cold I was loving all the beautiful surroundings. I have already purchased the fabric online as I couldn’t wait and had no idea I would cone “off” the wait list. I can’t wait for the sew sampler. I will need more fabric! No one has mentioned the fudge-the friendly people-the amazing flowers, …..the history of Mackinac!

  7. Well everyone saying Mackinac Island, I just love my boxes so I will be glad on whatever your choices are

  8. Yep, Mackinac Island! Looking forward to seeing what’s in the box as my fiancee has been there and wants to take me.

  9. I’m thinking Mackinac Island fabric, but seems to obvious. Maybe for the Old Glory quilt kit. 😆

  10. I watch too much Discovery channel I thought it would be the Treasure of Oak Island

  11. My favorite island is Santorini. Can only be reached by boat. If you are on a cruise ship you tender over to the island. Otherwise you take a ferry from the mainland.

  12. This months adventure sounds fabulous. bags are packed and ready to start the adventure!!!

  13. Well not sure but I know I will love whatever is in the box. Hawaii themed fabric would be really nice!!!!

  14. I’m from Michigan- wahoo! I just bought 10 yards of Mackinac island— but I’m still excited for it to be coming in the SS box! 😂❤️💜

  15. You can take a plane to Mackinaw Island. I’m thinking an Asian island that makes batiks. Or a Greek island

  16. I hope it’s Mackinac fabric. I’ve seen pictures of it and I love it. Please let it be Mackinac fabric.

  17. That is 100% the shape of Mackinac Island! I would love to get some of that fabric in our boxes this month! But what’s with the “dive deep”? Hmmm, what are they hinting at? Can’t wait to find out! 😁

  18. This is my first box. I don’t know anything about Mackinac island? So this continues to be a mystery!

    1. Mackinac Island is beautiful! We love to bike around the island and view both Lake Michigan and Lake Huron on either side. You need to take a ferry boat to the island from either Mackinac City or St. Ignace. You either walk, ride a bike or take a carriage ride on the island. No automobiles. Never been to the Grand Hotel but I hear it’s very nice. Cheaper prices during off season which is May and September/October.

  19. Could also be Catalina island off the coast of California and Joanna Figueroa’s new line! Just sayin’!

  20. If it is Mackinac Island, that would be fun. Been there, it is a beautiful place to visit. The big Grand Hotel, like on a movie with Christopher Reeves “Somewhere in Time”.
    So many wonderful fabrics out there, Sew Sampler fabrics are so much fun.

  21. I love Mackinac Island. I go there every year for a quilt retreat that is held at the Grand Hotel. It is a wonderful week of sewing, learning, and meeting like minded fabric addicted people! But I have never met a fabric I couldn’t work into a project even if it’s not a color I’m crazy about!

  22. Ooooo! I hope everyone is right and it’s Mackinac Island fabric! I love the line and it would be perfect for my first Sew Sampler box!

  23. I’d love to Mackinac island fat quarters-or even fat eighths but I think this is to easy it’s probley something else. Lol I’ll love it no matter what it is. I love surprises!

  24. I so glad I clicked to add a comment. I see others guessed Mackinac, and now I’m excited. I sure hope so. But the deep dive description sounds like something under the sea. Hmmm…

  25. Mackinac Island? Beautiful fabric. Can’t wait. Always love everything in the sew sampler boxes.

  26. The shape of the island in the sneak peek is exactly the same shape as Mackinac Island. So, I’m guessing mackinac island fabric. I can’t wait.

  27. wow, I come from Germany and dont know this Island. With your held, I found the fabric collection.
    I hope box find the long way to me again.

  28. Anyone think we will be getting the new mini diamond creative grids ruler from the latest blog post??? I am always a happy camper!

  29. Please, Please NO more blues! Just got my first box & decided to like it before it arrived even if it contained blue fabric. But please not 2 months in a row! :(:( Love the Youtube chanel shows!