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Sew Sampler Box February 2018 Sneak Peek!

February Sneak Peek Header

It’s that time again, when we get to show you a sneak peek inside the next Sew Sampler Subscription box! We hope you’re ready to be amazed with this little reveal. The clue this month may seem obvious, but get ready for good things to get even better! Comment and let us know what you think.


February Sneak Peek

If you are not yet subscribed, and want to join in on the fun, be sure to do so quickly because boxes ship out around February 20th!

Sew Sampler Shipping Calendar

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  1. Yippee. A Simple Folded Corners Ruler and a pattern to accompany it? I will be so happy to have that ruler! Fingers crossed.

  2. Well, it definitely looks like a ruler! If it is the ruler possibly mentioned above by “Simple Folded Corners Ruler” ….I will be very happy! Love rulers and the goodies to create and more that you can do w/them!! 🙂

  3. I have received four of the Sampler boxes. I LOVE them! They are so much fun! They fabric selections have been lovely, but what I really get a kick out of are the assortment of tools and notions each month! They at things I probably would not have purchased for myself, but they have become a part of my “quilting arsenal”. Thank you FQS for putting together such a great Sampler box each month!

  4. The picture sure looks like the EZ Quilting 6.5″ easy angle triangle ruler. I totally agree with having the newest and the best tools in my possession. Thank you for those lovely blue boxes.

    1. I agree with you, it has to be the mini simple folded corner ruler. The normal one is to big for the blue box. It will be fun to try it and all the other goodies. 😀

  5. It looks like a NEW ruler for me to try!! Love all the boxes and learning new techniques makes my heart sing!!

  6. Ty u for listening to all of us asking & wanting more rulers & quilting (useful supply’s) this is the 1 X in months every comment is good.please continue to hear what we are hoping for have a great day thanks for the ruler

    1. Tina, we are certainly paying attention to all the comments every single time! We try not to comment too much unless questions are asked, because we want everyone to feel safe expressing their opinions. We do strive to deliver what we hear from the survey answers and comments, but it does take a few months to implement new things, as we plan the box several months out. So we appreciate everyone’s patience with us as well!

  7. I really hope it’s the full size 8×8 and not the mini!! That would really be a spectacular item to have!!

  8. A ruler! Not sure what kind but any kind is good. Looking forward to getting my box, it always brightens my day!

  9. How fun would it be if it was a full size ruler and the little blue box became a large blue box for this month? VERY FUN!

  10. Yes – definitely a ruler – and it’s one I don’t have! I love getting to use the latest and greatest with my Sew Sampler Boxes!

  11. A new ruler of some kind !!!! Can never have too many . I LOVE My Sew Sampler Box every month, it always make me HAPPY ! Thank you “Fat Quarter Shop” for this wonderful offering every month.

  12. I Hope it’s not the folded corner ruler I bought last month. That would be a waste of my money. I own a lot of triangle or angled not need more .

  13. A ruler will always come in handy! I have not been disappointed yet in any of my Sew Sampler boxes!

  14. All ruler are awesome!!! I am so excited for this month’s box; last months was perfect for me too. Thanks FQS – keep sending the good stuff my way!

  15. This is my first sew sampler box! Sew excited!! It looks like a ruler and I am hoping that is is the folded corner ruler but will be happy no matter which ruler it is. I love rulers!!!

  16. Love all the boxes, it is like Christmas once a month. So whatever it is will be appreciated and used.

  17. I think it looks like a ruler also. I wom’t Try to guess what kind, any kind is a good addition to my sewingnsupplies! I look forward every month to receiving my box, it’s like a birthday every month. I’ll be waiting for this one too. Thanks for all the neat stuff you put in them!!

  18. I have no idea, but I can’t wait to receive it! Who would have thought I would measure my days by watching for a little blue box in the mail?! Squeeee!

  19. I think maybe it’s either ruler fabric, sewing oriented, or one of the cake recipes books for blocks. Either way, I’ll be happy. FQS is absolutely the. BEST subscription box out there. The price is not too high and it’s always full of fun and creativity. EXCITED!

  20. I love these boxes because you get things to try out that you never knew existed. Always a surprise.

  21. it looks like 2 sneak peeks ….i hope we get the EYELASHES too..!!!! i love sew sampler , you cant beat there price

  22. This ruler sounds wonderful! I’m new to all this. Not sure what the ruler does, can hardly wait for my first box!!

  23. Looking forward to reviving my first box and not knowing what to expect makes it more exciting.

  24. Can’t wait. I didn’t even know there was a mini version of the simple folded corners ruler but it sounds perfect.

  25. I love my fq box and getting rulers!!
    In a future box I would love to get the frog patch pattern with some cute fabric to make it!! Hint hint

  26. I love these sew sampler boxes. So worth the money — I get to try out things I normally would not purchase!!

  27. This will be my 2nd box. Can’t wait to see what ruler I’m getting! So glad I subscribed to these Sew sampler boxes!!!!

  28. Hope that it is THE ruler!!! Didn’t know that they existed. Would Love to use it to make quilted postcards!


  29. Well my guess is a ruler but it doesn’t look like the block lock. Thanks to you all I think I have about 10 rulers. But I still like a surprise and I hope it’s one I can use. Still love getting my little blue boxes can’t wait for the next one.

  30. I’m guessing a triangular ruler, the simple folded corner ruler would be greatly appreciated. I love the notions each month. I just bought two 2 finishing kits which I’m anxious to get to use.

  31. I’m sew happy with what’s to come as I’m new too the group I fell like a little girl on Christmas morning waiting

  32. I love the box, I’m working on my second year. Most times the fabric is a little too bright for me but I love the new favorite is tool caddy

  33. Has anyone received their box yet? My Fat Quarter Shop account says it was shipped on the 16th. So anxious!

  34. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about these monthly Sew Sample boxes. It’s such a nice surprise to open each one every month. I wish I could leave a pictute of what I do with these great boxes.

    1. You may be able to. I had an issue a few months ago because I never got the email alert to pay through PayPal. I guess they switched systems and some people never got alerted, so some never paid, so some never received boxes. Once I contacted them, I was able to get the last month’s box. It is worth a try! I just emailed them, but you can call too:

      Good luck!

  35. This box is awesome . FQS you did a great job again. As always new things to try and also learn a new technique ❤

  36. Love, love,love this month’s box! The fabric is so cute! I can use everything that was included! Thank you Fat Quarter shop. 😀

  37. Love, love, love the box this month! Has everything I can use! Plus, the fabric was sweet without being juvenile and the amount was generous. Love less “fillers” and more quality items. Plus, this month, I could really see the value of everything and it was well over the price paid for the box. Keep it up FQS!

  38. LOVE This BOX x 1000!!!
    Lots of good stuff that I can use.
    I was wondering if I should continue the subscription because I was getting a lot of things I already have, but THIS one has a good balance of Fabric and notions that are unique and useful.
    This was well thought out. Thank you.
    Keep it up FQS!

  39. I love that we got quantity & of useful things in this box.thanks again for listening to are wants. Now hopefully you can start to add warmer colored fabric in the boxes.but thanks for this box.also I really enjoyed this months comments the frist time in a long time 9 out of 10 are postive.the way it was when I frist started to sign up for your boxes

  40. It’s like it was in the beginning! Thank you FQS for listening. What a wonderful box this month!!

  41. GREAT box this month!! Loved and will use everything that was included! Thanks for making such a great box!

  42. I am so excited about this month’s box. Thanks for taking our suggestions and giving us things that work together! Lovin it.