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Sew Sampler Box December 2017 Sneak Peek!

December Sneak Peek Header

The holiday season is near and we filled with cheer as our December box is almost HERE!

We have many fun things in ‘store’ for you in this box, take a gander at the sneak peek below and give us your best guess! As a Sew Sampler member, you will receive this item before anyone else. That’s pretty cool, huh?


If you are not yet subscribed, and want to join in on the fun, be sure to do so quickly because boxes ship out around December 20th!


        1. Really? I don’t want to be disappointed. I told myself, if I did not like this one it would be the last one. 😢I really don’t want to stop receiving these, but to keep paying to be disappointed is just plain crazy!

      1. Really? I don’t want to be disappointed. I told myself, if I did not like this one it would be the last one. 😢I really don’t want to stop receiving these, but to keep paying to be disappointed is just plain crazy!

        1. I am about the same way… the next to the last one, I boxed back up and sent it to someone who said they liked it, so she got 2….

    1. I have not received mine yet, tomorrow or Sat. But I’m 99% sure what it is. Yes, it holds things. Its on the website. You just need to look. Can’t wait to see if I’m correct. Can’t wait to see what else is on the box!

  1. I’m laughing at this one. I do not have a clue as to what it is. I do love the color a lot.

    1. “We have many fun things in ‘store’ for you in this box…”

      Maybe a storage tin? I love guessing games

  2. I’m wondering if it has something to do with ruler storage or something like that because the hint said “something in store”. Just don’t get the “gander” clue

  3. It looks like the wax candy we used to get at the little gas station shops when I was a child. They were filled with Kool-aid or some other sugar liquid. Some were shaped like soda bottles. Hope that’s not it. Wouldn’t mind having a snickers bar or something thrown in the box.

  4. Lori Holt’s bake sale 2 is coming out. The “gander” reference would go along with her farm theme. I still think it is some kind of storage thing for rulers, templates (like the orange peel templates we received months ago), etc. Keep figuring it out ladies. I do think another hint would be really nice!

        1. Yes, I suppose I’m still excited….no, I am excited! This will be my 3rd box, and I haven’t been disappointed yet! 🙂

  5. So, my thought is a type of storage and a gander is a goose, so maybe something to do with flying geese?

  6. Just read the club again. The “that’s pretty cool” and am wondering if it is a silicone iron rest

  7. I too wish I would have gotten the jolly box i just thought it was too expensive at the time, but I absolute love every one of them I love the surprise of opening them.

  8. Does it really matter…it’s going to be AMAZING because all of the Sew Sampler Boxes are! Please keep those awesome boxes coming!!

  9. Looks like a block made from the orange peel template. Its the same pattern Kimberly wears on one of her tops when she makes a video

  10. I’m thinking a stencil of some sort or a stamp you can put fabric paint on and stamp/design your own solid color cotton fabric. Hmmmmm….Guess we will just have to wait n see. 🤔

  11. It could be something to do with the orange peel, I hope it’s a pattern on fabric and I love the color and design.

  12. No idea. It looks like it has depth so I’m kind of feeling like the guesses about a stamp are good but could also be some kind of storage? Anyway, it’s pretty!

  13. Since they all ready sent us the orange peel Templeton set , it is a silicon matt. Yes yes yes. It looks silicon !! I love sew sampler .. I can’t wait for the box to get bigger…Christmas time the box should be bigger , since we missed out on the Jolly box!

  14. So excited! This will be my first box! Reading all of your comments made me even more excited! Thank you all.

    1. That has to be the second most interesting answer I’ve seen yet, next to the tile from the Chicago Historical Society. And that would be pretty cool to have an orange peel ice cube tray. I like it!

  15. I think it is something to hold your rulers…it looks rubber and would be able to stand the rulers between the thingys…

  16. LOL…This is too funny! I really have no idea! It does look like a “silicone Form” that could possibly hold or store items…I would have to say! Love it! Hehee 🙂

  17. I think it’s a silicone multifunctional storage holder about 8”x2” and has a white base. You can stand different size objects in it and the silicone keeps them secure. Still excited to get my box!🤗

  18. I think it’s a silicone holder for the plastic clips….lol. No seriously I have no idea. Love the Sew Sampler boxes. Look forward to them every month. I did get a Jolly box and it was as to be expected….awesome.

      1. Tammy last month we were sent an email saying they had limited edition Jolly Boxes which they offered to the members first. They didn’t have many so it was first come first serve. They were Christmas themed and awesome.

  19. If I guess correctly, do I get to sit on Santa’s knee??! I’m thinking it has to do with a cathedral window’s design which I just love…

  20. Whatever it is looks to be lined up in rows. Some tips don’t quite match up. It does look kind of like silicone, or a thread spool that’s been messed with on the computer, orange peel flower, thought about the geese thing…goodness, this one’s hard.

      1. You are correct i just looked that up &it’s on Amazon for like $9.00 I guess they think u can store your marking toots(pens) in them. I really hope they also include those pens

  21. This is torture – can’t you put the answer somewhere to find, with hints where to find it? I’m not good at waiting 🙂 I don’t think it is fabric.

  22. I really hope that’s not what it is although I understand the concept. That would be disappointing.

  23. I think Kathy B is right,but instead of holding makeup brushes, it could hold our quilt marking pencils

  24. I’m uninspired by this months box. The fabric choice was really surprising. I would have thought it would be brighter and more cheerful it being the month of Christmas.

    1. I haven’t received my box yet. I’m sure others have not as yet as well. So please don’t spill the beans yet. Thank you.

        1. I’m so sorry. If it’s beans you want spilled, then go on with it. LOL! My box was supposed to arrive today but that did not happen. I will keep the faith and keep my nose away from here so my surprise isn’t spoiled. We sure do get goofy about these boxes don’t we? So fun!

          1. I’ve always liked by boxes but.mine should have come and it didn’t I don’t care if it comes I haven’t had a good day

  25. Finally colors of fabric that I like only took 7 boxes to get it lol.i will be making a larger quilt with this pattern & fabric entire house & my business office is primitive decor thank u so more colors like this would be great & more quilting Notions happy holidays to everyone

  26. I have to go on my rant. I cannot express how thoroughly disappointed I am in the lack of integrity in this company and with this product. First, the box states that this product is “by It’s Sew Emma” when it’s clearly not AND they stated that we are the first to get these before anyone else. That isn’t an honest statement when this is a product that has been on the market for quite awhile. What item you may ask? Google “GooMart Silicone Makeup Brush Holder Cosmetic Organizer” and you will see that this and the item FQS is trying to push off as their own are IDENTICAL. Slapping a different label on the box does NOT mean it was made by you. If I go out to my car and pull all the emblems off and slap my name on it, does that mean I made the car? No. Absolutely not. If this is what was chosen to be sent to us, then fine. But call it what it is and don’t lie about it. I feel a little jipped and disappointed at their lack of integrity. The product itself is neat, granted, but I’m not too thrilled about the dishonesty behind it. I sure hope and pray that all future boxes are put together with more integrity as well as all products FQS and It’s Sew Emma try to produce. Rant over.

  27. Can’t find a reveal for it anywhere even tho clearly some people got it already. Mine is out for delivery today so I guess I will be surprised this month (other than the comment about the iron rest above). Love my boxes from Sew Sampler.

  28. My December box came yesterday❤️. I filled the hint gift. 😍 thank you each month for the surprises.

  29. For the second month in a row the USPS has screwed up my order. Last month it went to Alaska before it came to me in North Carolina. This month thanks to USPS tracking I can see that instead of my small town, it went to a big city somewhat north of me. Once they realized that it was not where it was supposed to be, did they send it to the correct little town that I live in? No! They sent it to another large city even further away. I wonder why people have issues with the USPS.

    1. Sylvia, same thing happened to me today. Sent to the next state over to a town there with the same name!I WANT MY BOX! So far I have loved each one!

  30. While the item to be found in our Sew Sampler boxes may be available elsewhere under different names, perhaps it an item trademarked by one company/individual and then sold to other companies to produce with their name. In this case, the companies reproducing the item would be paying fees or loyalties for the product while slapping their own name on it. It is available at Stein Mart, eBay, Amazon, and so on. So I don’t think the “rant” is really deserved. And BTW, the item is already available for sale on FQS today, before most of us get our boxes! Our arms aren’t being twisted to purchase the Sew Sampler boxes, one can cancel if they have a problem with FQS and their products. So far, I am happy with the monthly boxes.

  31. I love the Sew sampler boxes. I’m not a shopper so seldom know of new items is great to receive them third year now!

  32. I love December’s box. A different fabric choice and something that I have asking for to be included in the boxes. Glad you listen to our suggestions.

  33. I was so pleasantly surprised to receive December’s Sew Sampler box today! I absolutely LOVE the Stash and Store item in the box and it makes no difference to me that it may have been marketed somewhere else. I really like that mine says “It’s Sew Emma” on it because I just love everything about the line. As for the rest of the contents…YIPEE!! My favorite Sew Sampler yet! Love the fabric and the pattern, not to mention the useful items in this box. I had already “wish listed” almost all of the items that were included and was just delighted to unpack them all. Thanks FQS, this is a wonderful Christmas present to myself! 🙂

  34. I’m guessing it is a Stash ‘n Store. Thanks to a picture I just saw on Instragram I am able to guess ;-D

  35. I received my box today and loved it. I won’t spoil it for others, but I’m already using some of it. Thank you so much.

  36. I received my December Sew Sampler box today, such excitement to open and find out what the sneak peak product would be, to my surprise, I never would have guessed, thou I do find it very useful, started adding things, quite handy. love
    , love love the Fabrics, and everything in the box. I don’t want to spoil for those who have not received their box, but believe me, the entire box is another amazingly wonderful and useful monthly box.

  37. This is by far my favorite box yet. I haven’t been disappointed with any but I love everything about December’s Box. I subscribe to a few subscription boxes with different subjects and I have to say, for the value, this one is tops!

  38. The Lady who put up such a fuss last month (the one who hates Tula Pink/Lori Holt/Bright happy colors) over not getting Civil War/dark toned fabrics, should be happy with this box.
    I never would have figured out the fun item we received from the hint you gave!

    1. I’m not that lady but I my self don’t care for lori holts colors either i like warmer colors,cause my house is i just kept my fingers crossed that if the fabric not my colors that the other goodies in box will make up for it

  39. I got my box and am using my little tools thingie already…Love it! I did however keep trying to open it to store things inside before I realized how I was to use it… I have all my tools that I use all the time sticking up with easy access! Great Idea!

  40. Just read everyone’s posts yesterday (21st) about receiving their box, but I just got email yesterday saying mine was shipped yesterday. Hope it comes before Christmas.

  41. I just received my box and it was like Christmas 3 days early! Thank you Sewing Santa! I love, love, love this box! I love 90% of the things it in. Each month, there is often one small thing I cannot use and I cannot stand clutter, so I have been putting together a basket to donate to my quilting group’s silent auction at our retreat in January. Win/win for everyone! And I thought I would be disappointed because it was not traditionally Christmas-themed, but I am really surprised. This is a really beautiful fabric.

    Also, now I know for next year…when you see that Jolly box email, do not take one minute to think about it! CLICK THE BUTTON!

  42. With my nose pressed to the front window I saw the mail truck deposit a blue box into my mailbox. Boots on already all I needed was my coat. What a sweet Christmas treat this is! I love everything in the box except maybe the planning book. Just not something I will use but I can pass it on to someone who will like it. The fabrics are a refreshing change! Such beautiful rich colors! Thank you Fat Quarter Shop for a the joy you bring to us!

  43. Just received my Dec box, and like the items. Though I have one item already in my supplies, I will be gifting that, and one of the other small items to someone locally who needs a “lift my spirits” surprise right now even more than I do.

  44. Still waiting for mine. I think it got hung up at my local post office. Guess I should expect that this time of year!

      1. I still didn’t get mine I’m not having a good day I don’t understand why alot of the group has there’s and some dont

  45. I am very happy with this months box.i could have done without the planner, but I like everything else.

  46. I’m anxiously awaiting my box. I checked USPS website and its supposed to be here by 8:00 p.m. Fingers crossed!

  47. I have to be totally honest. My first box was November 2017 and I was not impressed. I decided to give it another shot with the December box and I Love it! You guys came through… I won’t give away the contents, but this box was more in line with the items I need, the fabric choice is spot on, and I love the project. I also loved all the extra items so thank you FQS! I’m staying on and hope the next box is as good as this one.

  48. This is my favorite box so far. Love the fabric and the pattern. The other goodies are great. Was thinking about stopping but now I will continue.

  49. I just got mine today.dec.26,2017 I wasn’t every excited I was taking down my tree everyone got there’s before Christmas happy holidays to everyone

    1. Still don’t have mine. It was supposed to come today by 8:00 pm and it’s not here. Checking on the postal service website is not helpful. I’m very disappointed that it is taking this long. My account was charged on Dec. 16th and still no box. Fat Quarter Shop needs to rethink their shipping. It is very inconsistent.

      1. Joanne I got mine today but I don’t feel excited everyone gets there’s ad not me I don’t seem very happy like you said they took your money by the 16th and didn’t get it until 26th on the back of the box it was sent out on the 19th with a two day delivery.whatsnthat all about

  50. Christmas, that’s what it’s about. With millions and millions of packages being shipped this time of year it stands to reason that service will be messed up for a bit. Patience. Happy Holidays.