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Sew Sampler Box August 2020 Sneak Peek!

Good morning!!! It’s time to reveal the Sneak Peek for the August Sew Sampler box. Each and every day is a gift and we want you to feel the same way about the August box. Let’s ‘Rise and Shine’ together and let this box ignite your quilting creativity! I know this isn’t an easy clue but it does reveal the theme of this box. Let us know what you think we might have included. Good luck!

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    1. Daybreak by 3 sisters Different colors and style different that the last few month

    2. I think that the new Figs And Shirtings line has the right colors, although not sure what it has to do with mornings. New Dawn, Daybreak and Shine On are possibilities, but not the right colors. Turquoises instead of blue, gold-ish yellows or no greys. Very curious.

  1. I was hoping for Apricot and Ash but my guess now is Perfect Union by Edyta Sitar. I am equally happy if that is correct I love all those blues.

      1. I think it’s shine on. The description of the sampler quilt and new book mentions ingniting your creativity.

  2. New Dawn perhaps? Love Citrus and Mint designs. Now what will it be—charm squares; fat eighths; 10” squares???

  3. Could it be The Les Poulets fabric? It has Roosters and a tint of blue? I’m not very good at guessing these sneak peeks!!!

  4. Oh please, please no chickens! LOL but I will be happy with what I receive. How about Shine On or this one is a stretch but what about Cider?

  5. I would love it to be Shine On but I doubt it because it isn’t released till October.

  6. Could it be Les Poulets Encore or possibly Give Thanks?…I will be happy either collection…

    1. I think it’s Shine On and w are getting it early as an exclusive. We did have a B&C box this year already though… so maybe not

  7. Can’t wait to see – I love having something to bright up my day. Love the FQS Sampler Boxes. It’s a sweet little month box that makes me smile.

  8. My Mom and I are always anxious with anticipation. It is Sew Much Fun. When you say Rise and Shine, we think of Sunshine so maybe yellow bright colors?

  9. Coffee cup, browns (like coffee) and yellows ( sunshine) and blues for (sky). A Happy quilt block, that makes you think of morning time.

  10. Maybe Christmas time fabric. Hopefully no orange or yellows. I am a rose to blue and purple girl, with a little green thrown in. And I love batiks

  11. I was thinking it was Solana by Robin Pickens, but that isn’t coming out until October. Maybe Shine On?

  12. I hope it’s New Dawn with that cute strawberry field quilt pattern included

  13. I don’t have a guess on the fabric line, but I love the colors of yellow, blue, and gray together. I have a feeling I will love this box.

  14. I’m new to this. Is the sneak peek just the theme and not really a “peek” at anything?

  15. I’d have to guess Backyard Blooms. It has chickens and is very bright and happy fabric!

  16. I am thinking maybe something with sunflowers with all the yellow going on. Im not very good yet, dont know the lines yet but chickens sound very good.

  17. This is my first box. I’m “Sew”excited.
    I can’t wait to see what’s in this month box. I’m new to quilting.

  18. My vote is “On the Farm”. There are some adorable patterns for this and its a change from the floral prints. There is even a fabric print with cracked eggs and chicks.
    But I’ve been wrong before. Cant wait to receive the box and see this month’s contents. 🤗

  19. Oh my!! I am so excite for this box!! “Rise and Shine” can be interpreted so many ways!! Makes me think of early morning sunrises while sitting on the Lani with a fresh cup of Joe!! I would love me some “Shine On” by Bonnie and Camille!!

  20. How about Shine Ruby Star Rally? I wouldn’t be unhappy with Give Thanks either but I don’t get the connection to rise and shine. I think that could reference Les Poulets. I just would prefer not to have florals. I’m not a floral girl.

  21. On the Farm….please. Please. Please.
    I live on a farm so anything farming makes me happy!

  22. Are you feeling CLUCKY? I love any and everything that you share with us in our BLUE BOX!! Thank you for all that you do for us.

  23. This is my second box and I loved the first one. I immediately thought shades of yellow fabrics which would be wonderful as my stash needs building up!

  24. Rise and shine and being thankful makes me think of Thanksgiving and Fall. Doesn’t matter what we get. I’m sure I will love it.

  25. Right away I thought of sunshiny yellows…will be fun to see! I’m only on my 2nd box…really can’t wait to see what it is!!

  26. I really think it’s a “get it here first” of Shine On! In which case I AM SO EXCITED! Shine Ruby Star Rally comes out a month after Shine On so Most likely it’s not that one. We will see!

  27. Down on the farm by Robert Kaufma? Maybe a farm panel? Whatever it is will be perfect, Love the Sew sampler box. Thank you FQS!!!

  28. I always look up the collections that you all guess. Solana is absolutely beautiful!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed for that!

    1. Ha I do the same. I love looking at everyone guess, then go and research myself. After kit comes I go see if anyone was right.

  29. So, I’m brand new to Sew Sampler, July was my first block so my guess may be way out there but…the outside of the August hint banner is a blue chicken wire which looks like a fabric in the Farm Girl Vintage line. There is also a quilt pattern called Sunny Sampler #136 that has a panel with a sun that looks like the sun in the hint. So, I am guessing some variation of the fabric and the panel. But then again…who knows. That might be too easy. 🤗

  30. The twigs shown by sneak peek and rise and shine look like a twig in a New Dawn print.

  31. Virginia Craft Modern ?? From the Kaufman line Hello My Name Is. It is a paperpieced quilt with diamonds

  32. Rise and Shine to a New Dawn! Lots of interesting speculations. Shine On collection notes an October 2020 arrival… Sew Samplers are such a delight to discover what is inside; looking forward to this month’s discovery.

  33. Solana by Robin Pickens is my guess. I love the sew sampler box and look forward to receiving it each month. Thank you FQS.

  34. Could it be from the fabric line called “Daybreak” ? Daybreak’s written description says something about colors of the sky as it changes from night to day.
    I don’t get the chicken wire or the honey comb pattern that’s in the Sew Sampler hint. Maybe that’s the shape that’s in the item we’ll create? Hmmm.
    I’ll have to keep checking out the fabrics everyone is guessing here. I’m stumped!

  35. What come to mind is, orange, reds, and yellows. Possibility Solana? Ugh the suspense kills me, I love it!

  36. I really hope it’s Daybreak, but I love these boxes and being surprised every month, no matter what it is!

  37. I stumbled on the Sunbeam Moda Mix on the FQS site. I’m thinking they will use some part of that bundle…

  38. Tranquility the flowers around August Sneak Peak match, and the colors are similar minus the yellow. I love this line. Hopefull

  39. I’m going with Daybreak, it comes out in September, Shine on doesn’t show that it’s coming until Oct. The colors above are softer like Daybreak as opposed to deeper and brighter hues like shine on.

  40. Check out Kimberly’s video on the new jelly roll half square triangle paper. I’m pretty sure the quilt behind her is made with Daybreak. The pattern is on the website – search under Daybreak. I’m hoping that’s another clue and our box will contain this beautiful fabric.

  41. Happy fall by Moda just came out and has wonderful sunflowers, would love to get that one, oh and the new wonder pins would be fun too they are bright and fun.

  42. I’m thinking Country Life by Ann Rowan. There is a sun in the panel that looks like the sun in the hint.

  43. My 2nd guess is….Hello Sunshine Coordinates Fat Quarter Bundle
    Abi Hall for Moda Fabric…

  44. I canceled my subscription after last months box. I bet this one will be shine on. I’ll be mad if it is lol. It would be my luck now that I canceled they will finally have designers I love.

  45. Maybe Homestead by April Rosenthal?? It has all the right colors! I adore all of her fabric lines and would love to have anything from her in a Sew Sampler box!

  46. Got my box just now. It wasn’t the fabric I thought it might be, but I’m VERY happy with everything in the box!!

  47. I just received my August box! Everything in the box is wonderful!!! This is, honestly, one of my most favorite boxes. Thank you, Fat Quarter Shop!

  48. Just got my box today, and I think it’s one of the best ones I have seen in a while. Love it!!

  49. Received box today- and very happy with contents. I would say the best box since starting my subscription this year!

  50. Having been a subscriber since Fall of 2017, I must agree I think this may have been the best box yet. Different and usable items – every one. Of course I love them all or I would not be still be here. Thank you again for all the time, work and the creative way you have for these boxes. Love!! ❤️

  51. So far I am truly excited and happy to receive my box every month. Every month I hold my breath in expectation as I wait in my mailbox for that box. Great box so happy I subscribed to it!